Shuttercuck Ch. 01

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If Mei was nervous answering the door, she didn’t show it. She was conventionally elegant and composed but for the thin, black dog collar around her neck. It was very obviously a dog collar and there was always the chance that it wasn’t who we were expecting – her friend, Candy, at the door.

“Wow. Look at you!” said Candy, holding Mei at arm’s length, after embracing her. “I love the dress!”

Mei was wearing a mid-thigh length, dark-grey cheongsam with darker blue flowers. She was looking gorgeous. And the dog collar.

“And the dog collar!” She turned to me. “And you must be Kim?”

Candy herself looked a treat. She was in a short denim skirt with a white button-up shirt. Her hair was straight, dark and shoulder length. She had fair skin and dark-framed glasses. She looked like a nanny on heat. Or a sexy librarian. Or a woman with a PhD in seduction.

I hadn’t previously met Candy but Mei had told me about her. She was a photographer. She did film stills, weddings and corporate events. She also exhibited. I had seen some of her photos at a nearby gallery with Mei once. They were black and white torso studies, some erotic.

That was why she was here.

She had a small roller case with her. To its side were strapped light stands and a tripod. This was serious stuff.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out. Mei and I, at least, were in uncharted waters. Perhaps Candy was used to this sort of thing.

We sat at the kitchen table and drank sparkling wine.

The kitchen table and four chairs were just about the only furniture in Mei’s small flat. The bedroom held a bed. The loungeroom sported piles of cushions on the floor against the walls. She had recently left her husband and this was her interim accommodation until she found something more suitable. She wasn’t about to spend money on furniture which she might not need.

Enough of the backstory. This is a tale of erotic and dirty sex.

Mei had told me one night, her head on my chest, that she would do anything that I wanted.

At first her comment had slipped straight by me. It was only later that its possibilities revealed themselves to me.

“Anything?” I asked the next time we were lying together. “Like what?”

We were both unsure of the boundaries.

“I want to do anything that you want to do,” I had said. “But I don’t know what that is.”

“You have to find out,” she said.

I dropped hints.

“You need a spanking,” I whispered into her ear. She said nothing but her hand moved to my cock.

“I would tie you up first.” She let out a long sigh.

“You have the most beautiful cunt.” My face was buried between her thighs. “Why do only I deserve it? This cunt is world class. It should be full of the world’s cum. Every man should wank over it.” She let out a cry and clasped my head tighter between her thighs. I could hardly breathe. My face was covered in cunt juice. I was breathing hot cunt.

It was fantasy time and I gave free rein to the most torrid dreams I could muster. She moaned and orgasmed her way through all of them. The dirtier the better. I was ecstatic. I hadn’t know this side of her.

Another night I had imagined her with another woman as we sweated istanbul escort on top of the sheets with the window open and a warm breeze caressing our skin.

“What about my friend Candy?” she said.

“Tell me about her.”

“Well, she’ tall and slender, and she’s got long dark hair. She wears glasses. You would like her legs.”

“Would I like her cunt?”

“Oh yes! Once, at a party, she and I kissed.”

I was listening now.

“We were very drunk. She slipped her tongue into my mouth. I was a bit shocked. Just then someone came into the room. They were a bit shocked! If you ever want to, she said.”

“And, since then?”

“She gives me looks.”


“And she’s a photographer. She could take rude photos. That would be an excuse.”

“Photographs of your juicy cunt. Photos of you being a cunt. Photos of you being fucked. Exposed. We could put them on the internet. Any man who wanted could wank all over your cunt. Over any part of your body. Wank into your armpits. Wank onto your knees. Your breasts. Your stomach. All over your face.”

Her mouth was around my cock now. I didn’t want to come in her mouth. I wasn’t really comfortable with doing that. I didn’t think she would like it. But she was clasping my cock with her lips. She wouldn’t let go.

“They could send us photos. Tributes they’re called. Photos of their semen on photos of you.” I was so close.

“You’re my fuck hole,” I moaned and came into her mouth. She kept sucking. I was being drained of my life force in the most wonderful way. I was almost ready to pass out.

“I haven’t done that often,” she said, kissing her way up my chest and then kissing me on the lips. At first, I was reluctant. I could smell my cum in her mouth. But then I thought, if she was prepared to do it… and our tongues were coiling around each other. I reached down to finger her cunt. I couldn’t believe how wet and juicy and sloppy she was. I brought my fingers to our mouths. We were licking sex from each other, our faces were covered with cum and cunt.

I got hard again, slipped my cock inside her, and this time I came deep inside her cunt.

A week later she saw Candy at a work function.

“What did you say to her?”

“I asked her over for a drink. I told her that if she wanted to catch up, my boyfriend and I would love her to take some photographs of us. She’s coming over on Sunday, late afternoon.”

“In the daytime?” This added a new layer to the idea, that we wouldn’t be hidden in the partial dark of candles or mood lighting, but that the light falling through the floor length white curtains covering the sliding doors to the small balcony, would completely expose our degeneracy.

A week later we were sitting on the cushions sipping champagne. Candy, Mei and I. My mind was blank. I didn’t know what to think, but my heart was racing and I could feel an incredible energy between my legs, as if I was going to explode. Two beautiful women were lying back against the cushions and a world of desire lay hidden between their thighs. I was surreptitiously looking at their legs; their naked knees; looking for a glimpse of panties; of the kadıköy escort fantasy of their cunts and of touching and tasting them.

“So,” Candy said. “Some photos. Are we talking rude photos?”

“Yes,” said Mei.

“Very,” I added. “It’s fantasy world. As lurid as it gets. Mei wants to be a slut.”

I immediately felt stupid. As though I had gone too far. What was Candy really thinking? Was she just taking photos? Was she participating? How even to broach this subject.

“Yes”, said Mei, coming to my rescue. Her face was red from the effects of the sparkling wine, and the suggestion she was making. Alcohol was good. It was loosening us up.

“Sounds good,” said Candy. Her smile was enigmatic. It was as if she was suddenly in charge. She shifted slightly on the cushion. I wrenched my gaze from her legs.

“I suppose I should take some photos first,” said Candy. “If we get too carried away photos will be the last thing on our minds.”

My cock was aching by now. Candy looked at me, catching my eye and holding my gaze. She moved her legs so that her skirt rode up. Then, leaning back against the wall, she parted her knees slightly. She held my gaze. I didn’t dare look down between her legs. She was daring me to break eye contact. I had to. I dropped my gaze to the shadow between her legs. She was wearing black underwear.

“Look at you! Cunt struck!” she said. I looked back to her face. She was dismissive and provocative. “Go on, have a look!” She opened her legs wider.

“You would do anything to touch my cunt.” She said without judgement. It was a fact.

Suddenly she closed her legs and assumed a more demure position.

Mei was watching this. I turned to look at her. She pulled up her own knees revealing her red underwear. Then she brazenly parted her thighs wide, so the fabric was stretched briefly across her cunt lips, before closing them suddenly and laughing in embarrassment.

“You would,” she said. “You would do anything!” As if it was something she only just then realised.

“Do that again,” said Candy. Candy was in charge. It was a command. Mei hesitated only slightly and then opened her legs again. Candy brought her camera to her eye and pressed the shutter button. The shutter clicked on continuous mode. She used the zoom to take shots of Mei with her legs spread.

“Let’s start slowly,” said Candy, getting to her feet. “I’m guessing you haven’t done this before.”

“But you have?” I asked.

“You’d be surprised what people want.”

“Or perhaps not,” she added. “I’m guessing you have a very active imagination. So, what is it you want? Mei solo? Both of you? Everything? Bondage? Discipline? Exhibition?”

“That would be everything,” said Mei laughing. She was flushed; from the champagne, from the excitement, from the uncertainty.

“Make me a slut?” she added. It came out as a question.

“Ok, let me get some more gear out. You’re an exhibitionist and he’s a voyeur. In the meantime you can sit there. Put your hand in your panties and play with yourself.”

This time Mei didn’t hesitate. My erection was out of control. My whole life force was throbbing in my groin. kağıthane escort Mei looked at me as she pulled her knees up, opened her legs, tucked a hand into her knickers and began to caress herself.

Candy was setting up a strobe light to bounce off the ceiling, providing a bit more to illuminate our depravity so the shutter speed could be kept high enough to keep things sharp.

I watched Candy, looking at her legs as she bent over, her taut thighs, the flashes of black panties. And then I watched Mei, sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, her cheongsam pulled up her thighs, her bare legs open and her hand massaging her cunt under the fabric of her red underwear.

“I think some photos of her sucking your cock is a good place to start,” Candy was saying as she tested the strobe and checked her camera settings. “Let’s make this not so static. Crawl over to Kim, like a bitch, and caress his cock.”

She was firing off photos as Mei gathered herself to crawl across the floor towards me.

“Don’t worry about your faces. I can blur them out if you want to post anything on the net,” said Candy.

Mei was fumbling at my belt. I shifted so she could pull my trousers down. Candy began directing us.

“You stand, Kim, so Mei can suck your cock on her knees. It’s more submissive. She’ll do whatever it is you want. Don’t forget she’s a slut. She’s a fuck hole.”

My head rolled back as Mei took my cock in her mouth. The strobe kept flashing while Candy took photos, moving around, getting in close, taking photos from across the room. She pulled Mei’s skirt up past her waist and took photos from behind Mei as, on her hands and knees, she licked up and down my shaft. Then she pulled down Mei’s knickers and took photos of her wet, darkly haired slit. Mei moved her knees apart so that her cunt was inviting and available to the view of the camera.

Just then I exploded. Candy was quickly at our side photographing Mei as she sucked and sucked at my electric cock until, finally, she stopped and looked up at me. The camera flashed again. Mei’s lips were wet with cum.

Candy put down her camera and, turning Mei’s head by her chin, kneeling on the floor herself, kissed her deeply. My cum was in their mouths and I was panting again as Candy and Mei kissed each other.

Then it was over for me. The girls kept kissing.

“Let’s go and lie down for a while so Kim can recover,” said Candy.

I began to pull up my trousers.

“Leave them off,” said Candy. She made Mei take off her knickers and we climbed into the bed together. I was in the middle. Mei half draped herself over me, her legs on either side of mine. Candy, still in her clothes lay on one side. Suddenly I felt her hand on my cock as she caressed Mei’s thighs and slowly stroked her cunt, then my cock. I started to rise again.

“I don’t think it’s going to take long,” she said.

Mei put her mouth to mine and kissed me deeply. I could taste my cum. I was getting hard again.

“Mmm,” she said, moving her hips slowly as Candy stroked her, then stroked me, her then me, her then me, until I could feel the tip of my cock nudging at her cunt, with Candy’s hands all over both of us.

“Next time it might have to be my turn,” said Candy, rocking back onto her heels, once again displaying her thighs and the black, shadowed panties between her legs.

“And mine,” said Mei.

“You’ll get your turn when we decide you deserve it,” said Candy firmly. “You’re the slut. You do what is wanted.”

Mei blushed again.

“Yes, Mistress,” she said.

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