Shy Girl’s Sexual Awakening Pt. 03

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(The Next Day contd)

They got off the bus at Porto Antico; the old harbour. It was swelteringly hot in the midday sun so they searched out some shade and went for a drink in one of the cafes along the harbour front.

Gillian couldn’t get the smile off her face as Mario cracked her up with a whole host of funny stories about his friends and the PHD he was doing. His English sometimes stuttered, but Gillian helped him along.

He pointed things out in Italian for her, and was the perfect gentleman, making sure she was happy, holding doors open for her, seating her down.

It was strange for her to think she had only really met him properly the night before when he strolled into the bar where she and her friends were sitting, and smiled at her, before taking a seat at their table.

She had been more intimate with him in less than 24hours, than with any man in her whole life, and had done some of the most daring things she could ever contemplate doing.

It was amazing that, even without the benefit of quite a few drinks, she still felt relaxed and comfortable with him.

They decided to get some lunch before he showed her around the maritime museum in the harbour. She loved the bread here, and the most delicious tomatoes and crispy fresh salad accompanied the crusty loaf. Mario drizzled some oil on it for them as they consumed a light, but filling lunch.

He constantly met her gaze and was genuinely interested in finding out all about her, telling her she was an amazing woman which made her blush like a young schoolgirl. He must have been with much more sophisticated and beautiful women, she thought.

Gillian described her teens in a small town in the Yorkshire Dales, telling him that she was always a country girl, never really liking the city much. She was funny in her story telling, painting an amusing picture of the quaint place she came from. She was pleased Mario was laughing and asking for more information, always interested, always enquiring.

She found out that Marta had teased him before they met, telling him that she was really hot for it, and had stripped off at the pool earlier that day, but he had told her that he had thought Marta was just up to mischief as usual.

He later told her that at that moment he had got really turned on in the café, just thinking of her divine skinny body and those big white breasts, her tiny back struggling to hold them and her amazing squirting wet orgasms that had taken him totally by surprise outside and on her bed.

She had smiled sweetly at him across the table, her face feeling slightly burned from the sun. He also told her later that afternoon that he had watched her sipping her iced tea and felt his heart beating in his chest, it felt like love had come along and caught him by surprise. Also realizing that she was going home in two days time, Mario wondered if he should ask her to come out with him tonight instead of going to the party at the villa with their friends.

They went over to the maritime museum in the port. It was a big modern glass structure glinting like a precious diamond in the afternoon sun, a contrast to the old orange adobe type structures of the old town and front.

Mario paid her into the building, and they ambled around inside watching a recreation of the Italian immigrants going to the USA and New York. There was an actual submarine in the harbour, which they got to go into and look around. I

It was fun wandering around and when Marco took her hand; they felt like a couple: her handsome man.

Gillian had already decided in her mind to come back to Genoa, and hopefully Mario, as soon as she could. His course finished the following week, maybe he could come over and see her before he started his new job in Milan in August.

She scolded herself for having such fanciful thoughts, reminding herself she had only met him the previous day, and he lived thousands of miles from her in a foreign country.

Nevertheless there was a real chemistry between them, she felt safe with him, and he had real passion for her.

He had been so considerate when she had come back into the room that morning, a little upset that Maya and Andoni had seen them both making love on the patio.

He made it all sound like it was the most natural thing in the world, and that they were lucky to witness such passionate lovemaking.

The way he caressed her back that morning, then massaged her breasts taking away the anxiety, it was heavenly. The tender kisses that turned to lovemaking.

He had been so gentle as she was still a little sore from the night before. She was glad he got her so wet, as it helped the lubrication to take his size after so many hours of sex earlier.

She was still worried that he could have got her pregnant from the unprotected sex. He had come inside her 3 times the previous night, she hoped it would be ok. He had 3 condoms with him, that they hadn’t used. He seemed ok about it, having presumed she was on canlı bahis the pill up until that morning.

They used one of them that morning. It was so erotic for her rolling the condom down his big cock before he entered her. She stood against the harbour fence thinking about earlier that morning and pursed her lips into a big smile.

Mario wanted to go back to his apartment, as he still had the same clothes on from last night. He still wanted to hang out with Gillian though, and invited her to come back with him, saying they would go back to the villa at dinner time together.

She was delighted to spend more of the day with him, her big smile and the happiness in her eyes apparent. They went up through the old quarter stopping for him to show Gillian some of the more interesting buildings there, before coming out at the top.

They had to catch another bus out of the centre, a 15 minute journey to his small apartment in Ostella.

On the way to the bus stop they went into a Pharmacy and Mario bought 12 more Durex Comfort and also some lubricant as she was still a bit sore from him despite wanting to make love again badly by that time in the afternoon.

When they got there it was a modern white 3 story building in a little complex. There was no lift so they walked up the stairs to the second floor and went in.

Gillian was impressed how clean it was despite its small size. There was a nice view out of the window which was floor to ceiling opening onto a very small balcony.

He had filled the space with a couple of bookcases on textile design and art history, related to his coursework.

There was no television, which she noticed, asking him about it. He said he preferred to read and listen to music, and go out and about photographing things. She wondered if the various framed photographs on the walls were his.

There were some amazing photos of marine life as well as monochrome shots of various city streets. He had put a striking black and white photo of a camel’s face on the wall. You could see the grooves and ridges indented into its large crude unsightly teeth. She could almost smell its rancid breath just by looking at the photograph.

Going behind the kitchen counter he picked up a large black Canon camera and asked if he could take a photo of her. She demurred, not really liking having her photo taken. Thankfully he did not push it, quietly placing the camera back on the side table with a playful smile.

The small kitchenette was off the lounge room and Mario went into the fridge asking Gillian if she wanted a drink. He offered her orange juice and then struggled for the English for pomegranate juice requiring Gillian to guess what it was as he held up the carton.

Mario also had a couple of bottles of beer, which he offered. That sounded very inviting to Gillian, so they decided to drink that instead.

He came out from behind the counter with a couple of glasses, and poured some Peroni into them. The amber liquid fizzing with bubbles, as he tipped the contents in, making a bit of a mess of it, a frothy head gathering quickly in both glasses.

Once it had died down, they looked out of the window sipping the beer; Mario musing that he would miss this place once he moved back to Milan in August.

Gillian told him that she would like to live here, or anywhere in Italy. His enthusiastic response pleased her, giving her hope that she could perhaps come back soon and be with him.

They chatted for a bit, Mario showing her a couple of things, and confirming that the photographs on the wall were his, which impressed her.

For a few minutes more they shared some passionate kisses, Gill feeling a strong urge to make love right there.

However Mario broke off, and said he was going to get changed, and went into the other room leaving Gillian in the lounge gazing out the window thinking sexy thoughts.

She realized that he must have been thinking the same, as he was only away for a minute calling out “Hey,” as he re-entered the lounge in the nude, his thick cock clearly filling with blood, a semi erection building quickly as she turned around.

He stood and smiled at her, not having to say any more words. Gillian pulled her t-shirt right up over her head, immediately pushing her shorts down as well, leaving her in her underwear. She giggled uncontrollably as she reached around her back and undid her bra letting the straps slide down her arms as it tumbled onto the floor.

Mario strode purposely towards her, putting his hands on her waist and pulling her panties down before turning her around to face the floor to ceiling window out to the balcony…

She watched the jet trails across the blue sky, tugging her t-shirt down to cover her bum as she stood looking out of the window.

Mario busied himself in the kitchen making some salad sandwiches on the counter. There was a song playing on a radio, the music coming from an open window below. It sounded like that mad bahis siteleri song from the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction, the rasping urgent saxophones cutting through the air.

Gillian rubbed her knuckles and tried to make out her own reflection on the window pane, focusing and defocusing her eyes, noticing the smudged prints of her palms still on the glass.

Mario came up behind her, his naked torso reflected in the glass. Putting his arms around her, he kissed her neck which made her tingle. She turned her head and let him kiss her again.

After a minute they sat down on the couch together, and drifted into another long conversation about the places they had been, and the places they still wanted to travel to.

It felt funny to Gillian, sitting there on the couch, her modesty only partly covered by her blue t-shirt, talking to what was essentially a stranger, that she had only met a couple of days ago.

It felt like a cliché, but she did feel like she had known him for years, and she had certainly done some things with him she had never contemplated doing with anyone before.

Well to be honest, she had thought of it sometimes, but dismissed these thoughts as shameful fantasies. She hadn’t ever thought she would meet anyone that she would carry them out with never mind a complete stranger that she had barely known 24 hours.

Being nude at the pool with Andoni and Maya had been a big jolt, and buying the sexy dress was not something she would normally do, but last night she had wild naked sex outside with this man, who was pretty much a stranger.

Passion was an all consuming thing, once you give into it and she had fallen head over heels in love with this sexy Italian dream guy.

Now they were sitting on his couch eating sandwiches talking about a wonderful dream of going to Japan together. Life was strange sometimes.

Mario stretched out on the couch, his muscular toned thighs pleasing to Gillian’s eyes, as she surveyed his naked body for the umpteenth time since the previous night.

The initial thrill still very much alive in her mind. Her shorts and panties lay in a heap on top of her sandals on the tiled floor, next to the window where she had removed them after Mario had come out of the bedroom in the nude.

He had then taken her in front of the full length window, her two palms pressed hard against the pane as he fucked her from behind in plain view of anyone that cared to look up at the second floor.

How daring, how sexy, she giggled to herself. How many times had they had sex since last night. Must be into double figures she wondered, counting it out in her head coming to 7 times, feeling almost disappointed.

He had come so hard inside her, standing up at the window, the surging pulse of his huge cock had felt incredible as she bent forward at the window, her legs splayed apart. That was the first time they had done it standing up too, she thought. She saw the torn condom wrapper lying next to her underwear, glad that he had pulled out and let her put it on for him, before re-entering her against the window.

The parma ham in the sandwiches was tasty and the salad fresh. She wished food tasted as good as this back in England, then again everything was better.

‘Italians Do It Better’ flashed into her mind, causing a smile.

Mario got up, methodically clearing the food away, asking her if she wanted any more drinks. It was hot despite the air conditioning and Gillian was thirsty, so she had an orange juice, a tall glass with ice hitting the spot.

It was nice just sitting there on the couch watching Mario wandering about the room naked, his beautiful body a delight to her eyes.

To relieve the heat, he opened the full length window, sliding it over so that you could walk out onto the balcony. It let some cooling air into the hot apartment which was nice.

After a few minutes she got up and wandered over to the shelf to inspect the books and cd’s there. Her eyes wandered over the music, a number of Italian artists, making no impression on her.

He had a few Joni Mitchell cd’s, a singer that she thought she had maybe heard and liked as well, as some James Taylor and Neil Young. Mellow older stuff that she had most likely seen in her dad’s collection.

Mario asked if she wanted to put some music on, which sounded a nice idea to her. He went over to the cd rack and put on a cd by an Italian female singer called Cristina Donà.

The music was lovely, and Gillian swooned as she looked out of the open window down onto the street. Mario came up behind her and put his hands around her waist and they started swaying to the music.

He pulled the fabric of her t-shirt tight across her flat stomach, which lifted the hem above her hips so her bush was fully exposed to anyone walking below.

She felt a little tension, as she saw a couple walking below on the pavement, but they did not look up and just went about their business.

For a few minutes bahis şirketleri it was nice just dancing to the soft mesmerising music as they world went by outside. She could feel Mario becoming aroused again as his cock pushed hard between her legs, thick and insistent as it grew in size.

Letting her head fall back against his collar bone, she breathed out loudly, as he raised her t shirt up over her breasts, exposing them, before he cupped them in both hands.

She pulled the t-shirt up over her head again, and dropped it onto the floor, succumbing to their passion completely.

Mario slipped his right hand over her pubic triangle and entered her with his fingers. She was wet and ready for him. They kissed as she turned her head upwards to meet his tongue wanting it badly. “Qui?” he whispered to her.

She felt a surge of excitement course through her and sighed “no fuori qui” taking both him and her by surprise as she pulled away from him and stepped forward out onto the balcony totally nude.

She turned her head and looked at him, as he stood there in the apartment. Looking down she gripped the black railing of the balcony, seeing a car go by below on the road.

She could see a couple of people below in an adjacent apartment, and a guy walking up the street. At any second he could look up and see her standing totally naked on the balcony, hands on the rails.

She felt a mixture of excitement and fear, which got her adrenaline pumping. What was this desire to flirt with danger and where had it come from?

Mario stepped out onto the balcony and covered her breasts with his hands and whispered in her ear “sexy, pazzesco!”

She didn’t understand, and leaning back said “pazzesco?” “Crazy” he laughed causing her to giggle. She knew the Italian for what she wanted to say next “ora prendalo” she gasped as she felt his hung cock press against her buttocks and the small of her back.

Mario backed off as she gripped the rail and leaned forward spreading her legs wide. She turned her head to encourage him moaning “C’mon, ora prendalo.”

He took his huge erect cock in his hand and stepped forward, and guided it into her, pushing his full thick length deep into her pussy causing her to cry out.

She pushed against it as he thrust away inside her, enjoying the erotic tension and physical pleasure. He was fucking her so hard it was a bit painful, but she somehow enjoyed it even more.

She saw a couple of people crossing the road, and it put her off, so she pushed back causing Marco to back up to the open window and pull out of her.

They stepped back through into the apartment lounge. Marco laughed and took her in his arms, both of them drenched in sweat; kissing her hard on the mouth before she could say anything else.

“Acquazzone,” he said as she looked at him puzzled.

He led her by the hand across the room to the door into the little hallway, pulling her into the bathroom.

She got it now, as he reached into the shower opening the screen door.

“Yeah,” she enthusiastically responded, as he turned the water on.

He grabbed her and kissed her again, his fingers pushing into her wet pussy, as he did it.

Gill’s heart was beating like crazy again as she felt him press on her g-spot, where she loved it. He kept it going massaging it as she kissed his mouth ravenously.

The steam was beginning to enfold them, as he broke that off and stepped into the shower. She immediately joined him under the water, as they went back to kissing.

She felt the hot water soak her head and run down her face and back, as he pushed up against her. He put his right palm between her legs as the water ran down soaking her bush.

Her breaths shortened in the steamy heat, as she felt his fingers inside her, first his middle and ring finger teasing up against the roof of her vagina tickling her g-spot again and again. Then he added his index finger too, working her pussy hard as she gyrated against it, encouraging him.

He pushed his pinky into her as well so he was stretching her pussy to the limit, the wet noise of it clearly heard over the rushing water of the shower.

Mario knelt down on the shower floor as he switched back to his two middle fingers and supplemented that by tonguing her clitoris, that he had quickly located beneath her wet bush.

He was brilliant she thought, as she grabbed his head, gripping his scalp, as he continued licking her clit and fingering her pussy.

Mario kept going tickling her g-spot continually, as she felt her legs go to jelly.

In her lower stomach she could feel her orgasm building and building, every tickle and tease from Mario aiding its arrival.

The water from the shower was soaking her, as she rubbed her rock hard nipples to supplement the amazing feeling he was giving her between her legs.

She started shaking hard as her cries rang out in the shower, and then lost control, letting out a massive yell as she came.

She felt herself squirt a fountain of lovejuice and soaked Marco’s face. She showered his lips in it as he caught the full force of it in his mouth. He drank it all as she burst out laughing with joy.

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