Shy Lady Poses for Nude Photos

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It’s taken all my nerve to make this appointment with the photographer. He specializes in what his internet ad called ‘boudoir photos’. I have read enough women’s love novels to know a boudoir is just a sexy word for bedroom. Plus, the picture in the advert showed a classy, attractive lady laying back on a bed wearing a beautiful, silk negligee.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Deborah Taylor. People call me Debbie. I’m thirty-five years old and happily married. My husband, Jim and I have been together from our high school days. He is the only man I’ve had sex with and I have no complaints in the love-making area. I’m five foot seven and a slim, hundred and twenty-five pounds. I take pride in my figure which I keep trim with my jogging routine and yoga. Men still hit on me when I’m out and about. One of our neighbors, a handsome young executive, keeps complimenting me when we have our block parties. He even slipped a hand to my bum when he caught me alone and propositioned me. Of course, I said no. I just say this to indicate men seem to think I am pretty. I like being attractive and feminine.

These internet companies seem to read your mind. How did they know I had read an article in the Cosmopolitan woman’s magazine about having one’s physical attributes captured forever in a professional sexy photo shoot. This, the article said, is especially important when a woman is approaching her middle years. It seemed every time I went on the internet, an ad for ‘Richard’s Fine Boudoir Art Photography’ would pop up. Amazingly, the studio was near my neighborhood. Those internet folks even know where I live. I’m proud of my body. Our thirteenth wedding anniversary is coming up and I felt it was time to immortalize it so that Jim and I could look back when we’re older. According to the Cosmo article, women regret not doing that in their later years.

I had a quick chat with the photographer, Richard, on the phone when I made the appointment. There was a photo of him on the website and he is very hot. I blush every time I think I will be exposing myself in front of him. But I’m sure he will be a complete professional. He asked me to email over a few pictures. I sent some of the beach pics from our recent Florida trip.

He said he has many styles and types of bedroom wear, but I could bring my own things as well. I decided to just buy new sexy panties at Victoria Secret and use the negligees at the studio. I’m not planning to be completely nude. The panties will stay on.

Today for the appointment, I’m wearing a summer dress with the new, sexy white lace panties underneath. The photographer asked me not to wear a bra since it makes lines on the skin. Of course, my breasts will be exposed when I pose. This is a big step for me. I’m not an exhibitionist, not by a long-shot. But, I rationalize baring my breasts is not the big deal it used to be in my mother’s time. Many beaches are now ‘European-Style’ topless. Plus, the photographer is a professional who’s seen many breasts. But, I have no intention of going bottomless. That’s my line in the sand. I did trim my pubic hair after I noticed it sticking out the sides of the panties. My husband, Jim loves a thick patch of pubic hair although I shave my vaginal area below since we enjoy oral sex. Enough said.

This morning, I was at the hairdresser’s and they gave me a modern type style with my blonde hair cut high to just below my ear on one side and a long bang sweeping down dramatically on the other side. I must say, looking in the mirror, I looked hot. I’ve brought a case filled with makeup to put on as directed by the photographer.

Richard’s Viewpoint

Mrs. Taylor was very pleasant on the phone and her bathing suit photos were very nice. I could tell that she’s very shy about posing. It’s always fun to work with shy wives. Most of these ladies have only been seen naked by their husbands and doctors. I get a kick out seeing them blush when they pose nude.

When I’m not behind the camera, I do male modeling. From my teens, I’ve found women are very attracted to me, especially the ripe, sexy ones about the age of Mrs. Taylor. An older lady in her thirties took my virginity and I’ve been attracted to them ever since. This is the stage of life where a woman comes into her own, sexually. The key reason I started this boudoir photo business was to meet more of these women. My success rate in bedding them is very high. I get a chubby whenever I look at Mrs. Taylor’s swimsuit pictures. I wonder if she will get all horny and need some sexual relief like many of the others. If not, there is Mrs. Elliott, an attractive 40-year-old school teacher coming in for a photoshoot this evening.

Debbie’s viewpoint.

Here I am at the door. The studio is in a nice house. Goodness gracious, I’m so nervous. Debbie, get a hold of yourself. He’s an adult. You’re an adult. This is simply a business transaction. I’ll ring the doorbell. I hear footsteps.

“Hi, you must be Mrs. Taylor. I’m Richard. Please come in.” escort ataşehir He shakes my hand.

“Thank you. Please call me Debbie. Mrs. Taylor is my mother’s name.” Oh, my word, he is hotter in person than in the ad. I’m sure he’s ten years younger than me. He has on a tight-fitting purple, silk shirt, mostly unbuttoned, with his smooth, hairless, muscular chest very visible.

“Of course, Debbie, let’s go into my office to discuss things.” He places his hand in the small of my back and guides me towards an office with a desk and a large office chair behind with two smaller chairs in front. Off to the side is a red leather loveseat. Large framed boudoir photos of beautiful women adorn the walls.

He sits behind the desk and I take a seat on the other side.

Richard’s Viewpoint

Debbie is much more attractive in person that her beach vacation pics. I love her brightly colored shoulder-less sundress. The yellow and white pattern goes well with her blonde hair. With my photographer’s eye for detail, I see her perfect skin in a light honey color, likely tanned from outdoor summer activities. That likely means her breasts will be pure white and stand out nicely in the nude photos. Her face has no lines around the eyes and her lips are full and ripe. The dress offers a classic view of some cleavage. My guess is a 34B cup, my favorite. She has a small waist. The full skirt hides her bottom, but the obvious level of overall physical fitness tells me that her ass will be very tight. My overall assessment is an ‘A’ and very fuckable.

“Mrs. Taylor, I mean Debbie, as we talked on the phone the standard contract is for an album of twenty boudoir photos plus two large, 3X5 foot framed photos for your walls. This will be $1,000 with deposited now and the rest when you are satisfied with the results. Before you sign the contract, let’s look at some of my previous work.”

Debbie’s Viewpoint

Richard gets up, turns to a bookshelf and gets out thick photo album. I can’t help noticing he has a nice butt. Debbie, you have such a dirty mind.

He says firmly, “Come over here Debbie on the small sofa where we can view the album together.”

We sit on the loveseat and our legs are touching which heightens my senses. Richard opens the thick, heavy album on our knees. I can smell an odor of his masculine cologne. The pictures are of beautiful women in sexy lingerie.

“These are all professional models. Never think that any of your photos will be shown to anyone. You will be given all the files. Notice that the photo poses get more erotic as you leaf further through the book. We can go as far as you wish with your poses. No need to decide now. Near the end of the album there are some couple’s photos. Maybe your husband might want to have a photo session together with him once he sees the photos we’ll be shooting today.”

My heart is beating fast and my breathing is shallow and rapid as I turn the pages. The pictures of naked beautiful women are very sexy. Sitting so close to Richard is making me flustered. The first pages show women in silk pajamas with no nudity, just prominent nipples through the silky material. Next comes multi-layer see-through negligee shots with bare breasts only hinted at. Then there are single layer negligees with bare breast and nipples clearly visible. To this point, all the models wore panties. The next one has a stunning model my age lounging on a sofa with her negligee fully open and her legs slightly parted showing her bare, shaved camel-toe notch at the Y of her crotch.

As I stare at this photo, I can feel Richard’s leg shift against mine. I gulp in my throat as I took in the image. I’ve never looked at erotic pictures of women. I’m very heterosexual, but these photos are turning me on. My face is burning in a full blush. The air seems to be sexually charged. God, Debbie, get a grip on yourself. You’re acting like a naïve school girl.

I continue, and the next photos have legs artfully spread showing the woman’s complete private parts. My word, I could never show that area of my body to a photographer, no matter how professional. The next page was blank with ‘COUPLES PHOTOS’ typed across it.

Richard’s Viewpoint

I always love this part when the client comes to the couple’s pages.

As she turns the page I say, “This next pictures are of me and my then wife, Josephine.”

The very tasteful photo shows us completely nude on a bed in each other’s arms. My penis is semi-hard and laying visibly across my thigh.

I hear a small gasp from Debbie and I see her knuckles go a lighter shade of white as she grips the album tighter. Her chest is rising and falling faster with her rapid breathing. This is a common reaction from new female clients. The next few moments are key. Will she bolt out the door as one lady did or will she turn more pages to see more nude shots of me.

Debbie’s Viewpoint

Sweet Mary and Joseph, it’s a nude photo of HIM, the young guy beside me. Jeez. I’m kadıköy escort going to die of embarrassment. But he seems so casual around nudity. Grow up Debbie. You’re thirty-five not eighteen. I turn the page quickly so he doesn’t think I’m staring. Wow, the next one is even more explicit. He has a substantial, thick erection and is kissing her breast.

He says softly, “These types of private photos immortalize a couple’s love for each other forever. Just think of the memories one can cherish when a couple grows older. Your husband might wish to have a photo session with you after you give him your gift.”

I reply, “No, I can’t see Jim doing something like this.”

I turn to the next page and get a quick glimpse of Richard fucking a happy lady missionary-style. I close the album shut and take a deep breath. This is all so intense. Should I stay? Should I leave? I know if I leave I will never get the nerve up to do this again. Oh, hell, I’ll do it.

Richard gets up and gives me his hand to help me rise. His is strong and dry. My palm is damp from nervous sweat.

He says, “Okay, those are the types of finished products we can do depending on what you feel comfortable with. Here, sign the contract if you want to continue.”

I bend over the desk and sign on the dotted line.

“Super Debbie, let’s have a drink of wine to celebrate. What do you like white or red.” I find a bit of wine helps people get more relaxed.

“White please.”

Richard goes away and returns with a bottle of white with two glasses. We toast and drink.

Richard’s Viewpoint

I thought she might bolt there but she’s decided to take the plunge. When she’s bending over to sign the contract, I can see far down her cleavage. She took my advice and didn’t wear a bra. Nice breasts.

Once a woman decides to have a nude photo session, I have to quickly gain control. This is when they hand over their will power to a dominant male. My models have to become compliant. I find that difficult sometimes, especially with beauties like Debbie here. Their good looks and sexy bodies can be intimidating. But I must put that aside and take control.

“Debbie, let’s go down to the studio and have a great photo shoot. Bring your makeup bag. I’ll bring the wine. Right this way.”

I direct Debbie with a hand on the small of her back to the door leading to the basement. It’s best to touch a woman often so that she gets comfortable with your hands on her.

Debbie’s viewpoint.

Wow, the entire basement is a studio. Over there is a big four-poster bed in a royal velvet style. There is the leather sofa I saw in the album. In the other corner is a white background and floor area. There are light stands all over and cameras on tripods. It’s all very professional.

“Debbie, I have an idea. That summer dress is so attractive. Let’s get a few shots in that.”

“Should I put on some make up?”

“Just a little lipstick. Something deep red and sexy. Put your makeup case over there on the table where the chair is. That’s the makeup station.”

I have ten different shades of lipstick and choose the brightest red.

“Okay, first we will get you to stand over here in this white area. The bright white background will be like a happy, summer’s day.”

Richard has a camera in his hand and the area is brightly lit with lights on poles. He starts to shoot pictures as I pose.

“Okay, Debbie I want to see your sexy side. Give me a big smile with those gorgeous lips. Right on. Now hands on hips. That’s a good one. Great. You are so beautiful. Turn and look back over your shoulder. I love it. Turn back around. Nice. Thrust your chest out. Right, just like that. Very sexy. Bend over a bit towards me. That’s right. I want your lucky husband to see more of your gorgeous breasts. Perfect.”

I can’t believe I just let Richard peak down the front of my dress. He makes me feel so sexy.

“Okay, turn around again. Pull your skirt tight around your perfect bottom. That’s right, just like that. Very sweet. Nice ass.”

My god, I can feel a hot blush on my face when he said that.

“Now let’s take a few more in the dress on the sofa. Sure, sit right there. First a few very lady-like poses. Nice, that’s good. Now cross your legs and put your hands in your lap. Wonderful. Very classic. Very prim and proper. Now put one hand behind your head in a cheesecake type shot. Right. Thrust out your chest. Be sexy. Wait, wait. We need a bit of powder.”

Richard goes to the makeup bench and brings back a container of makeup powder and a powder puff.

He leans towards me. “It’s hot in here and sometimes there is some shiny perspiration we have to cover.”

I reach for the puff but he just powders the tops of my breasts himself. Whew, his touch feels good. My nipples are instantly erect.

Richard’s Viewpoint

I love the way she closed her eyes and smiled in pleasure when I powdered her beautiful breasts. This is going well.

“Okay, much maltepe escort bayan better. Now let’s give your husband some sexy shots. Forget that I’m even here. He is the one looking at you. Lift the hem of your skirt halfway up your thighs. Hey, don’t worry about this. Show off those sexy legs. That’s better. Now give me a big sexy smile. Wow. You are so beautiful. Now lift the skirt some more. Let’s show a little of your panties. Nice. Big smile. Now sit sideways. Spread your legs a bit. Very good.”

Holy fuck is this woman gorgeous. Her big blushing face and her lacy white panties are amazing. I can see a dark shading of pubic hair through the panties. Those are the nicest legs I’ve seen outside of top models. I must go over and touch them.

“Here Debbie put your legs like this.”

Debbie’s viewpoint.

When he touches the inside of my thigh an electric shock runs through me. This is all so intimate. What a thrill, getting touched by a young hunk. I’ll just follow his direction. He’s the professional.

“Now Debbie let’s do a few more things in the dress before moving on. This is going great. Your husband will be very pleased. I want to relive some of your early years with your husband when he was your boyfriend. Okay? I’m sure you were a bit of a tart in those young and carefree days, right? I bet you had flings with a few boys. All the beautiful girls like you have a sexy, tart side. It’s all good. I just know you undid your dress and showed him your wonderful breasts, right?”

Oh shit, I know where he’s going with this. I bite my lip and nod yes. I was a bit of a tart back then but only with my boyfriend who’s now my hubby.

“No, I’ve only been with my husband. He’s the only man I’ve had sex with. But of course, I did show him my body when we were going out in high school.”

“That’s what I like to hear. Okay, Debbie, undo the zipper at the back and show your lucky husband your perfect breasts. Just like back in those good old days. Come on Deb, you can do it. Let me help you with that zipper.”

Richard holds my bare shoulder with a strong hand and unzips my dress with the other. The top falls exposing my chest. I feel like such a slut exposing myself to this man I just met. My crotch has a mind of its own and is moistening. Oh damn, I can smell the aroma of my love juices. I hope Richard doesn’t notice. What a bloody thrill ride this is. I feel so nasty but so thrilled.

Richard’s Viewpoint

Her tits are perfect, perky and full. I like to keep touching my amateur models. It maintains physical control. I lift her chin up and place my hand in the small of her bare lower back. I can’t wait to cup those wondrous globes but now is way too soon.

“Lift your head high Debbie and straighten your back. Yes, just like that.” I keep shooting photos. “Smile. Be really sexy.” Her nipples are stiff and protruding nicely. I was right, her breasts are pure white. The tan line is so sexy as it highlights her uplifted tits. There is a pink blush on her skin all the way from her cheeks to her perfect breasts. She is so shy but she’s bravely going onward. What a sexy MILF. I can smell the sweet odor of mature pussy. This is going very well. Let’s see her sweet pussy.

“Okay Debbie, now for the money shot. Roll your panties down to your mid-thigh.”

Debbie’s viewpoint.

Oh, oh. I knew this would happen. I freeze.

“Sorry, sir. I’ve decided to keep my panties on for the shoot. Call me a prude.”

“No problem, my dear. You are certainly not a prude. That’s your choice. Let’s just move on and do some negligee shots. Over here on the wall is a dozen or so attractive articles to try on.”

There is no dressing room. Truth is, why would you need one for a nude photo session. Richard is standing close as I shimmy my hips out of my summer dress and stand semi-nude fingering the see-through silk garments on the wall. I can see him ogling my body with the hungry look my husband gets when he wants sex. It’s a look that gets my erotic side going too. Unfortunately for him, that off the menu. I’m keeping my panties on.

My word, Richard is so sexy. He’s about ten years younger than me and has a killer body. I know he desires me because his junk gets bigger in the crotch of his pants when he’s shooting the photos. But I must suppress that thinking. I’m a married woman.

Richard’s Viewpoint

“Why don’t you try this short pink negligee and put this long red one over it?”

She puts them on. Now’s my chance to feel her sweet ass.

“It’s wrinkled at the back. Let me smooth it down.”

I stroke the silky material over the firm cheeks of her ass. I take my time and do a good job.

Debbie’s viewpoint.

Fuck, that feels great. I should slap his face but I won’t. I’ll just close my eyes and enjoy his strong touch. God, he is taking so long and massaging my ass-cheeks so nicely.

He whispers, “The front of the negligee is not falling right either.”

His hand cups my breast through the gossamer fabric. I let out a sigh of pleasure. I can’t move. My body is drinking up the instinctive, erotic sensation of the caress of this handsome young man.

Suddenly he stands back. He’s sporting a big boner in his pants. Oh Christ, he saw me looking down there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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