Siamese Bi’s Ch. 02

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The following week, Dionaea and Cytherea had to phone Jamila that they couldn’t visit her – they were having their period, it was really uncomfortable for them to ride a motorbike to her home, so they had to put off their meeting by a week.

When they eventually came and visited Jamila, not only did she give them 12 complete set of lingerie each, but also 2 sets of leather motorcycle gear – each comprising a pairs of pants, a pair of gloves and a jacket, so they could ride their motorbike fully protected.

They were so moved by the gifts that they hugged Jamila and even tried to kiss her in the mouth together: Dionaea, Cytherea and Jamila opened their mouths and joined them, and their tongues voluptuously danced together.

Then the Siamese twins opened Jamila’s shirt and nursing bra, and helped themselves with her milk, while their outer hands (Dionaea’s right hand and Cytherea’s left hand) stroked Jamila’s body from her thighs and butt to her cheek and hair, and their inner hands stroked her vulva, entered into her panties, and even dared stimulate her G-spot.

When Jamila was done with her orgasm, she told Dionaea and Cytherea to rise on their feet, and to undress their breasts – when their mammae were fully exposed, and after Jamila briefly licked their nipples, Jamila’s co-wives entered the room, were introduced to the twins by Jamila, and chose their favorite breasts.

Khalifa chose Dionaea’s right breast; her favorite co-wife and lover Rashida Dionaea’s left, while Jamila let her favorite co-wife and lover Sharifa suckle Cytherea’s left breast, and she in turn chose Cytherea’s right breast.

All women undressed before the breastplay – the twins asked not to remove their panties, for fear of letting their Duotone Balls drop, but Jamila had a solution for them: she and each of her co-wives had a She Shell vibrator, for the rare occurrence of being horny with nobody (neither their husband Zayan or any of their co-wives) able to help, and Jamila opened a new She Shell package, and delicately placed it into their shared vulva.

So each woman could both suckle one of the twins’ nipples and enjoy orgasm through clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The luckiest of them were Dionaea and Cytherea, who got all the conceivable stimulation from their nipples and their twat.

Jamila had thought of everything, except turning her laptop-cum-webcam off. Her couture house had only female employees, but two: the fashion photographer Hussain and the marketing director Hassan.

They were identical (but separate) twins, and when Hussain skyped Jamila in order to talk to her about some catalog photos, Jamila’s client automatically answered and started the webcam, so Hussain saw and heard anything.

He could subdue his arousal when he saw Zayan’s naked wives, but was caught off guard by Dionaea and Cytherea, as their body was unlike any other, and watching their black hair, blue eyes, pink cheeks and red libs, big (although sagging) breasts, a wide pelvis and a small, hardly noticeable vulva rapidly led him to orgasm.

He could have recorded the video sequence, but he decided not to do that – as he feared that if the video was found, he would face horrible music. But he was determined to take the twins.

The next day he showed Jamila the photos he had intended to send them – they were of the motorbike gear Jamila had sewn for Dionaea and Cytherea; and he bluntly asked for whom they were intended.

Jamila answered sincerely, but then asked him why was he so interested. Hussain blushed and replied, “I wondered who was the girl so wide-busted and tight-waisted who was going to wear these jackets.”

Jamila told Hussain, “They’re single and probably seeking a boyfriend. And Egyptian law would allow you to marry both. But you have to meet first, and I can arrange an occasion. We could ask them to pose with the motorcycle gear on, and you’ll photograph them.”

“Good idea,” Hussain replied, “My brother Hassan thinks that our motorcycle gear for ladies could be very successful, and therefore we need a catalog.”

“Hassan is right, as usual,” Jamila replied, and phoned the twins, who gladly accepted the offer.

The next day, after attending class, Dionaea and Cytherea went to Jamila’s couture house, and met both Hassan and Hussain, who were very impressed by the girls.

While they managed to keep a professional poise, the girls couldn’t – they donned and removed the motorbike gear they had to wear in front of the men, even though they only wore their underwear under the leather jacket and pants, and as the panties’ crotch was transparent, everybody could see that a She Shell vibrator was in place!

Hassan and Hussain dared not escort beşiktaş say a word, and Jamila waited for the end of the reportage before talking to Dionaea and Cytherea in private.

“Honeys,” she asked, “Didn’t you notice that you were undressing in front of men?”

“Sorry, Jamila,” Dionaea answered, “They were so cute and charming that we couldn’t behave otherwise. Are they identical twins?”

“Yes, they are,” Jamila replied, “And you’re lucky that they’re more enlightened than the average Egyptian man, or they would have left the studio screaming, ‘Sharmuta = Whore!’”

“What may have they thought about us?” Cytherea asked.

“Hmm … let’s look at the photos they’ve shot and uploaded,” Jamila said, “By looking at them, an experienced eye can discern the relationship between the photograph and the model.”

Hussain had shot several hundred photos; even though only a score were worthy of the motorcycle gear catalog, lots of them could appear in a lingerie catalog. All photos were sensuous, but neither risqué nor debauchee.

“Hussain has seen you in the best possible light,” Jamila inferred, “And you can still save the day. By the way, why didn’t you remove the vibrator from your body? It can be easily discerned in most photos.”

“Er,” Dionaea answered, “We wanted an excuse for our torn hymen.”

“Ah! You’ve set your eyes on these boys, and you’re also telling me that you’re virgins no more, aren’t you?”

“We have never had sex with men so far,” Cytherea explained, “But we once masturbated with a rolling pin …”

“Not just once!” Dionaea corrected her, “We couldn’t afford to buy a vibrator. Not because of the price, but because of the shame.”

“The vibrator I gave you will hopefully solve the problem. Photoshop will cancel the She Shell out, and nobody but your perspective husband will learn your secret.”

“Will we be able to model again?”

“Of course, but you should remove the device when posing for the lingerie catalog,” Jamila replied smiling, while Sharifa was entering the room with Yahya and Yussuf latched to her breasts.

Sharifa told Jamila, “Your children are hungry for milk and love. They’ve gotten some from us, but now they really need their mom.”

Jamila bared her breasts, took the children from Sharifa’s arms and let them nurse from her. Then she told Sharifa, “Darling, I’ve forgotten to remove the vibrator from my twat. Could you do that for me, or I’ll be forced to detach my children from my nipples?”

“Of course,” Sharifa answered, and bent upon Jamila’s thighs, without even caring to cover her own bare breasts, which touched Jamila’s thighs; put her hands under her skirt, grasped her panties, and took them off.

Then Jamila’s legs had to gape, in full view of Dionaea and Cytherea, so Sharifa could remove the She Shell, and then put the panties in place again.

The Siamese twin were already somewhat aroused by Sharifa’s naked breasts; Jamila’s lovely nursing her twins increased it a lot, and their watching her vulva, and the vibrator removal was really exciting.

So, when Jamila proposed Sharifa, “Ask the twins if they want to lick my vibrator clean,” they accepted; and when they were doing that, Sharifa went behind them and tickled the nape of their necks with her nipples.

The message couldn’t be clearer, and when Dionaea and Cytherea were done with Jamila’s vibrator, they latched their mouths to Sharifa’s areolae, and began sucking her colostrum – she was still 7th month pregnant, so she couldn’t secern milk.

Sharifa was wearing a She Shell, but Dionaea and Cytherea put their hands under her skirt, removed her panties and the vibrator, then they began stroking her vulva and anus.

Zayan only penetrated Jamila anally – and limited sexual interaction with her co-wives to vaginal penetration, carried out until they climaxed, but he wasn’t interested into fondling their bodies or getting the pleasures his favorite wife Jamila gave him.

So Sharifa was somewhat surprised by the twins’ interest in her anus, but she decided to let them act as they saw fit – so she noticed that not only did they stimulate her clitoris while suckling her nipples, but they also deftly penetrated her vagina, reached the G-spot and made her squeal and squirt of pleasure.

Cytherea’s right hand and Dionaea’s left were engaged into stimulating the clitoris and penetrating the vagina, while Cytherea’s left and Dionaea’s right were engaged with Sharifa’s backdoor.

Sharifa’s squirting gave the twins the lubricant they needed to slowly massage, penetrate and stimulate Sharifa’s anus, and she noticed at last that the twins were trying to have her come from both vaginal eskort istanbul and anal penetration – and they succeeded, even though their technique was somewhat coarse.

Then Sharifa told them, “Darlings, my ass needs respite, and your hands cleaning. Let’s go to the bathroom.”

So the three women had a shower together; Dionaea and Cytherea wanted to resume sex, but Sharifa said no, as her butt was unaccustomed to penetration; but she nonetheless asked them, “Can you tell me how did you come across the idea of anal penetration?”

“We often do that to ourselves,” the twins admitted, and added, “Our most secret sexual fantasy is to get penetrated by two male twins at the same time.”

“Hassan and Hussein are identical twins,” Sharifa noticed.

“Yes, they are. Are they engaged?”

“I don’t know – perhaps Jamila does.”

After shower, Sharifa led the Siamese twins into a room in which the four co-wives kept their sex toys, and showed them a Scorpion Stinger vibrator.

She told Dionaea and Cytherea, “If you love both vaginal and anal stimulation, it may be your cup of tea.”

“Can we test it?”, Dionaea said, and Sharifa answered, “It’s Jamila’s toy. Our husband Zayan loves anal sex, but he only has it with Jamila, and she at times wears this vibrator to keep her rectum fit for Zayan’s penis.”


“Yes, Zayan is a very busy man, and in the afternoon Jamila, after nursing her children, asks me to rinse her rectum with an enema. Since Zayan loves irrigating it with his own urine, I fill the douche with my own, and with it I rinse Jamila’s rectum.”

“Is it necessary?” Dionaea asked.

“Is it enough to please her?” Cytherea asked.

“It is necessary to cleanse her rectum, or she will have to wash her toys thoroughly – not to speak about Zayan’s member, which shall then enter her vagina,” Sharifa replied and added, “After the urine, several douches of water are necessary; when only water goes out of her anus, I insert the vibrator into it – and I turn my own She Shell vibrator on.”

“And then?” the twins asked.

“We sit on a couch together, and even though our vibrators are skyrocketing us to heaven, we pretend to be just friends who drink some tea, read and comment a newspaper and a book together until we fondle and kiss in the mouth, and then lay on the couch hugged until night – or Jamila’s children need her attention.”

“But we saw that they are usually nursed by your co-wives before being brought to Jamila’s breasts,” Dionaea remarked.

“Right. Our co-wives don’t provide urine, but love to watch us while we come, so they sit on another couch opposite us, and alternatively watch us and the children.”

“If they supply milk to Jamila’s children, they can also supply urine to their mother,” Cytherea suggested.

“Good point,” Sharifa said, “We – not just me and Jamila, but Khalida and Rashida also – use these toys because we want to enjoy cuddling and orgasm at the same time. Bringing us to orgasm is relatively easy; but tenderly lovingly taking care of each other requires careful fondling, hugging and kissing – something we couldn’t do while our hands and mouths are engaged into having sex.”

“That’s why you use the vibrators,” Dionaea inferred, and Cytherea asked, “Do you ever use them for self-satisfaction?”

Sharifa laughed and answered, “Actually, we’re never alone in this house. When one of us wants to please herself, she knots a purple ribbon around her left arm, so she is left alone while the vibrator, her hands, or her fantasy do the trick. But she is invariably watched by one of the co-wives at least, out of concern or of sheer lust.”

“And I suppose that once the first is done, the second asks her the purple ribbon,” Dionaea says.

“Yes,” Sharifa replies, “Our home life is literally full of love, and the more we give love, the more we crave it. About the vibrator, I think we have another still sealed in his box, together with a new douche. Would you like to try them?”
Dionaea and Cytherea looked at each other and assented, but asked for Jamila’s opinion.

Jamila was nearly done with nursing her children, and when she had put them into their cribs, asked for her She Shell vibrator. The twins gave it back and told her that Sharifa wanted to initiate them to triple stimulation; Jamila said it was a good idea, and asked the twins which fluid did they prefer to wash their butt.

“Urine. We’d like your urine, Jamila.”

“Thanks, but I haven’t enough of it now. Would you mind if I ask my co-wives to add theirs?”

As the twins assented, the co-wives were summoned, lowered their panties, sat on their chamberpots and filled it; as Khalida escort kağıthane asked if adding some colostrum or milk to the urine could harm the twins, and Jamila answered no, all the co-wived also expressed their breasts into the pots, thus giving the urine the color of tea with milk.

The content of the chamber pots was poured into a giant enema bag, hung up to a pole; Jamila asked the twins whether they preferred to knee on the sofa, or to lay on their backs on a double bed while receiving the enema, and they answered, “On our backs.”

Jamila took care of inserting a She Shell vibrator into their vulva, the enema nozzle into their shared anus, and gave Dionaea the enema valve (and Cytherea the She Shell remote), telling them, “It’s up to you to start, check, stop the fluid and the vibrations. Don’t exaggerate, you needn’t prove anything.”

Cytherea asked, “Can we drink something before the enema? We are somewhat thirsty.”

“Of course,” Jamila answered, went behind them, and stooped in order to let her nipples enter their mouths. While Dionaea and Cytherea suckled Jamila’s milk, Khalida fondled and massaged Cytherea’s nipples, and Rashida Dionaea’s. In the meantime, Sharifa temporarily removed the vibrator and licked the twins’ labia and clitoris, fingered their vagina, and stirred the beaded enema nozzle within their anus.

When Jamila was done nursing, swapped place with Sharifa, and Khalida and Rashida swapped theirs.

Then it was Khalida’s turn first, and then Rashida’s, to alternatively nurse the twins with their colostrum and stimulate their genitalia and anus, while Jamila and Sharifa kneaded the twins’ huge breasts, before putting the She Shell vibrator in place again..

“Why didn’t you suck our nipples,” the twins asked, and Jamila replied craftily, “Start, and you’ll learn.”

When Cytherea started the vibrator, and Dionaea opened the valve, Jamila and Rashida latched on Cytherea’s breasts, and Khalida and Rashida’s on Dionaea’s.

So the girls received complete stimulation, and were so distracted by the pleasure they were experiencing, that they let the bag completely empty into their butt, and when Sharifa noticed it, she proposed to pour a pint of tap water into the bag to rinse it thoroughly.

So the twins received much more fluid than expected, and they had to be carried to the toilet bowl with the nozzle in the butt – and it was Jamila who dared remove it and smear her hands with the bowel content.

When the girls were done, Jamila filled a douche with water, and gave them another enema while licking their clit; so did Sharifa, then Khalida and Rashida, until the fluid getting out of their anus was as clean as the fluid that had gone into.
So the twins could now receive their much coveted Scorpion Stinger vibrator, which kept its promise, giving them absolute bliss.

It was also their turn to wear the purple ribbon – signaling that they wanted to enjoy orgasm alone, while Jamila and Sharifa on a sofa, and Khalida and Rashida on another, had sex together, paying only token attention to the twins.

Jamila wanted to give them another present – two couples of nipple stimulators. “They’re somewhat effective,” she explained, “But using them means wetting our clothes with milk or colostrums, since we are now either nursing or pregnant, so we have discontinued them. Would you like to test them?”

The twins accepted, but Jamila added, “I need an enema now, because I have to wear the Scorpion Stinger, as Zayan is coming home and my butt must be ready for him. Could you please give me your urine?”

The twins peed into the bag, then Sharifa did, and then even Khalida and Rashida volunteered – for the first time. “We love the idea of sharing our bodily fluids,” they explained.

Jamila preferred to receive the enema while stooping down the sofa, and the twins proposed to suckle her breasts while she was taking the fluid into her butt. Jamila accepted, while Sharifa kneeled between her legs and licked her clit – while Khalida and Sharifa, who used to suckle Jamila’s breasts in this predicament, in lieu of the Siamese twins, asked her the permission to suckle their four breasts, while their hands reached for their vulva.

Sharifa didn’t love anal stimulation, but when Jamila’s butt was thoroughly rinsed, and she could wear the Scorpion Stinger as well, she wore and activated a She Shell, and asked Jamila if even the twins could share their bliss.

Jamila didn’t refuse, obviously, so the twins experienced for the first time being both loved, cuddled and led to orgasm. Once they shared it with Jamila and Sharifa, they also shared it with Khalida and Rashida, thus creating a wonderful bond with all the four women.

But, as Zayan’s return time was approaching, and Jamila’s children needed nursing, their shared bliss had to be broken, and the twins came home – they greeted Zayan as he was getting out of his car while they were turning their motorbike on.

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