Silver Knots

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John woke and started to turn over, then realized he couldn’t. His arms were over his head, his wrists bound together with a silk tie, which was wrapped around the brass headboard. He was a prisoner! He looked around the dark bedroom, trying to see his Roxie, but he didn’t find her. Suddenly, he heard the scrape of a match and saw the flame illuminating her lovely face. There was Roxie, standing by the shelf, holding a candle. Almost immediately, the soft scent of almonds filled the air. Roxie placed the candle back on the shelf and walked toward him.

“I see you are awake, my sweet. I am so glad. I’ve been waiting for you,” she purred. She sat beside him, causing him to roll slightly toward her. Now that his eyes had adjusted to the darkness, John could see his lover more clearly. She was dressed in a dark blue teddy, a gift from him. Her skin glowed in the candlelight, her dark hair pulled in a knot on her head. She smelled faintly of vanilla, toothpaste and a hungry female. She leaned over him, her mouth seeking his. Slowly, she began licking his lips, teasing him, taunting him with her agile tongue. She traced his mouth, searching the sensitive corners and flicking quickly in and out of him. She sucked his lower lip between hers, suddenly needy and demanding. Slowly at first, then with rampant desire, she made love to his mouth, wanting nothing more than to excite him. He twisted against his restraints, whispering softly to her.

“Please untie me, love. I want my hands free to touch you and relish your body. I want to explore you, find your special spots, make you wild with desire. Oh, just untie me and I will give you heaven!”

Roxie hesitated, as if considering his request, then shook her head slowly and sadly. “I am afraid I can’t do that, John. I think you need a time out, to just relax and lie there and let me take care of you. Maybe I can untie you later, though.”

John gave up on loosening the ropes and just settled back happily, waiting for Roxie’s plan to unfold. She turned on the bedside lamp, casting a soft glow to the bed. Now he could see her clearly. The blue teddy fit her well, molded to her full breasts and rounded hips. Tiny tendrils framed her face, her cheeks were flushed pink and her eyes were already slightly unfocused and glazed, a sure sign of her arousal. He thought she must have planned this for some time. When she stood, he saw she was wearing sheer dark blue stockings with lacy tops, pulled up midway on her thighs.

“I do have plans for you, John. But first, I have some things I need to finish. Since you are sort of ‘tied up’, perhaps you can keep me company while I get things done…..”

John happily agreed. He was comfortable. She had made a pillow nest for him, making sure his arms were supported behind his head. He was wearing jogging shorts and a t-shirt, his usual sleep attire. Even now, the shorts were tenting with anticipation, but that was part of the excitement, knowing he had to wait for her.

As she stood there, Roxie sighed. “I feel very warm tonight, John. I think I will open the window.” She walked to the other side of the bed and opened the shades and the window, looking into the dark backyard and sighing again. “I only hope no one is sneaking around out there tonight. It would be an invasion of our privacy, having someone watching us in our bedroom. I am pretty sure we are safe, though. So, I am going to leave the shade up.”

She turned to John, fanning herself and saying once again that she was warm. “I think I might need to remove some clothes, that might help!” She began opening the tiny buttons that ran the length of the teddy, exposing her bare flesh, bit by bit. Shrugging off the straps, she let the teddy fall Yalova Escort to the floor, and stood before him in just the stockings. “Ah, that’s better. I feel cooler now. But I must get on with my little chores, then I can play with you.”

She leaned over the bed, kissing John again, her nipples rubbing against his shirt. He could feel how firm they were, how aroused she was, and it excited him even more. Again, he tried to loosen the ties, but they remained firm. Roxie sat beside him, taking a bottle of lotion off the nightstand. She poured some in her hand, warming it, before beginning to massage it into her skin. Her hands slid up and down her arms, over her shoulders, cupping her breasts and lightly pinching the already erect nipples. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, small moans escaping from her throat. John watched her intently, enjoying the show she was performing for him. She lotioned her creamy thighs, so smooth and pale, her hands lightly caressing the flesh that John ached to touch. He watched as her fingers moved up and down, her legs falling slightly open in anticipation.

They had been together nearly a year now, and things had only gotten better. They lived happily, sharing everything in their lives. Days passed in a blur of enjoyment and contentment. Nights were full of pleasure, desires expressed and fulfilled, hungers aroused and quenched. She was his delight. They had even begun to work out at a club several times a week, making everything even better. They both had more energy. Roxie, who had been beautiful when they met, now felt proud of her body, still lush and full, but more toned. She had begun spending time naked, delighting in his constant reaction. He thought of all this as she sat beside him, her nylon-clad legs before him. His erection bobbed and strained against the fabric, but she apparently didn’t notice. She seemed intent on her womanly tasks, keeping a constant conversation with him.

“You know, darling, I am thinking that my curlies need a trim. I can easily do that while we talk. I’ll be right back.”

When she returned, she had tiny scissors, a mirror and a large bath towel. She spread the towel next to John and sat on it, opening her thighs, exposing her thick bush of brown curls. She placed the mirror at a good angle and began combing through the hair with her fingers. John loved watching her touch herself. Her fingers moved smoothly and lightly and the curls wrapped around them. He could tell the moment her fingers moved deeper. He knew she had found her slit, because her eyes closed again and she sighed deeply, her breath becoming rapid. She continued to massage her mound, lost in pleasure. John remained silent, not wanting to break the spell. His cock ached, the blood pounded and he needed more room, but he didn’t want to say anything, he just wanted to watch his woman.

Waking from her reverie, Roxie picked up the scissors and began trimming her curls. John couldn’t really see any difference, but it was so sensual, he watched intently. He could smell her excitement, see the tiny drops of fluid gathering in her curlies. She continued to play, now spreading the lips and peering into the pinkness, exposing herself to John. He licked his lips, wanting to taste her, but not wanting to interrupt her play. Nothing was sexier than a woman so sure of herself, so erotically naughty.

Finally, Roxie finished her grooming, and stood to allow John to inspect the bush. She leaned close to his face, so close that her curls tickled his nose. His tongue slipped out and searched through the curlies, trying to find her swollen slit. Just as he reached it, she pulled away. Lying full length on John, she pressed her breasts Yalova Escort Bayan against his chest as she kissed his mouth. She also thrust against his hard cock, massaging it against her tummy and thighs. John continued pulling on the ties, wanting more than anything to touch her, feel her wet pussy with his fingers.

Roxie had other plans. Now she rolled off John and put her head on his shoulder. “Oh, my, I forgot about your shirt, baby! What shall I do? I could untie you and remove your shirt, but I am not so sure you are trustworthy. Hmmmmmm….Oh, I have an idea!”

She turned to the bookshelf and came back with large, shiny, silver scissors. She held them to his mouth, and he felt the cold metal on his lips, exciting him. She lowered them to the bottom of his shirt and began cutting, sliding the cold steel across his belly. He shivered with delight. Then his chest was bare, the scissors cold on his tiny nipples, causing them to tighten and ache.

Roxie was pleased with her handiwork and continued to remove his clothing. The cold blades pressed against his erect dick as she cut off his shorts, baring him in the brightly lit room. Filling her hands with lotion, she rubbed them together to warm the cream, then knelt beside him and began to massage his bare skin. Her small hands capably massaged his flesh, along his shoulders, arms, down his chest. She avoided his throbbing cock, massaging instead all the forgotten sweet spots. Her hands caressed and loved him, lighting fires as they stroked. When she leaned to reach a spot, her hardened nipples scraped his sensitive flesh, exciting him further. His cock was erect, dripping precome, begging for attention, but Roxie had a different plan.

Finishing the massage, she moved to the bottom of the bed, between his legs. She leaned back against the footboard and stretched her stockinged feet toward his cock, finally giving it the attention he craved. She cupped the engorged dick between her feet, her blue stockinged feet, and caressed it. Her little toes danced on the hot flesh, her soles massaged and teased. Again, John begged for release from the ties, begged to be allowed to touch her, but Roxie was adamant. He could look, he could enjoy, but he couldn’t touch! She could feel his balls, tightening under her heels. She could see the look in his eyes that his orgasm was approaching. HIs voice deepened, demanded release, desire driving him. She moved her feet, running them instead to his inner thighs.

John was going insane with need and lust. Along with this most erotic massage, he was also able to view the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. He could look right into her pink, see the moist, swollen flesh, and remember how good it felt to plunge into her. Now, he needed to do that. He needed to fuck that pussy.

“I will give you anything you want, if you will just untie me,” he begged. “Please, Roxie. Please, love, I need to fuck you. I need to be fucked. Please?” John was twisting against the ties, his hips continuing the dance of love.

Roxie wasn’t ready yet. She left the bed and turned up the music, sensuous, throbbing music. She closed her eyes and began to sway to the music. Her hands moved over her body, cupping and pinching her erect nipples. She moaned softly. Her hands continued, touching all the flesh that John wanted so badly to touch. Her hands slid between her legs and John could see her fingers slowly probing that hot, wet cunt. Her hips continued to sway, but she thrust her pelvis forward, meeting her fingers, swallowing them. He could hear that wet sound as she slowly fucked herself, could hear her breathing growing faster and faster. He watched the flush begin to grow on her chest Escort Yalova and saw her mouth tightening. He knew the signs. She was close to exploding.

“Please, love, let go. Explode. I want to watch. Your pleasure is mine,” he whispered. He knew that she couldn’t understand him now, that she heard his voice, but not his words. But he also knew she needed that connection. He continued to say words of love and encouragement. He was rewarded by his Roxie exploding in a massive orgasm. Her face drew tight, her legs locked together and her probing fingers finally stilled. He listened to her cries as they lessened in volume and intensity. Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled at him. “I love you, John. I love you and need you and want you inside me now.”

She slid her wet fingers from her pussy and held them to John’s mouth. He slowly sucked them in, savoring the delicious taste that is Roxie. When her fingers were thoroughly cleansed, she removed them. Slowly she climbed up his body. He felt her flesh as she moved along his length, enjoying the various textures that were Roxie. Soft, firm, furry, silky, all moving along his excited body. She claimed his mouth again, making love to it, sucking and probing and washing. She was so excited now, the plan was nearly discarded. All she wanted was to feel his engorged cock deep inside her. She wanted to ride his dick until she screamed with fulfillment. Even now, she could feel him throbbing under her, against her, begging for entry.

Straddling his chest, she sat up. Slowly, she moved her hips down his body, leaving a trail of dampness. Her silky stockings against his skin inflamed him. Finally, she lifted herself over his cock, and reached down to clasp it in her hands. He sighed with relief, he had been desperate for her touch. She held him, using him to rub against her needy flesh. Her hands were hot, as they always were after orgasm. Her eyes closed as his velvety cockhead rubbed slowly up and down her dripping slit. Ah, it was so good. Her control was unbelievable. Where John would have slammed into her needy cunt, Roxie maintained the slow massage of her pink. Finally, she pulled his velvety against her tiny clit. She cried out in delight. He watched, mesmerized, as she began using him to pleasure herself. She circled her clit, over and over, then occasionally dragged his cock across the sensitive button. He watched her body stiffen, felt her thighs tighten around him, saw the glazed look in her eyes, and knew she was about to come again. Faster and faster, her hand used his cock, stroking herself to orgasm. Then, she exploded. The sounds came from deep in her throat, guttural cries of delight. Her eyes were closed, her body thrusting against his aroused dick. In the midst of her pleasure, Roxie directed his cock to her wet pussy. She slid over him, engulfing him, pulling him into the throbbing pink, sharing her excitement with him. Her hips bucked on him, sinking lower onto his cock, until their curlies meshed and he was totally hers.

John knew he wouldn’t last long. not after the performance she had given tonight, not with the incredible wet slickness of her pussy around him. He thrust into her, oblivious to everything but the raging need to come. When she reached behind, clasping his balls in her hot hand, he lost all control. Crying out her name, he came, pouring all the pent up cream into her. Roxie rode his cock, enjoying his throbbing, pulsing heat in her depths. She loved the feeling of being filled by him, being his woman and being one with him. As his thrusts lessened, she lowered her head to his chest, bringing her legs along his, lying on his exhausted body.

Reaching up, she untied his wrists, giving him the freedom he had wanted so badly. Now, drained and content, he just rested his hands on her bare back, running his fingertips up and down her spine as he smiled sleepily.

They slept like this, content and drained, nearly one body and one soul. Loving and loved.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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