Sister Sarah Ch. 05

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Sometime during our nap, my cock stiffened again, as it tends to do when I sleep. It never left my sister’s mouth. Together, we stirred and slowly woke after receiving a couple of hours of much needed rest. As Sarah woke, I could feel her mouth start to work my cock again, her tongue swirling around the head. She coaxed precum out of me, and used her tongue to lick it all off. As she worked her way back into reality, I rubbed her tits, and toyed with her nipples. Finally, she let me slip from her mouth, and rolled onto her back, meeting my gaze.

“Mmmm…good morning again!” Sarah said. I only smiled at her, and ran my hand down to her pussy. She raised her knees up, and spread her legs for me. I dipped two fingers into her steamy slit, and pulled them out to suck the juices off of them.

“So how about that hike?” I asked her. “Are you ready?”

“Sure, but what am I going to wear? I mean, I’m sure you’d love for me to go just like this, but let’s not get too crazy, right?”

“Yes, Sarah, I would love for you to go just as you are. I think we can find something for you to put on, but I don’t want it to be much.”

“Neither do I!” Sarah exclaimed, as she sat up to get ready. We stretched as we stood, shaking off the stiffness of sleep. As Sarah raised her arms to stretch, it lifted her tits and gave them perfect form. I reached out for one, and slid my hand from her chest to her nipple, only letting go after I had stretched her nipple out.

“Um…J? If we’re going to go, you need to stop.”

“I know, but your body drives me crazy,” I said as I stepped closer to her, and bent to take her right nipple into my mouth.

“Ohhhhh… That feels amazing, but I want to get outside.”

I let her tit drop from my mouth. We turned, and I put my arm around her naked waist, and together we made our way to my bedroom to find something for her to wear. I gave her a V-neck t-shirt and a pair of Lycra soccer shorts. If she bent over, I could clearly see her ample breasts all the way to her nipples. When she sat, I could see her bare pussy peeking out from the leg holes of the shorts. Perfect! She had a pair of flip-flops that she had left there from a previous visit, so all was good, and we were about ready to go. I dressed similarly, with another of those ripped up tanks, and a pair of soccer shorts, nothing beneath. The shorts did little to hide my boner that didn’t want to give up as I took in the sexiness of the way my little sister was dressed. Both of us had wet spots in the fronts. Her pussy got extremely wet when she was horny, which turns out to be always, so her shorts were already getting wet. When she was in the right position, I could see the outline of her pussy. Fortunately, her shorts were blue, so I couldn’t actually see her pussy through them. Mine were black, so the wetness wouldn’t be too obvious for either of us, in the event that we meet anyone else.

We headed out to my Ford Edge, and headed for the lake together. It was a few miles away, and Sarah took the opportunity to stretch out and take in some sun. I opened the panoramic sunroof all the way, and let her soak it in. As we made our way through town, I admired her body, and how relaxed she looked lying there with her seat back a bit. I reached over, and played with her pussy through her shorts. She purred as I stroked her, and just let me play. Eventually, I slipped my hand under the elastic waistband of her shorts, and put my hand directly on her pussy. I struggled to get my fingers inside of her with the confines of her shorts, but I didn’t give up. I played with her clit, scooping the wetness from her pussy to lubricate it, and stimulate her more. I could feel precum running down to my balls as my cock stood rigid, begging for attention.

Acknowledging my struggle, Sarah teased, “Do you want me to just take them off?”

“Ok,” was all I could mutter in response.

I think she thought I was joking at first, but after a brief moment, she tugged her shorts off, and kicked them up under the dashboard. She resumed her previous position, but scooted as close as she could to give me better access to her over the console. She spread her legs wide, and allowed me to lean over and dip my fingers into her honey hole. I spread her juices up her body, catching the bottom of her shirt, and pushing it up over her sweet tits. My little sister looked incredibly sexy, laying there in my car with no pants on, and her shirt pushed up over her naked titties. I smeared her juices all over her breasts. Back and forth, from her pussy to her boobs, I played with her while we drove. Her body glistened with her own juices. My hand was soaked, and she grabbed it and pulled it to her mouth. She lapped all of her slippery pussy juice from my hand. Her eyes closed as she licked her fluids from me, and I witnessed the most beautiful site therein. My mostly naked sister was licking her own juices off of my hands! I played with her all the way to the lake parking lot.

When we got there, I saw that there were a brazzers porno few cars in the lot. I was somewhat disappointed that we didn’t have the place to ourselves, but wasn’t really surprised. It was a gorgeous day, so it was expected that there would be some people out there. That, and it was a Saturday afternoon, so the chances of it being empty were slim anyway.

Being that no one was in the lot, Sarah opened her door and got out with no pants on. Her shirt dropped to cover her breasts, but it wasn’t long enough to cover her bottom at all. I got out, and walked around to meet her. She stood there bottomless, stretching again, and taking in the sun. Eventually, she leaned in to collect her shorts. When she bent over to get them, it was all I could do to not drop my pants and shove my cock up her cute little butthole. I refrained somehow, thinking that I’d take it when the opportunity was right. I did, however, place my hands on her ass, and grind against her for a moment.

“Stop it, J!”


“Later. Take me somewhere a little less open first, and then you can have it.”

“I’m going to hold you to it, you know.”

“I’m sure you will. But you know, you can have it just about any time you want it, so you only need to be a little patient.”

Frowning, I gave in. She put her pants on, took my hand, and we made our way down one of the trails around the lake. On our walk, we saw several people out fishing. We met another couple on the trail, who appeared to be in a similar situation as my sister and I. I don’t know that they were siblings, but they did appear to be in love and horny. Sarah and I gave them a knowing look as they passed. Sarah commented that they were probably looking for a place to fuck, just like us.

“Wait…we’re looking for a place to fuck?”

“Well, I am. What are you thinking about?”

“How much I love you…” I trailed off.

Sarah stopped me, and turned to me, her eyes full of love and adoration.

“I love you, J. And I love that you think about me that way.”

She kissed me. I took her in my arms, and kissed her back, with the hunger of a thousand lions. Our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths.

“I love you, Sarah,” I told her again as we started walking again.

“I love you, too, big brother,” came her reply. She squeezed my hand through our intertwined fingers. We turned and headed down another trail that went through the woods and away from the immediate lake area. We had walked a hundred yards or so, and I let her hand go to put my arm around her waist as we strolled. I slid my hand inside her waistband, and let it slide down her tight little ass, pushing her shorts down slightly. I pushed my way in between her cheeks, and slid my fingers across her puckered hole.

“Put it in me,” Sarah told me.

She took my hand, and sucked on my finger, coating it in saliva. I resumed the position in her shorts, and gently pushed my finger into her ass. Needing to press lower, I accidentally pushed her shorts even lower, completely exposing her ass and pussy to the daylight. We continued to walk as I finger-fucked her little asshole, eliciting moans from her. As we walked, her shorts continued to slip lower and lower. Feeling daring, she stopped and pushed them to the ground. When she bent to pick them up, I took the opportunity to push my finger even deeper into her bottom. I spent a few moments fucking her ass with my finger, then got bolder and added a digit. I had my index and middle fingers jammed up my sister’s ass, wishing it was my dick that was inside of her.

I knelt behind her, and noted that I could see her breasts hanging down. I reached for them, and licked her pussy from behind, while still fingering her ass and playing with her exposed tits. All the while, I feared being caught, but not enough to stop. As Sarah bent over, letting me violate her, she became flushed. The action was short-lived in reality, but was enough to make her cum. When she did, she flooded my mouth, and gushed her sweet nectar down her legs.

When she came down from her high, she picked up her shorts, and we continued down the trail, me placing my hand back on her bare ass.

“Oh my God, J. That was amazing!” Sarah said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it!” I replied. “I wish it was my dick in your ass instead of my fingers, though.”

“My big brother wants to put his dick in my ass out here?”

“I do, baby. So bad.”

“Then do it. Do me!”

With that, she tossed her shorts off to the side of the trail. She followed that up by peeling her t-shirt off, and tossing it there with her shorts, discarded by the trail. She made her way off the trail, beckoning me to follow. We couldn’t have gone a hundred feet when she stopped, satisfied with the location. She stood there behind a big tree. One hand went to her pussy, and the other played with her naked tits. She fingered herself, and flicked her hard nipples. I stood and watched as an evil grin took her face.

“So, castingcouch-x porno and you going to fuck your sister’s ass, or what?”

“I’m gonna fuck your ass so good,” came my reply as I shed my clothes. Sarah bent slightly at the waist, and placed her hands on the tree she stood next to. I stepped in behind her, and put my cock between her cheeks, and teased her with it. I pushed her cheeks tight, and used them to give myself an assjob. I fucked her cheeks for short time, making sure I had constant contact with her puckered hole. When I felt that I had driven her crazy enough, I ducked down and jammed my cock into her pussy with one solid thrust. Sarah’s knees went weak, and I had to put my arms around her to keep her from falling. I reached around and diddled her clit, and continued to ravish her soaking pussy with my cock. I fucked her hard and fast, her tits jiggling with my pounding. And then she came, and she came hard. I tightened my grip around her waist as she rode wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. Her pussy flowed with juices from the heavens, thoroughly soaking both of us. It was a bonus for me, because I was now plenty lubricated, and intended to fuck my sister’s ass as promised.

Sarah finally came out of her massive cum, and regained her composure. I hadn’t realized until that moment how much support I was giving her with my penis still buried inside her pussy.

“You ok?” I inquired of her.

Breathlessly she replied, “yes, but I thought you were going to take my ass.”

“I am, love. I just wanted to make sure you were…wait…did you hear that?”

Sarah stopped her ragged breathing and listened.

“Isn’t this what that girl was wearing that we met earlier?” we heard from nearby on the trail. It was the couple we had met earlier. The woman had seen Sarah’s discarded clothing. Still coupled to my raging boner, Sarah baby stepped around the tree to hear better, or even see what the couple was doing. I followed, never letting myself slip from her moist folds. We were still somewhat hidden. They would have to really try to see us, but if they did, they would see naked siblings fucking in the forest.

“I think you’re right,” the man replied. “You don’t think… no way. Do you think she’s naked out here?”

“I have no idea,” replied the woman, “but can you imagine how exciting that would be?”

“You’re serious about that, aren’t you?” we heard the man ask.

“Yes! I want to try fucking where it’s risky!”

Listening to them made it feel like my dick got even harder inside Sarah’s pussy. As we listened, I pulled out and aligned myself to her asshole. Sarah was trying to focus on the conversation nearby, but was distracted as she relaxed a bit to allow me to start penetrating her hole. I almost forgot about the couple as I looked down to watch my cock disappear into Sarah’s ass. Slowly, I eased my way deep into her bowels. She remained bent over, supporting herself with the tree, while she listened and allowed me to violate her. She started breathing again after I had bottomed out inside her. She spread her legs a little more, getting more comfortable for the ass fucking she was about to receive, and also allowing me just a bit more depth inside of her. The conversation nearby played in the background as I started to slowly butt fuck my sister. I reached around and lovingly caressed her tits, pulling her to me while I fucked her. Now standing upright, Sarah turned her head to kiss me. My cock jammed tightly up her butt, and my hands stimulating her tits, my sister and I made love while a couple talked just a few feet away.

“But what if someone took our clothes?” I heard the guy ask.

The woman replied, “what if we took hers?”

“No way. You wouldn’t!”

“I would,” I heard the woman respond.

A few more words were exchanged between them, and they disappeared. Sarah was facing the treetops with her head resting on my shoulder, enjoy the sensation of my throbbing penis filling her ass repeatedly. She didn’t see the couple leave, but I did. I did not, however, see if the woman had taken Sarah’s clothes or not. There wasn’t much that could have been done anyway without exposing us, so I just kept fucking Sarah’s beautiful bottom.

“Will you lay down for me?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, baby.”

Reluctantly, I withdrew myself from her ass, and lay down in the leaves. I bunched up my shorts and shirt to use as a makeshift pillow. Sarah rubbed her pussy as she straddled me, and lowered herself to me. She rubbed her wet hand over my cock, aligned me with her ass again, and took me back inside. Up and down she bounced on my pole. I stuck my fingers in her pussy, and fingered it while I fucked her ass. With my free hand, I pulled on Sarah’s nipples, which once again drove her over the edge. As she came again, her ass tightened down on me, creating immense pressure. I couldn’t hold out any longer. With my sister straddling me, I basted her insides with copious amounts of cum. clips4sale porno She kept riding me, her ass milking every drop of semen it could get from me. She collapsed on top of me, keeping my cock inside her ass. I softened quite a bit, but she kept her ass relaxed so she wouldn’t push me out. She loves the feeling and the thought of me inside her ass.

We made out for a bit, kissing like teenagers. Every little bit, Sarah would lift up and look adoringly into my eyes. Seeing her firm breasts capped with those pretty pink nipples soon had me hardening again inside her ass. We had fucked so much lately that it was almost uncomfortable. My dick was sore, but it still felt amazing as it grew rigid already inside the most fuckable ass there is. She didn’t really ride me, and that was kind of a relief. Instead, she just kissed me, and sat up with me buried inside of her bum.

As she sat impaled on my dick, she took in her surroundings, letting the fact sink in that she had just been soundly and heartily fucked by her brother.

“I guess our friends left,” she said.

“Yes, they did. It was right after I stuck my cock in your cute little tush.”

“You’re sweet, J. I love you.”

“I love you, too, baby girl. Are you ready to go?”

“Yes,” she replied, seemingly reluctant to decouple from me. “I’m getting hungry! All this sex is burning a lot of calories.”

“I wouldn’t change anything, though. I’m glad we were finally able to spend some time together. It’s been way too long.”

“Indeed it has, J. We need to try to keep that from happening again,” Sarah said, as she slowly lifted up, and let my cock flop loose from the grips of her hot asshole. She stood, and brushed the leaves from her knees, and I did the same. She brushed them off my back for me, and I got dressed while she watched. Finally, we headed back to the trails assuming she would get dressed as well. On our arrival, we looked left and right, but her clothes were nowhere to be seen.

“What the actual…where are my clothes?” Sarah asked.

“That couple was taking about taking them…I guess they actually did,” I told her.

Sarah didn’t really act mad at all, but probably should have been. After all, she was naked…in public…with no clothes to be seen. I offered her my shirt, which she accepted, though she may as well have remained naked. The shirt was ripped up, with the sleeves torn off and open almost all the way to the bottom hem. If my dick hadn’t been so sore, I’d have fucked her again, because even though she wore the shirt, she was mostly exposed. The breeze easily lifted it away from her tits, and at the same time, lifted it to expose her ass and pussy. But it was what we had, so it had to do. It was actually great walking back towards my car with her. I held her hand, and pulled her close to me. We saw those same people out there fishing around the lake, and there were more now, as evening was settling in. Some looked our way, and were treated to glimpses of my sister’s amazing body. She struggled a bit in trying to keep the loose shirt in place, but eventually gave up, and just let the wind do what it was going to do. She has a glorious and perfect body anyway, so why not let it show.

As we casually strolled back to my car, the shirt slipped from her left shoulder. Her tits bouncing free underneath caused it to drop lower with each step, eventually completely exposing her left breast. I watched in awe as it caught briefly on her erect nipple, then dropped to her elbow, letting her boob become totally out in the open air. Sarah made no effort to cover herself now, leaving that pretty tit out for anyone to see who happened to look our way. Finally back to my car, I opened Sarah’s door, and helped her inside. She settled into her seat, seemingly satisfied, and still not bothering to cover herself. I leaned in and kissed her lips, and stuck two fingers inside her exposed pussy. She inhaled deeply as my fingers penetrated her sex, and sucked my tongue into her mouth. I pulled my fingers out, and coated her bare breast with her pussy juices, then bent to lick it clean. It’s a wonderful feeling, licking my sister’s cooze from her tits. I love it, and I know she does, too.

I released her, and stepped back and admired her in her glory. She sat there smiling at me, her shirt in complete disarray, exposed tit, and pussy peeking out from under the loose shirt that had bunched up a bit as she entered the car. So sexy and adorable, I wanted to fuck her again, but knew it was way too risky. I closed her door, and joined her in my car.

“Where to now, my princess?” I inquired.

“To thine castle, my handsome prince,” Sarah joked in response.

“As the lady desires,” I said as I started the car, and headed towards home. The gentle bouncing eventually caused the other strap to slip from Sarah’s other tit, and she sat topless, with the shirt hanging from her elbows.

“Baby, why don’t you just take that off,” I suggested.

She looked at me with love and lust filled eyes, and slowly pulled her arms from the oversized holes. She lifted herself up, and slid the shirt to the floor, leaving it pooled at her feet. Once more, completely naked in my car as we drove the last little bit to my house. We arrived, and I shut the car off.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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