Sister’s Best Friend

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Lick Pussy

==Hey pervert, got you’re number from Emily, hope you don’t mind==

Joey looked at the message rubbing his neck before tossing his phone back on the desk and returning his attention to the game. For the first time in a while, he had the house to himself, Emily had gone to some event out of town, and his parents were off on another retreat somewhere. At least they were enjoying their life after raising two children and working more hours than was required of them.

Which left Joey free to do as he wanted for the weekend. Again his phone buzzed and he looked, again the number wasn’t one he recognised though, the language at least suggested it was Emily’s best friend Lizzie.

==Come on don’t be a dick, I’m just being nice, and Emily wanted me to check in on you, make sure you weren’t left alone all weekend==

==I’m fine, so no need to worry== He text back quickly tossing his phone back above his keyboard and returning his attention to his game.

==Your brother is been a real dick Emily, he won’t even talk me, I thought you said he likes me? How’s the beach, and James?==

Joey felt his stomach knot as he read the text, despite the words he knew it was a misfire on whoever the text was sent by, he slammed his phone down and headed down to grab a beer, deciding on dealing with things tomorrow. As he headed back upstairs he could hear his phone ring, another minute and it stopped as he made it back into his room.

Again his phone rang a look at the screen told him it was his sister. He picked the phone up and answered.

“Hey Em, how are ya?” He forced a happiness into his voice now.

“I’m good, just enjoying the down time, relaxing, you should too, I gave Lizzie your number so she can text you. Kinda been bugging me for weeks now, but you know, hard to decide if it was a good idea,” She replied, Joey knew by the tone she was hiding something.

“Um, Em is everything OK between us? I mean, you know it’s been a weird and amazing ride but well are we OK?” Joey replied softly as he sank onto the edge of his bed now.

“Yea, we’re OK, but I kinda met a guy I like, he’s not you but he is nice, so I want to see where it goes if that’s OK?” Emily replied the moment he heard the words he felt like he’d been kicked in the stomach, as his mind struggled to process things he breathed before he answered.

“Hey it was a weird thing between us, not like we could actually date, normally, I guess, sure have fun OK,” He replied softly.

“You’re amazing Joey, thank you, but listen, Lizzie she really likes you, so try not to be such a pain to her OK, maybe you’ll have fun too, and remember I love you,” Emily hung up the call leaving Joey to his own mind now. His thoughts quickly distracted by his message tone.

==OK I get it, you’re a big boy and you don’t need watching over, but I’m home and I’m bored, so maybe I can just come hang? I’ll even bring beer?==

Joey was in no mood for the company but no mood to be on his own either so he did the only thing he could to solve both problems.

==Sure, doors open just come up,==

It wasn’t long before Joey heard the door and so hit save and exited his game, turning off the monitor as he heard footsteps on the stairs, and then a knock on his door.

“Come in Lizzie” He called.

“Hey you,” She grinned a box of beer in hand “I know this isn’t ideal, but come on just try OK, I promise I won’t be such a bitch to you,”

“Just don’t expect a miracle,” Joey replied with a soft sigh.

“Stings doesn’t it?” Joey looked up at her words as he waited for her to elaborate, the look on his face must have conveyed the confusion “Emily, oh wait you don’t know I know, Oh shit, yea um she told me, I kinda stumbled across texts between you two and well she filled in the blanks, but she came to me yesterday because she’d met a guy and I told her you were a big boy and you’d be able to handle it for her sake?”

Joey opened the beer he’d brought up with him earlier and took a drink, it only now did his eyes finally take a long look over, Lizzie, she was slightly shorter than Emily, her hair was black but dyed, he could vaguely recall her normal colour being a dark blonde, she wore shorts and tight fitting t-shirt that was obviously struggling to contain the breasts beneath it.

“Stop leering at me Joey, I may like you but I won’t be playing the rebound girl, not tonight,” She teased with her words as opened her own beer.

“You’re not my type, too stuck up and self-aware,” Joey snapped back with more force than he’d meant to.

“Huh was self-assured, arrogant and would ride anyone that would drop their pants before wasn’t it?” Lizzie replied with a grin, they toasted their cans and drank.

“So why are you here? Aside from because my sister asked you to check up on me,” Joey finally found a level tone, shifting his attention from Emily now to just sharing a drink and trying to enjoy the evening.

“Honestly?” She asked, Joey smiled and then nodded “Well, I kinda honestly wanted to spend time with pendik escort you on your own, I know I have with Emily around and you guys had that whole weird thing, but you are a nice guy, I really wanted to just hang, when Emily said she’d met … well, I figured you might be open to just spending time with a girl who wasn’t your sister, optimistic right?”

“And there’s me thinking you were going to ask me to finish your English assignment a little quicker,” Joey grinned as he replied.

“Humour to deflect awkward, careful Joey might think you like me,”

“Never denied you’re hot, even if you are a complete bitch to me half the time, your still hot, out of my league, but hot, and smart, and occasionally funny, and my sisters best friend” He replied.

“Wow, don’t hold back will you?” Lizzie looked surprised by his admission “I am mean because I honestly don’t know how to be anything else, Emily was always telling me off for being so mean to you, even before, but before you and Emily I was hoping that maybe one day you’d see I liked you, I’ve told Emily so many times,”

“Could have just asked me out,” Joey looked to her before taking his beer and standing “Come on it’s a nice day, we can go sit in the yard, instead of my room, and I could use the scenery change quite honestly. She nodded and they made their way downstairs, through the front room and out into the sun baked back yard. They stepped onto the patio and sat around the table they had out there.

“You’re right you know, I could have just asked, and I would have a couple of months ago, Emily kept making excuses, course I didn’t know then what I know now so, is this weird? Me, you, I don’t even know what I thought about this,” Lizzie drained the last of her beer and tossed the empty can into the trash can beside them, quickly opening another.

“It is weird, you, of all Emily’s friends, you’re the one with the crush on the nerdy brother?” He laughed softly he was taking his time with the beer, knowing if he didn’t he’d be on the ground long before Lizzie.

“Yea, you’re nerdy but it’s kinda cute, the way you just don’t care, you’re just you and that’s the coolest thing in the world to me,” Lizzie replied now biting her lip, he had never seen her look so nervous, she was always so confident and sure of herself until today, he barely knew where to put himself in that moment.

He felt a blush creep up his neck as he looked away from and smiled, taking a drink he finally looked back to her.

“Thanks, I think,”

Lizzie moved closer to him as she watched her for a moment, before she placed her hand on his shoulder and smiled softly, her touch caused him to shudder just slightly.

“It’ll be OK you know, you may never find love like you and Emily, but if you’re willing to try and find something just as good it might surprise you,” She smiled softly and removed her hand now.

“Might be a while before I’m ready to try to date, honestly wouldn’t know how to anyway, just not sure I’m ready for it,” He replied

“You and me both,” Lizzie replied softly, her words barely above a whisper but enough for him to hear them, as he looked to her.

“I thought you said you weren’t here to play rebound girl?” Joey replied as he finished his first beer and much as Lizzie had proceeded to open a second.

“I’m not, but doesn’t mean we can’t be friends right?” Lizzie replied.

“Friends with benefits” Joeys chuckled in replied, a half joke in his mind as he shook his head.

“Maybe,” Lizzies replied caught him out as he took a drink before choking on the moment and spraying her with beer, he knew the look on his face in that moment would be a deer in the headlights type look having just sprayed all over his sisters best friend and possible new friend.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry, I just…” He stammered now for an excuse, Lizzie simply laughed and flicked beer from her hand at him.

“Shut up Joey, its fine, you’re so cute when you get all stuck like that, fucking hell not quite how I’d imagined you making me wet tonight, but hey at least it’s something,” There was a tease in her tone that made Joey pay attention to her words, he could feel a stir in his pants as he shifted awkwardly.

“Knock it off Lizzie, my brain can’t handle it,” Joey sighed softly now immediately retreating to his default panicked state.

“Oh Joey don’t be like that, god I like this side of you, I’m wet, I’m drinking, I’m going to get horny and believe me when I say I want you to fuck the hell out of me, I was so happy when I found out you’d be on your own because I knew this was my chance. I know you’re hurting and I promise there are no conditions, no expectation beyond just two people, alone, and in need of something,” She was quickly realising he was retreating into himself as she made the move taking his hand and leading him back into the house, and back to his bedroom.

She stood looking up at him for a moment before she took a step back “OK tell me you don’t like me,”

“I can’t because I do maltepe escort like you, at least …” He stammered once more and she shook her head.

“No just follow me along OK, answer and don’t try to make an excuse, tell me you don’t like me,” She replied firmly now.

“I can’t,” joey replied

“OK, tell me you wouldn’t like to get laid tonight,” She stated now

“It’s not a bad prospect,”

“Ok step too far, let’s step back and tell me you’d like to see me take off my top,” She shifted herself as she saw him look down at her still soaked shirt.

“Have always wondered what your tits look like, I have seen you naked from the back though, you have a great arse,” He replied

She smiled and then proceeded to peel off her shirt, the black bra beneath was further struggling to contain the flesh of her breasts as she smiled, his eyes followed every motion before she continued.

“OK, so how about I get my shorts off, so I’m stood in your room in my under wear, and you get to decide what’s next?” He swallowed hard but she didn’t wait for his answer as she now pushed down her shorts, revealing her panties beneath. She dropped her shorts in front of him and stood.

Joey could hardly believe what was going on, though his body was more than aware and willing to go further his mind was a million other places. A moment later and Lizzie suddenly felt very aware of herself her arms instinctively wrapping around herself as she stepped back.

“Oh, Lizzie I’m sorry, just, this is weird, but my god you look amazing, like Ok I’m gonna go down to my under wear too, that’s fair right?” Joey stated as he quickly snapped from his confusion, peeling off his shirt then his jeans and standing before her.

“This is kinda awkward isn’t it, oh god what was I thinking? I should probably go right?” She sighed softly as she reached for her clothes his hand caught her arm, she stopped and looked to him.

“Can we really do this without expectation? I’m not good at this, actually technically never done it, not sex, that, well the rest, relationship and boyfriend and,” Lizzie cut him off as she stood and then pressed her lips to his, his arms slid around her waist as in that moment the world melted away, Lizzie whimpered against kiss as he drew her tight into him, as the kiss broke she felt her heart hammer at her chest.

“How about we don’t think about it Joey, just we do what feel, if anything comes of it cool, if it’s a onetime deal then that’s fine too, but I don’t want to go home tonight,” She spoke softly as he led her to bed.

“I don’t want you to go either,” Joey replied as he sat on the edge of the bed, Lizzie climbed into his lap straddling his hips, her hands on his shoulders as she stared deep into his eyes.

“The how we about we just go wherever tonight leads? Whatever happens after is for another day?” Lizzie smiled softly, Joey could feel his body respond as he agreed, before kissing her once more, then kissing down her jaw and along her shoulder, his hands slipping to behind unhooking her bra, it took him a couple of attempts but finally it gave way and Lizzie pulled it off, the flesh of her breasts now pressed tight into his chest.

His hands now moved to her hips and then around her lower back causing her to whimper at his touch, his hands roamed up her back then down, Lizzie leant back looking at him in that moment before she stood and pushed her underwear down and threw it aside, she now stood before him completely exposed. She swallowed as she watched him mentally devour her for a moment. Joey could hardly believe the moment he’d found himself in as he stared at Lizzie completely naked before him.

He stood now slowly as he helped to guide her to the edge of the bed, slowly he swallowed leaning to kiss her once more before making his way to his knees, he kissed all over her thighs and her stomach as she moaned and would occasionally giggle when he hit a more sensitive spot, he took his time in ensuring he covered every inch of flesh between her navel and her knees, before he motioned for her to lay back, she drew her feet to the edge of the bed parting them to allow him to kiss against her inner thigh and then further toward her waiting slit.

He paused as he looked up, and along her body, she raised her head looking back at him a look of worry in her eye “Oh don’t fucking bottle it now, please, please don’t” He smiled and without a further warning pressed his tongue against her warm wetness, his tongue flicked against the tender lips before slipping within to find the hidden clit. She pushed down into him with a long groan, his hands now shifted to her hips as he held her letting his tongue work against her clit in short flicks and a gentle suckle, before sliding to dip deep into her wriggling within her heated core for a moment then return to her clit.

Lizzie moaned and squirmed against the assault by Joey’s tongue, he was very controlled in the way he touched and teased against her most sensitive area. Taking his time, while kartal escort urging her to enjoy her pleasure, it wasn’t long before she felt her hips shudder, she twisted against him as she felt her whole body tense and tremble, her body shuddered as she let her legs fall, her chest rising and falling rapidly from the force of her release. Joey eased back and then moved to sit beside her, she rolled her head to look at him with a smile, her hand reached for him to pull him to her and kiss him deeply.

It took her a few minutes before she could finally make sense of her body, “I don’t think I was expecting that, holy, you should just do that, and charge you’d make a killing” she smiled.

“Shut up,” he replied with a shake of his head.

“Guess I’m going to have to thank you now?” She smirked with a wicked look in her eye as she rolled onto her side then patted the bed above her, Joey moved to lay where she had indicated before she sat on his hips, he felt the heat of her as she did, ensuring she had sat with her warm wetness pressed against his manhood though direct contact was still blocked by his under wear, as she would gently rock her hips.

“You’re being mean,” He breathed softly.

“No that would you be you, hiding a fucking tongue like that,” She smiled and again ground her hips this time harder against him causing him groan in reply.

“No, so not fair!!” He moaned.

“But if I keep doing this you’ll cum and we’re even right?” She replied with the same tease in her voice now.

“Seems a waste,” He managed to reply before again she ground into him, her wetness had now soaked the fabric between them, as she watched his every reaction.

“Mmm that’s true, I would like to feel this big cock inside me, I just wonder if you want to be inside me,” She leant down licking the flesh of his neck and then kissing his chest.

“Stop teasing and fuck me,” He growled now, the way he said those words made her tremble, she didn’t waste any further time as she moved up a little to allow him to work himself free of his under wear, before reaching between them and positing him against herself. Slowly she lowered herself, she was tight from a combination of her previous orgasm and him being bigger than she was used to.

As her hips met him she ground against him, feeling his length stretch against her, slowly she leant forward kissing him before sitting and raising her hips a little, before lowering back onto him. It took a few but as she felt herself adjust to him her hips began to rise higher before she began to drive down onto him, her body beginning to feel the effects as she placed her hands on his chest to adjust her position now taking him deep into herself.

Suddenly Joey shifted position pulling her to the bed as he moaned her name, she whimpered with the surprise before finally shifting onto her back as he crawled between her legs his lips finding hers as his hand repositioned his manhood at her now soaked wetness, one thrust had him buried inside her, her back arched against as she groaned “Oh god fuck me,” she whimpered.

Joey didn’t need any further encouragement as he thrust into her in rapid strokes, each thrust felt as if it would tear her open only driving her higher, Joey was now lost within the moment as he continued to bury himself inside her. She felt her body tremble as her muscle began to clamp down on him, he tensed as he felt his own release strike sending floods of his juice deep into her, with a growl against her ear.

Her nails clawed at his back now as the wave of orgasm ripped through her, the growl of his release only pushed her further into bliss as she shuddered. As he withdrew she felt a twinge of regret that crept through her, he lay beside her now kissing her shoulder as she went quiet. They lay together silent for a little while.

“You OK?” He asked finally, as she swallowed and nodded he wondered what was going on in her head “Then why do I feel like it just got weird,”

“Because it did,” She replied softly “I came here, to try and I dunno, but we just had sex and now I feel guilty for Emily, and I feel bad because I said all that stuff about not getting attached and even worse this was a onetime thing, I’m just, I dunno,” She sighed darkly now as he turned over to prop himself on his elbow looking at her, his hand moved a stray hair from her face and smiled softly.

“You’re telling me the hardnosed Lizzie is all twisted out of shape over the dork of a brother of her best friend?” He teased softly

“There’s that deflective humour again,” She managed to smile in reply.

“You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, it wasn’t that bad was it?” He teased in reply with a smile.

“Oh that part was fine, makes me kinda pissed Emily kept you all to herself, but in a good way, but is it just a onetime thing? Can you even see past what you had with Emily? Do you want to?” She replied now another flood of questions falling from her brain to her mouth.

“You think too much, you know that right?”

“So I’ve been told, but I have to know before I waste any more time, I’m sorry Joey but I don’t do well with guys and you’re an amazing one and I just want to know that if I’m patient and willing to put out now and again I might get something out of it,”

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