Sleeping Over

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Shelley was a friend of my sister, Katy. They were both the same age, twenty, and had known each other for years. Actually, I’d known Shelley for years as well, but just as an adjunct to my annoying little sister. I’d never really paid her any attention and I’m quite sure she’d never really noticed me other than as an unwanted extra at Katy’s place.

This mutual ignorance could have gone on for years if it hadn’t been for the storm. We had a beauty go through, and amongst the damage that had been done was a fallen tree that had very neatly squished Shelley’s place. No real damage, as no-one was hurt and insurance covered the property damage, but Shelley was suddenly out of a home while repairs were being done.

Katy to the rescue. Not a problem, she tells Shelley. We’ve got a spare room. You can have that. The parents won’t mind. If I minded (which I didn’t) was, of course, totally irrelevant to Katy’s way of thinking.

The long and the short of it was that we had a houseguest who would probably be with us for a couple of weeks. And I had to get up even earlier than normal to ensure I got a chance at the bathroom. Katy was bad enough. Two girls tended to tie the bathroom up for ages.

Things went smoothly enough. The only gripe I had was that Shelley automatically took Katy’s part whenever I had a difference of opinion with her, but I’m a big boy. I can out-argue a couple of girls. Not out-talk them, maybe, but enough to hold my own.

An interesting situation arose late on the first Friday night. We were all in bed and I was thirsty. Thirsty enough to actually get up get a drink. While I was having my drink, Shelley drifted into the kitchen. And I do mean drifted. She just seemed to float in and wander around, doing nothing.

I stood back and watched her, enjoying the view and wondering what the hell? The view I was enjoying was of a twenty year old blonde, nicely stacked and wandering around vacantly in a pair of baby doll pyjamas that barely contained her figure.

It took me a few moments to catch on to what was going on. Shelley was sleepwalking. That’s when my propensity for practical jokes reared its head and bit me on the bum.

Now, you have to understand, I had no evil intent towards Shelley. I was just playing a harmless prank on her that might prove a little embarrassing – to her.

I took her arm and gently guided her towards my bedroom, and she came along like a lamb. Once in the bedroom I tugged lightly at her pyjamas, saying “off” in a quiet voice. Shelley must have heard, as she took her pyjamas off and was standing there naked. Very naked. I got a boner just looking.

I directed her to the bed and she climbed in and snuggled down. I dropped my own pyjamas and climbed in the other side, and Shelley nestled up against me.

I would like to repeat that I had no evil intensions towards her. I wasn’t going to molest her or make her have sex with me. I was just letting her have a place to sleep. Mind you, with Shelley snuggled up against me the way she was, it was rather hard for me to go to sleep.

I woke up in the morning with a problem. Two problems, to be more precise. Problem 1 was that my arm was around Shelley and my hand was cupping one very nice breast. Problem 2 was that I had a morning wood. This wouldn’t have been a problem if Shelley didn’t happen to have a hand wrapped around it.

I lay there, sweating quietly, not daring to move. Longest fifteen minutes of my life, even if very enjoyable. Finally I felt Shelley stir.

I could tell the precise second she knew something was wrong. She snatched her hand away from my erection, rolled out from under my arm and huddled on the far side of the bed, looking at me with these big accusing eyes.

“How dare you?” she said. I’d have said shrieked, but she managed to say it in a very soft voice. If you can shriek quietly, she did.

“You’re a rotten pig. Get out of my room immediately. You wait until I tell Katy what you tried to do.”

It took me a couple of moments but eventually I managed to break in.

“Um, excuse me, Shelley, but this is my room. I woke up this morning and you were in my bed.”

Shelley promptly sat up and looked around. Shelley equally promptly realised that she was naked and that I now had Ataşehir Escort a view of a very nice chest and hastily lay down again.

“What am I doing here?” she demanded. “Where are my clothes?”

I sat up and looked around the room.

“I suspect that those are probably your things over by the door,” I told her. “They don’t look like the sort of things I would wear. As to what you’re doing here, I was sort of hoping that you’d been overcome by my masculine attractions and had come to visit me. Not so?”

Shelley lasered me to death with her eyes.

“I must have sleepwalked,” she said in a small voice. “I’m sorry. I’ll get out of your way.”

Then she remembered that she was naked.

“Um, could you leave the room while I get my things on,” she asked.

“I could,” I said, “but I’m naked as well. I thought you’d noticed.”

I could see her remembering the death grip she had had on my erection when she woke, and she turned an interesting shade of red.

“Assuming you don’t want to stay here with me for a while and see what happens, maybe you should just nip over, grab your things and get dressed. I promise not to look.”

Shelley gave me a suspicious look but she didn’t really have much choice. She slid out of the bed and darted over to her pyjamas. Looking back she saw me watching and glared at me.

“You said you weren’t going to look,” she pointed out.

“And I’m not really,” I explained. “You’re facing the wrong way. I don’t suppose you’d care to turn around so that I can see what I’m missing?”

Shelley told me to do a rude thing to myself, slipped on her pyjamas and got the hell out of my room. I hope she didn’t hear my laughter. An unusual little incident and I don’t think she’d dare mention it to anyone. Too, too embarrassing.

I thought that would be the end of the matter. Shelley might sleepwalk again but my catching her was not what I would call a high probability. Maybe the unlikelihood of catching her a second time was what made me a trifle suspicious the next evening.

I’d been out and got home quite late. It was a hot night and I was just having a cold drink before going to bed and Shelley came into the kitchen. Same outfit as the previous night, but a subtle difference in the way she walked around. I was prepared to swear she wasn’t really asleep this time.

“My, my, Shelley,” I said quietly. “It seems you do sleepwalk. I suspect that you probably know it and you know that’s why you ended in my bed. Come on, girl. Bed time.”

I gently steered Shelley back to her bedroom and ushered her over to the bed and in. As she settled down I gave her breast a gentle stroke knowing that she didn’t dare say anything. I then retired.

Next morning I had a word with Katy, asking if she knew that Shelley was subject to sleepwalking. She said that she did know. How did I know?

“I found her wandering around last night. I just pointed her back to her bed.”

I think the whole deal of the previous night was caused by Shelley being suspicious that I might have tricked her into my bed and she was testing me. Either that or she was hoping that I’d drag her off to my bed again, and I wasn’t staking any money on that proposition. All in all, I thought I’d carried off everything splendidly.

Now I know what you’re going to ask. Did Shelley sleepwalk again and did I catch her at it? Well, I’m pretty sure that she had a nice little night time hike the next night but I didn’t catch her at it. But the reason I’m sure she was wandering in her sleep was because I woke up the morning to find her snuggled up against me. In her pyjamas, damn it.

Not that the pyjamas slowed me down much. My hand was very quickly up under her top and getting reacquainted with her breasts. I was idly rubbing a nipple with my thumb when Shelley stiffened and I knew she had finally woken.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” I murmured. “Do you think I should put a lock on the door?”

Shelley was furious. I could practically feel the fire bubbling within her. She just didn’t know what to say. She did manage to think of one thing.

“Will you please shift you hand?” she asked me. Ever heard an ice-cold voice, burning with heat? That was Shelley. She couldn’t be Anadolu Yakası Escort mad at herself, so she was mad at me. Even angrier because she knew she was being unfair.

I just did as I was told, not wanting to upset her more than she already was. Actually, I’m lying. She hopped in my bed, after all. I shifted my hand, but it was just to lower it to cup her mound and start gently kneading it.

“Shelley,” I said softly. “If you keep coming to my bed I’m just going to have to make love to you. You have a lovely body, just right for a man to take advantage of.”

I massaged a little harder.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like to?” I murmured in her ear.

Shelley gave a gasp and pushed herself out of the bed, landing on her rump she moved out so fast. She was highly relieved to look down and see she had her pyjamas on.

She stammered an apology and bolted out the door. She spent the rest of the day well away from me. It appeared that my little joke had had more consequences than I’d expected.

The next two nights I stayed up late, wondering if I was going to get a visitor, not sure if I was relieved or otherwise when I didn’t. By the time Friday rolled around I was satisfied that Shelley had taken whatever steps were required to stop her sleepwalking.

I was assuming that if Shelley had bouts of sleepwalking she probably had means to resolve the issue. I was guessing it was the damage to her house that had preyed on her mind and started this bout, but with repairs going well perhaps she was now more at ease.

Friday night proved me wrong. Something woke me and I could sense someone in the room. I turned on a light and there was Shelley, just standing there, sound asleep. What do you do in a case like this? A beautiful young woman had sleepwalked into your bedroom in the middle of the night.

The first thing I did was strip of my pyjamas. My erection needed room to stand. Then, speaking quietly, I said, “Pyjamas off, Shelley,” and off they came. God that girl was lovely naked.

I was back in bed and I flipped the cover to one side and said “come” and Shelley just came over and climbed into the bed. Then she just snuggled down, facing away from me, but still pressed against me. My erection was rigid, pressing along the cleft of her buttocks.

Now it would have been easy to just take her while she lay there asleep. She wouldn’t have been able to protest. She came to my bed and climbed in, after all, but I wasn’t going to do that to her. I reached around her and stroked her breast, then reached down and started kneading her mons, knowing that the massaging movement would carry deep, slowly exciting her.

After a few minutes of this Shelley started stirring. Time, I thought, to wake her.

I switched my hand to her breast and started teasing it, squeezing her breast and rolling her nipple under my thumb.

“Wakey, wakey, sweetheart,” I coaxed her, hand moving from one breast to the other, flicking her nipples. “Time to wake up a little.”

Shelley mumbled something and finally started moving. She caught on to what was going on pretty quickly. I heard her groan. She went to push herself away from me but I held her firmly.

“Not this time, sweetheart,” I told her. “I think we need to talk a little first.”

“You don’t want to talk,” she said. “You just want to fuck me. It’s not going to happen.”

“Why not?” I asked politely.

“Because I don’t want to,” she snapped. “It’s not my fault I’m sleepwalking.”

“Not mine, either,” I pointed out, “but as you keep coming here you must want something. I think you’ve decided you want this but don’t fully realise it yet.”

I indicated the ‘this’ I was referring to by switching my hand back down and cupping her mound, giving it a gentle squeeze. Shelley gave a small squeal and tried to push away from my hand, only to find she was wedging herself harder against my cock. Recoiling from that, she pressed her pussy into my hand.

She cursed and I laughed.

“I’ll tell you what, Shelley. I’ll make you a little deal.”

My hand was now behind her, fingers gently probing the soft flesh between her thighs.

“I’m going to slide my erection into you until it’s fully in, and hold it there for a moment. Kadıköy Escort If you then tell me to take it out, I will.”

“That is so unfair,” she muttered. “It means you get to take me no matter what I want.”

“No, it doesn’t,” I explained. “If you say take it out I’ll have to withdraw and it will leave me with a raging erection for the rest of the night. I won’t get a wink of sleep.

But I’m willing to take the chance,” I added, trying to sound pious.

Shelley gave a small snort at that comment.

“Oh, wow. You’re willing to stick me with your cock. However can I say no,” she said sarcastically.

Bad choice of words and sarcasm.

I calmly said, “I didn’t think you would,” and I adjusted the position of my cock. The head was now pressing firmly against Shelley’s slit, easing its way in.

Shelley squeaked “Wait. I didn’t mean. . .” but she was far, far too late. My cock had pushed past her lips and was happily driving deeper, sliding down a well lubricated passage.

I took Shelley fully in one long determined thrust, sheathing myself neatly in her. Then I just held myself there while my arm went around her and closed on Shelley’s breasts again.

Shelley was breathing heavily, trying to hold still and not succeeding. I could feel little tremors running through her and up my cock. It only needed one little word and she was history.

She gave the word. “No. Take it out.”

I felt like screaming and taking her anyway. My cock was throbbing with need and already positioned in her. There was nothing she could do to stop me.

Except say no.

I was almost groaning as I withdrew, my only satisfaction being that I was sure that Shelley was almost groaning, too.

I moved a little away from Shelley and she tilted slightly, lying more on her back. I reached for her shoulder and gently pulled and Shelley rolled fully onto her back, looking up at as I raised myself.

“This time,” I told her, “You will have to say no before I take you.”

I rolled over her, lying between her thighs, support by my arms, looking down at her. She lay there, quite still, just watching me. I settled down towards her, one hand on her mound holding her lips apart. My erection pressed lightly against her.

I held it there, waiting, and she said not a word.

I pressed down, sliding back down into her and Shelley let out her breath in a soft groan as she pressed up to accept me.

I didn’t muck around from that point on. From that first desperate plunge I could feel this woman’s passage closing tightly around me, holding me, wanting me. And I wanted her.

Taking it slowly, knowing we had plenty of time, I made free of her body. This might be my first time with her but it damn well wasn’t going to be the last and I had to give her something that I would subsequently be proud to live up to.

I drove into Shelley firmly. Not fast. Not yet. Just firmly, letting her feel and taste my strength. I grounded myself in her, then pulled slowly back, feeling her passage clinging to me as she sought to hold me within her.

Back again, driving slightly harder, showing my dominance, demanding that she yield, accepting her surrendered softness as my right. We fell into a mutual rhythm right from the start, each of us seeming to know what the other wanted.

Slowly I increased the tempo, Shelley right there with me, pushing up to meet me. Finding a mutually satisfying rhythm we held it. There was no need to show off. No need for frantic efforts to please. Our movements were as finely tuned as any dance, a choreography we instinctively knew.

It was wonderful, energetic and tiring, but neither of us wanted it to end. I would have been happy to spend the entire night like this but it wasn’t to be. The massaging of my cock in her vaginal passage was too much. Too much for me, too much for her. The excitement built. We were both burning with our need and despite ourselves the dance grew wilder.

I was hitting home harder and faster, need throwing caution and consideration to the wind, the only imperative being to take this woman, and take her hard. Shelley was gasping for air, throwing herself desperately up at me, yearning for completion.

I could feel it coming and my mouth covered hers as we came together, each straining to reach that final peak. We hit it together, Shelley’s shriek of satisfaction lost as I drank in her breath, while expelling my seed in exchange.

Shelley slept. She wouldn’t, I suspected, be doing anymore sleepwalking this night.

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