Somali Lesbian Diaries Ch. 02

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I absolutely love closet cases, I thought to myself as I kissed Amina Khalid, this tall, brown-skinned, Hijab-wearing Somali Muslim cutie I’ve had in my sights for some time now. I seriously have a thing for bossy, loud and argumentative, deeply religious Muslim broads. They’re terrific in bed, I don’t know if their religiosity or something else. Whatever it is, I really, really like it.

Before we go any further, I guess introductions are most definitely in order. My name is Nadeeya Osman, a Somali-Canadian tomboy, proud dyke and all-around Jock living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I attend the University of Ottawa, and basketball is my life. Well, basketball and cute girls, of course. Can’t have life without my ruling passions, you know?

Earlier, I went to the Masjid in Nepean for the first time in ages. If that surprises me, then fuck you. I am a Muslim and a lesbian, and even women like myself need the Creator in our lives. Never make assumptions about people that you don’t know. It’s a good thing I went to the Masjid because I ended up running into a sinfully sexy Somali chick I’ve lusted after for some time now.

Looking into Amina’s lovely eyes, I saw a wanton need there, and smiled. We boarded the bus, and then headed back to my place. Supposedly, I brought Amina there to chit chat, but come on, I think in the back of her Hijab-covered head, the curvaceous ingénue knew what she was in for. I love picking up girls, especially the deeply religious ones. Why else would a die-hard dyke like me attending Islamic community events?

Sure, I was raised Muslim but I wouldn’t call myself the most religious member antalya escort of the Deen. I am lucky to have parents who understand. Most Muslim lesbians and bisexual Muslim women aren’t that lucky. My father, Omar Osman, is a great guy. He taught me how to play basketball and encouraged me in high school and college. When I came out to him about the whole loving women thing, my Dad was supportive.

My mother, Munira Osman, is deeply conservative and to this day, she refuses to talk to me because, as an openly lesbian Muslim, I am the definition of haram. So much for the stereotype about Muslim men, eh? My Muslim father supports me, his proud lesbian daughter, and my mother hates me for the way I live my life. Proof that people are individuals, and one should never generalize or leap to conclusions. I love my Dad, and I can’t stand mommy dearest. No, I won’t apologize for this.

Amina Khalid and I went to my place, and I sat her down, offered her a Pepsi and we talked for a bit. Apparently, Amina just found out that her close friends Fatima Ali and Khadija Hussein are closet lesbians. I could have told her that. Amina must really be sexually naïve, I guess. I mean, her best lady friends went everywhere together. If that’s not a damn clue, I don’t know what is. Amina is deliciously clueless about all things lesbian. I really, really love that in a woman.

Look, if you are what I am, a woman who loves women, it’s really not hard to spot other women who have the inclination to eat pussy once in a while. Just call it an innate talent for spotting one’s own kind. Lesbians and bisexual women are everywhere, and the Islamic lara escort world is no different. There are lesbians who wear the Hijab. Those are my favorite kind. I swear, Hijabis scream louder than other girls when I’m licking their pussies. As a dyke connoisseur, I definitely know what I am talking about.

As we sat on the couch, Amina and I had a nice time talking. I wanted to do more than just talk, though. Seriously, with a cute body like hers, and an ass to die for, Amina was just begging to be fucked. And I definitely wanted to be the woman to fuck her. Taking Amina’s lovely hand in mine, I brought it to my lips. Amina giggled softly, and then we kissed again.

Somehow, Amina and I ended up on the carpeted floor of my living room, and at last, I had the Somali Hijabi right where I wanted her. Slowly we undressed each other. Well, I got naked, while Amina, who was a bit self-conscious about her chubby body, stayed partially dressed. I hate it when some chicks do that but I didn’t want to pressure Amina. I wanted her too much for that. The last thing I wanted to do was piss Amina off.

I assured Amina that she was beautiful, and then, slowly, the Somali cutie began to relax. I kissed Amina and sucked on her big tits while spreading those thick thighs of hers. Amina spread her thighs wide, welcoming me inside of her. I began fingering her already wet cunt while licking her tits. Soon I had Amina moaning in pleasure as I worked my magic on her. Ladies and gentlemen, I definitely know my way around the female body and there’s nothing I love more than pleasuring newbies. There’s something side escort unique about a queer woman being pleasured by another woman for the first time. I don’t know why but I can’t get enough of it.

Taking my sweet time, I kissed Amina’s sweet lips, and then kissed my way down to her breasts, and finally, I reached the space between her legs. The hot spot, as I call it. I inhaled the scent of Amina’s cunt, and then went in to explore. A world of woman opened up to me, as Amina begged me to lick her. As if a horny dyke like myself needed any encouragement!

Burying my face between Amina Khalid’s thick thighs, I began eating her pussy like my life depended on it. Amina moaned softly and caressed the back of my head as I licked her, and I licked her, tasting her wonderful womanly juices. No two women smell or taste alike down below, and I absolutely loved Amina’s taste and fragrance. I fingered Amina’s cunt and delighted to hear her cry out my name. I ate Amina’s pussy and didn’t let up until the big, beautiful Somali chick begged for mercy.

Much later, Amina and I lay side by side, spent. Amina couldn’t shut up about how awesome lesbian sex was, or how long she’d secretly been dreaming of it. I smiled politely, wishing Amina would shut up. I like Amina, I do, I know she’s new to the game but this Hijabi broad didn’t even ask me if she could lick my pussy. Nor did Amina do anything other than lie there and let herself be pleasured without returning the favor.

I am going to have to teach Amina Khalid a thing or two, of course. Still, the tall, chubby, brown-skinned Somali Hijabi has great potential. I see in Amina the same thing an experienced lesbian lady friend of mine once saw in actress and television personality Rosie O’Donnell. Amina is going to make one hell of a dyke, and that thick, heart-shaped ass of hers is going to be fun to play with. All in good time, though.

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