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Amy walked slowly down the street; her spirits were low. It was the last day of school for the summer and her classmates were celebrating but the 18year old blond girl had failing grades and could not graduate. She dreaded telling her parents; her stepfather was extremely strict and the brown-eyed beauty feared his reaction to her failing grades. Amy had no friends at all; her stepfather insisted she come directly home from school every day and did not let her go out on weekends. There was a time when girls would invite her to do things and the busty 4’11” blond received many invitations to go out on dates but her steadfast refusal to their offers had long ago discouraged any would be friend or suitor.

Her mom, May, was in the kitchen preparing dinner and Amy just sat in her bedroom wondering how she was going to tell her parents the bad news. The introverted girl just could not face her parents. She was frustrated and confused, she felt so unsure of herself. The beautiful 18 year old girl has had no sexual experience at all, on the rare occasion that she masturbated; she felt shame and was filled with fear that she would be caught.

Amy helped her mother work in the kitchen, and then she went out to get the mail. May was sorting the mail and placing it on the arm of the easy chair for her husband to read when she spotted a letter made out to her. It had no postage or return address. The 37 year old mom opened the envelope apprehensively, she could not remember the last time she received a letter. A look of shock crossed her beautiful face as the words came to life!

May sat at the kitchen table stunned, she told her daughter to have a seat and read the letter. Amy read the letter and nervously smiled. May’s husband wrote that he had found another love and that they were leaving the state together. He told her that she would never see him again! May had mixed emotions; she no longer loved her controlling husband but she feared losing the family provider. The homemaker worked very hard at home but had never had a job and feared for their financial future. The idea of going out to work actually appealed to her but she doubted her qualifications and wondered who would hire her.

Amy felt a deep sense of relief; her stepfather was so strict that she had no life at all; he was at the root of all her problems and would not be missed. Amy said, “Don’t worry mom, I will find a job too. Between the two of us, we will earn enough to get by ok.”

May opened the newspaper and went directly to the classifieds searching for work. They made up their minds to find jobs tomorrow morning. May was glad to be rid of him; their sex live had been non-existent and he was a mean controlling bastard. The mother knew that she was still attractive and felt alive again at the prospect of finding a new romance!

May drove her daughter to a local shipping company and went on to answer another want-ad for herself. They did not have cell-phones so Amy said that she would search until she found a job and meet her mom at home. Amy went in the office of Ms. Carla Valdez and was seated across the desk from the dark-haired beauty. Carla read the application and frowned when she said, “I don’t mean to be rude but without a high school education I cannot hire you, that is of course unless you want to craw under the desk and eat my pussy!” Carla was joking to break up the tension and was in a state of disbelief when Amy replied. “I need the job so much, I would do anything to be hired! I do not have any experience at kissing a woman down there but will do my vert best to please you! Tell me how to do it.” The cute girl crawled under the desk!

Carla did not know what to say, so she just spread her lovely legs and let the young girl lick her moist cunt. The 25 year old Carla was thinking how surreal this was, it had long been a fantasy of hers to have a sweet young thing under the desk licking her pussy but she never thought that it would really happen! “Oh yeah, baby, lick it! Suck my clit, good girl, please don’t stop!” Carla held Amy’s face tight against her pussy as she reached a blissful orgasm! Amy sucked out all of the love juice and savored every drop!

The young girl kissed the hot pussy and kissed down Carla’s sexy legs before going back to her chair. Carla smiled at the glistening face of the young girl and told her to go in the restroom and wash her face off. As she sat back down, Amy asked, “Well, do I have the job?”

Carla found out that the girl could type and operate a computer and answered, “I will overlook your lack of a high school diploma and add a comment that you display a willingness to work and possess strong people skills. By the way, I love your skills and am looking forward to experiencing them again! You will be working in the order room down the hall to your left, be there at 9 am. tomorrow morning and report to Carol Burk, she will be your supervisor. Welcome aboard Amy, your starting salary will be $12.50 pr. hour and Carol will let you know what your canlı bahis days off will be, and here is a folder that explains the company’s rules and your benefits. See you tomorrow!”

“Oh, thank you so much, I will do a good job and make you proud of me. How can I ever thank you enough?”

“Amy, I think you already know the answer to that question!” Amy excitedly hurried home and just couldn’t wait to share the good news with her mother. Amy walked home thinking of her first sexual experience and wondered if she was a lesbian. She knew that she was not attracted to boys and she enjoyed sex with Carla so much that she reached an orgasm herself, while under the desk servicing the sexy woman!

Amy arrived home before her mother and showered, put on a robe and sat on the sofa drinking soda while waiting for her mother to come home. May came home a little later and informed her daughter that she accepted a job as a maid at a motel. Amy told mom about her job and they took it easy the rest of the evening, anticipating their new jobs in the morning.

Amy was doing well at her new job; she amazed herself the way she was so outgoing and able to take orders and sell products. Perhaps it was because it was over the phone and not face to face or maybe her stepfathers exit from her life helped also. Every day she was summoned to Carla’s office and Amy happily performed oral sex on the Latin beauty. After three weeks on the job, one afternoon she did not close the door shut when she entered Carla’s office. Three girls were walking by when they heard Carla’s moans of lust escape from her office. The curious girls stopped and peeped inside to see what was going on and were shocked to see Carla sitting on her desk with her legs spread wide and Amy feverishly devouring the dripping wet pussy!

After work, the girls offered Amy a ride home. Once in the car, the girls told Amy that they saw her eating Carla’s pussy and offered the young girl their pussies to eat. Amy was in the back seat with two-21year old girls and one of them lifted her skirt up and displayed her bald pussy saying, “Come over here and eat my sweet pussy; I shaved it just for you. Why should Carla have all the fun? I know you want it, so get down and eat my pussy, bitch!” Amy got down and eagerly licked the bald pussy. The car was parked in an alley and they all took turns fucking Amy’s pretty face. When they were through using her mouth as a fuck-toy, the girls dropped Amy off at her house. Amy thought how nice they were to give her a ride home and let her taste their luscious pussies!

Mom seamed very tired lately so Amy decided to prepare dinner that night. Amy smiled proudly as she handed her mother a paycheck, telling her to put it toward bills. “Oh my, you earn more money than I do! It is not necessary to hand over your whole paycheck. You should start your own checking account and save some money to buy yourself a car.”

“I know mom, but this will help you get ahead, next pay, I will open my own checking account and you can tell me how much to give you for the bills. Oh buy the way, with everything going on, I forgot to tell you that I failed school!”

I know dear, you are a very intelligent young- woman but living with your cruel stepfather would stifle anyone. It is amazing that you did as well as you did! You really should work on your diploma now.”

“I will mom, you should get more sleep, I’ve noticed that you are not yourself lately, you are tired all of the time.”

“I know, it’s just that the work is hard, I will be alright, just a matter of getting use to it.”

“Maybe you could come work with me! I could introduce you to Carla. What do you think?”

“We’ll see, let me think about it.” They finished dinner, watched some television and went to bed early. Amy climbed in bed and closed her eyes but sleep did not come. Her mind was swirling with thoughts of her recent sexual awakening. A hand went between her legs when she relived eating pussy and Amy wondered what it would be like if someone ate her pussy?

The next morning Amy was walking down the hall at work and she noticed all of the girls staring at her. She could hear some of them saying, “Spread the word!” she had no idea what was going on. She sat at her desk and began taking orders when her supervisor told her to finish with that order and then come see her. Amy entered Carol’s office worried that she had done something wrong. The tall slender redhead stood and directed Amy to sit in the chair. Her green-eyes sparkled when she told Amy, “Everyone is saying, spread the word! Do you know what the word is?”

“No! I heard them talking about spread the word but I don’t know what they are talking about.”

The 39 year old supervisor leered at her underling, lifted her foot up, and placed it on the arm of the chair, allowing Amy a great view of her juicy cunt covered by a clump of red hair! “The word is legs and I am going to spread the word. Do you see anything you like little girl?”

“I… bahis siteleri um… Yes, I like your pussy!”

“Well then, why don’t you put your sweet mouth on my wet pussy and make mommy feel good?” Amy sniffed in the sensual aroma of the aroused pussy, placed her lips to the pussy lips, and kissed passionately, and then her tongue probed the depths of the still waters that flowed within Carol’s sea of lust. Amy licked and sucked up every precious drop of delicious love juice! Carol cried out, “Yes, good girl, make mommy cum in your mouth! Ohhhh…yessss…sooooo fucking gooddd, lick it all up, baby!”

Amy was walking down the hall to go to the ladies-room and clean up when she was pulled into an office and the door was quickly closed behind her. Three beautiful Oriental women in their thirty’s stripped Amy and one ate her pussy while the others took turns sitting on Amy’s face. Amy reached orgasm after orgasm, her face was pussy fucked furiously and her cunt was filled with tongues and fingers. As she staggered to the door she was told, “Spread the word.”

Amy spent the rest of the day trying to keep up her sales but her co-workers kept offering their pussies to her and they all wanted to give her a ride home. Amy smiled when she thought how lucky she was to work with these wonderful women! Once again, she feasted on hot pussy during the ride home!

Things were hectic for the young girl; she never seemed to have enough time for anything but eating pussy. She loved it but her sales were slipping badly. The only time that she got a break was when she was at home with her mom. Lately, if she walked outside the house, neighborhood girls and their mom’s would invite her in for some pussy! They really did “spread the word!”

The next morning before she could sit down, Carol informed her that Carla wanted to see her. Amy was greeted with a kiss and hug from the alluring Carla. Amy could not believe her ears when Carla informed her that they were considering giving her a new position with the company that would pay her $30.00 an hour. She would be in charge of employee morale! Carla and Amy drove to a motel room to meet the owner of the company.

Amy’s eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped when she was introduced to Marie. The Latin woman was stunning; She possessed the face and body of a goddess, lustrous black hair fell to the center of her curvaceous back, her breasts were huge, her long tan legs were the most beautiful that Amy had ever seen and her flimsy pink satin robe did little to conceal her many charms. The 33 year old sex goddess offered her hand to the trembling girl in greeting, smiled revealing perfect white teeth, embraced and kissed the melting girl. Amy fell to pieces when they broke the tender kiss and she gazed into Marie’s black eyes, her eyes sparkled, giving the appearance of stars in the midnight sky. Amy was spellbound when the voluptuous sex kitten whispered in her ear, “They tell me that you are very talented with your tongue, little girl, let’s go over to the bed and you can show me what you can do!” Marie led Amy to the bed by the hand and instructed Carla to undress and assist the little girl with her clothes. Amy gasped when Marie took off her robe and stood before her in just black stockings, a garter and high-heels.

Marie was in the bed on her back and when Amy was nude, she got between the luscious legs and dove right in! The bewitched young girl wanted to devour the succulent trimmed pussy. The sex goddess commanded, “Whoa! Whoa, hold it, stop, and tease me before you please me! Kiss every inch of my body. Kiss my neck, arm pits and linger on my bosom, then go to my feet, suck my toes, lick my feet all over, work your way up to my thighs and then worship my pussy with your mouth!” Amy excitedly kissed the ravishing beauty’s neck and licked under her armpits, and then she nursed on the huge tits as Marie hand feed the rubbery nipples to her sucking mouth. Amy worked her way down to her feet and admired the lt. blue nails, as if in a trance she sucked each toe and then lapped each foot all over. The little blond girl kissed her way to the thighs, she breathed in the intoxicating aroma of the aroused pussy and vigorously sucked the enlarged clit. Next, Amy began tongue fucking the delicious pussy with fervor. The seductive sex goddess held the little blond girl’s face so tight to her sopping cunt that Amy could hardly breathe.

There was a tap on the door, Carla was the only one to hear it, she peered thru the peephole and when she saw an attractive blond woman, Carla quietly opened the door and let her in. The lusty Latin woman noticed the maid’s uniform and when the maid attempted to speak; the naked Carla pulled the frightened woman close to her and held a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Carla held her sexy body tight against the frightened woman and whispered in her ear, “We must be quiet and not disturb them. You can clean the room when they finish.”

“May whispered back, “I’m not here to clean the room; I just bahis şirketleri wanted to see my daughter a minute.”

“Your daughter? Her name doesn’t happen to be Amy by any chance?” May simply nodded her head up and down. “Well, as you can plainly see, your daughter is busy eating pussy. The woman that is enjoying Amy’s many skills is Marie, she owns the company that we work for and we can’t disrupt them. Your daughter is such a fantastic pussy-licker! Could it be that you were her teacher?”

“No! I have never done that in my life and I can’t understand why Amy is doing it!”

“She is eating pussy because she loves it. Why don’t you try it, I know that you will like it!”

“No, no, never, it’s disgusting. I’m not into women, let me go!” Carla pulled the attractive mother even tighter and kissed her full on the lips. With one hand, she made circles around her ass-hole and with the other, three fingers wormed their way into the aroused pussy. May’s pussy was ablaze, she hadn’t had sex in so long, every fiber in her body was on fire, there was no way she could resist the manipulations of this sensual woman.

Carla finger fucked the squishing cunt vigorously, she could feel the trembling woman succumbing to her will and broke the kiss, pushing May’s head to her ample bosom she commanded, “Suck my tits bitch, You have always wished that you had a pair of boobs like these, now is your chance to see what real tits are like. Yes, that’s it, put your sweet lips on my nipples and SUCK!” May nursed on the large melons, nibbling on the rubbery nipples and gently brushing them with her teeth. Carla brought the frustrated mom some needed relief when she finger fucked the hot pussy and tight ass until May reached a trembling orgasm!

Carla pushed the submissive mother to her knees and demanded, “Now eat my superior pussy, and worship my cunt with your mouth and tongue. The only thing that matters to you now is my beautiful pussy! Now, you understand why you were born! Your reason for living is to please your mistress. You will fulfill my every desire, obey my every command and refer to me as mistress. From this moment on, you will be my willing fuck-slut! Do you understand?”

“Ya… yes… ma… mistress! I am totally yours!” Mom looked up at Carla adoringly and proceeded to lick the scrumptious pussy of her beautiful mistress. May gobbled up the delectable pussy with fervor. She just could not get enough of this tasty treat! May marveled when she realized that she got soaking wet submitting to her authoritative mistress! What she would have considered as degrading, she now found arousing. The submissive mother continued to feast on the magnificent pussy of her demanding lover, and when Carla turned around and pressed her shapely ass to May’s pretty face, May enthusiastically tongue fucked the tight shit-hole!

Amy’s mother was so embarrassed when she noticed her daughter and Marie staring at her. Her face turned crimson and she could not speak. Marie shook her head and said, “Like mother like daughter!” The exotic beauty kissed Amy goodbye and told her that she did a fantastic job and to take the rest of the day off and see Carla in the morning about her new position. They all dressed and Amy decided to wait for her mother to finish work and go home with her. Carla ordered May to be in her office in the morning.

Amy had to kill two hours waiting for her mother and decided to get a sandwich. She gazed around the dining area and noticed two older black women staring at her. The one that was facing her, waved Amy over to their table with her hand. The young girl walked over wondering what was up. The women knew her name and where she worked, they instructed her to sit with them and the waitress would bring her food over to their table. Amy sat next to a large black woman with a smiling face and huge tits. The woman hugged her and said that they would pay for her meal! The black woman that sat across from the white girl was tall and thin. Amy guessed them to be in their late thirties or early forties. As they chatted, Amy recognized the lust in their eyes and felt a tingle between her ivory white legs.

The two overbearing black women paid the bill and ushered Amy out the door. The heavy-set woman held Amy’s arm while the slim one purchased a motel room. The black women guided the young white girl into the room, locked the door and ordered Amy to strip! Amy was told that the women of this town had spread the word, and they knew that she was a cunt-lapper. The women disrobed and pushed the frightened white girl in the bed, on her back. The heavyset woman sat on her face and the slender one ate Amy’s sopping pussy. They changed positions several times. Then the big black woman sat on the pillows and spread her chubby black legs wide. Amy was placed on her knees and her face was pushed into the smoldering hot black pussy. The skinny black woman with a red tint in her hair moved closer to the white girl whose ass was sticking up in the air and shoved a 10″ black dildo into her virgin pussy! The scream that escaped Amy’s mouth would have bee deafening had it not been for the pussy grinding her pretty face. It sounded like she was yelling from the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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