Spring Break Surprise

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Josh walked through the door to his house hurriedly. It was Friday and he’d just gotten home from school. He was incredibly excited for later that day, as he had planned a short road trip with his friend for the first half of spring break. He was to leave in a few hours so he was getting anxious. He had to get ready first, though.

Josh had turned 18 a little over a month ago and was in his last year of high school. He played on the football team for his entire 4 years and worked out often. As a result, he was a very strapping, attractive young man. He was just under 6 feet tall and was 180 pounds of mostly muscle. He had a toned chest and lean muscles. He was aware of his looks and very into girls as a horny teenager, but most of all he was proud of his cock, which he had been told was quite a bit above average size on several occasions.

“Hey Mom! I’m home” he yelled as he entered his house, kicking off his shoes. He walked through the house, looking for his mother. He needed has and wanted to know if she would help “subsidize” it for his trip.

“Hey sweetie,” Josh heard from upstairs as he neared the staircase. He looked up to see his mother, Leah, walking down the steps. She was wearing a thin white tank top that showed the top of a swimsuit she had underneath and tight short shorts that came very far up her thighs, practically revealing her ass cheeks.

John stared at her as she walked towards him. He was ashamed to admit it, but he often caught himself staring at his mother. She was hot and she always pranced around the house in skimpy clothes. He found himself admiring her right body more often than he liked to admit. She’d definitely gotten him hard more than a few times, despite being his mother.

Leah was 34, but she looked like she was in her late 20s at most. She had had Josh when she was 16, and despite being a mother she was gorgeous. She was only about 5’2″ and a little over 110 pounds; she was very petite. She had short brown hair that fell to just above her shoulders. She had perky, C cup breasts that bounced with her every step and a tight, lithe body from keeping fit with yoga. His mother’s best asset, however, was her ass. She had a thin waist and wide, childbearing hips that complimented her gorgeous, toned legs. Her ass was incredibly round and tight and Josh couldn’t help himself but stare at it every chance he got. His mother was stunning.

His mother bounced down the steps as Josh stared at her exquisite body before cursing himself for looking at his mother like that and looking away.

“Welcome home! How was school, honey?” she said, automatically embracing his chest before he could react.

“Uh, it was fine” Josh said, feeling his mother’s breasts pressing against his hard chest. He felt a stirring in his loins and tried to shake away any impure thoughts. He broke the hug and went to ask her about the gas. “Hey, mom? Is there any way I can get gas money for my trip? I didn’t realize I needed to fill up my tank.”

“Hmm…” she said, stepping away. “I guess, since you are giving your father and I some much needed alone time.”

“Really?” he said, excitedly. He hadn’t thought she’d actually help him. It was really just a shot in the dark. “Thanks!”

“No problem, baby. I’m excited to have the house to myself for once! As you know, your father and I have been trying to get pregnant again. I might have a surprise by the time you come back!” she said, bubbling.

For the past few months Josh’ mother had been trying to have another child. He didn’t know why, but for some reason she really wanted to be a mother again. Josh just figured it was because he had been growing up and was soon ready to leave the house.

“Here!” she said, walking to her purse and pulling out her wallet. She handed Josh $40 for gas and put the wallet back inside. “So, when are you leaving?”

“I’m leaving at 3:00. We’re gonna use my car and we wanted a head start. Where’s Dad, by the way?” Josh said, looking around.

“He got called into work. He said he probably wouldn’t be home until 5:00, maybe a little earlier” she said, moving to the window in the living room. She got on her tippy toes and peered out of the blinds at the pool that was in the yard. Josh watched her ass as she stretched in front of him.

“You know what?” his mother spoke again, leaning back from the blinds. “I’m gonna go swimming. Do you wanna join me, honey?” she said, turning towards Josh.

“Eh, I don’t really feel like it. Plus, I have to pack.” Josh said, nonchalantly. He didn’t want to be teased by his mother’s body in a swimsuit.

“Oh come on!” his mother said, suddenly grabbing her shirt and lifting it up.

“What are you doing?” Josh exclaimed, starting to look away.

“Oh relax, will you!” she said, pulling her shirt off and revealing the top piece of her bikini. “I have a swim suit under this!” She unbuttoned her shorts and slowly pulled them over her hips, completely revealing her entire swimsuit. Josh ogled his mother’s body canlı bahis as she stripped to an incredibly skimpy bikini in the middle of the living room. Her incredible ass and large, firm breasts were on display as she picked up her clothes and walked over to Josh.

She grabbed his arm, pulling to her chest. “Come on! You never go swimming with me anymore! Are you embarrassed of your mother?” She squeezed his arm, pressing her breasts against his arm, only held by the thin material of the bikini.

Josh felt his cock harden as his arm touched his mother’s beautiful, sunkissed skin and pressed against her perfect tits. “Sorry, mom!” he said, pulling his arm away quickly. I don’t have time, or else I would!” Maybe after I come back, I will.” He said, trying to appease her.

“Hmph!” she pouted, sticking out her lower lip. His mother was childish sometimes, but it was honestly adorable. “You better! Leaving me alone after I was nice enough to give you gas money!” She turned around and bounced towards the door, her round ass swaying side to side with every step.

Josh turned towards the stairs and up to his room to get ready. He had a lot to pack. He got busy fixing everything up and in about an hour he’d finally finished making sure he was all set to go. Just in time, too, as his friend lived 30 minutes away and it was already 3:00.

Josh grabbed all of his stuff and went downstairs to finally start his road trip. As he neared the bottom of the stairs and entered the living room, he saw his mother near the window, drying off from her swim. Josh stopped in his tracks as she bent over to dry her hair with the towel, giving him a full view of her perfect ass. He felt his cock harden as he observed her tight, round cheeks from behind in her skimpy swimsuit. “Jesus Christ, I really need to get out of here!” he thought to himself.

“Bye Mom!” he yelled as he continued towards the door. She immediately stood up and turned towards him.

“Bye sweetie! When will you be coming back again?” she asked, walking towards the door.

“I’ll just be gone a few days. Probably by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, depending on how long it takes to get there.” Josh said, opening the front door and stepping out.

“Okay, babe. I’ll see you in a few days!” she exclaimed. With that she turned back towards the house and went inside.

Josh closed the front door and went to load everything in his car. He got everything secured and set off, needing to get gas and pick up his friend. He was still incredibly excited, eager to spend the week partying and hopefully fucking some random girls he’d never see again. He was already pretty horny from the tease his mom had inadvertently given him.

Josh arrived in front of his friend’s house at a little over half past three. He’d completely filled up his tank and was ready to go. He parked outside on the curve, turned off his engine, and took out his phone to call his friend, Tyler, to tell him he was outside. Just as he took out his phone, he got a call from his friend.

“Tyler?” Josh said, answering the call, “I’m outside, let’s go!”

“Hey Josh. Yeah, about that…” his friend said, trailing off.

“What? What happened?” Josh asked, concerned. He didn’t want anything bad to happen for his supposed week of fun.

“Well, you know my cousin was hosting us, right?”

“Yeah, so?” Josh replied.

“Well I called a few minutes ago to make sure everything was all chill, but apparently it’s not. They were gonna book a place in Santa Barbara which is where we were going, but I guess they changed their minds at the last minute. They’re going to Florida now.” Tyler explained.

“What the fuck?” Josh cursed. “Seriously? So what are we gonna do? Can’t you and I still find some place to go?”

“Well that’s the other part of the problem. I’m actually going to Florida now. I’m just gonna fly there and stay at the new place my cousin booked.” He said, nonchalantly.

“What about me? You’re seriously ditching me at the last minute?” Josh exclaimed, obviously mad. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Sorry dude. You can come if you want. You have to get your own ticket though; my cousin felt bad so he bought me one.”

“You know I can’t afford that, man. What am I supposed to do this week, then?”

“Sorry again, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I gotta get ready now, my flight leaves in a few hours. Peace” Tyler said, hanging up the phone abruptly.

“Wait!” Josh said, to no avail. He’d hung up and left him out to dry. This had totally messed up his entire week’s plans. He’d purposely declined everything else because he was expecting to go on the road trip. He couldn’t believe how much his friend had screwed him over.

“Fuck!” Josh said, swearing aloud to himself in the car. He didn’t know what to do other than just go back home to figure everything out. “I guess I can talk to mom and try to see what I can do this week,” he said to himself. He turned his car back on and began to bahis siteleri drive home.

Josh drove home, all the while thinking of how much he was going to miss out on over the weekend. He was most disappointed, however, at not being able to hook up with random girls over the break. He was still very frustrated after all. Josh reasoned that he would “relieve” himself as soon as he got home. His cock was still semi hard just thinking about his mother from earlier. Ashamed, he pushed the thoughts of his mother away and pulled into his house.

“Huh, I guess Dad still isn’t here.” He said to himself, noting that his father’s car was still gone.

Josh got out of the car and headed for the door. He pushed the key in and entered before realizing he’d left his stuff in his trunk. “Oh well, I’ll get it after I tell mom I’m home,” he said to himself. As he swung open the door and closed it behind him, he could hear cooking in the kitchen. His mother was probably baking or something.

“Hey honey! I’ve been waiting all day for you to get here! Josh is already gone. Are you ready for tonight?” his mother called from the kitchen, thinking Josh was his father.

Josh walked through the house towards the kitchen, intending to tell his mother what had happened. As he stepped into the kitchen, however, his jaw dropped.

His mother was completely naked, save for a skimpy apron that covered her front. The apron tied around her back but completely left her round ass exposed and showed the sides of her tits. She was leaning over the counter, mixing ingredients, giving Josh a good view of both her tight holes.

Josh instantly hardened at the sight of his mother naked. She was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. Her perfect, tight ass stuck out from the apron, just begging to be fucked. He could see a hint of her perky breasts and hard nipples through the thin fabric. Josh’s eyes were glued to his mother’s exquisite body as she continued her cooking, facing away and not looking towards him.

She briefly acknowledged his entrance by glancing over her shoulder, but apparently she didn’t realize it wasn’t her husband in the kitchen. “Come here, baby. Do you like my apron? I’ve been thinking about getting fucked all day. It’s been way too long: almost a week! I’m ovulating right now, so you better make sure to fuck me hard.” She said seductively, still working on her cooking.

This was too much for Josh. He was super horny, and there was a gorgeous, naked woman right in front of him practically begging to be fucked. He lost any common sense and walked up behind his mother, not saying a thing.

He stood behind her and, losing all care, took his hand to her body and groped her naked breast under the apron. He groaned as he cupped her perfect breast in his rough hand, massaging his gorgeous mother’s body.

“Oh fuck, baby. So naughty.” He mother said, continuing with her baking. She still believed it was her husband touching her.

Josh breathed in sharply and pushed away the thought of any regrets. He pressed his crotch to her ass and brought both of his arms around her body, embracing her under her apron. He roughly rubbed her breast in one hand and moved his other down towards her pussy. He felt her naked, shaved pussy with his fingers and lightly teased her slit.

She moaned and pushed her head back at his touch, closing her eyes. He instinctually kissed up and down her neck while continuing to press his body to hers. He pushed one finger inside her tight pussy, feeling how sopping wet she was. She gasped as his finger entered her.

“Fuck I’m so horny, baby.” She said again, unknowingly being groped by her own son. “Hurry up and fuck me.” She continued, pushing her ass out and pressing her tight hole against Josh’s hardness.

Beyond the point of no return, Josh removed his hand from her breast and unbuckled his pants, pulling them down to reveal his cock. He placed his hand on her ass and squeezed it roughly as he pushed his cock in between her tight, round cheeks until his cock pressed into her wet slit.

His mother gasped as his cock pressed into her puffy pussy lips, arching her back and bending slightly over the kitchen counter. Josh untied her apron, ripping it off and tossing it on the floor before bending over her to once again cup her perfect, firm breasts.

As he did this, he felt his cock press hard into the lips of his mother’s wetness. He placed his hands on either side of her waist, squeezing her ass. She shifted her weight slightly, causing the tip of his cockhead to penetrate her tight pussy. “Holy shit you’re so fucking tight,” Josh spouted out, realizing too late what he’d done.

“What the fuck?” his mother said instantly. She immediately stood straight up at hearing his voice, causing Josh’s cock to slip from her wetness with a “pop”. “Josh?” his mother said, turning around completely this time, Josh hands running over her body as she turned.

Her eyes widened as she saw that it was her son standing behind her, bahis şirketleri realizing that he’d been the one that had just penetrated her. Josh’s hands were still grabbing either side of her waist. “Holy shit. What the fuck are you doing, Josh?” she exclaimed, attempting to cover herself up.

“Did you just-” she began. She paused a moment, glancing down. Her eyes went wide as she stared at Josh’s huge cock. “Holy shit!” she said under her breath, subtly licking her lips.

Josh simply stared at his mother’s gorgeous body. Her firm, large breasts were absolutely perfect. Ignoring his mother, he made up his mind, setting aside all reservations. He slid his hands over her waist, cupping her ass.

“What are you doing, Josh?” she repeated. “I’m your mother!

Josh answeres this time, finally speaking: “You tease me every day, prancing around in your skimpy clothes. I’m gonna fuck you like the little slut you are.” He quickly removed his shirt and the rest of his clothes. He then picked her up, squeezing her ass, and set her down on the edge of the counter, pressing his large cock against her wet slit.

“Sto-” she tried to protest. Before she could object any further, Josh interrupted her by pressing his lips to hers.

Josh cupped his mother’s breast as they kissed, causing her to moan into his mouth. While she had tried to object, she melted away in his mouth as he kissed her passionately. She finally relented, moving her lips in synch with his and kissing him back.

Their rongues danced in each other’s mouths as Josh caressed his mother’s body with his hands. He began to press his large cockhead into his mother’s tight pussy, causing her to moan and break this kiss.

“Baby, this is wrong! We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m still your mother!” she said, obviously trying to convince herself to stop as well.

“I don’t care. I know you want it. I can feel how wet you are. I’m gonna fuck your tight pussy until you’re too sore to walk.” Josh exclaimed.

“What if your father comes home?” she asked, biting her lip as his hardness pressed into her wet slit.

“Then he’ll see me fucking his horny slut of a wife.” josh answered, paying no attention to the potential consequences.

Slowly, Josh began ti push deep inside his mother’s pussy. Leah gasped as he slid his cock inside her wetness. “Oh fuck!” she moaned, arching her back. “Your cock is too big, baby. You’re gonna split me in half!”

“Jesus Christ, your pussy is so tight.” Josh groaned as he continued to fill his mother’s young hole with his cock.

As he slowly slid his manhood the rest of the way into her wetness, he finally bottomed out, reachign her hilt. He stopped for a moment, allowing her to adjust to his size.

Josh leaned over and pressed his mouth to his mouther’s. Now completeled relented, his mother returned the kiss eagerly. Their tongues swirled in each other’s mouths as Josh’s hands groped her body, his cock still buried deep inside her pussy.

“Baby, hurry up!” she gasped, breaking their kiss as his enormous cock stretched her pussy, filling her more than sh’d ever been before.

“Hurry up and what?” he said, teasing his mother.

“Don’t make me beg any more. Please, baby, just fuck me already! Fuck your dirty little whore of a mother!” she moaned, gyrating on his cock.

This time Josh complied. He withdrew his cock halfway and pushed in again roughly, hitting her cervix as he bottomed out.

“Fuck!” his mother shrieked in pain, biting her lip. He allowed the pain to fade before pumping in and out again, beginning to pick up a pace.

“Oh God! Your cock is so fucking big! Fuck your mother’s tight cunt with your huge cock!” she screamed, bucking her hips against his every movement.

Josh, now at full speed, pistoned in and out of his mother’s tight pussy, fucking her petite frame like she was a toy.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes! Don’t stop!” she moaned, rolling back her head and closing her eyes.

Josh continued to pound his huge cock into his mother’s cunt while his hand’s roamed over her hips and squeezed her ass.

“God you’re so fucking sexy! Who knew my mother was such a gorgeous slut?” Josh growled, pumping his shaft in and out of his mother’s sopping pussy.

Josh picked her up off the counter, squeezing her round, tight ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pinned her against the wall, his massive cock still stretching her pussy.

“Oh fuck! I’m getting close to cumming!” Josh yelled, tensing up as he continued to pump his shaft into his mother’s tight hole.

“Me too, baby! But wait! You can’t cum inside me! I’m ovulating right now, I could get pregnant!” his mother said between moans, trying to make sure nothing drastic happened.

“Didn’t you say you were trying to get pregnant?” Josh said, nearing his edge.

“Yeah but-” Leah tried to say, getting cut off by Josh once again.

“Good. I’ll fill your tight cunt with my cum. I’ll fuck you again and again until you’re pregnant with our child. You’re gonna be my cum slut, now.” Josh said, still railing his mother against the wall. The thought of his sexy mother filled with his cum and pregnant with his seed began to send Josh over the edge.

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