Spying on Aunt Helen

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My name is Nathan. I’m about to tell you about something that I’ve kept secret for a long time. It has to do with my aunt Helen, you see… I was 21, I was pursuing engineering studies and lived in a shared apartment with other students. I hadn’t seen my parents in almost a year, as they had moved to England when I’d left home for school.

Aunt Helen was my mom’s younger sister, she was 35 at the time. She lived not too far from me. Summer vacation was coming up, and we had planned to travel together to Europe to see my parents. The plan was for me to spend a night at her place, then take a plane to New York the next evening, where we would get a connection to London.

It was friday evening when I knocked on aunt Helen’s door. Even though she lived close to where I was studying, we hadn’t seen each other in a while. She welcomed me in and we caught up a bit around dinner.

Now, there’s something I must confess. Ever since I was old enough to notice those things, I realized aunt Helen was a very attractive woman. She was a thin brunette who made it a point to stay in shape. The light summer clothes she was wearing showed her long, silky smooth legs, and allowed me to make out her firm round breasts. It wasn’t just her body though, she had a very pretty face to go with it. Thankfully, she didn’t really remind me of my mom, but still, she was still my aunt, which made me feel a little uncomfortable about the way I looked at her. I tried not to stare too much while chatting with her.

She lived in a modern, spacious house. Her bedroom was on the second floor, just like the guest bedroom where I was to spend the night. Later that evening, we wished each other good night and went up to our respective bedrooms. I closed my door and put on my headset to listen to some music. About half an hour later, I felt thirsty and decided to grab a glass of water downstairs. I put down my headset and left the bedroom.

Standing in the hallway, that’s when I heard her. I froze for a second, unsure of what was happening, but there was no mistaking it: I could hear moans coming from aunt Helen’s bedroom. My thoughts raced as I wondered what she was doing in there, but it was pretty obvious there weren’t many possibilities. Standing just outside my bedroom, I leaned forward to get a look at her door, which turned out to be ajar. My heart began to pound in my chest.

I considered what to do for a moment. Go back to my bedroom and put the headset back on? Pretend I couldn’t hear her and just get that glass from the kitchen? Or…

I bit my lower lip as curiosity got the best of me. I could feel my heart racing as I walked as silently as I could towards aunt Helen’s bedroom. The slight opening was perfectly aligned with her bed. As I discreetly leaned forward to get a look inside, my eyes opened wide. I wasn’t prepared for this.

Aunt Helen was lying on her bed, entirely naked, in a spreadeagle position, her feet resting against her bare ass, her head tilted backwards and her eyes closed. She was masturbating. One hand was groping her left breast, while the other was playfully teasing her sex. Time seemed to freeze as I took it all in. She was thin, her skin smooth, her breasts luscious. I couldn’t believe I was looking at her sex, perfectly shaven, her lips spread open. Her back was arched, her right index was stiffened and drawing circles around her erect, glistening clitoris. While I’ll admit I sometimes tried to picture her naked, seeing her for real, in such detail, only a few feet from me was enough to make me feel dizzy.

I had become instantly hypnotized by this display of femininity. Absorbed in her beauty, I couldn’t look away for even a second. The part of my brain that wasn’t completely under her spell was making sure I didn’t move or make any noise that would reveal my presence.

I stood motionless and silent, as I watched my aunt caress her body. She moved her hips up and down against her finger and moaned sensually as she groped her firm, round breasts. She continued pleasuring herself with abandon, never opening her eyes. Her breathing was becoming deeper and deeper, and, as I realized, so was mine. Besides my heart pounding in my chest, I could now feel something else trying to burst free… But I remained still, certain that any movement from my part would bring an end to this delightful display.

She continued masturbating for several minutes with growing intensity in her voice and motions. Eventually, she changed her position and lied face down. She buried her head in her pillow and raised her backside by pushing on her knees. She resumed stimulating her clitoris, this time offering me a perfect view of both her holes. I was amazed how wet she was. I could see her juices flow down her thighs. Her muffled moans were growing even deeper and she began to accelerate her circling motions around her clitoris.

My god… she was about to come… I was about to watch my beautiful aunt Helen give herself an orgasm…

Unconsciously, I brought my hand to canlı bahis my face and bit the tip of my thumb as I watched her increasing the intensity of her motions. Suddenly I saw her whole body tense up. She pushed her breasts harder against the bed and raised her hips as high as she could. Her moans turned into a deep grunt as she reached her climax.

She was suddenly releasing all the tension that had been building up inside her body, and began to rock her hips against her hand once again. My jaw dropped as I saw the intimate display of both her holes contracting in rhythm as waves of pleasure ran throughout her body. As she rode those waves, her grunts turned into moans, then into long sighs of release.

She slowly came down to earth and let her hips fall back on the bed. I made sure she didn’t see me when she flipped around to lie on her back once again. She looked utterly relieved, moaning in satisfaction as she continued to gently caress her intimacy. Eventually she removed her hand, and I felt it was time for me to retreat to my room before she saw me.

I closed the door as quietly as I could and sat on the edge of my bed, my eyes stuck wide opened. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed… I wouldn’t have dared to imagine I’d ever see such a display, and she looked even better than I had thought. The image of her naked body had been burned into my mind, I knew I couldn’t ever look at her the same way again.

That night I did something I had never dared to do before, I touched myself while thinking about my aunt. It felt wrong, she was family, but I had never been so hard and was utterly unable to think about anyone else after what I’d just seen…

As I went to bed, I decided I would do my best to continue to behave normally around aunt Helen, to try to ignore what I’d seen her do. She hadn’t seen me, so if I acted as usual, things would continue to be the way they’d been before. I liked her, I didn’t want any awkwardness between us and was ready to do my best to avoid it.

The next day, we had breakfast together.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked me with a smile.

“Yeah, thanks.” I was about to ask “and you?” but felt I would just come out sarcastic if I did… Which on second thought didn’t make sense since she didn’t know I’d seen her.

Or so I believed…

“I, um… know you were watching me yesterday.” She dropped with a naughty smile.

She must’ve noticed my baffled look and instantly reddening cheeks seeing as how she started chuckling.

“Wha… I…” I just couldn’t bring myself to articulate a sentence.

“It’s okay,” she said, laughing. “And you stood there for the whole show, I hope you enjoyed it.”

My god…

“I, um… sorry aunt Helen…” was the best I could come up with.

“I told you, it’s fine,” she reassured me with a wide smile. “I know how tempting it can be to watch. I won’t tell your mom, don’t worry.”

“Th-thanks…” I replied.

She laughed again and said:

“Alright, alright, I’ll let it go… for now. You’re obviously very uncomfortable discussing this. I understand.”

She changed the subject and tried to make me more comfortable, but I just couldn’t think about anything else. I was slowly realizing that she had known the whole time that I was there, yet she hadn’t said anything and she didn’t stop. She had continued masturbating knowing that I was looking at her. She made herself come in front of me knowingly… Could she… have left her door half open on purpose? Of course, there was no way I could ever ask her those questions…

The rest of the morning was uneventful. Aunt Helen seemed to act as if nothing had happened, but I couldn’t… In the afternoon, she finished packing her suitcases while I watched TV since my bag was already packed. Then we left for the airport.

After checking in at the Airport, we sat in the boarding area waiting for our plane. We soon became a little worried because the plane was getting delayed due to bad weather, and we feared we were going to miss our connection. Our second flight was the last for that day, meaning that if we missed it, we would have to spend the night in New York and get a flight the next morning…

We finally got in the plane. During the flight, the flight attendant read on the speakerphone the list of connexions that would be missed. We held out hope till the last moment, but eventually she called out our flight. It was settled then, we’d have to stay in New York for the night.

When we arrived at the airport, we went to the desk where they gave us tickets for a hotel. At least we wouldn’t have to pay. We left and got to the luxury hotel that had been booked by the flight company. We missed our connection, but it wasn’t that bad all things considered ; I had never thought I’d ever spend a night in such a place.

We arrived at the hotel desk with our tickets, and presented them to the employee asking for separate rooms. He checked on his computer and looked at us, worried. He said:

“I’m bahis siteleri afraid we only have one room left… With a double bed. Will that be okay?”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine,” aunt Helen replied before I could say anything.

We were going to spend the night in the same bed? I could hardly be in the same room as her without feeling awkward…

“It’s okay,” she said looking at me as we walked away from the desk with the keycard, “those hotels have huge beds. There’s plenty of room for two.”

Thank god for that.

We got to our room, and it was indeed very classy. I took a quick shower and put on my underwear and a tee-shirt, which is the way I usually dress to sleep. Then aunt Helen got into the shower while I got in bed. Thankfully, it was indeed large enough that there wouldn’t be any contact between us.

I watched aunt Helen walk out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her body. I gulped imagining she was naked underneath, and began wondering what she was going to wear to sleep.

She pulled her phone out of her bag and put it on the bedside table on her side, then walked back to the bathroom where she hooked her towel. She walked back into the bedroom, completely naked. I looked at her with wide eyes. She said:

“Well I’ve got nothing to hide from you now, do I…? You’ve seen all of this already.”

Her beautiful breasts were slightly bouncing up and down as she walked around the room. I just couldn’t look away from her. Facing away from me, she leaned forward and reached for her bra and panties in her suitcase, offering me an unobstructed view of her backside in the process.

“I usually sleep naked, but I’ll put on some underwear tonight. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you…” she said.

“A-alright”, I muttered.

She got under the sheets. I felt so uncomfortable… My gorgeous aunt was lying inches from me, wearing only her bra and panties…

She said goodnight and turned off the lights. I turned to the side, facing away from her, feeling somewhat relieved that it was time to sleep and fast forward this awkward moment. Some time passed, and I was beginning to fall asleep. That is, until I heard some noise coming from aunt Helen’s side. Maybe she was just turning around under the sheets, I thought. She whispered:

“Are you sleeping?”

I chose not to answer… I just wanted to sleep, I didn’t want to start a conversation. A few seconds passed, I remained still and silent. Then I heard her moving again under the sheets. This time though, it was a more continuous motion. Soon, I heard her breathing become deeper.

My god… was she touching herself? Right next to me?

While I was facing away, the sounds she was making left no room to doubt… She was indeed masturbating, most likely through her underwear. I could have moved, pretending to be waking up, but I remained quiet and motionless. Desire was quickly overtaking me, I was getting aroused by the idea that my aunt was masturbating right next to me, in the same bed…

Her breathing continued to grow deeper, and she even let out a soft, hardly audible moan. I could hear the rhythm of her movements accelerating. As time passed and her arousal grew, so did mine and my desire to turn around and look at her… Then I heard her:

“I know you’re awake, Nathan…” she whispered, “I can tell because of your breathing.”

I gasped but didn’t move.

“It’s okay,” she said, “you can turn around if you want to.”

My heart was pounding in my chest, I thought it was going to explode. I asked:

“Are you sure…?”

“Yes,” she replied decisively.

Slowly, hesitantly, I turned around. My eyes accustomed to the dark and the lights from the city outside illuminating the room faintly, I could see pretty well what was happening. Aunt Helen was lying on her back, her face turned towards me. She was looking at me. I could make out her hands moving under the sheets, around her breasts and her crotch… She bit her lower lip as she saw the way I was looking at her. She whispered:

“Do you want… to watch me masturbate?”

Once again, I felt I was completely under her spell. I whispered:


Continuing to caress herself, she smiled and said:

“You can’t tell what I’m doing exactly under the sheets, though… If you want I can describe it to you…”

“Yeah…” It seemed that was the only word that could come out of my mouth. Was this really happening?

She sensually whispered, looking into my eyes:

“I’m groping my left breast… with my right middle finger, I’m moving up and down my vulva… I’m pretty wet already”, she added with a light chuckle. “I’m covering my pussy with my juices… I’m feeling my clit getting pretty hard…”

My jaw dropped. Watching her touch herself the previous day had been something, but listening to her describing in such intimate detail how she was masturbating was incredible. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing her say. I saw her left bahis şirketleri hand move down under the sheets, to join the other one between her legs. She continued:

“Now, I’m… oh… parting my lips with my left index and middle finger… And I’m beginning to draw small circles around my clit with my right middle finger…” She bit her lower lip and let out a soft moan as she finished her sentence, overwhelmed by the pleasure she was giving herself.

Suddenly she stopped and whispered:

“Oh, those are becoming a bother…” she reached for her back and unclasped her bra, which she tossed over the sheets, then I saw her wiggle as she pulled down her panties. She dropped them over the sheets, right between us. “That’s better…”

I saw her part her legs and pull up her knees into a spreadeagle position.

“Now I’m back to parting my lips and circling my clit… This feels so good…”

I saw her reach further down with her left hand. She whispered:

“Now I’ve just inserted my left middle finger inside my pussy… It’s so hot and tight… and wet…”

Was I dreaming all of this? It felt so… unreal. I had never been so hard in my life. I continued watching and listening to aunt Helen religiously.

“I’ve just added a second finger… I’m sliding them in and out of my pussy while I continue circling my hard clit…”

She continued like this for a few minutes. She didn’t refrain from moaning anymore and let it all out. I was beyond mesmerized. I think the building could have crumbled without me taking my eyes off of this incredible spectacle.

“It’s getting a bit hot under those sheets… would you mind if I pulled them down?”


With a smile, she pulled them down, revealing to me her naked body in a spreadeagle position, and resumed fingering herself. She was so close, I could see her chest inflating and deflating with every breast, I could see the glistening spot at the base of her thighs.

Never interrupting her clitoral stimulation, she pulled her glistening fingers out and brought them to her mouth. Looking into my eyes, she sucked them clean of her juices.

“Mmmm… I like tasting myself sometimes…” Bringing them back between her legs, she said: “Now I’m going to simulate my G-spot.”

I watched her two fingers disappear inside her sex, and she bit her lower lip as she searched for the spot.

“There… ahhh…” She let out a long moan and whispered: “Now I’m going to continue just like that… gently circling my clit and rubbing my G-spot…”

I watched in absolute awe as her left arm began to tense up and make very fast, small movements, almost vibrating, while her left index continued circling her clitoris at a slow, steady pace.

This was art.

“I’m getting close, Nathan… oh…”

She continued like this for almost a minute. Her breathing was getting erratic, each exhalation turning into a long, sensual moan. Her body was tensing up and she arched her back. Looking into my eyes, she said:

“Now if it’s okay with you, I’m going to have orgasm…”

I gulped as I watched her cross the edge. Releasing all the built up tension, she moaned loudly, rocking her hips against her hands. It was like fireworks. Letting go of all her inhibitions, she was coming hard, moaning, wiggling, crudely slapping her erect clitoris with two fingers, generating loud wet noises.

“Look at me come, Nathan… Oh it feels so good…”

Nothing could have prepared me for such a display. My aunt was completely surrendering to her pleasure right before my eyes. In total abandon, she pulled her left fingers out of her sex, brought them to her face, extended her tongue and licked them, twisting her wrist left and right so she wouldn’t miss any of her womanly juices. She looked at me with intense lust as she ran her stiff tongue up her fingers. When she was done, she brought them back between her legs. Both hands buried down there, she closed her legs, tightening her thighs around her hands, and turned to the side facing me. Now in foetal position, she rocked her hips against her hands while looking at me.

Slowly, her climax faded, she relaxed and freed her hands from the powerful grip of her thighs, in a long, lustful moan. She looked at me and whispered, smiling and slowly regaining her breath:

“I can see you’re not indifferent…”

She was referring to the bulge under the sheets. I was indeed as hard as I’d ever been.

“It’s okay if you want to touch yourself too… Don’t be shy…” she whispered with a smile.

It was one thing to watch, but play with myself in front of my aunt? This moral dilemma didn’t last a second against my burning desire for release. I don’t think I’d ever been so aroused before that moment… Without saying a word, I removed my tee-shirt, pulled down my underwear and reached for my erection with my right hand.

Aunt Helen, having regained her composure, rose a little to get a better look.

“I can make out your hand moving up and down beneath the sheets.” she said with a naughty smile. “Have you ever… done this in front of someone?”

“N-no…” I mumbled.

“How does it feel, masturbating next to me?”

“It’s… great…”

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