Squire Gilbert , Family Ch. 01

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All characters are 18 years or old.

My name is Elisabeth, Beth foreshortened, and I am the youngest daughter of Squire James Gilbert and the Dame Mary of this parish. I have three elder sisters, Ann, Grace and Charity in descending order of years and I have two brothers, John, who is the eldest of all of us and Robert, the youngest who is just a little older than I. You find my tale begin when I have come of age and learning to become a proper young lady that befits my station in life.

We live on the Grange Manor with some 1,000 acres bestowed upon us by King Charles for my Father’s discreet services to His Royal Highness though what those services have been we are not yet privy to.

My father is a good man and tends well to his estate but has certain weaknesses that will be explained. My mother accepts these weaknesses and has been known to indulge herself in certain pleasures that in wider society may be frowned upon.

I am not stupid and I have watched Roger, our prize bull, service the cows with his large prick on many occasions. I have watched our dogs too and had Charity and Grace, eager to show off their worldly knowledge, explain in great detail the mechanics of fucking. I have lain in bed at night with odd feelings only truly relieved by rubbing the slit between my legs and until she’s very sore on occasion.

Matters turned a little more interesting for me after I was confined to my room for giggling with Robert in church. My father took me to my room for punishment insisting, as he always does, that I lift my skirts and push down my bloomers so he may thrash my exposed behind with his bare hands. It did not occur to me that at my age this method of corporal punishment was a little odd.

Father left me lying on my bed my skirts still gathered about my waist and my sensitive slit moist from the attention when Nanny slipped into my room. Nanny Ogwell has been variously our wet nurse, teacher and mentor and was to our Father as well that must make her hundreds of years old – but very wise. She never really wanted to let go of our childhood days and still treated us like little children. In fact she often treated Father the same way. Sometimes it was fun to pander to her odd little ways.

“Oh my little chicken,” she soothed, “your Father can be a mite short with you all on occasion. Let me see those welts my dear.”

She pushed back my skirts for a better view and her bony old fingers lifted at my buttocks underneath the marks my Father’s hands had left behind. While old and well worn her hands could be as soft as velvet and this was one of those occasions. As her hands examined the damage her fingers played very close to my hot little hole causing me to wriggle and inwardly purr with some pleasure.

“I knows what my little chicken needs,” she stated, “some of Nanny’s special oil for soothing sore parts.”

Her hand dashed into her skirts and reappeared with a small bottle of amber liquid.

Nanny skirts were a source of mystery to all of us. Whatever we wanted and wherever we were Nanny Ogwell would have something secreted about her skirts for the purpose.

“What’s that Nanny?” I asked transfixed.

“Oh just something that will make your lovely peachy bottom feel good again, my lovely.”

Nanny poured some of the liquid into her hands, set the bottle aside and started to massage the oily substance into my bottom cheeks. Moments later a warm glow set into the skin where she had rubbed. Her fingers once or twice, then more often reached into the crevice between my cheeks sending bolts of lightning through my body.

“There, there my dear just relax and let Nanny make you feel good all over. Its about time you learnt some of the secrets your body has to offer.”

I had no idea what Nanny meant until I felt one of her oily fingers slide across my puckered anus, then again and again until it was against it more that it wasn’t. A small groan escaped my lips as Nanny’s finger eventually dipped inside, then again this time a little deeper.

“Nanny’s going to make you feel really good now my dearest little one.”

As she spoke her finger delved deep into my arsehole. I felt myself push back against her finger enjoying the deeply warm sensation spreading through my body.

“My little chicken loves Nanny’s finger in her tight little shit shute, doesn’t she?” She almost cackled.

“Ooooh Nanny yes.” I moaned deliriously as her finger slid in and out of my tight little hole.

“Now, dearie, pull this leg up a little so Nanny can get at your sweet little love box here.”

She helped bring my left leg up until my hot pussy hole was in plain view to her.

“Ooh lovely, chicken. Your little flower is open for Nanny’s fingers.”

Using her free hand she started to rub her fingers along my now dripping slit opening my sex lips further to her probing fingers. I grasped the bed covers as her invading fingers slipped inside my cunt all the while pumping my anus with her finger from canlı bahis the other hand.

“Nanny, ooooh Nanny what’s happening. You’re making me feel so funny and good.”

“Oh yes, my sugar, Nanny’s going to make you feel very good. Nanny’s going to make you orgasm over her fingers: Nanny’s going to make her little chicken cum.”

“Oooh Nanny, yessss, Nanny, Ooooh Nanny.” I panted losing any control I might have had. “Make me cum Nanny, oh Nanny, oh Nanny, oh ooh oooh nnnnnnnnnnnrrrrrrrggh Nannnnnnnnneeeeeeeee!”

My cunt convulsed around Nanny’s bony old fingers and I thrust my bottom back so her finger speared my rectum deeply. My hips jerked back two, three, four times and a powerful orgasm shook my body. Slowly she eased her fingers out of my orifices and rubbed her hands over my pussy and bottom soothing and easing me down.

Nanny had taught us so many things and I suppose to her teaching us about sex was just the next step.

“Did you like that, my little chicken?”

“Oooh Nanny,” I panted back, “that was just perfect. Can we do it again?”

“Ooh you are a one. Not just now Elisabeth.” She always called me Elisabeth. “There are other things you’ll want to learn now and you won’t be finding it difficult in this house. We just thought you needed a little nudge in the right direction, so to speak.”

“We? Who’s ‘we’ Nanny?” I asked but she had gone. As I turned I nearly knocked over her little bottle of oil. “Nanny! You forgot your oil.” I called.

I lifted, with some considerable effort, my weary body off the bed and pulled up my bloomers over my sodden crotch. I put my head outside the door to see if I could see Nanny and also avoid being seen by my Father – nothing. I ventured down the hallway avoiding the creaky floorboards I knew were there. Still no sign of Nanny Ogwell but outside my brother Robert’s bedroom I heard muted groans coming from within.

Pushing the door slightly ajar I ventured to look in. There was my brother kneeling upon the bed, his breeches around his ankles and his buttocks glowing red from a recent thrashing. It was also the first time I had noticed the heavy ball sack that dangled between his legs and his flaccid penis. I thought of Roger the bull and of Rex and Hunter the dogs and how I had watched them and their antics in the field and yard. Thus captivated my mind wandered and envisioned my brother’s penis hard and rampant.

“What are you looking at? Never seen a red raw bottom before?” My brother growled.

Shocked I came out of my reverie. “Sorry brother dear, I heard you from outside and wondered what the matter was.” My eyes never moving from his bottom and the dangling, swaying ball sack. “I have something here from Nanny Ogwell, it might help. Let me try it like Nanny did to me.”

I didn’t wait for an answer. Something inside me was calling and I needed to satisfy my curiosity. Pouring some of the oil into my hands I started to sooth it over my brother’s sore bottom. Before I knew it my fingers were exploring between his cheeks and over his sweet little anus.

“Mmm Beth what are you doing? NO don’t stop. It feels good.”

“It does doesn’t it? Nanny showed me.” I answered dipping the tip of my finger into the tight little hole.

“Sweet fuck! She showed you that? Did she also show you want to do with this?” He groaned humping back against my finger.

“With what broth … aaagh what’s happened to your cock!?” I was staring at my brother’s fully extended prick that he’d grasped and pushed back between his legs to show me.

“It’s my prick, you’ve made it very hard. Now Beth you can’t just leave it like this.”

“Well what do I do then?” I asked innocently.

“Use that oil and your other hand, start by squeezing and playing with my balls.”

I was very eager to learn this new game and clasped Robert’s balls in my oily little hand.

“Ooouch!” Gently. Mmm that’s better. Now slowly start stroking up and along my prick, moving your hand back and forth.”

I did as I was instructed and ended up with my slender little fingers wrapped around my brother’s cock. At the same time my finger worked deeper into his arsehole.

“Ooooh sister, that’s it. A little faster now. Oooh yesss you’re going to make me spurt soon.”

Spurt? Spurt what I thought. There was always plenty of fluid around when the dogs or Roger fucked but I never thought as to where it might have come from. My hand was fair flying up and down Robert’s hot shaft now and my finger was stroking a full length in and out of his bumhole.

“Oh yess, yess. Here it comes sister. Ahh ahhh mmmnnnnnmmnnng.”

The rest of what he yelled was muffled as he bit into the pillow his head was resting on lest his calls brought someone coming. As it was the only person cumming was my brother. I felt his sphincter tighten around my pumping finger and his cock leapt in my hand. Leaning down I looked between his legs just in time to see a rope of white liquid shoot from the top of his prick, bahis siteleri then another and another. Slowly the spurts got weaker until my hand would only squeeze a few drops from the head. I just had to touch it.

“Yeeeooow, its all slippery and a bit sticky too.” I mused as I rubbed it between my fingers.

” I think you’ll find it tastes rather nice though.”

The voice startled me and I looked around shocked to see Gracie and Charity standing by the door.

Gracie came over and stroked my hair. “Don’t look so worried, Beth. You won’t get into trouble. In fact we’re rather pleased aren’t we Charity.”

I looked to Charity who had approached. She smiled at me then looked down at Robert’s softening prick and licked her lips. Bending over she raised it up then sucked it between her ruby lips with a slurp.

I watched wide eyed as Charity sucked on her brother’s prick savouring the taste of his recent spurting. Her tongue lashed around the head then down the already stiffening shaft. Gracie put her arms around me as we watched and I felt her hand slip over my bodice and slowly stroke my small firm breasts.

“Mmm our brother tastes lovely but much as I’d like to make him cum in my mouth we have a more pressing engagement.”

“What can be more important than doing that?” Asked Robert looking so disappointed that he’d just missed out on his first sucking.

“Aha,” chirped in Grace, “come with us and you’ll see. You must be really quiet or we’ll be found out and you two are already in trouble.” She added looking at Robert and I.

With that the girls leapt up and headed for the door. Robert quickly pulled up and buttoned his breeches and we followed them into the hall and down the corridor. We worked our way stealthily down towards the kitchens and into the pantry by the side door. Charity put her fingers to her lips then whispered to us.

“The new maid starts today.” She whispered as if that meant something. We looked blank. “All the maids are given an introduction to the ways of the house. Just watch and see.”

We looked through the crack in the partly open pantry door into the kitchen. Sure enough a new maid was standing in the middle of the room being talked to by Cook. Cook was a large lady and quiet stern at first meeting but she often gave us girls tit bits if we came down at the right times. She always wore low tops that accentuated her already mammoth breasts that practically burst from the top of her dresses. Her big white apron barely stretched around her girth and big lumpy bottom. The new maid was dwarfed before her.

“It be Molly, right?” stated Cook. “Now there’ll be things you need to know and things you need to do. Right now we’ll just have a look at you.”

With that Cook yanked sharply down on the bodice of Molly’s dress displaying two small firm mounds capped with small pink nipples. Molly stood frozen to the spot, mouth agape unable to say anything.

“Come, come now girl. Don’t look so alarmed. You need to be introduced to the ways of the house. You wouldn’t want to find out when you’re in front of the Master, now would you?”

Molly still hadn’t moved and trembled visibly in front of the big lady.

“Alright, alright. You take off the rest then. Come on girl we haven’t all day you know.” Cook started to sound a little annoyed and one podgy hand reached out and roughly squeezed one of the poor young girl’s naked breasts. “Come on, there’s others that’d have this job ‘stead of you.”

The girl became suddenly animated reaching round behind her to struggle with the laces of her bodice. Her shaking fingers found the ends and pulling them open almost in panic she loosened the straps and worked her skirts around her slim hips into a puddle by her feet. The rags that accounted for her bloomers fell with the skirts and left the poor girl quivering naked before Cook’s feasting eyes.

“Mmm not bad.” Mused Cook. “This hair will have to go.” She said grasping a tuft of golden down resting above Molly’s barely visible slit. “The Master doesn’t like his girls with hair on their pussies. Make sure it’s gone before you start tomorrow.”

As I looked on in wonderment at the spectacle I wondered why my Father should care about the state of an undermaid’s pubic hair. After all he’d never get to see it, would he?

I looked back at the scene and watched as Cook rummaged in the vegetable basket sitting on the huge beech table in the middle of the kitchen. Her eyes lit up as she extracted a cucumber tapered at one end and curved up at the other. “Just the thing.” She grinned.

A quizzical frown cast across Molly’s face which turned to a mixture of shock and disbelief when Cook pressed her against the table and slid the vegetable between her legs. Slowly Cook slid the green tool against Molly’s slit back and forth, back and forth. Her tenseness began to ease away and we watched as her legs inched apart to give Cook a little more access.

“There’s a good girl. Not so bad is it.” Cook leered. bahis şirketleri “Now get up on the table and lets see that little wet hole of yours and what its good fer.”

Practically lifting the poor girl up Cook got Molly onto the table leaning back on her hands with Cook pressing her slim thighs apart revealing the slick gash that now had the tapered point of the cucumber pressed against it.

“Nooo Cook, please.” Molly pleaded as the tip entered her tight little cunt. “Nooo Cook, noo , noo, noooo …. oooh, ooooooh, aaah, Cooook!”

As Cook worked the vegetable into the new young maid I felt my own skirts being lifted and a hand working its way between my legs. Slender fingers started to work against my hot little pussy through my bloomers. I cast a glance towards Gracie whose hand it could only have been but her gaze was focused on the scene in the kitchen as if she were oblivious to what her fingers were up to.

The fingers worked into my already damp slit pushing the material against my clit and into my spreading hole. My breath became hot in my throat and I ran my tongue around my dry lips as I subconsciously pushed down upon the stimulating hand.

On the kitchen table Molly was gasping out with pleasure now as Cook worked several inches of cucumber in and out of her slopping slot. Her small hands clasped at her tight little breasts as she pulled firmly at her extended nipples.

“Well, well, does our new maid like Cook’s attention now. Does little Molly like being fucked with Cook’s cucumber cock, eh?”

“Oooh yes Cook, please Cook don’t stop, Cook.” Squealed Molly humping up her hips against Cook’s thrusting.

“Mmm so it seems. You’re getting Cook all worked up here too with your tight little cunt stretched around this phallus. I’m going to fuck you proper now you little tuss.”

With one hand still stroking the cucumber in and out Cook straddled the young girl on the table pulling her skirts up to her waist. Somehow tucking them into her apron she reached up and released her huge breasts. Even kneeling up straight the monumental mammaries fell within reach of Molly’s mouth. She required no invitation, her stuffed pussy sending large messages around her body labelled ‘lust’ she grasped Cook’s left tit with both hands and sucked a prick sized nipple into her pretty little mouth.

Cook now sat back a little and guided the thick end of the cucumber into her exposed fuck hole. Having made contact she forced herself down making the remaining length of the vegetable disappear completely from our view. Thus engaged she started to thrust her considerable bulk against the diminutive Molly.

“Grrrrggghh yesss.” Cook roared as she pounded herself down on the makeshift dildo. “Molly, fuck, oooooh yesss, bite on my nipples girl.”

Molly’s mouth was working hard against the rubbery teats, switching from one to the other. We saw her body stiffen in silent scream as Cook’s thrusts brought her to orgasm. Gracie’s fingers were bringing me close too. She had worked my bloomers down and had slipped two digits into my now sopping cunt making obscene slurping noises.

“Ooooh Gracie, you’re going to make me cum on your fingers.” I panted hoarsely.

“Oooh goody.” Smiled Gracie. “My little sister’s hot juices. That’s right cum all over them so I can lick them clean. Hey take a look at Charity and Robert.”

I dragged my eyes away from the scene in the kitchen and looked towards my brother and sister and gasped. Charity had Robert’s breeches down again and was avidly sucking on his stiff cock. She had arranged herself so that they could still see through to the kitchen but Robert was having trouble deciding on the best view: His sister sucking his cock or Cook fucking the new maid.

We all shot our eyes back to the kitchen as we heard another movement within. Cook and Molly were so absorbed that they hadn’t heard the newcomer enter behind them. The door obscured our view somewhat so all we could see was an erect penis being fisted by a detached hand. The sight sent a tingle to my pussy as I watched a glistening drop of liquid form at the piss hole and dribble down towards the stroking hand.

“Cook you insatiable fuck, could you not wait for a real cock to do the job.”

With that the figure mounted the kitchen table behind Cook and pulled her back by her hair. We could see that it was our butler, a robust man of impeccable manners in front of the family.

“Greeves! You fuck prick. We agreed the girl was mine this time.” She yelled.

“Yes we did Cook. I’ll just have to find somewhere else to poke this rod of mine. Now give me a fart to show me where in this flabby arse of yours I should go.” Greeves laughed forcing his stiff prick against Cook’s anus.

“You’re no oil painting yourself, Greeeeeeeves!” She managed as eight inches of solid cock slid into her slack rear end. “Fuck that’s good. Fill me up you rampant dog, you. Fuck me hard while I make this little wench cum for me.”

Poor little Molly’s eyes were out on stalks as Greeves’ ministrations forced Cook to plough an extra couple of inches of cucumber into her sore pussy. Her mouth so full of Cook’s teats held her silent though her face screamed volumes.

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