Step-Dad Does StepDaughter…

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Step-Dad Does StepDaughter and Her Friend

Kelly my 19-year-old stepdaughter and I had been enjoying sex with each other as often as possible when her mother would go away on business trips. Kelly is 5′ 7″, 120 lbs., 34-B with long curly brown hair down to about her mid-back. I still buy her panties and bras, which she loves to model for me. She still teases me all the time by prancing around in her panties and short tops every day. I love having sex with her and she enjoys the attention that I give her.

One weekend I was on-line reading stories on and was really masturbating when in walked Kelly. She seemed surprised at my activity but that changed to a lewd smile as she began undressing as she walked toward me. She reached me completely nude except for her tennis shoes and socks and took my cock in her hand and positioned herself with her back to me and guided my cock into her pussy as she sat down in my lap. I almost came as I felt her wet pussy engulf my cock.

She then said, “Well, lets see what’s got you so hot and hard!” She began reading the story on screen about a guy getting his girlfriend to bring another girl to have a threesome. As she read the story she got wetter and her juices began running down onto my thighs and balls. I grabbed Kelly’s hips and ass and helped guide her up and down on my 8″ cock. I could hear her breathing getting heavier and knew that she was on her way to an orgasm. She moaned a couple of times,”Oh.. Oh…yes..fuck me…fuck my pussy…oh fuck…yeaaaa”. As her pace quickened I reached around with one hand and took her left breast in my hand and my fingers found her nipple and I began pinching and rolling it which caused her to let out a gasp.

She kept fucking my now rock-hard cock and as she threw her head back, her body tightened and she began to tremble as she climaxed and pushed her pussy as far down on my cock as she could. I pulled her back and brought her lips to mine as we enjoyed a long wet tongue kiss. After a few minutes, she got up and gathered her clothes and said, “So, you fantasize about having two girls at once, huh!” I said, “Of course, doesn’t every guy?” She said,”Yea, I guess so…” I said, “Sounds like a but in there some where?” She said, “Ever fantasize about having two 19 year olds at one time?” My cock immediately reacted to this and she said, “Well that answers that” laughed and left the room.

Later I heard Kelly start the shower and I waited for a couple of minutes and then went in as she was taking a shower. She didn’t seem upset that I was there and asked me to rub baby oil all over her. I took my time rubbing her body down with the baby oil and twice she grabbed my cock and gave it a couple of strokes and a tight squeeze. As I was rubbing the oil on her back I moved down to her long tanned legs and bent down as I rubbed her soft ass. I then pulled her cheeks apart and slipped my tongue into her pussy from behind. She responded by moaning “Yes” and pushing her canlı bahis ass into my face. After a few minutes I moved up to her ass and began licking her ass and sliding my tongue in her ass as deep as I could get it. She reached down with one hand and began to rub her clit and pussy as I rimmed her ass.

I reached for the baby oil and coated my cock with it. I then stood up behind her and pushed the head of my cock to the entrance of her ass. She grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart so I could have full access to her lucious rear. I gently began pushing my lubed up cock into her, which resisted at first and then seemed to suck my cock into her. Again she let out a deep moan as I penetrated her tight anus. I grabbed her hips and began to slide in and out of her tight ass working myself to climax. Kelly was busy pinching her nipples, kneading her breasts and pushing back meeting each of my thrusts into her. As our pace quickened I could feel my climax welling deep inside my balls and new I would be filling her ass with my cum. I moaned that I was about to cum and she quickened her pace of frigging her clit and pinching her nipples. I then felt my cum begin to spurt deep in her ass as I grabbed her from behind and thrust as deep as I could into her. Just a few seconds later she began to moan as her orgasm began to overtake her. I felt her ass tighten around my cock as she climaxed and fell back into my arms.

As our climax subsided, my cock eased out of her ass and she turned to me and said, “I’m going out this evening and will be bringing back a surprise for you”. She then slid her tongue into my mouth as she deeply kissed me; I could feel her hard nipples rubbing against my chest. I left her to finish her shower and went back to my room.

I was busy watching a movie later that evening when Kelly came home. She came in and said that Annie her 19-year-old girlfriend asked her to stay over at her place and my surprise would have to wait until some other time. I was disappointed but said I understood. She kissed me and thanked me and ran to her room to get some clothes. Kelly came by and was giving me a deep tongue kiss and grabbed my cock under my shorts and was stroking me when Annie walked in. I don’t know how long she was there watching but she finally said “Wow”. Kelly and I were both startled, as now our secret affair was no longer secret. Annie then said, Kelly, this is so hot, can I watch” and she proceeded to take seat across from Kelly and I. I looked at Kelly and she looked at me. I said, “It was Ok with me if it was Ok with Kelly”. Kelly finally mumbled a “Yes”.

Annie is about 5′ 5″, straight blonde hair just past her shoulders, about a 32c, nice figure, great ass and great eyes and lips. I sat back as Kelly resumed stroking my cock. Kelly then leaned down and took my cock in her mouth and began giving me a slow, deep blowjob. Annie watched intently at Kelly’s actions. I could tell that she was getting turned on because she had shifted in bahis siteleri the chair several times until she was sitting cross-legged and began to rub her crotch thru her jean shorts. Annie began talking saying how hot this was and it was so cool to watch Kelly and her step-dad having oral sex. She then looked at me and asked, “Have you and Kelly fucked?” I was really in to the cock sucking I was getting and having Kelly’s friend watching and her asking these questions just got me hotter. I said, “Yes we have” and reached down and began to undress Kelly as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Kelly was now undressed and frigging her pussy as she sucked my cock.

I asked Annie if she would like to watch me fuck Kelly? Her eye’s opened wide and she said “Oh yes!” I told her that she would have to get naked with us. She said; “Ok” and began to take off her top. I watched as Annie began to pull her tank top over her head and then reached behind her to unfasten her bra. Kelly stopped and looked up as her friend began to undress. She then got up and went to Annie and helped her by unsnapping her jean shorts and tugging them over Annie’s hips. Annie was wearing a red thong which Kelly looped her thumbs on both sides and slowly pulled them down Annie’s legs. Annie reached down and placed her hands on Kelly’s shoulders as Kelly undressed her. I saw Kelly, with her head even with Annie’s pussy, stop and stare at Annie’s blonde bush. Annie was not shaved but she didn’t have a lot of pussy hair. She did have a stud on her pussy lip which had Kelly mesmerized.

I told Annie to sit back in the chair and stood up and dropped my shorts and shirt. I told Kelly to lean down and taste Annie while Annie watched me fuck her from behind. Annie looked scared at first but that quickly went away once Kelly began licking Annie’s pussy and her pussy stud. I kneeled behind Kelly’s ass and slid my cock up to her pussy opening. As I rubbed the head of my cock between Kelly’s pussy lips, Annie was intently watching my every move. I then slid my cock into Kelly and began a slow rhythm as I watched Kelly tongue fuck her friend Annie. Annie was now tugging and pinching her nipples as I fucked Kelly.

Annie reached down and grabbed Kelly’s head and pushed her pelvis harder into Kelly’s face as she worked to her first orgasm. I began to fuck Kelly with deep hard strokes thus driving Kelly’s face harder into Annie’s wet pussy. Annie’s head reared back, her mouth open as she was overcome by her first orgasm. I followed shortly by filling Kelly’s pussy with my hot cum. After a minute or two Kelly looked at Annie and said, “Ok, now lets switch places. I want to watch my step-dad fuck you while you eat my pussy!” Annie looked shocked at first and then got up and came over to me and dropped to knees and grabbed my limp cock in her hand. She then leaned down and took my cock in her mouth, which caused my cock to harden immediately.

After a few minutes Kelly said, “C’mon Annie, eat my pussy” Annie bahis şirketleri stopped sucking my cock and looked up me and then put her arms around my neck and began to tongue kiss me. She was hot! She then broke away and got on her hands and knees in between Kelly’s outstretched legs and began to lick Kelly’s pussy and nibble her clit. Kelly responded immediately by reaching down to Annie’s head and pressing her face deeper into her cum drenched pussy. I leaned down behind Annie’s ass and pulled her cheeks apart and began to lick her pussy. It was so sweet and she was so wet. I then had my tongue wonder up a time or two to Annie’s ass and rimmed her. Each time she would gasp and tighten her anus. I then kneeled behind Annie just I had with Kelly and watched Kelly working herself to another orgasm using her friends tongue and face.

I positioned my cock at the entrance of Annie’s waiting pussy and slid my cockhead up and down her slit feeling the stud that penetrated one of her pussy lips. I then grabbed Annie’s hips and slowly slid my cock into her. She was tight! I almost came right there. Here I was a 39-year-old step-dad fucking two gorgeous 19-year-olds and one of them was my stepdaughter! Annie responded to my thrusts into her pussy by pushing back into me and meeting my thrusts.

Kelly was really enjoying the pussy licking she was receiving and began to moan and tighten her thighs around Annie’s head as her orgasm flowed thru her. I kept pumping my cock into Annie without abandon. Her young wet tight pussy needed to be fucked and she was enjoying it. Hell, I was enjoying it. Annie started to moan and said,” Oh god… yes.. fuck.. me…hard…yes…fuck my ….pussy…Mr. Franklin….Ohhh….fuck…..I’m….cumminggggg….Unghhhh!” I then came for the second time flooding Annie’s pussy with my hot cum.

I got up and laid on the couch and Annie came to me and said, “You have a really nice cock Mr. Franklin” and kneeled on the couch and began to suck my cock back to it’s full hardness. Kelly got up and lay underneath Annie and pulled her cum dripping pussy to her waiting face. Annie responded by pushing her pussy down onto Kelly’s wanton mouth. It was great watching my cock slide in and out of Annie’s mouth. I told Annie as she sucked my cock of the many times that I fantasized about fucking her pussy and her sucking my cock. This spurred her on as she really began to deep throat my cock.

I ended up fucking both of them all night and the next morning. Kelly woke up the next morning and found Annie in my bed with me on top of Annie given her a royal morning fuck. Kelly walked in just as we were cumming and Annie’s legs were wrapped tightly around her step-dads back as I rammed my cock into her friends pussy. I found out later that this was not Kelly and Annie’s first lesbian experience. They have really become quite close as of late. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found them with their faces in each other’s twat and of course I had to join them.

We get together as often as possible. Both Kelly and I, or Annie and I or all three of us. Annie told me she is going to try to seduce her step-dad. That would be interesting, me, Kelly, Annie and her step-dad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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