Stepmom Betrayal Ch. 08: Becoming Slaves

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Chapter Eight: Lizzy, Debbie and Ann—becoming Slaves

Seven days after visiting Lizzy and Lara’s solo adventure, Mistress got her answers.

Lizzy called Lara and, with Mistress listening in, she told Lara “I have thought about you and Mistress all week. I’ve wanted to be a Slave to a strong woman for a long time. I want to be her Slave, please ask her to let me join your Family. Please.”

Lara looked at Mistress Casandra who nodded.

Lara told Lizzy, “Very well little one. You may join us.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Lara continued, “I will be in touch with you in a few days to give you your instructions. Here are your first orders. First, do not tell anyone about this. Second, you are not to masturbate or have sex with anyone. Do not come. Understand.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“We’ll be in touch. Goodbye.”

The next day, Meagan received a call from Debbie, with Mistress listening in.

Debbie said, “Meagan, we have both decided to join your Family and become Slaves to Mistress Casandra.”

Meagan, all ready having been instructed by Mistress on how to respond, replied “That’s great Debbie! So great! I’ll get back to you and Ann in a couple of days to give you your instructions. Here are your first orders. First, do not tell anyone about this. Second, you are not to masturbate or have sex with anyone. Do not come. Understand.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“We’ll be in touch. Goodbye.”

Mistress planned out, what she called Operation New Slaves.

She said to Lara and Tara, “We’ll get all three on the same day. We’ll pick up Lizzy first and then come back and pick up Debbie and Ann. Here is how we’ll do it.”

And Mistress explained her plan. First, she had Lara text Lizzy with a date and time and a location where to meet them. Lizzy was told to not bring anything with her except her phone and ID. Meagan texted Debbie and Ann and told them the same thing.

Lara immediately got a response from Lizzy saying, “Thank you, thank you. I’ll be there.”

Meagan got a response from Debbie saying, “I’ll be there. Thank you. Thank you.”

And Ann responded, “Great news. I’ll be there.”

On the day of Operation New Slaves, Mistress Casandra and her Slaves got up at 3am. They got into the van and drove to the spot they had arranged to meet Lizzy. They were 30 minutes early and waited for Lizzy to show and soon the wait was over. It was the same isolated spot that had they met Lizzy before. They watched Lizzy follow her instructions. She covered her eyes with a scarf and stepped out of her car and waited. Once Mistress Casandra was satisfied they drove up to Lizzy. Casandra then went over the car with an electronic detector to see if there were any tracking devices on it. It was clean.

“Cannot be too careful” she thought to herself.

She nodded to Lara who then stepped up to Lizzy and said, “Hello little sister. Welcome to our Family.”

And then she ordered Lizzy “to put your hands behind your back.”

She did and Lara put hand cuffs on her and then Tara put a hood over her head. Lizzy then climbed into the van with Meagan and waited. Lara and Tara then removed everything from Lizzy’s car. Lara took Lizzy’s cell phone, removed the battery and put into the garbage bag, only keeping Lizzy’s ID. Tara got into Lizzy’s car and drove behind the van. They drove about a third of the way and put the garbage bag into a restaurant’s dumpster and buried it. When they got to a side road and they drove 20 miles to a Service Station and parked Lizzy’s car. Tara removed the license plate, left the keys in it, got into the van and they drove off to meet Debbie and Ann.

Debbie and Ann had been told to meet Mistress Casandra at the same abandoned old farm as before with the same instructions. Casandra and the others in the van arrived 30 minutes to the farm and parked behind the house and waited. Soon they saw Debbie’s car arrive. Following instructions, Debbie and Ann covered their eyes with scarves and stepped out of the car and waited.

Again, when Mistress Casandra was satisfied; she, Lara and Meagan walked up to the two new slaves. Casandra then went over the car with an electronic detector to see if there were any tracking devices on it. It was clean.

“Cannot be too careful” she thought to herself.

Casandra said to her new Slaves, “Good morning Slaves.”

“Good morning Mistress,” both Debbie and Ann replied.

Casandra ordered them to “put your hands behind your back.”

And when they did, Lara put hand cuffs on Ann and then placed a hood over her head. And Meagan did the same to Debbie. Tara then drove the van up to the car and the two new Saves climbed into the van. Meagan stayed in the van with the three new Slaves. Lara and Tara removed everything from Debbie’s car. Tara took both of their cell phones and removed the batteries and put them both into the garbage bag.

Tara climbed into Debbie’s and followed the van. Casandra drove to the out skirts of a city and they dumped the garbage into a restaurant’s dumpster and buried it. They then drove to a large but isolated parking lot and parked Debbie’s car. balçova escort bayan Tara removed the license plate, left the keys in it, got into the van and they drove back to the Estate.

While they were driving to the Estate, Mistress Casandra introduced herself to her new slaves.

She began, “Hello New Young Slaves. I am Mistress Casandra, you may call me Mistress or Mistress Casandra. Also here is Miss Lara and Miss Tara, my two Senior Slaves. Lizzy is also here, as a New Slave as well as Meagan, another Slave of mine. You four, Meagan, Lizzy, Debbie and Ann, are now my Slaves, my Young Slaves. You three New Slaves have come to me voluntarily to become my Slaves. Remember, there is no going back. I own you now.”

And she continued, “There is much Love and Pleasure at my Paradise, my Garden of Eden. However, if you break a rule or disobey an order, you will be punished. You are here for my pleasure, not yours. Understand Young Slaves?”

Each one said, “Yes Mistress.”

Casandra ordered Lara to “tell them the Slave Rules.”

Lara said, “Listen New Young Slaves to the Slave Rules, and remember them. The rules are:

1st—Obey all commands, you will be punished if not.

2nd—When in the house, you will be nude always, unless you are told different.

3rd—When outside, at our estate, you will always wear your slave clothes, unless you are told different.

4th—No underwear is to be worn, ever, unless you are told different.

5th—Do not come without permission.

6th—Your pussy will always be clean shaven, always.

7th—Never have sex with anyone, woman or man, without Mistress’s permission.

8th—Open all doors for your Mistress.

9th—Do not get into bed with your Mistress until given permission.

10th—Mistress always sits down first.

11th—Do not sit until given permission.

12th—Always wash the dirty dishes after every meal.

13th—When walking, Mistress always leads, slaves follow.”

Lara continued, “Obey Young Slaves and behave. The Rules are posted in the Laundry Room and your Bedroom.”

Mistress then spoke, “There is a Schedule for the Estate, and it is also posted in the Laundry Room and your Bedroom. Learn it. You will learn the rest as we go.”

The van was getting close to the Estate. Mistress then said, “One more thing, We are not lesbians. Yes, we enjoy sex with another female but we also enjoy sex with men. We may prefer women but men have their uses.”

The girls giggled.

Mistress continued, “Out motto is, “Cock is great but pussy is better.”

And the Young Slaves laughed at that.

Shortly, they arrived at the Estate and they drove up to the house. When the van pulled up in front of the house, everyone got out except Tara. Everyone waited while Tara parked the van in the garage.

When she rejoined the others, Mistress Casandra said, my new Young Slaves, we have arrived at my Paradise, my Garden of Eden. Welcome to my world.” She continues, “You are here voluntarily. You have come to join our Family. You have come here to be my Slave. Do you still wish it?”

Lizzy said, “Yes Mistress. Make me your slave.”

Debbie said, “Yes, I want to be your Slave.”

And Ann said, “Yes Mistress Casandra, I do want to be here and be your Slave. Thank you for accepting us.”

Casandra replied, “It is well.”

She nodded to the others. Lara took the hood off of Debbie and unlocked the cuffs and removed them. Tara did the same to Ann and Meagan did the same to Lizzy. After their eyes adjusted, the three new slaves looked around.

Ann said, “Wow!”

Debbie said, “My Goodness.”

Lizzy said, “I knew it would be beautiful.”

Mistress responded, “Yes, it is beautiful. It is the most beautiful place to live anywhere.”

She then said, “Now we begin. Lizzy, Debbie, Ann; remove your clothes and place them in the garbage bag. You come here with nothing of your former life. You will only have what I want you to have.”

The three new Slaves undressed and put their clothes into the garbage bag. Soon, all three were nude.

Mistress ordered, “Step forward, and let me look at you.”

The three stepped forward and Casandra looked at each up and down.

She then ordered them “to turn around and bend over. Let me see your cute little butts.”

Each one did as ordered. Casandra walked up to Ann and caressed her ass and said, “My, my. What a nice rear end.”

Ann replied, “Thank you Mistress.”

And her Mistress said, “You may straighten up and turn back around.”

Mistress then went to Debbie and caressed her ass and said, “You have a nice ass, Slave Debbie.”

And Debbie replied, “Thank you Mistress.”

And her Mistress said, “You may straighten up and turn back around.”

Then Mistress went to Lizzy and caressed her ass and said, “You have a real nice rear too, Lizzy.”

Lizzy replied, “Thank you Mistress.”

And her Mistress said, “You may straighten up and turn back around.”

Mistress walked in front of the three new Slaves and said, “Let us go into the escort balçova house.”

And she led her Slaves up the stairs. Before she got to the door, Tara was there and opened the door and she said to the new Slaves, “Remember the Slave Rules, open all doors for your Mistress. When you are with Mistress, she does not open or close doors, you do.”

Mistress Casandra then walked inside and the others followed.

When they were all in the Foyer, Mistress Casandra said, “Upstairs you will find your Bedrooms and Bath. On the bed you will find a bikini, a fitness outfit consisting of a sports bra and cotton shorts and an example of your Outside Slave Wear. In a minute we will all go upstairs and put on our bikinis.”

She then said, “I have reorganized the Estate. Miss Lara is now the Estate Manager and my Personal Assistant, as well as my Body Slave. She will room with me. You other Slaves each have a Bedroom assigned to you. On the outside of each Bedroom you will see a brass plate with your name on it.”

And she continued, “Miss Tara is the Estate Overseer. She is in charge of you four Young Slaves. She will direct you in your Daily Slave Duties. Obey Miss Lara and Miss Tara at all times.”

Casandra nodded to Lara, who said, “All right Young Slaves, we will now go to our rooms and change into our bikinis. When you are changed, stand outside your Bedroom door and wait.” She then said, “Ok, go.”

And the four Young Slaves ran up the stairs while the others watched, laughing.

Tara said, “Ah, youth.”

Casandra, Lara and Tara walked up the stairs to find all four Young Slaves were all ready waiting.

Mistress thought to herself, “That’s a good sign.”

Tara went into her Bedroom while Casandra and Lara went into Mistress’s Room.

While they were putting on their bikinis, Casandra asked Lara “what she thought of the new Slaves and if she thought they would adjust”

Lara thought for a minute and then said, “I like each of them and I believe they will adjust. A Bigger question is; can we keep seven females under one roof under control with no fighting? You know how girls are.”

Mistress answered, “That will be your job, and Tara, to see that doesn’t happen. I will not allow it.”

And Lara laughed and said, “With your firm hand on the tiller, we’ll make a safe port.”

“Yes, we will,” replied Casandra who paused and said, “Do you know why I made you Overseer and not Tara?”

Lara shook her head and said, “No, I just figured that you know best.”

And Casandra replied, “Yes I do. I made you Overseer for three reasons: One, you are the oldest Slave. Two, you have grown little one. Your slavery has made you strong.”

And Lara smiled while Mistress continued, “and three, even though you are the oldest; when you are made up like I like, you look like you’re the youngest. It tickles my fancy to think of my little Lara commanding my Slaves.”

And she and Lara laughed.

And then Lara said, “In all seriousness Mistress, I will do my best for you. You know that. So will Tara.”

“Yes, I know. You’re both have made me very proud. Let’s step out.”

When Mistress and Lara stepped out into the corridor, they saw all the Slaves standing outside their Bedroom door.

Lara said, “Each morning, you will stand where you are now and wait for Mistress to inspect you. You will also do this anytime you change clothing, unless given different orders.”

She then stepped back to her position and waited for Mistress to approve. Mistress looked each Slave up and down.

And she said, “Let’s go to the Pool.”

And all four of the Young Slaves started to go, but both Lara and Tara stepped in front of them.

Tara said, “You were not ordered to go yet. Mistress will lead us, you follow.”

Each of the Young Slaves said, “Sorry Mistress.”

Lizzy was so upset she started to cry.

Casandra said to her, “Now Lizzy, none of that. You all made a mistake. That is how you learn. Learn from it. Now follow me to the pool.”

They then walked down the stairs and through the house to the Pool Deck. In order, Mistress led followed by Miss Lara, Miss Tara and then the other Slaves.

When they were all outside, Mistress said, “We will have a get a Acquainted Party. Everyone in the pool.”

And they all jumped in and swam, splashed and played in the pool. After a short time, Casandra, Lara and Tara got out of the pool and laid down on chaise lounges. Soon, Casandra looked at Lara, beaconed her to come to her, and soon they were making out. In a few minutes, Casandra looked at Tara and Tara joined them. Soon, the four Young Slaves noticed what they were doing.

The four looked at each other and Ann said, “She did say to get acquainted.”

The Four Young Slaves met in the middle of the pool and started to make out. They soon moved to the wading pool, laid down and engaged in heavy petting. Casandra, Lara and Tara noticed the girls and started to watch them.

Lara said, “Well Mistress, you did say to get acquainted.”

And the three laughed.

Then Lara spoke balçova escort loudly to the Young Slaves, “Young Slaves, your Mistress has not given you permission to have sex or to come.”

The four looked up at their Mistress, with confused looks, and stopped.

Ann got to her feet and said to Mistress, “You did say to get acquainted, and we thought you wanted us to this.”

Lara responded, “Yes, she does but you must always ask permission.”

Ann then said, “Please Mistress, may we continue and may we come.”

“Yes, Ann. You and the other three may come. Please, enjoy each other.”

Ann smiled, laid back down and then the Four Young Slaves made love as Mistress watched. They fingered each other, ate each other’s pussies, sucked on each other’s nipples and fondled each other’s tits till all four had massive orgasms.

Mistress let them recover and then said, “Everyone rinse off and dry themselves. It is time for dinner.”

All seven females walked over to the shower head and rinsed off.

When all were finished, Casandra said, as she walked to the deck table, “Lara and Tara will now prepare dinner.”

Lara went to get the gas grill ready while Tara ordered the Four Young Slaves to follow her into the Kitchen. Tara went to the refrigerator and pulled out a plate of hot dogs, grabbed a package of buns and handed it to Meagan. She then pulled a bowl of potato salad out of the refrigerator and handed it to Lizzy. Next came out a tray of condiments that she handed to Debbie. Tara then handed Ann a stack of plates and silver ware. She then led the four out to the table and then ordered Meagan to take the hot dogs to Lara. Soon the hot dogs were cooking under Lara and Tara watchful eyes.

As they were cooking, Tara asked Lara, “What do you think of our new Slaves? Do you think we can get them to accept their new life?”

Lara looked at Tara and said, “Mistress has ordered it. Yes, it will be done and you and I will help her. My life and my happiness is to serve Mistress.”

Tara giggled and said, “Mine too. I love you both so much.”

“And I love you too.”

And they hugged.

Soon the hot dogs were done and Lara and Tara rejoined the others with the food.

Lizzy was about to grab a hot dog but Tara stopped her saying, “No Lizzy, Mistress always prepares her plate first. Then Lara, then I, and then, you four may prepare your plates.”

Lizzy said, “Yes Miss Tara.”

As they ate and chatted, Mistress got to know a little of each new slave.

They were soon done eating and Tara said, “All right Young Slaves, clear everything off the table and take it to the Kitchen. Lizzy, come back and wipe off the table. Meagan, Debbie and Ann, you three wash the dirty dishes.”

As the four performed their tasks, Casandra, Lara and Tara walked into the Kitchen and sat at the Breakfast Table and watched.

When the four were done, they stood and waited for orders.

Mistress looked at her two Senior Slaves and said, “I think the Four Young Slaves have done well today, don’t you?”

They both replied, “Yes, they have.”

Mistress said to everyone, “Take off your bikinis and put them into the Laundry Room. You will take ours” waving to Lara and Tara, “to the Laundry Room.”

Debbie and Ann had not seen Mistress nude and when they did, they were awe struck.

Ann said, “My god Mistress. You are so beautiful.”

And Debbie said, “Yes Mistress, you are very beautiful. You’re…you’re…Perfect.”

And Mistress replied, “Thank you Slave Ann, Slave Debbie.” She then said, “We will now go up to my Bedroom.”

Mistress led her Slaves to her Bedroom.

When all had gathered in Mistress’s Bedroom, Mistress said to the New Young Slaves, “It is a rule in the house that you must be clean shaven. Slave Debbie, Slave Ann and Slave Lizzy; Miss Lara and Miss Tara will now shave you. Lie down on the bed and pay attention so you can keep it up yourself.”

Debbie and Ann laid down on the bed while Miss Lara and Miss Tara prepared. They soon approached the girls, each carrying a straight blade and shaving cream. Miss Tara shaved Slave Debbie. Miss Lara shaved Slave Ann. When she was finished, she shaved Slave Lizzy. When all three were done, Mistress Casandra inspected each of her Young Slave’s newly shaved pussies.

She said, “Well done Miss Lara, Well done Miss Tara.”

And to the three Slaves she said, “Keep up your appearance at all times.”

All three said, “Yes Mistress.”

Mistress Casandra went on and said, “All four of the Young Slaves may, with permission, shave each other if they want to.”

All four Young Slaves said, “Thank you Mistress.”

Mistress then got on the bed and said, “Everyone get on the bed. Let us have an orgy of female sex.”

Miss Lara said as she got in bed next to Casandra, “Mistress always get in the bed first, then me, then Miss Tara. That is a Rule.”

Tara got in on Casandra’s other side and motioned to the others that they may join them. Meagan, Lizzy, Debbie and Ann all got into bed. Mistress kissed Lara and then Tara, it was a signal to the others to begin. Soon, everyone was doing everyone. It was an orgy of sex, lust and passion. They fingered each other, they sucked each other’s nipples, ate pussy, had their own pussy ate. Mistress Casandra was sure to have each Slave eat her to orgasm. All of them came, came and came some more.

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