Stoned Submission

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For Women

Chapter 1: Where There’s Smoke…

© kate7891

Whenever I sit out on my balcony (and I say ‘balcony’ with a great sense of irony, but my humble studio apartment with its fenced ledge suits me and my needs just fine) and light a joint, I always do so inconspicuously.

Or so I hope.

I’ve deliberately woven ivy and fairy lights around two-thirds of the wrought iron rail; I’ve tall, pink bougainvillea blocking my third-floor neighbours directly to my right, and shrubby sweet bay trees placed strategically around the small space for some semblance of privacy. Hard to achieve when we’re packed in together like sardines.

But the pretence privacy is required to appease the sometimes-paranoid thoughts that come with smoking weed.

But I couldn’t, for the life of me, block the view to the left. The big open ocean. I live for the sea, its colours, shapes and sounds. And due to this herbaceous indulgence, I’m left vulnerable to the possibility of being caught by the neighbours who face the Southern Ocean. Thank goodness the hippie surfer couple on the first floor partake in my recreational habit. We keep each other stocked up, occasionally get stoned together and have existential conversations and argue whose theory of life is right.

The second-floor apartment homes a nice middle-aged woman and her two cats. She’s harmless; every now and then she comes out to her own balcony whilst I’m relaxing on mine, and she gives me a knowing smile. I suspect she’s a reformed stoner. Not quite brave enough to ask for a toke.

And then there’s the enigma directly across from me. Lucille.

My stoned pussy can’t help but tingle thinking of Lucille, my neighbour and friendly acquaintance.

She has somehow managed to squeeze a tiny Jacuzzi onto her outside space. Like me, she’s used lights and plants to gain some sense of privacy. And, also like me, she obviously has a soft spot for the view, and hasn’t blocked the ocean.

I sit back on the cushions of my cotton hammock chair swing, finding my balance before crossing my ankles over the rail and taking a long drag of my joint. I inhale deep and slow, tilting my head back as I do, really feeling it swim in my head.

In Nika.

Weed, I’ve discovered, is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It lowers my inhibitions, liberates me to let go of my occupational self-control, gets me out of my head. And, side benefit, bent sex is the best.

I lift my head and exhale hearing the door slide open, and smile at my boyfriend, Grady. His dark hair curls around his temples, still damp from his post-training shower. He smells like the forest by the ocean, fresh and woody. My glazed eyes drink him in from head to toe, his taut olive skin, brown eyes that burn black when aroused, the three-day beard shadowing his chin. Even I can feel my smile turn sly, inviting. He leans on the rail opposite me, leans over and takes the joint for a shallow drag.

“Good day?” he asks, giving my foot a squeeze.

“Not bad. Friday night deliveries worked me up. You know how I get with all those dickheads on the road.”

Grady shakes his head. “For a yoga loving florist who also,” here he takes another drag for effect, hands it back, “you sure get fired up easily.”

I nudge him with my foot, take a deep drag of the joint. “Don’t tease, Gray.”

He runs his hand up my shin — tanned gold from the summer — toward my knee, back down again. “I thought you liked it when I teased you, Annika.”

Has his voice deepened, become huskier? Or is that just an effect of marijuana swimming through my system? I feel all heavy and more than a little dopey.

“Nika’s not yet falling for your tricks,” I murmur, referring to our pet name for my pussy. I’m Annika at home, at work. But I’m Nika when my defences are down and want only to be taken.

He squeezes my foot, knowing full well the effect weed has on me. The effect he has on me. I take another long drag of the joint, lungs expanding, offer it to Grady, but he shakes his head. I smile and lean my back against the hammock, eyes locked to his. We’re silently engaged in a staring contest, our prelude to foreplay. I bite my lip and the ache in my pussy starts to throb.

Nika is making herself known.

I bring my free hand to the button of my denim shorts, ataşehir escort bayan undo it and leave my fingertips just in the waistband. He raises a brow. “Is that how you want to play?” he says huskily. Fuck this man is sexy.

I inhale the last of my joint, the smoke burning its way down my lungs. I feel a lump in my throat, a sure sign of a good green settling in. “You know I’ll play however you want,” I respond as I stub out the hot stick. I’m feeling hot everywhere else. My face, my chest, my cunt.

Even my toes are tingling.

Grady pushes from the railing and grips the waistband of my shorts. “Has my Nika been naughty or nice today?” he whispers, his breath tickling my throat. I inhale sharply and gently lift my hips, inviting him to do what we both want.

“As if you don’t already know,” I retort, trying to hold my inevitable submission at bay. The slow burn is always a fun way to start. Not at all dissimilar from smoking. He smirks and pulls my shorts own my legs. The cool evening air hitting my bald pussy lips makes me gasp.

“Naughty, I see,” he says, acknowledging my commando status. Grady leans over, hands braced on the armrests of the hammock, caging me in.

“She looks like she’s waking up,” he says, looking down at my cunt. Again, I can’t help but roll my hips, silently offering, begging, demanding. I don’t know yet.

“She’s been wide awake and buzzing since this morning, Gray,” I say sardonically, wanting to be active in this game, to goad him into saying how much he’s thought about wanted me throughout the day. To show me. He presses his lips to mine, his tongue pushing my lips open but pulling back before I can deepen the kiss. My heart is pounding, in my chest, in my throat, in my head. This morning Grady filled Nika with his hot seed before stuffing her with a heavy kegel. Even with the busyness of my day, I could feel him.

Grady rubs his hands along my outer thighs, lifting my knees up to my chest before spreading my legs and draping them over the arms of the hammock. He looks down and a smile spreads slowly across his face. “There she is,” he whispers. He leans in again to press a chaste kiss to my lips. And again, I open my mouth, attempting to entice him, seduce him. But he pulls back. “Has she missed me?”

I bite my lip and nod, torn between playing the game and giving in. He exhales heavily, and I know the two small tokes he had earlier are working on him. Making him bold. Feeding his dominant nature. Holding his hands over mine on the ropes of the hammock, he presses his hips to my exposed pussy, giving in just a little to the animal leashed inside, and grinds against me. I smile, almost triumphantly, and he thrusts once, hard, before stopping. I groan.

“You make her ache so deep, baby. She’s still clenching your cum coated kegel. Has been all day.”

“You’re such a fucking tease,” Grady said, his voice laced with frustrated arousal. His heavy breath flutters warm over my lips and I feel my core clench. I move one hand between our bodies, making sure my knuckles graze over his crotch. I bite my lip as I feel the outline of his erection, contemplating stopping there. Giving in first.

I rub the back of my hand over his length and he dips his forehead to mine, letting out a long breath. I lift my head to press my mouth to his, my tongue pushing his lips apart to dance with his. We release our mutual frustration into each other, lips, teeth and tongues sharing the secrets only we know. I suck his tongue, making him moan, while my hand moves from his cock to my exposed pussy.

He pulls back and watches as I ease the kegel slowly from my gaping gash, licking his lips. I rub it through my slit, spreading my juices, before circling around my clit. Before bringing it to my mouth and sucking it between my lips, lips that are only a whisper from his. I see his nostrils flare as he catches Nika’s intoxicating scent.

“Here’s what I want to do,” he whispers, running his nose down the length of mine before covering my mouth with his, and we swap the ball between our lips. I moan and tilt my hips up higher, sinking back deeper into the hammock. My body is begging him to take me, to fuck me, to fucking use me how he pleases, but my voice remains silent. I’m not ready to beg just yet.

Grady pops the ball from escort kadıköy his mouth and tongues me deeply, forcing my mouth wide open under his. My hands clutch at the ropes of the swing, my calf muscles pressing against the armrests, desperate to anchor myself. Before he sweeps me away.

“Here’s what I want to do,” he says again, before shoving the kegel deep inside my cunt with his thumb, pushing it all the way to my cervix. I clench around his invading digit, my body trembling in anticipation, in need. He pumps his thumb in and out of me, fucking the pulsing ache from my cunt to my thighs and lower abdomen. My belly jumps and my legs tremble. He can feel Nika clenching him over and over, trying to bring upon her own orgasm. Abruptly, he stops, steps back. He sucks his thumb into his mouth, never breaking eye contact with me.

“What do you want, Gray baby?” I ask softly.

“I want you to roll yourself another trumpet.” He reaches down and feathers his fingertips over my sensitive lips, a stark contrast to his rough thumb fuck. “Then I’m going to say hi to Nika. I haven’t seen her since this morning.”

I smile, reaching over to the table and pick up an already rolled joint from a container. I smile wide, easing the tension with some playfulness as I wiggle it between my fingertips. “Here’s one I prepared earlier.”

“Good girl,” Grady whispers softly. Fuck. Being called a good girl gets me. Every time. The playfulness is shattered and once again I feel my stomach drop, my body become heavier. Grady’s fingertips are still feather soft tracing my pussy lips, puffy and perfumed with need. I hiss the joint to life and inhale deeply. Idly, I wonder if I can hear bubbles to my left, over the balcony, but my head is bubbling over with need and I dismiss it as nothing more than my stoner’s imagination. I blow a pillow of thick smoke into the air as Grady sinks to his knees.

He drags his fingernails over the skins of my heated inner thighs and I bite my lip to suppress whimpering in need. He holds the skin of my inner thighs taut, exposing more of my pussy and ass to the night sky. He jerks his head, and I reach out, sharing the joint with him. He sucks in smoke, eyes on my face.

“I want to make sure Nika is nice and relaxed before the evening’s activities really take off,” he says, breath tight as he holds in the smoke. Then he lowers his head and blows smoke directly onto my hot, wet flesh. I suck in a breath. Fuck.

“Fuck, Gray. This is new,” I say as I take another drag myself, feeling my brain and body submit to him and his wicked ideas.

“Another,” he orders. His tone has changed. No longer seductive and playful. But a man on a mission. I hold out the joint again, my pussy still tingling from his first hit, and watch as he lowers his lips, breath held, to rub them through my pussy. When he’s at my core, he exhales, lips wide, and the heat from his mouth floods over me.

“Holy fuck,” I moan, knees and calves pushing on the arm rests, trying to get some leverage, trying to fuck his face already. Grady leans back, looking right into Nika, rubbing two fingers over her wet lips. His are glistening with my cunt juices. I take two more drags on the joint before passing it back. “You’re really after making me your submissive stoner slut tonight, aren’t you?”

The seriousness of his face is suddenly brightened by a smile, white teeth flashing. “You finally get the game,” he teases, taking what I know will be his final toke. He again leans forward, pressing his face into my pussy, his lips in between my folds, before opening his mouth and breathing smoky hot air all over my cunt. I whimper; I can’t help it.

“Please,” I whisper.

He kneels up tall, hands on my knees, his covered erection pressed against my needy Nika. He leans in to me, pressing his foggy cunt flavoured lips against mine. My greedy tongue traces the shape of his mouth, tasting myself on him, moaning at the taste of smoky sex. He pulls back.

“Finish it first,” he says, acknowledging the smouldering joint between my fingers.

“My head is swimming, Gray baby. My body is on fire. Finishing this will wreck me.”

“I know. It’ll wreck you, then so will I.”

My heart leaps at his threat, his promise. I finish the smoke, flick it over the edge of the balcony.

“Say bostancı escort it again,” he demands.

“Please,” I manage on a soft exhalation.

“Please what?”

“Please suck my pussy, baby. No more teasing.”

He purses his lips, lets out a playful “hmmm” as if considering my request.

“Fucking, fuck, Gray. Fuck me with your tongue. Tongue fuck the dirty little slut I am. Make me come all over your tongue and face. Please.”

Grady’s eyes are almost black with desire, and they imprison me as he lowers his face once more toward his prize. His flattened tongue extends to lap my vulva, before his hands move to split me open even more. His rough tongue, still flat, licks me slowly, from asshole to clit.

My head is full of cotton wool, my core aching and clenching around the deeply imbedded kegel. I can feel tingles from my toes to my belly, every breath I take burning my lungs with need.

“Please, please,” I whisper, whimper, again. My hips gyrate the best they splayed open like this. I’m climbing, climbing, getting closer, closer. The backs of my knees ache; I try to extend my legs for some relief. But they curl back around the swing, tense. Gripping for dear life.

Grady thrusts his tongue shallowly inside me, but his closed eyes and heavy breathing is giving him away. He’s close to losing control, too. He crooks a finger toward the string of the kegel, pulling it gently. My cunt muscles clench and pull it back. He pulls again, his mouth now moving to my clit. I suck in a deep breath.

“Fuck. Fuck yes, baby. This is perfect. Don’t stop.”

He takes my clit between his lips, flicking her with his tongue as he continues to gently pull at the kegel. My thighs quiver and he looks up at me, his eyes black pools of delight.

“Let go for me, Nika baby. I want your nasty slut juice all over my face, my chin and nose. I want to swallow you and then kiss Annika full on the lips so she can taste you.”

I groan, mutter a quiet “fuck” as he intensifies his efforts, lapping at me roughly, shaking his head from side to side, yanking hard at the kegel my muscles refuse to release. Because once I do, it won’t stop. Grady can feel the tremors running through my body, and knows I’m trying not to come. Trying to hold on to this feeling as long as I can.

“Greedy slut,” he says, directly into my flesh. I know he’s addressing Nika. “Open your eyes.”

I do so to see him wrapping his lips around my clit, sucking hard, finally, finally pulling the kegel from me. My cunt clenches, trying to find her missing mate. He opens his mouth wide, covering my whole gash with his hot breath, and he sinks his tongue deep into my pulsing pussy, his nose rubbing against my clit.

I release a guttural moan as I clamp around his adroit tongue. I open my mouth in a silent scream as I helplessly submit to his demand: that I give him all my nasty slut juice.

My trembling body can hold out no more. I sob his name and buck against his face. Grady grips my thighs, rubbing his face harder against my sobbing flesh. I can hear his sloppy sucks as he relentlessly drives me up and over. I break, explode into his mouth, and he latches onto my clit to suck me through, to suck me over. One hand finally releases a rope to grip his hair, to hold him in place as I release.

The tension gradually leaves my body. I feel heavy, limp. I scratch my fingernails through Grady’s curls while he gently, soothingly, licks my pussy, careful to avoid my clit. My stomach muscles jump and I suck in a breath as he traces my achy core, down to my puckered asshole before flattening his tongue again to journey through my slit. He gently sucks my retreating clit, making me offer a weak protest, before kissing my mons. He kneels up, nose, lips and chin wet, and leans over, kissing me deeply. His tongue moving in my mouth like it did my pussy. I lick my juices from his bottom lip, biting gently.

“I love the taste of Nika on your lips, Gray baby,” I whisper as I gently suck his tongue between my lips. He moans, thrusting his hips against my exposed gash. Fuck I want him. Our sex is so fucking good.

He stands, helps detangle me from the swing, and I stagger, leaning against him. All the blood rushes from my head to my legs. Again, I wonder if the bubbles I faintly hear is from finally being released from my rapture, or something else.

“We better get you inside before the neighbours see,” Grady jokes. I lean up and kiss his chin, loving the smell and taste of myself on his face. “Because I’m not finished with you yet,” he promises.

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