Strange Elephant Man Story

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Ever since my birth I have been hidden away shunned by society that sets standards of acceptable human description. Is it fair that my deformity be unacceptable to such a degree that I would never be allowed in public. Doctor’s have studied me over and over and have documented that I am perfectly healthy, and yet they have a hard time looking at me. The mask I am forced to wear on my face covers me up but if I were to wear this mask in public it would draw so much attention that no person could keep his or her curiosity in check. As I passed my 18th birthday my mother took pity on me and wanted me to experience some type of companionship. It took her some time but finally arranged for a prostitute to see me.

I still wore the mask upon my face as she came near and I could see in her eyes that she pitied me — the elephant man! I took off my mask and she stood still in shock. I begged with my eyes for her and yet I knew in my heart that this cruel curse I had been given beşevler escort would never leave me so long as I lived. I had all the right body parts and why couldn’t she just block out my deformity and treat me like a man? As I stood their naked she looked down and screamed. My mother pleaded with her to stay but she flew out of our house.

I cried that night and knew that life wasn’t worth living. In another world I would be worshiped as a god. Even in this world I should be. And yet I was classified as a total 100% freak of nature. Not a person could look upon me at my face and see my inner true self. I would simply be arrested for showing my face in public and yet others could go seemingly naked and receive ovations from cheering fans.

The thing about it is that as a man I have a very big penis, perhaps one of the biggest. However what use is it if I can’t get any action? Truly there must be a girl somewhere that can look pass my deformities balgat escort and accept me for who I was. I read in tabloids everywhere how size matters and I have it. They say even ugly guys can get chicks and I simply can’t. Even disabled guys and guys with a screw loose can get some girls but not me.

A few miserable lonely weeks pass and my mother tells me she finally found someone. I repeat over and over if she’s aware of my deformity. My mother says that she not only understands but also has spent her whole life looking for me.

I sleep restlessly that night, as I know I may finally get laid tomorrow. I try to picture what she’s like. I pray to God for some help.

The day arrives and I am both nervous and scared. If this doesn’t work out I know I will commit suicide. The girl’s mother comes up to the door and sees my mother and I. She looks at my masked face and smiles, something I quite didn’t expect. She goes back to the batıkent escort car where her daughter awaits.

Her daughter also apparently wears a mask covering her face. The mother’s escort us to my room as they leave hand in hand. We are alone, the girl and I, looking into each other’s eyes knowing for sure that we were destined for one another.

The girl wears a trench coat with a single belt that she slowly takes off revealing her naked body underneath. I look down at her lovely wonderful smile. Next she removes the mask covering her face and I stand still looking at the most loveliest pussy I have ever seen in my life. My cock stands at attention ripping through the mask covering my face. My coat comes off as we wrap our legs around one another as our mouths explore each other as our lip’s lock together in a passionate embrace. The moment my cock enters her lovely pussy our eyes are touching. The sex is unreal.

We both lay on the floor after over an hour of intense sex and I gaze upwards at my large elephant sized cock slowly growing hard once again. I smile and for the first time in my life think it isn’t so bad to have one’s sexual organs or any body parts in the wrong placement. And to think some guys are happy to be 6 inches. Ha!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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