STRIP Ch. 02

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Chapter Two – Cassi Capitulates


The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Chapter Two of a multi-part Naked In School story. The characters:

Father: Dick Treyshun

Mother: Cassi Fallopia

(Second marriage for each.)

Son (his): Rod Treyshun

Daughter (hers): Penny Fallopia

In Chapter One, Rod gets selected for a NIS program called Self-Teen Reflection Improvement Program, known by the acronym STRIP. Rod is nervous and needs coaching. Dick persuades his wife Cassi to play with Rod and him with her. Their activities are gentle foreplay. While Dick is gone picking up their daughter Penny, Cassi and Rod take their lesson to an inevitable but enjoyable climax.

The story resumes in Dick’s point of view, as he goes to get Penny at school.

To carry the story foreword with strong emotions and to expose the characters’ inner feelings, I change the Point Of View (POV) character in different scenes. A scene divider indicates scene changes and possible POV changes as well.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dick sat up straight in the family sedan, proud that he’d helped Rod get prepared fro STRIP, and proud of his wife for participating. She’d touched Rod’s naked penis, which rivaled his own, although he’d never admit that to anyone. And later that night, all excited about her sexual activities with her stepson, Dick was eager for a rousing romp in their bedroom, maybe the best this week.

Rod was a young man, with potential but without experience. Perhaps after passing STRIP, Rod would start dating. His daughter Penny, social as anyone, hung out in groups of girls and boys. To the best of his knowledge, she’d never gone one-on-one with a guy, although with her good looks, Dick was sure she’d been asked and must have refused. Either that, or some of those emergency cheerleading meetings or practices were opportunities to sneak off and-.

It was okay to think about Cassi teaching Rod foreplay. Hell, he’d witnessed it. But sexual thoughts about his daughter were out of bounds. As he pulled up the curb, Penny was in the predictable spot, with her predictable friend Bethany. They were very close, spending time at each otherÕs homes. Bethany was a mirror opposite to Penny in looks. Penny often wore short skirts and tight shirts, while Bethany always wore long, loose fitting outfits. Penny was light complected, not a bit of tan on her body, with blonde hair in pigtails to match her cheerleading cohorts. Bethany’s olive skin was smooth and flawless, her face framed by almost black straight hair that went past her shoulders. Dick had no idea what Bethany looked like from the neck down, despite the amount of time she spent at his home. Given her behavior, Bethany was a perfect candidate for the STRIP program.

From their demeanor, Bethany seemed dejected; head down, with Penny’s arm around her shoulder, offering words of consolation. She kissed Bethany on the cheek and ran over to the car.

“Does Bethany have a ride?” Dad asked.

‘She want to walk home. She’s got some things to think about.”

Dick decided not to ask. Penny wiggled in the front bucket seat, her bare thighs waving her short skirt. Dick’s reaction couldn’t be helped. With all of the talk about STRIP, having watched his wife handle Rod’s bare penis, and musings about Bethany’s physique, Dick was as horny as ever. Not for his daughter, mind you, but horny nonetheless. And seeing anyone’s sculpted legs bare, with the promise of what they led to-. Dick hit the gas too hard, jerked from the parking space and cut off a car that approached from the rear.

“Daddy! Watch it!”


Penny fumbled with the air conditioning controls despite the outside temperature. “God, it’s hot in here.”

She tugged at the collar of her t-shirt. The straps of her bra came into Dick’s peripheral vision.

His hormones urged him to lean over and look down, to witness her cleavage. Instead, he gripped the wheel and promised himself that tonight, he’d fuck the daylights out of Cassi. She deserved a reward for preparing Rod, and Dick, well, he just needed a rousing fuck.

The silence hung heavy. Penny broke it. “How did they choose the kids for STRIP?”

She canlı bahis flapped her skirt to allow cool air to flow under it. The flapping was so exaggerated she exposed her panties, pressed tight against her pussy. Dick was so distracted, she had to ask twice. “Bethany got picked for STRIP and I didn’t. How come?”

“Well, I read the brochure your brother brought home-“

“Rod got picked? Oh my God! What is wrong with those people? They’re picking losers!”

“Honey, you’re missing the point. Rod and Bethany aren’t losers. They’re solitary souls, without confidence or social skills. STRIP is going to fix those problems. And as for you? You’re smart and sociable and sexy-” Dick bit his lip. That last adjective was unnecessary. “I mean, you have self confidence, to dance and cheer in front of the crowds. People love you. You already have what the STRIPpers need.” STRIPpers sounded weird, but after all, they were going to be undressing. Dick wondered if the acronym or the words came first.

“Well, maybe Bethany was a good choice. I’ve tried my best to help her out. You know, give her advice. Introduce her around. But it never clicks.”

“Maybe, after STRIP, your assistance will get better results.”

“I hope so. But she’s scared shitless.” She put her hand over her mouth. “Sorry. She’s scared to death, with just the idea of taking her clothes off in front of other students. Her patents are so strict. They’re going to flip out. Why, I’ve only seen her naked a few times, and we’re best friends.”

Dick was curious under what circumstances Penny had seen Bethany naked but decided not to ask. It was probably when Bethany slept over and they were changing into pajamas. Bethany had always been an enigma to Dad. Pretty in an enticing, exotic way but extremely shy. “From my brief interactions with her, I’m not surprised she was picked.”

“I just hope she and Rod are in different groups. The idea of Rod seeing Bethany naked, and doing stuff! Yuuuck!”

“It’s all very closely supervised. And real sex is explicitly forbidden. The only stuff students will be allowed is what they’d probably do on dates anyway.” Penny’s face turned red. “I didn’t mean you, sweetie.”

“Thanks.” Penny clasped her hands and forced them into her crotch. “I feel kind of left out, you know?”

“Don’t be. You’re the kind of person STRIP is trying to turn these others into. You’re a roll model.”

“Really?” Penny sat up straight, chest out. Dick thought he saw nipples poking at the front of her blouse, hard from the cool air?

“Oh yes!” Dad struggled to repress sexual thoughts about Penny. “Don’t be too hard on your brother.” Dick’s cock throbbed in his pants. “He’ll need all of our help to pass STRIP.” Dick thought about Cassi’s help. Rod wouldn’t practice with Penny, would he? Nah, they didn’t get along well enough for that to happen, despite them sharing a room.

Dick pulled into the driveway and opened the garage door. Cassi’s minivan was parked on the left. After Dick turned off the engine, Penny grabbed her backpack and bolted from the passenger seat, her short skirt flying up, and her cheerleading panties in full view. Or were they her regular panties? Both were white.

In the family room, Cassi was sitting on the futon, paging through one of her fashion magazines. She had subscriptions to at least half a dozen, with issues scattered all around the house. Rod was nowhere in sight. Dick wondered how Rod’s training had gone, but didn’t press. Instead, he followed Penny to the front entry table. Penny finished checking for mail addressed to her and took a couple of envelopes. Dick let his briefcase and jacket hit the floor and then dawdled, watching Penny take the stairs two at a time, her ass shaking, her skirt swishing to and fro, her panties blinking in and out of view. In a moment, she’d be shedding her cheerleader outfit. Dick struggled to take his mind off his daughter, especially in any state of undress, and sauntered back towards Cassi. “Where’s Rod?”

“In his room.”

In that case, Penny probably wasn’t undressing in front of her brother. “So, how did things go.”

Cassi didn’t raise her face from the periodical. “Fine. I prepared Rod, just like you wanted.”

Dick strolled over, put his hand on Cassi’s shoulder and bent over to kiss her. She deserved it, for leaving her comfort zone. She kept her head down, focused on the article. She’d done what he asked, but obviously wasn’t happy about it. Only her forehead was available, so he kissed her there. His hand crept lower, slow enough for Cassi to intercept it and toss it aside. “Not now.”

Dick hoped that Cassi still had some sexual energy. He was horny as the dickens after seeing his wife touch his son’s cock, and after having his first lascivious thoughts about his daughter.

* * * * * * * * * *

Penny liked when the crowds watched her kick up her legs and shake her body. She’d felt her dad’s stare as she ran upstairs, putting extra energy into a special show, shaking her hips and wiggling her bahis siteleri ass.

Penny popped into her room. Hers and Rod’s. With only three bedrooms and their folks sharing one as an office, she and her stepbrother were forced to share. When they were younger, that wasn’t a problem. But now Penny was a young woman who deserved privacy. She figured Rod needed some too, especially if he was going to do guy stuff like masturbate. Certainly he wouldn’t do such things in front of her. She was always discreet.

Rod was laying in his twin bed along a wall decorated with science fiction posters and a large photo of Bobby Fischer. He gently thumbed pages of a comic book. Penny put her backpack on her desk next to her bed, under a wall covered in cork squares, each one filled with photos and awards and letters of commendation.

Rod wasn’t playing any music and was uncharacteristically quiet. She broke the silence. “What’s up, bro?”

“Nothing “

Which meant ‘something.” She crossed the invisible boundary between her side and his. ÊÊThe STRIP brochure was still on his desk. Ê”So, Dad told me you got picked for this.”

Rod didn’t lift his face. “Yeah. So what?”

“The what is, everybody’s talking about STRIP and nothing else. You’re right in the middle of the action, bro. Did you know that Bethany was chosen?”

Rod looked up. “She was?”

“Yes. And if you two end up naked, near each other, you be nice to her!”

Rod sat up, legs crossed. The comic book fell to the floor, joining a dozen others. “Do you think I could be mean to anybody, especially Bethany?”

“No, you’re a pussycat. ÊYou’re both so lucky.” Penny sat down on Rod’s bed. “I wish I had been picked.”

“You? Every game, you’re out there in your sweater and miniskirt, throwing your body around, showing off. You’ve got more self-confidence than anybody. Me, I can’t say two words to a girl without stuttering or running off in shame.”

Penny patted Rod’s hand. “I’m sorry. I’m so used to teasing you-” Penny glanced at Rod’s groin. “So, are you ready?”

“I think so. I guess. I had a little coaching.” Rod’s face turned pink.

“Really? ÊFrom who? ÊIt was Bethany, right? She told me she had the hots for you.”

Rod’s eyes went wide. “She does? You’d never know it by the way she acts. Nah, I’d never have the courage to do anything with Bethany.”

Penny was completely curious about who’d given Rod pointers about being naked with classmates.

Cassi poked her head around the door. “Hey, dinner is almost ready. You guys joining us tonight?”

Rod’s ears turned red. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Penny.

“Okay, well, don’t wait too long. It tastes better hot. You need your strength. And Penny, give your brother some space.”

Penny looked at the empty doorway and then at Rod. “What did Mom mean by that?”

Rod shrugged. “Maybe she’s never seen us in the same bed before.”

Penny bolted upright. “We weren’t in bed. We were just talking.”

Rod stood up and stepped on the scattered comics. “I’m going to wash up and go down.”

Penny plopped down on her bed. Something was going on, but her intuition was failing.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dinner was like a silent movie. Dad kept trying to engage his kids on school and their hobbies, but all he got were one-word answers. Penny wouldn’t say anything about cheerleading, and Rod practically ignored his father’s questions about an upcoming 3D science fiction movie. Cassi was likewise silent, and somber. Perhaps preparing Rod by touching and sucking had driven her into this emotional depression. Dick was confident that a ride in the sack would snap her out of it, and give him the release he needed.

When the TV got turned off and they prepared for bed, Dick shot an extra dash of cologne on his chest, the kind that Cassi couldn’t resist. Except she had gone straight to bed while he was cleaning up, and seemed to have fallen asleep. Dick’s cock throbbed, anticipating their nightly fucking session. It was almost painful to let his erection go down naturally, without the usual stimulation between Cassi’s legs.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Saturday and Sunday, the family members went their separate ways.

Dick played golf with his boss and some new clients, with whom they’d just signed a huge contract. Dick would be project manager, the focal point for all successes and failures. He spent Sunday in the office, getting ready for the Monday kick-off meeting, which he would facilitate. His mind was preoccupied with the extra responsibilities and working odd shifts, which helped him ignore that he and Cassi hadn’t had sex since Rod’s coaching on Friday.

Cassi donated her time to a charity group, making craft projects that would be sold in local stores. In the evenings, she played cards with her female friends. One of them, Bethany’s mother, brought up the topic of STRIP. She was outraged that the school would allow such activities, and mentioned that her husband, a layer, bahis şirketleri was trying for an injunction to stop the whole thing. When Bethany’s mother asked the other women about it, Cassi volunteered that her son Rod had also been selected, but then dummied up. She hoped her face didn’t turn too red.

Penny spent the weekend at cheerleading practices, in preparation for regionals. All of the other cheerleaders were distracted, talking about how all of the school’s attention was on STRIP, which started the next Monday. Routines that had been perfected over the years were blown. Batons were dropped and pompoms flew from sweaty hands. The coach was furious.

Rod attended a Star Trek marathon all weekend at a friend’s house. When his buddies pestered him with questions about STRIP, it was difficult for him to keep the secret of his mother’s coaching, but he did. Every time one of Kirk’s sexy assistants came by with a tablet computer for him to sign, Rod got an erection. Keeping bowls of popcorn and potato chips in his lap kept his secret safe. God, he was horny.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Sunday night, Rod and Penny dressed for bed. Despite all of their bickering, two traditions held for the pair: first, their beds always had matching sheets, and second, Rod wore his pajama bottoms and Penny wore his top. The latter was a tradition imposed by their parents, as a way to make them feel like brother and sister as opposed to stepsiblings. Rod rolled back and forth, unable to find a comfortable position. Their matching desk lamps illuminated their room.


She rolled to her side. Her legs were long and bare. “Yeah.”

“How does it feel when you’re on the sidelines, dancing and doing all of those routines? Aren’t you ever self-conscious?”

“You’re worried about the STRIP program on Monday, aren’t you?” She bent one knee, exposing her panties. The lamp cast a shadow of her breasts towards her stomach.

“Of course I am. Taking my clothes off in front of my classmates. Wouldn’t you be nervous?”

“Don’t tell anybody, but sometimes in the middle of performing a routine, I picture myself naked.”

“Really?” Rod prayed for Penny to unbutton his top and expose some cleavage, but her arm remained at her side.

“Yes. And sometimes I pretend the students in the bleachers are naked.”

“Does that get you, you know, horny?” Rod’s cock was stiffening. What if Penny noticed?

“It must be in our DNA. You hear Mom and Dad going at it every night, right? Well, I get horny a lot, especially when they’re noisy.”

“So what do you do about it? You’re not seeing anybody, at least that I know of.”

“Nah, most of the guys in school would drop their pants for me if I just hinted. Hell, they’d do it for any cheerleader, not just me. That’s the problem. I want my first sex with a guy to be meaningful. But the urge gets pretty strong sometimes, that’s for sure.”

“Me too. I use my hand. So, what, you use your fingers?”

“No, I’ve got something even better.” Penny got on her knees and bent over to fetch something from between her bed and the wall. The pajama top rode up, Penny’s round ass tightly packed into her thin panties. She turned back and held up a short purple plastic penis. “Bethany and I bought matching ones at the adult book store. You know, the one along the ‘L’ tracks downtown?”

Rod’s cock was longer than that when he was half-erect. “And how does it feel?”

“How do you think, numb-nuts? How does it feel when you jack off?”

Rod’s voice dropped. “Pretty damn good.” Not as good as when he plunged into his mother’s vagina. “So when do you-“

“In the shower sometimes.” Penny sat up, legs crossed. There was a dark shadow between her thighs, so Rod couldn’t see Penny’s panties form-fit across her pussy.

“Me too! It’s the only place a person can get any privacy.”

“And sometimes in bed.” Penny aimed the plastic penis at her crotch.

Rod wanted to shove his hand into his pajamas and stroke himself to Penny’s show. “When I’m here?”

“After you’re asleep.” Penny’s hand moved back and forth. She was touching her privates with the plastic prick.

“Or you think I’m asleep. I hear you sometimes, moaning. Do you want to? I mean, now?”

“Are you kidding?” Penny took the plastic penis in both hands and drove it deep into the dark recess between her thighs. “Oh God, talking about this stuff has me so horny.”

“Me too. So you’ll use your thingy and I’ll use my hand?”

“I can’t believe we’re going to do this.” Penny came up on her knees. “But we have to stay in our own beds. Promise.”

Rod had already promised Mom that he wouldn’t have sex with his sister. But the urge to touch her was quite strong. “Okay, I guess. Even if the other person asks?”

“No. We can’t be doing that. This is just about providing each other audio and visual stimulation.”

Rod shucked off his pajama bottoms, to give Penny some of that visual stimulation. He was fully erect, his cock throbbing in anticipation of some physical reward. “How’s this? Does this make you hornier?”

Penny stopped touching herself. “God! You’re huge.”

The words came out too easy. “Mom says Dad and I are about the same size.”

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