Student with Gill Ch. 02

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Me and Gill are in the kitchen cooking. I’m in my usual jeans and t-shirt combination while she is wearing one of my shirts over her white vest top and some tight jeans. It’s all going well until I drop some pasta sauce on my t-shirt.

“Oh, Jon, that’s going to have to go in the wash now, take it off.”

“I’ve got messy hands though.”

“Ok, come here,” I walk over to her “arms up,” and she strips my t-shirt off over my head, baring my chest.

“Now, get on with it, I want dinner sometime tonight.” I stuff my shirt into the washing machine and go back to cooking.

Gill puts down her pot too heavily and water splashes out everywhere, soaking her trousers. Before I could laugh at her, or even say anything, she unzipped them and peeled them off over her tight ass to reveal small white panties. Just then the phone went and she answers it while I try to calm down. It’s just a cooking accident, I thought, it doesn’t mean anything.

She comes back to the table and starts to mix vigorously. The mixture splatters out over my jeans.

“I’ll go and change,” I told her.

“Nonsense, I want my dinner. Get your jeans off and start cooking.”

Slowly I pulled my jeans off and put them into the washing machine. She wasn’t watching but I was conscious of the fact I was just wearing underwear and Gill’s long legs were very sexy. She bent over to put something in the oven, her sexy round ass sticking up in the air, and I started to get hard.

As she worked my shirt slipped off her shoulders and rested on her arms. I was so distracted by her that I knocked over a glass of orange juice.

Immediately I look for a towel but there are none around. I turn back to Gill and she throws something at me.

“Here, use this,” she said as I caught her white, lacy bra. I got an immediate erection as I fondled her 36E cups. I hid behind the table as I wiped up the spillage because my boxers were tenting very visibly.

Some of Gill’s mix flicked off and landed on her bare midriff between her panties and her vest top. She looked down at it and then pulled her top up until the curves of her breasts were visible. Then she used one finger to scrape it off her and then licked and sucked on that finger.

Once she’d finished with the mixing bowl she took it to the sink and started to fill it with water. Suddenly the water blasted out and completely soaked her white top. She turned round and I saw that it had gone see through, her dark nipples clearly visible.

“Well, escort ataşehir it isn’t much use anymore” she commented as she stripped the soaking material from her sexy body and stood topless in front of me. She looked down at my huge erection and flicked sauce at me. “You’re going to have to take those off now.” She sat up on the table, her legs spread and watched me. When I hesitated she fondled her breasts and slid a hand down her pants.

I pulled off my boxers and Gill picked up a can of squirty cream. She covered her nipples and all over her tits with cream. I climbed up onto the table and started to lick it from her. I fastened my lips around her nipples and she started to moan and groan.

“Ohh Jon, mmm, oh yeah, ohh, ohh, oh yeah. Mmmm, mmmahhh, ohh Jon, you’re making me so horny. Ohh, oh yeah, ohh, I think I’m going to cum.” Her hands moved furiously in her panties. “Ohh, oh yes!”

Gill picked up the cream and slipped off the table. She covered my erect penis in cream and started to lick it.

“Mmm, mmm, oh yeah this tastes so good, mmm, mmmm,” she hummed as she took me in her mouth. She used her hands to caress my balls and shaft as she popped the head in and out of her lips. Then she slid all the way on, playing her tongue all over my cock, taking 8 inches into her mouth. My balls tightened and I ejaculated into her mouth. She withdrew and my cum covered her face and ran down her titties.


Gill was a bit nervous about her teaching so she asked me if I’d be a pretend class for her to practice on. We made a mock classroom in the living room and she changed into her teaching outfit – a short black skirt, stockings and a white blouse that hugged her figure. She was the kind of teacher you’d have wet dreams about.

First off it was numeracy and I sat at my desk while she was writing on the board. She dropped her pen and bent over from the hips to get it. This caused her skirt to ride up and over her fantastic pert ass revealing her red and white panties. I was quite turned on by this and I felt my cock start to harden. Gill looked over at me and drew a cylinder on the board. She reached into her desk and pulled out a model one.

“This one is about 9″ long”, she stroked and caressed the cylinder. She sat down at her desk and her legs gently caressed each other as she rubbed her claves and thighs together. Her skirt showed off her thighs all the way to the tops of her stockings. “Now it’s your turn to come out and draw one on the kadıköy escort bayan board” she told me as she sucked on her finger seductively.

As I got up she dropped the pen again and bent over, right in front of me. Then she backed her ass onto my crotch and my hard cock nestled between her bum cheeks as she rubbed herself over my crotch. Straightening up she turned to face me.

“Was that you sticking something hard into my bottom just then? That’s so bad that I’m going to have to spank you. Bend over your desk now!” She spanked me five times, her middle finger lingering between my legs. My cock was now painfully erect as I sat back down.

Gill leaned over my desk to see my work and her blouse fell open enough for me to see her bra and her huge cleavage. She sat on my desk and let her foot dangle in my lap. Then she started to rub my crotch with her foot. I was very close to cumming when she stopped and got up.

“Time for PE now. If you haven’t got your kit you’ll have to do it in your underwear.” As I started to strip off she sat on her desk and rolled her stockings slowly down her long, smooth legs.

When I was in just my boxers she told me that because the class had been so naughty she was keeping us in today to watch a video instead. I sat back at my desk and Gill sat behind me to start the film. It was an old sex education film that was dry and boring. I glanced behind me and saw that Gill was undoing buttons on her blouse. Then I heard moaning from the video and turned forwards again to see that it had turned into a modern porno and Aria Giovanna was being taken from behind, with her face and swinging tits near the camera.

Suddenly I felt Gill’s hands tracing across my chest and playing with my nipples. Her hands started to work down towards my crotch when the film ended. She switched on the lights and I saw that she had taken off her blouse and was wearing just her bra.

“Ok, today’s lesson is about these” she used her cane to point to a picture of breasts that appeared on the board. “Breasts, bosoms, boobies, tits, mammaries, whatever you want to call them.” She went on to explain about bra sizes, demonstrating on her own bust where to put the tape measure.

“Now, come and have a go at measuring mine,” she came up to my desk and handed me the tape measure. I wrapped it round her tits, my hands brushing over her bra. She was a 36E. Gill pushed away the desk and knelt in front of me. “Now, you’d better have a good feel of them escort bostancı to see what they’re like.”

I ran my hands across her bra and squeezed her breasts. I used my fingers to play around her nipples until I could feel them erect through the fabric of her bra. She reached into my boxers and pulled out my erect cock.

“I think I need to sharpen your pencil a bit.” Gill picked up my pencil and a pencil sharpener. Lifting the bottom of her bra slightly she let my cock slide up into her cleavage, trapped by the bra. Then she started to slide the pencil in and out of the sharpener whilst moving up and down, rubbing my cock between her tits.

She stood up again and moved away.

“Now, breasts are often best displayed from underneath a girl as it allows them to hang down beneath her. You can then grasp them firmly or play with her nipples or even watch them bounce and swing as you slide your cock into her pussy.” She turned side on and bent over. Then she stripped off her skirt and beckoned to me.

“Jon, come and stand behind me with your hands on my hips.” I did as I was told and found my erect cock very close to her bum.

“Now,” she took a step back to grind her ass into my cock, “reach over and unhook my bra.” As I did her breasts sprung free and hung below her. “Now reach your hands round and feel my tits, oh yes, that’s it, feel them good! Now move round the side to get a good look at them and then fondle me some more. Ohh, ohh, oh yes that’s good. Feel your teacher’s titties, oh yes, grope me hard. Ohh, ohh, oh yes! Go and lie on that table and I’ll show you another use for my breasts.”

I lay on the table and Gill came over and walked up in between my legs. Then she knelt down so that her tits were level with my cock and enveloped it in them. She pumped my cock up and down, using my precum to let it slide through her tits.

Suddenly she got up and I sat back in my chair. She picked up a vibrating dildo and came back over. Turning away from me she bent over stripping her panties off so that I got a good view of her tight ass and her cunt lips. Then she climbed onto the table and slowly pushed the vibrator into her pussy. Her back arched and she managed to gasp out “this part, ahh, oh yeah, is an investigation, oh yeah, you, mmmahhh, get to play with my titties. Use them, oh yes, however you like ahh.”

I pinched and sucked her nipples making them hard as bullets. Then I climbed onto her and she held her boobs together for me to fuck. “Oh yes Jon, that’s it, fuck my titties. Ohh you’re so good, ohh yes, I want you to cum all over my hard nipples Jon, mmm, ohhh, I’m going to give you an A* for this class, oh yes!” I slid into her velvety cleavage and fucked her tits until I came all over her chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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