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STUDY MOM: How to Motivate a HighSchool Senior


Author’s Note: All characters in this story at are least 18 years of age, and, even in role play, are “playing” characters at least 18 years of age.


It was weird, no doubt. But it was also the longest, hottest walk of my life.

I was newly 18 at the time, and, honestly, I barely remember how the conversation even began. Mom and I were talking about schoolwork, and studying, etc… Then she started talking about rewards, and things that might help me focus. Offering me cash, or movie tickets, or letting me borrow the car if she quizzed me and I did particularly well after a study session. You know, pretty standard parent stuff. Then, still looking for more ideas, Mom said something ridiculous like, “well, I know teenaged boys are obsessed with girls and sex and the like; maybe we could use that too.” At which point, I did something no one should ever do, I laughed at my mom.

She got mad, fast. I didn’t mean it as an insult, but as I saw her face grow more serious the laughter inside me died a horrible death and began to be replaced with a deep sense of “oh shit”. I managed to gather myself, and present a defense of my laughing, pointing out that; “Come on Mom, it’s not like you can offer me… A blowjob if I do really well or something! I think we can agree that Dad wouldn’t approve.” I added lightheartedly. But Mom just sat there, serious, if no longer furious, and replied, “Oh really…”

And, I know it’s wrong, but the way she said it was kind of hot. I felt a little flush of heat go through me as we sat there on my bed together, aware of how alone we were in my room. And as the tension grew and I began to fear that she would notice the line of a bulge that had begun to tent my pants, Mom grabbed a hoodie off a nearby chair and said, “Take a walk with me.”

And just like that, she started for the door, and I was left to scramble for shoes and a coat of my own so I could dash after her.

As Mom moved through the living room she called to dad that she and I were going for a walk so we could have a serious talk about my behavior and schoolwork. I shot a look at my dad, utterly confused as to what was happening, but he just gave a look back that said he was glad he wasn’t me and went right back to watching television.

When we actually got outside, Mom didn’t slow, she was walking… somewhere. I mean, where, I had no fucking idea, but she appeared to be pretty determined to get there fast, and it took me a minute to catch up.

It was one of those nights where it was kind of rainy, kind of cold, and kind of crappy, while canlı bahis also not actually being raining and not truly cold. Just the kind of weather your Mom wouldn’t let you leave the house without a jacket for; and, true to her previous demands, Mom was at least wearing a jacket. I caught up to her, and was walking briskly along side of her, but she was silent and determined. I tried asking her where we were going. But she just said, “you know what we’re doing out here.” and kept walking. Now that… that had me blushing all over again, because the last thing Mom and I talked about, was me daring her with the fact that she would never… you know, go down on me… And her getting upset with me about it. So, there we were, walking down the street so she could, what… prove me wrong? I know it shouldn’t have been hot, but the cold air suddenly felt really good because I was burning up. I couldn’t help but notice how much Mom filled out the front of my hoodie all of a sudden. Or how lovely her eyes were, or how she walked with a little swish to her hips that was making it harder and harder for me to walk, the more I looked at it.

Suddenly Mom took my hand and led me through an alleyway. I felt like I was burning up, but in a weirdly good way. Like the best fever in the world that a person could die from. On the one hand, the suspense of her not, just, SAYING, what we were doing was killing me. On the other hand, it was so intense that I was way too afraid to ask after it again, just in case she crushed my… what? Expectations, hopes… maybe?

Near the end of the alley, Mom stopped me with a hand on my chest, and I thought for sure that she could feel my heart hammering to get out, from just that touch. I found myself thinking really dumb and simple thoughts, like suddenly noticing how freaking hot she was, or admiring that she had really full and sexy lips.

I know, and, Shut up. I was really struggling.

On the one hand, the tension was really thick, and, frankly, so was I. But part of me wished so much that she wouldn’t look down and notice that she, my mom, had given me a major hard on. But another, dumber part of me that had seen too much porn, wanted her to look down and be super impressed and turned on. Talking about how big I was and other such nonsense.

Instead, at the end of the ally, Mom looked up me from inches away and said; “In this part of town, at this time of night…” Mom began.

“I promise you, no one would look twice at a woman giving a little head to a handsome young man like yourself. So… if you study hard, and get at least an 85% or better, I’ll take you here, and then I’ll go down bahis siteleri on you.”

She stopped there, giving me an appraising look as if to make sure I was following.

“But if you get a 95% percent or better…” Mom said, taking me by the hand again and leading me outside of the ally. From there, she walked me down the street some more, just a half a block or so closer to the main part of town, and there, right by the road, she pushed me up against the wall again. “If you get a REALLY good grade, then we can do something a little riskier, a little more fun, and a little more public.”

She was looking at me like she was excited by what she was saying, and I had never been so turned on my life. I felt like I was going to burst with it. I managed to say something like, “but you can’t actually mean it though, right? I mean, not for real, for real”…

And when I said that, mom’s face lit up with a beautiful, happy smile as she gave me a sort of “I told you so” look, and, poking me in the chest with one finger she said, “I was hoping you would say that”.

And then my mom, very dramatically, slid slowly down. Moving to a kneeling position in front of me. She looked both ways down the street, (making me do the same out of habbit), and then she began to unzip my pants. It felt like she spent 10 minutes unzipping me, and when she was done, in that same slow, sensual, and deliberate pace, she reached into my underwear, wrapped her cool little hand around my cock, and brought it out into the night air.

Then she looked up at me, and said. “Now, normally, your mommy is a real slut when it comes to dirty dialogue during anything sexual; the filthier the better. But… this is a public place, your dad is back home waiting on us, and you know how I feel about talking with one’s mouth full”. At that, she laughed a little at her own joke and shot me a wink. “Maybe next time slugger… but for now”.

And just like that, I felt her warm lips wrap themselves around the head of my cock, and she pulled it gently from the cold misty night, into her hot and waiting mouth.

As blow jobs go, it was a bizarre mix of both filthy and clean. On the one hand, Mom was sweet, gentle, and quiet. She took her time, and gently slid her hands, lips, and tongue up and down the length of me. She build me slow and steady, never rushing; and honestly, she had me on the edge a lot longer than I’d like to admit. But as… and, fuck but the word is super accurate, “Motherly”, as it was, with its gentle care and pace, it was also kinda slutty.

Because Mom moved her tongue, her mouth, and her hands like only the very best of professionals bahis şirketleri should. She barely moved, but her tongue was all over my cock and balls as she made it dance with expert grace. Her every touch was intense and passionate, building incredible pleasure in a short period of time and never letting those pleasure levels slip. In short, she was fucking amazing.

When I told her I was going to cum she didn’t even blink, and I’m pretty sure I came EXACTLY when she wanted me to. Instead, as I was trying not scream out, “Mom I’m cumming!” she just smiled sweetly around a mouthful of teenage dick, and gently cooed, “Mmmm Hmmm”.

I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming, and Mom never let up. She’d moved to a faster pace, but she wasn’t “pounding it out”. Instead she just assaulted my senses with swift, smooth, and steady stroking, as she jerked me into her mouth and down her throat. I honestly thrashed so hard I hurt my fucking head, but it was SOooooooo worth it.

When all was said and done, Mom just stood up, swallowed deep, looked both ways again, dabbed at her mouth with a cloth she produced from my jacket, and started walking home.

I had to run to catch up, eventually… because it turns out I needed several minutes to relearn how to walk after the orgasm she gave me.

But as we neared our house, and I tried to say something other than, “wow!” I finally landed on asking her, if that was what I got for good grades on a test, what would I get for really good SAT scores?

At that, Mom finally stopped walking. She turned to me, still very “mom” in her demeanor (I guess some things never change, no matter what), and looked thoughtful for a moment. Eventually she said, “Sweetie, if you get into a good college, you can have anything your young, perverted little heart desires. Anything. So you could go for a boring cliche’, and ask for my ass”… Mom let that hang in the air for moment, making sure that I was picking up on what she was saying. And I promise, I was. I have never paid so much attention to anything in my life! “Or”… Mom continued. “You could ask for something crazy, like… I don’t know… Picking ten friends and having a private little graduation party where I’m the party favor”. Mom watched me blush again, her smile telling me that she obviously enjoyed my reaction to seeing this other side of her. Then, just to push the tease further, or maybe to actually clarify, she finished the thought. “But that’s your call kiddo. I mean, they’d be gangbanging your mommy, and I can promise you, from similar experiences I’ve had… that you’d love it… but it’s up to you.”

And just like that, my night was over. Mom turned and walked back into the house, calling out over her shoulder, “study hard honey”, just before closing the door, and leaving me standing in the yard, desperately trying to cool down.

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