Submissive College Life Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age.

“Julie Marsh, I asked you a question young lady,” Miss Bannister yelled at me from the front of the classroom. “Since you can’t seem to keep up with the rest of the class, I will see you after class dismissal!”

I looked back at the middle-aged woman with the stern voice and blushed. I had enrolled in this all girls’ college after I had failed miserably at my previous co-ed university last semester. My parents made me change schools, and decided their money would be better spent being around other women instead of struggling at the last school.

I have been here for a few weeks now, and all the teachers and the students were not as friendly as I had hoped. I was never one to have many friends when I grew up, and my personality tended to make other girls shy away from me. I never really thought much about men, as my mother brought me up believing boys were just plain trouble and pregnancy was a bad thing, and even my dad was just an evil necessity that she tolerated. And my focus on my studies suffered as I just wanted to be accepted by my professors and peers.

I looked around at my classmates, as I watched them conversing with others, while I knew they were all talking about me. I felt lonely as I had yet to meet any girls who wanted to even acknowledge me except to nod or just say hello as they passed by me. I felt lonely and isolated, and now I felt the burden of knowing my teacher was very upset with me. I tried to concentrate as I heard her tell us what our study assignments were for next week’s class.

The girls all filed out, some walking by me with grins and some pointing and making comments to their classmates. Much whispering was heard, unintelligible to me, while I could feel my tears welling up in my eyes as I waited for the classroom to empty out. I watched Miss Bannister begin picking up her papers and books and putting them in her briefcase.

I guess she was never married from what I had heard from second-hand conversations. She looked to be in her mid-40’s, wearing a black knee-length skirt and white blouse buttoned to her neck. She had piercing blue eyes, but otherwise she was rather plain and her body showed much of her age. Her face was somewhat pretty, but having never seen her smile, it still could pierce your very soul. She was taking her time, as if to draw out the fear that I was feeling inside of me on purpose.

I looked down, seeing the real me. At 24, I was thin but small in stature. I was always the shy, submissive type, which my mother often stated to me during the times she scolded me or saw how I acted around large groups of people. I was average looking, at least that was how I felt about myself. And now I was scared as I heard my name called and I looked up.

“Miss Marsh, come back to my office in five minutes. Leave your books and studies where they are when you come in. Be prompt!”

I sat and stared up at the clock on the wall, watching it ticking away quickly, dreading the final second that would elapse and the unknown of what I was about to face. I heard a faint mumbling from my teacher’s office, like she was talking to someone. But I knew she was alone when she had closed her door.

All too quickly, it was time. I fluffed down my regulation red blouse and plaid skirt, and walked to Miss Bannister’s door and knocked.

“Come in Miss Marsh. I pushed the door open slowly, and looked at my teacher behind her desk as she beckoned me forward. I noticed that she had now unhooked three of her buttons on her blouse. I saw the swell and hint of cleavage that I had never seen her show to us during class. “Come sit down please.”

I sat, waiting for my conference. I was scared and felt it best to listen and only reply if requested by her.

Her blue eyes ever piercing, she told me, “I have been very unsatisfied with your studies and your lack of focus in my classroom. We have high standards at this college, and frown on those who do not put their best effort in learning. I just spoke with your mother, and she told me that I should use whatever means necessary to assist you into giving me your best effort. I expect you to obey anything that I ask of you, without question. Your co-operation will greatly enhance your chances of passing my class and being able to graduate. Is that understood Miss Marsh?”

I felt it was best to do as she asked, and not upset her. I knew I could not afford to fail this time around, for the fear of disappointing my parents once again. “Miss Bannister, I will do anything you ask. Please don’t let me fail. What can I do to improve for you?”

As she watched me plead my existance, a wry grin now appeared from her. “I am glad to hear you say that Miss Marsh. You will do anything I ask, I have no doubt,” she uttered.

She then stood up, and walked around her desk and stood before me. I looked up as she asked me to stand up, and take the chair and put it next to the wall. I obeyed her and then returned and stood about two feet bostancı elit escort bayan from her.

“Miss Marsh, get on your knees and put your hands behind your back,” she said with authority.

I dropped to my knees, thinking that it was an odd request, and placed my hands over my ass. Then I looked up at her and stared as Miss Bannister slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. My eyes were transfixed on her fingers as each button was being slowly unleashed, and her blouse opened. I could see her white lace bra begin to appear, as she pulled her top out of her skirt, and removed it. She placed it on her desk, then turned around and while staring into my eyes, began to unzip her skirt. As the zipper was slowly pulled, it slipped down from her legs to puddle by her feet.

“Hand me my skirt Miss Marsh,” she commanded me. I lifted each foot covered by a black high heel shoe, and slipped her skirt off, my eyes now looking straight ahead at her panties, which were high cut and black. I noticed there wasn’t a bulge or even a stray wisp of hair sticking out from them. I then looked up into her eyes, and handed her the skirt.

I was stunned, there wasn’t any other word for it. Here was my prim and proper teacher disrobing before me. I watched as she pulled open the clasp between her breasts, and released her perfect breasts for me to see. I studied the beauty of her firm breasts, not too big, but with dark aeroles and little spiked nipples.

All through this, not a word was spoken by either of us. It was as if I was drawn into her beauty that she possessed that wasn’t necessarily seen in her face.

“Miss Marsh, remove my panties,” she said without effort.

My hands reached up, and touched her warm skin of her hips. I felt the smoothness and warmth of her skin. My body was shaking, and I also felt myself getting excited over the forbidden fruit I was about to unveil. I have been around women in showers and dressing rooms, but I somehow knew this was a totally new experience to me. My fingers slid inside the top of her panties, and I slowly inched them down as I would look up into her eyes and then down at her crotch constantly. Slowly, I could see the slit of her bare pussy began to appear. My fingers were trembling, as I continued the downward movement of her panties and her full beauty gained my attention. I slid them down her smooth legs, once again, lifting each foot, and soon was holding them, awaiting her next instruction.

She had that wry grin now, that I had seen earlier. “Miss Marsh, take them to your nose, and smell them.” I dared not to have her speak harshly to me, so I brought them to my nose, and her soft musky scent graced me. I felt like I was in another world, as I felt my body tingle. I could feel wetness clinging to my nether lips, as I was overcome by her alluring scent.

“Hand them to me,” she requested. “Miss Marsh, come closer. Smell where my panties have just been. I inched forward, until my nose was at her pussy. I inhaled, once again overcome by her scent.

“Lick it Miss Marsh,” she said. For the first time in my life, I tasted another woman. Her taste was a little tart, but not unpleasant. She was wet, as my tongue sampled the nectar of my teacher, savoring her.

“Stick your tongue in deeper. Make love to my pussy Miss Marsh, as it will be your mission to succeed in this class and the better you please me, the better you will be at succeeding in my class,” she commanded.

I ran my tongue through her lower lips, barely tickling my nose on them. I moved my tongue deeper, bringing it back out with her juices hitting my tastebuds. As my excitement rose both in my body and my pussy, I started to make quicker stabs inside of her. I would take in her flavor, and savor it.

“‘See that nub Miss Marsh? Lick it and suck it. Make love to it, you will become well acquainted with it in the future, as my pleasure will be your only satisfaction,” she told me as if I had no choice.

My lips rained kisses her on clitoris, as I explored my new found toy. I licked it, and nibbled it, as I heard her sigh with each pass of my tongue over it. It was enlarging a bit, feeling it battle my tongue on every swipe. And then, with one final jolt, I felt her release. I slid my tongue deep inside her, as she pressed her mound against my face. Her essence flowed into my mouth, as I hungrily tasted the sweetness for the first time in my life. She just continued her deep sighs as she slowly came down from her high. I ran my tongue in every nook and crevice, not wanting to miss a single drop.

She guided me away from her pussy, and pulled me up by my shoulders, until we were face to face. She then kissed me, tasting herself on my lips. The kiss was tender and soft, and when she slid her tongue into my mouth, and our tongues danced together. My breath was taken away by her hot kisses, and then she pulled me away, and guided me now down to her breast.

My lips surrounded her nipple, taking it in and savoring the texture and the bostancı çıtır escort little bumps with my tongue. I flicked it and nibbled it, as she moaned. She then pulled me over to her other breast, and I again took it in, and lapped at it like a little kitten drinking some fresh milk. I slid my tongue back and forth from nipple to nipple through her deep valley, smelling the scent of her expensive perfume. After I pleasured her breasts for some time, she guided me onto her desk, pushing the papers and desk supplies out of the way. I was soon lying prone on my back, allowing her to position me to fit her needs.

All this time, I was still in my school uniform, but she slid her hands between my legs, and grabbing my lacy panty crotch, she tugged them down and soon divested me of them. She climbed onto the desk to join me, and moved up to my head, and lifted her leg over me. She positioned herself facing away from me and looking down at my bared pussy. Now my face was scant inches from her pussy and ass, as I scanned her beauty close up once again. Then she descended, and my face was enveloped wholely.

No words were spoken as I moved my tongue back inside of her, craving the taste that I had already missed. She reached down, and her finger slid over the slit of my mound, making me wiggle and then she slid her finger deep inside of me. I worked her clitoris with my lips and tongue, as she began to do the same to me with her finger. I could feel her finger sliding with even more pressure and I continued to orally please this woman that I now really desired. We seemed to be in tune, her finger and my tongue, and the sweet music came to a crashing crescendo and my orgasm overpowered me, as my hips raised off the table to stay in contact with her finger.

Then she ground harder onto my face, my lips sucking her clitoris now. She tensed as I felt her thighs tighten against my ears, and then her juices gushed into my mouth. I slipped back into her deeply, determined to give her the matching orgasm that I was experiencing myself with her expert touch. I rode her gyrations out, as I finally heard one final contented sigh as her legs relaxed. I breathed finally, as I think I had forgotten to so so since she placed herself onto my face.

We remained like that for a few moments, she was also beginning to breathe normally. I continued finishing up my final swipes to clean her of all that she offered me. She then climbed off, and picked up her clothes and began to dress. I put my panties back on over my drenched pussy, and got off her desk and stood before it.

She was dressed now, and went back to her seat behind the desk. “I have scheduled an appointment for you to see our college dean, Miss Riley. See her first thing before class. You are dismissed,” which were her last words to me as she went back to her paperwork and ignoring me.

I walked out the door and retrieved my books and papers, then leaving while walking on cloud nine.

I was on my bed in my dorm room, thinking back on what had transpired earlier to me. I was trying to study for the following day’s classes, but my mind continued to relive the experience with Miss Bannister. I was having feelings of guilt and wondering why I had enjoyed it so much. It was not just orally pleasing my teacher, but also being controlled by her that made my panties wet just thinking about it.

My roommate Kristy came in and startled me. She waved to me and went to her side of the room and sat on her bed. I wasn’t used to seeing much of her during the short time we have been sharing the same room.

Kristy was a bit younger than me, being 22. She usually spent most of her time either at classes or hanging with her fraternity girlfriends. She had an athletic body and played for the college girls tennis team. Most times she would enter the room after I had already fallen asleep. When we did pass, not much conversation passed between us except the usual greetings.

I went back to working on my lessons, when Kristy’s best friend Tracy walked in. She was the fraternity president that many of the snobbish girls belonged to, including Kristy. She would never acknowledge me when in classes or in the halls. She was older than me and tall, but her best assets were definitely her breasts. I overheard conversations where some of the students believed she became the leader of the fraternity because of the size of them. But as some of the other girls could attest to, if you crossed her, she would make you pay dearly. So I always thought it best to try my best to avoid her whenever I possibly could.

I was attempting to study when I heard Tracy and Kristy whispering, while they sat next to each other. Even as I tried to avoid looking over at them, I could sense that I was the subject of their hushed voices.

Moments later, I heard both of them get up and walk over to me. They were still wearing their school uniforms. Tracy looked down at me, then said, “Julie, how did things go with Miss Bannister? Not many girls bostancı elit escort get called to see her privately. Everybody who has been here for awhile knows she’s a dyke. I bet she took a real fancy to you!”

They both started giggling as my face must have turned red in embarrassment. Kristy said, “Oh, don’t worry Julie, we won’t tell a soul. Tracy and I were also wondering if you would like to join our fraternity? I know you haven’t made any friends yet, but if you would be willing to help us out, we could help you out.”

I wondered what their ulterior motive was, but I also knew that to stay on their good side, I should not do anything to upset either of them. So I nodded and said, “I would like to make friends. I am a little shy and if you could help me, I would love to join your fraternity.”

Tracy and Kristy giggled again. I knew they were up to something, but I just kept quiet and blushed again.

“Well Julie, we could use a girl like you in our frat. We would have to put you through an initiation to qualify to join, but Kristy and I think we would have the perfect position for you. Maybe we can give you a demonstration right here, and see if you would be able to join our fraternity.”

Tracy then walked over and sat in the lone chair that was in the middle of the room, while Kristy went and sat on her bed. Tracy told me, “Come over here Julie, so we can demonstrate what we have in mind for you.”

I went over and stood before her. She said, “Get on your knees Julie.” I did as she asked, then she began to open her legs and slowly lift her skirt. I gasped as Tracy was pantiless. I stared as it seemed my eyes were glued there and I was too embarrassed to look up at Tracy.

“Yes girl, we have the perfect position for you. The girls of the fraternity would love to assist you to assume the position,” she told me with a sarcastic voice.

My eyes remained on her pussy. Then she moved her hand down, and slid her finger deep inside of her. Pulling it out , she reached over and stuck it under my nose. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her finger, as it moved over my lips. Her smell was different that Miss Bannister’s, almost like mine. Her taste was definitely tart . She returned her finger between her lower lips, and slid it up and down as my eyes watched her movement. She then brought her finger out slowly, and brought it to my lips, urging me to open my mouth and taste her wet finger. My submissive posture and Tracy’s control began to turn me on. I looked up at her, with her seductive smile, and watched her place her legs over the chair arms. I could now see her spread wide open, almost beckoning me to her most private spot.

“I think maybe you should show her how well you can be a very good friend Julie,” stated Kristy from the bed. I was embarrassed to know I was in this position and I had an audience which was urging me on. And this audience would be around me daily sharing the same room.

“Okay Julie, let’s see what you learned from Miss Bannister,” Tracy ordered me. Then she reached down and spread her shaved pussylips, and a force beyond my control brought my face to her pussy. I tentatively stuck my tongue out, as she released her fingers and my tongue took their place. Once my tongue made contact with her, it was like I became a whole different person. I wrapped my arms around her legs, and I started to slide my tongue deep inside her. She raised up some to meet my thrusts, and then I brought my tongue out completely and slid it up and down, licking her fluids that now were flowing freely.

My tongue was dancing all over her pussy when Tracy gave me words of encouragement, “Oh you sweet bitch, lick me harder! Lick me you cunt loving slut!”

He dirty language turned me on more. My panties were soaked by now and although I wanted to reach down and touch myself, I dare not let go of her legs. I wanted her to like me, and if this was what it took, I was determined to please her. I licked and began to flick her clitoris, which made her buck harder into my face. She had only one goal, and that was to cum on my face. I could sense she was on the edge and I went for the kill. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and she let loose a low growl. Her nectar assailed my mouth, and I drank it with great desire. She continued riding my tongue until she finally shuddered. Then she just collapsed back into her chair, as I licked the reamaining moisture from her mound.

I pulled away and licked her essence off of my lips, when I heard Kristy behind me. “My turn slut, crawl over here on your knees and eat me.”

I looked over, and while I was pleasing Tracy, Kristy had removed all of her clothes. She was naked, her fingers diving in and out of her pussy. She had glassy eyes, and looked at me with longing.

“Go ahead slut, you know your position now, ” Tracy ordered me.

I crawled over, and Kristy leaned down and kissed my cheek. She said, “Suck my nipples. Come here doll, my breasts need some attention.”

I did as she asked, and reaching up, felt her soft mounds. She wasn’t very large, but her nipples were as big as quarters. My mouth took her right nipple in, and I sucked it like a baby does with it’s mother. Kristy cradled my head, holding me tight as I suckled and teased it. Then she guided me to the other one, and I was content to be here. She softly moaned as I feasted on her.

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