Substitute for Dad Ch. 03

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Continued from “Substitute for Dad Ch. 2” and goes back to the good old 1980’s in the glorious days before the proliferation of mobile phones, the Internet and always on communication.


It had been a busy morning after I had popped my youngest sister’s cherry and pleasured my spread-eagled mother in the kitchen I had then spent the last two hours helping my mother clearing the vegetable patches ready for planting.

I heard the telephone ringing as I finished drying myself after my shower then my little sister Maggie’s voice shouting out, “Mum, Lizzie’s on the phone for you!”

The handset clattered on the side as Maggie dropped it and then I heard her bounding up the stairs. I wrapped the towel around my waist and stepped into the hallway as Maggie dashed past into her bedroom. Mum emerged from her bedroom wrapped in her blue silk robe looked at me then brushed her fingers across my groin before grinning and going down stairs to talk to my older sister Lizzie.

As mum began talking on the phone Maggie opened her bedroom door and grabbed my hand pulling me into her room.

“Sean,” she panted still breathing heavily from her dash upstairs, “Quick while Mum’s on the phone!”

“What?” I asked.

Maggie didn’t reply but grabbed my cock through the towel and lifted her head to mine to try to kiss me.

“Wait, Mum is just down stairs,” I said trying to make Maggie slow down.

“But I promised to suck you earlier and we don’t have much time until you take Mum to visit Dad in hospital,” Maggie replied urgently, “I’ve been waiting all morning and thought we could do it quickly when Mum had her wash!”

My cock was responding to Maggie’s groping hand as she intended and encouraged her more, “See you do want it!” she continued as she knelt before me and pulled the towel away.

Gazing at my stiffening member Maggie smiled, “It looks so sweet as it grows,” she murmured to herself more than me.

“Maggie, have you ever done this before?” I asked in a hushed voice as Maggie remained still.

“Not really,” she replied looking up at me with a confused expression on her face, “Tracey said it was easy but I’m not sure where to start?”

“I can wait until we get some time alone,” I said, “Then you can take it slowly and decide if you like it!”

“Are you sure?” she replied sounding relieved.

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her softly on the lips and said, “Its fine and it will be better than Mum finding you with my cock in your mouth!”

Maggie giggled, “I don’t know what I’d say if she did?”

“Not a lot probably, any way she wouldn’t want you to talk with your mouth full!” I said laughing too, “Now I had better get to my room before Mum does come upstairs.”

I had just crossed the landing to my room when Mum put the phone down and walked up the stairs. She knocked on my bedroom door and put her head around it, “Oh Sean that was Lizzie on the phone she said Davey will pick me up to go to the hospital.”

Her gaze settled on my groin area covered only in my towel and still bulging from Maggie’s attempt at seduction. She smiled and reached out to run her fingers over the prominent shape.

“That reminds me,” She said, “I must buy you some bigger towels before your holiday. You’ll need one for the beach and a one for the shower, that one looks a bit small for you now!”

“The holiday is months away,” I replied having forgotten about the so called lad’s holiday to Crete, “There’s plenty of time to sort things out but we may not be going as Tony and Jimmy have dropped out.”

“Oh I didn’t know,” said Mum, “It would be a shame I thought you might meet a nice girl while you were out there!”

Maggie appeared on the landing, “I don’t think he wants to meet a nice girl,” she said emphasising the word nice.

“Don’t be cheeky young lady,” said Mum over her shoulder quickly withdrawing her hand from my groin.

“You just want him to find a girl to have his babies so you can be a doting grandma,” Maggie replied laughing, “With Davey and Lizzie unlikely to produce some sprogs any time soon Sean is next in line!”

“What do you mean by that remark young lady?” enquired Mum.

“Well, Lizzie now prefers women and Davey is going out with a woman older than you!” exclaimed Maggie sniggering.

“Don’t talk about your brother and sister like that,” Mum said trying not to smile, “As long as they are happy it is okay with your Dad and me.”

“I just want Sean to find a nice girl and settle down,” she continued.

“Mum, if Lizzie and Davey are going to see Dad, then I don’t have to go too do I?” asked Maggie changing the subject.

“I suppose not,” replied Mum, “As long as you behave yourself this afternoon and don’t argue with Sean.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to visit Daddy,” Maggie added, “But hospitals give me the creeps.”

“So you keep telling me,” sighed Mum then smiled and said, “Well enough of this idle chit chat I need a wash before Davey gets here and canlı bahis you have the ironing to finish young Maggie Mahony!”

Maggie groaned but went down stairs without further protest and Mum went off to the bathroom. I quickly dressed in boxers, jeans and tee shirt then barefoot I followed Maggie downstairs. I crept up behind her and grabbed her from behind making her squeal.

“Oh Sean, you made me jump,” she moaned.

I kissed her neck whispering, “When Mum goes out I’ll take you up to my bed and make you come again!”

“Why not use Mum and Dad’s bed?” Maggie asked.

“So you don’t have to wash the sheets again,” I replied, “My juicy little sister!”

Maggie moaned as I rubbed my hand over the front of her jeans and cupped her pubic mound in the palm of my right hand then sliding my left up to clasp her right breast. She leaned back into me pressing her bum into my groin.

“Will you show me how to give you a blow-job too?” Maggie asked with panting breath as my hands massaged her body.

“Yes, my beautiful little sister and I will show you how good it is to fuck in different positions,” I replied tweaking her erect nipple through her blouse making her groan louder, “Now, finish the ironing quickly or we will have less time to explore each other!”

“Bastard,” Maggie exclaimed, “You’ve got me all hot and horny!”

“And wet, no doubt!” I laughed and tapped her bum then went into the front room to read the Sunday papers.

About twenty minutes later Lizzie knocked at the front door, as I opened it Mum came down the stairs.

“Hello little brother,” Lizzie said as she stretched up to kiss my cheek brushing my stomach with her ample chest.

Lizzie was eighteen months older than me but over a foot shorter in height at only just 5′ and close on seven stones lighter. Her slight build exaggerated her breasts which although a 30″ D-cup appeared more like a DD. She had lost more weight over the last year so her face seemed gaunt but her chest maintained its magnificence.

“Hello, my favourite sister,” I replied and lifted her off the ground in a bear hug making her squeal.

“Put me down,” she giggled, “You’re like big teddy bear!”

I planted a kiss on her neck and blew a raspberry making her squirm, her breasts rubbing against my chest. I was sure I could feel certain hardness to her nipples which in turn made my groin tingle.

“Stop your beard is all rough,” Lizzie panted her breathing shallower, “And I can’t breathe with you squeezing so tight!”

Before I could make her wriggle more Maggie appeared and tugged at my arm.

“Put her down,” Maggie demanded, “I want to say hello too!”

Putting Lizzie back down I let Maggie hug her watching as their chests squashed together and suddenly having a salacious thought about seeing my sisters in a naked embrace.

“Well we had better get going,” Mum said breaking the spell, “Is Davey in the car?”

“Yes,” replied Lizzie, “So are Angie and Sylvia.”

Mum looked a little uncomfortable at the mention of Davey’s girlfriend Sylvia and Lizzie’s partner Angie. She had not taken to either woman and worried that they were both very possessive to the point of obsession. Sometime before Mum had confided in me that she felt Lizzie had moved from one bad relationship to another when she met Angie, which was something she rarely did unless concerned.

Lizzie glanced at Mum and said, “Don’t worry, Davey has insisted you ride in the front with him, I’ll sit in the back sandwiched between Angie and Sylvie.”

Mum’s face lightened and she shrugged on her coat before turning to me and Maggie, “I doubt we will be long, but if I’m not back by five o’clock you can cook the pie that’s in the fridge for dinner!”

Lizzie piped up, “Don’t worry about dinner, Davey and I are taking you out to the Forester’s Arms, Maggie and Sean can meet us there when they open about six o’clock.”

“Are you buying?” I asked cheekily.

“Only Mum’s, you can pay for yours and Maggie’s,” replied Lizzie with a smile, “You have loads more money than us!”

“Cheers,” I said, “As long as Maggie is a good little sister and finishes the ironing!”

“Oh shit,” exclaimed Maggie dashing into the kitchen, “I left the iron on!”

“Don’t swear Maggie!” Mum said to Maggie’s rapidly disappearing back.

“You’ll probably be swearing,” laughed Lizzie, “If she’s burnt your favourite frillies!”

“At least I’m not in them!” replied Mum, “Come on let’s get going before she has anymore calamities.”

“Now Sean you look after your little sister while we are gone,” said Lizzie playfully wagging a finger at me adding, “Don’t let her get into any more trouble!”

“I’ll have to tie her up and put her in the cupboard to keep her out of harm’s way,” I laughed, “Like we used to with you.” (This was a reference to a childhood trick Davey and I would play on her and she fell for it every time).

Lizzie stood on tiptoe to kiss my cheek and whispered, “I didn’t mind being bahis siteleri tied up it was the cupboard I hated!”

She scooted out the door before I could reply, then Mum kissed me goodbye and followed.

I had hardly shut the door when Maggie came back into the hallway holding one of my white work shirts that now had a brown burn mark on it.

“Sorry Sean, I’ll buy you a new one,” Maggie said sheepishly, “If you lend me the money?”

“Charming,” I replied, “Don’t worry you can make it up to me in other ways!”

“Even though I’m not your favourite sister, Lizzie?” asked Maggie with a slight pout.

“Who’s a jealous little sister?” I said and grabbed Maggie hugging her close and nuzzling her neck.

“Can we go upstairs now?” Maggie asked squirming as my tongue flicked on her neck.

“Have you finished the ironing?” I replied, “We should get it finished and put away then you can spend the rest of the afternoon pleasuring me.”

“It’s done,” she panted, “Just need to put it away.”

“And put my shirt in the rag bag,” I corrected her, “Come on I’ll help then I can get you naked again!”

Smiling Maggie turned and dashed to the kitchen to begin tidying away.

Less than ten minutes later we were lying on my bed kissing as I began unbuttoning first her blouse then her jeans revealing her plain pink cotton bra and matching knickers. I stopped momentarily to look at her body then stripped the loosened clothes from her. Maggie groped at my jeans but fumbled the buttons on my fly; I moved her hands and undid the buttons for her. Standing up I pulled my tee shirt over my head and kicked off my jeans and pushed down my boxers making my already hard cock jerk up and down.

Maggie knelt up and reached for my cock, “Tell me how to suck you off!” she demanded.

I wrapped her hand around the shaft and moved it up and down letting some pre-cum lubricate the foreskin.

“Kiss the end Maggie,” I instructed her, “Taste it first, then lick down to my balls.”

She did as she was told at first hesitatingly, “Firmer Maggie, it tickles if you are too light!” I squirmed.

She giggled, “So even your cock is ticklish!”

“Erg”, I groaned as she pressed her tongue harder down the shaft and around my balls, “Oh that’s good.”

Maggie flicked my balls with her tongue then licked back up the shaft before kissing the head again.

“Open your mouth,” I said with heavy breath, “Then suck the end!”

She did as instructed then began bobbing her head up and down without prompting. I groaned as I reached down to unfasten her bra. Slipping the straps from her shoulders I then cupped her beautiful titties and squeezed them as she let her bra drop to the floor.

A muffled moan came from Maggie, and then I pulled her face off my cock. Maggie looked up in surprise, “Have I done something wrong?”

“No Maggie, it feels good,” I said lying back down on the bed, “I’m going to lick you too.”

I lifted Maggie’s legs over me into the sixty-nine position, “Carry on sucking, kissing and licking!”

I felt her mouth move back onto my cock as I positioned her cotton clad pussy just over my mouth. Rubbing my nose against her cotton knickers I inhaled her aroma, and then licked the cloth where a wet patch already stained the material and pushed my tongue into her mound forming a camel toe.

Maggie groaned as I slipped a finger under the edge of her knickers and traced her moist pussy lips up to her clitoris. Using my free hand I pulled the material to one side and eased her lips open before plunging my tongue into the juicy opening.

Maggie’s head came up of my cock and her hips pushed back as her body reacted to my probing, “Oh Sean,” she mumbled, “I can’t concentrate on sucking you if you lick me!”

I stopped for a moment to reply, “Relax and you will get into a rhythm, and just don’t bite me if you start cumming first!”

I pushed my tongue back into her pussy lips and after a couple of second’s hesitation Maggie’s tongue pressed back down on my cock. Maggie adjusted the pace of her sucking and licking to my probing tongue then moaned when I pushed a finger across her swollen clitoris. Every few seconds I would slip my tongue out of her pussy and lick her perineum keeping a gentle circling motion around her clitoris with my finger. Soon Maggie’s hips began rocking back and forth faster, her head lifted up and she gripped my cock tightly as her orgasm built. I easily slipped a finger into her slick pussy and began fingering her as I rubbed her clitoris faster.

“Oh fuck Sean,” Maggie shouted her head now flopped down into my groin, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

I continued my fingering as Maggie’s body quivered above me then licked past her perineum to her perfectly puckered little hole. When I pressed my tongue into her arsehole Maggie’s whole body stiffened as a second strong orgasm struck. She made strangled cry then went limp sliding forward detaching my tongue from her tangy hole. As she lay across my body she gasped bahis şirketleri for breath my still stiff cock rubbing her shoulder.

She was silent for what felt like an eternity until I spoke.

“Maggie, are you okay?” I asked gently caressing the back of her thighs and buttocks.

“What did you just do to me?” she whimpered.

“It’s called reaming,” I said gently, “I should have warned you, and I won’t do it again if you don’t like it!”

“But it was my arsehole?” Maggie muttered, “Doesn’t it taste yucky?”

“No just tangy,” I said, “But some people don’t like it.”

“It made me cum really hard,” Maggie said with a hint of doubt in her voice, “I nearly blacked out!”

“Just like M,” I nearly said Mum then corrected myself, “Emily.”

“Did she like it?” asked Maggie head still resting on my thigh.

“Yes, she did and some other anal play,” I replied.

“What you mean buggery?” Maggie asked lifting her head up having recovered a bit more.

“Anal intercourse, is the correct term,” I laughed, “But yes she did like me to bugger her sometimes.”

“But your cock is so thick it must really hurt!” Maggie exclaimed wrapping her hand around my deflating shaft.

“Are you going to bugger me?” she asked with a look of fright on her face.

“Only, if you want to try,” I replied, “And only after preparing you properly.”

Maggie glanced at me with a slightly bewildered look on her face, “I’ll let you if you want,” she said meekly releasing my cock from her grip.

I sat up, pulled her to a sitting position and embraced her and nuzzling her neck then whispered, “Maggie, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to. Remember that it is always better if both people want to experience something.”

“Okay,” she replied seemingly more relaxed, “I’m not sure about having your cock up my bum, but I would still like it in my pussy.”

“And my mouth,” she added placing her hand back around my member.

“I’ll lie back down and let you suck me a bit longer,” I said with a grin, “Then we can try fucking with you on top!”

Maggie knelt between my legs to resume her sucking, kissing and licking of my cock while I caressed her neck and firm titties. I was soon sporting a throbbing erection and Maggie gagged as I surprised her by tweaking her left nipple.

She raised her head momentarily so I held her face and said, “Get on top of me I want to fuck you now Maggie!”

Maggie crawled up my body and sat on my lap trapping my cock against her cotton covered pussy lips. I held her hips and moved her back and forth letting her pussy juices seep through the cloth and mingle with her saliva. After a couple of minutes grinding I lifted her from the waist and told her to pull her knickers to one side and guide my cock into her pussy. She pulled my cock into position and pushed down until the head forced her outer lips open.

“Ease yourself down, Maggie,” I instructed her, “Feel the difference from when I was inside you this morning.”

Maggie sighed as she sank lower, “Umm, it feels nice,” she said as she slid down and ground her hips into mine when she reached bottom.

“Move up and down slowly,” I groaned feeling the edge of her panties scraping my cock, “Until you get used to it.”

“What do I do then?” she asked placing her hands on my chest to steady herself.

“Then,” I moaned, “You can ride me as hard as you like until I fill you full of my sperm!”

“Oh god yes!” groaned Maggie and immediately picked up the pace while I fondled and squeezed her breasts. As she evened out her strokes I began thrusting up on her down stroke causing her to grunt in delight.

Moving one hand down from her tits I pushed my thumb against her clit and her body responded by fucking me quicker.

“Sean, I going to cum again,” she panted but kept up the pace.

“Yes, almost there” she muttered more to herself than me.

My balls began to tighten then I felt the rush of spunk from my balls to the tip of my cock, “Oh shit yes Maggie!” I groaned and my body stiffened as I forced my cock up deep into Maggie’s pussy.

“Don’t stop!” demanded Maggie, “Fuck my cunt, I want to cum!”

I let out a strangled moan but obeyed my baby sister’s command, jerking upwards as she pushed down. As my cock began to deflate Maggie’s pussy muscles relaxed too making our combined sexual emissions ooze over my aching balls. Thankfully Maggie’s orgasm hit after about ten more squelching thrusts and she collapsed into a twitching heap on my chest.

Less than a minute later my limp cock popped from her pussy with an audible plop followed by a long fanny fart.

“What was that?” Maggie asked.

“Your fanny saying thanks to my cock!” I said beginning to laugh which made Maggie’s body shake on top of me.

Her fanny belched again and more juices oozed out this time coating my pubic hair. Maggie rolled to one side and snuggled into my arms as another belch sounded.

“It won’t stop, what’s happening?” Maggie said in a panicky voice.

“It’s just trapped air escaping,” I replied stroking her hair, “Sometimes air gets in when you fuck hard a few times, especially when your pussy is full of juices.”

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