Summer in the Pacific

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Part I

I thought being retired meant that you got to live the life you always dreamed of living; that’s why I always kept myself in at least good shape so I could do all the things I promised myself when I was old. Now I wonder if that was such a great idea. I weighed about one-seventy after four daughters and a son and I got everything done that I wanted to do in about two years and now I was back in my home I had been slowly rebuilding-or so I thought slowly-and was watching TV.

At least it wasn’t hot here; it was in my nature to move around a lot and after living in LA for thirty years, but now the only moving around I did was at six in the morning when I went on my run. I figured that after so many years that I didn’t need to finish marathons anymore and that one hour was enough. I wonder if this happens to every retired person; if they worked and or was a parent-in my case and-for decades planning their retirement and then have it end in two years. Then again most retired women had husbands to share it with and mine ran out on me nineteen years ago. Will wanted a son more than anything and I gave him four daughters that are more beautiful than I am by far and he didn’t care for a one of them. Ironically he left shortly after I got pregnant with our only son. When he found out about Jamie he wanted him and not me, but by the time Will came for him Jamie was old enough to say he wanted to stay with me instead of him. The happiness that boy brought into all our lives was more than I could have ever hoped for. That could be because I thought he was going to turn into his father and he did the exact opposite, but I think there is something else about him. It was starting to get dark outside, but it was wintertime so that didn’t really mean much especially not here. I was expecting the kids to start arriving for Christmas any day now.

Laura and Jesse were married and had kids now so I didn’t really expect them until the day of, Rosa was living in New York and her flight wasn’t until the twenty-second. Marie and Jamie could be here any time.

I got up and put the kettle on to boil when there was a knock at the door. I walked around the beam and looked through the peephole. I swung the door open and Jamie was standing in front of me.

“Hey mom,” he said.

“Jamie it’s great to see you,” I said embracing his warm body. “I didn’t expect you for a few days,” I said.

“Well I was able to get some vacation time and I didn’t really have anything better to do with it.”

“Now you know how I feel,” I said leading him in. He dropped his bag by the sofa and sat down. The kettle started to boil so I poured the water into a large cup with a tea bag in it. When it was infused I started sipping it.

“What do you mean?” He asked. I told him of my retirement and how exciting it was.

“I even thought for a moment about coming out of retirement and maybe applying at the Saint Mary’s in San Francisco, but I don’t really know how my old muscles would react to twelve hour shifts,” I said.

“Well I don’t really know what to say; I’ve only been in the mines for about a year and it’s pretty easy to get sick of,” he said.

“You’re not in the metal shop yet?”

“It’s not that simple; all the skills I have in metal are based on self taught experience and they require at least two semesters worth of training on a college level. I need money and time for college; so far all I have is the money and to keep it that way I don’t have any time,” he said.

“I’m sorry baby; when I was your age my only child was Laura and I had your father working so I could just leave her with the college day care while I finished nursing school.”

“Yeah; well the coal the mine isn’t too bad. The accidents usually happen on the lower levels and I make a point to stay away from there.”

I shuddered; the idea of losing Jamie in a mining accident was too much to think of. He was the only man left in my life. “Do you have any lady friends?” I asked.

“Nah; I’ve hooked up with some girls, but I never considered them canlı bahis really long term.”

“You know you can live with me while you finish school,” I offered.

“I’ll think about it,” he said in the middle of a yawn.

“Sounds like bed time.” I checked the clock and it was half past ten.

“Which room should I stay in?” He asked.

“Down the hall second door to the left; there’s no TV, but it has a computer,” I said.

“Alright thanks mom,” he said standing up and kissing me on the cheek. I shouldn’t feel so warm and happy when he kissed me, but who cares.

“Good night; I love you,” I called.

“I love you too mom.”

I dumped the cooled tea down the sink, turned off the lights, locked the doors, and went into my room. “Fuck it’s freezing in here,” I thought out loud. I started a fire in my bedroom fireplace and curled up in my comforters. I tried emptying my mind, but when I warmed up I really warmed up. I had the scent of Jamie on my chest and it smelled really good. I slipped my hand in my shorts and started touching myself. I tried to think of something sexy to masturbate to, but I was having some difficulty and I was having a bit of a dry spell because of it. I sighed and reached my hand up to my nose and it barely smelled robust. I rolled my eyes and tried falling sleep.

There was a tapping sound that was barely audible coming from the door. It wasn’t tapping against the door, but from around that general direction. I tried to ignore it, but it would stop.

“Ugh what the hell.” I threw the covers off and tip toes to the door. I opened it and walked to the sound that was coming from Jamie’s room. At least it wasn’t coming from the front door; I wasn’t really looking forward to fighting off an attacker. His door wasn’t shut all the way so I just peeked in to see what was up. He was sitting naked at his computer with his right hand moving in his lap. I gasped silently enough for him not to hear me. I didn’t look at him, but eyes caressed his body. I could see the tip of his dick barely protruding from the arm of the chair. My heart started pounding and I could feel the unfamiliar wetness flowing through my shorts. I slowly reached into my shorts and touched my clit. With three fingers I started rubbing my cunt from the bottom to the top and then slipped my middle and ring fingers inside. I focused on the ragged sound of Jamie’s breathing and the slapping sound of his hand.

I moaned silently and Jamie must have just thought it was part of the porn he was watching. I cupped my breast and squeezed my nipple pretending he was doing all of this to me. When I started to curl my fingers I heard him grunt and stop suddenly. I stopped dead and ran silently back to my room. I locked the door and went into my private bathroom. I flipped on the light and looked at myself on the mirror. My graying hair was messed up and the strap of my night shirt was coming off. I brushed my hair out of habit and fixed my pajamas. I shut off the lights and went back to bed. When I laid back down and ripped my shorts down. I imagined Jamie was holding me and slipped my fingers back into my drenched pussy.

“Oh god,” I moaned. I curled my fingers upward and sped up. I started licking my lips and hardened my nipples. My toes crunched and I climaxed for the first time in years.

My heart slowed down and I took deep breaths to calm myself. I brought my hand up to my nose and this time it was thick and musky. I wiped it off on my shorts and fell asleep in minutes after that.

Part II

The next morning I was smiling to myself in the kitchen making breakfast after my run. I know I should feel wrong that I touched myself to my son last night, but it was the most exciting night I’ve had in years. That’s why I so conveniently dressed in spandex thigh shorts and a flowing gray shirt that exposed my upper arms. I had the good fortune of not having spider veins on my legs or fat in my arms. I made a point to slim down my abdomen, but that only paled the stretch marks that having five kids gives a woman. My crows bahis siteleri feet were a little thick to cover up, so I just settled with some mascara and face buff; I thought lipstick would be obvious.

I heard footsteps and yawning coming from down the hall. “Morning mom,” Jamie said kissing me on the cheek. It’s a good thing he turned away so he couldn’t see the blood rushing to my cheeks.

“Good morning sweetie; how did you sleep?”

“Pretty good.”

I saw him lift his arms over his head from the corner of my eye so I looked at him for a second. Only then did I notice that he was shirtless. His skin was tanned like mine used to be and his long hair was flowing down the flawless skin of his back. As he stretched his arms I marveled as his muscles flexed and relaxed. He caught me staring at him.

“What?” He asked.

I thought of an excuse, “H-How did you get that scar on your shoulder?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, there was a small rock slide in the mine and a sharp one cracked me in shoulder.”

“What? Oh my god that’s horrible.”

“Relax it wasn’t that bad; it just bled a lot.”

“Alright, if you want to take a shower there are towels in the closet next to the bathroom,” I said. He walked down the hallway and I heard the bathroom door close and the water turn on.

“Damn it James when did you go from beautiful to sexy?” I asked no one.

I finished the french toast and eggs just as the coffee machine went off. I put two pieces of french toast and some scrambled eggs on a plate and poured a cup of coffee. I sat down in the front room and turned on the news.

I was about half way through a story about a high school band when Jamie came out dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. The shirt was tight and stretched over his muscles like skin. It was going to be a long day.

I mostly just stayed busy the whole day and that evening Jamie helped me decorate the Christmas tree. It was about eleven after a game of monopoly when he decided to go to bed. My heart started to pound. “You can sleep in my room if you want,” I said. He looked at me strangely.

Why the fuck did I say that? Was I so morbid that I would make a move on my own son. My beautiful, strong, sweet, perfect son.


“I get cold here,” I lied.

“Well sure I just have some stuff to do first.”

“Take all the time you need honey.”

Crap; I never call him honey; that’s what I used to call his father back when we were still fond of each other.

“Alright; I’ll be right in,” he said.

Whew he didn’t notice my slip up; though I wonder if anyone would. I smiled at him and went into my room and stripped from my clothing. I could never get away with the sleeping in the nude excuse because everyone knew that I hated sleeping in the nude after I my hospital visits, so I slipped into a black nightie. It was tight black panties and a transparent short sleeved shirt that was open in the front. I was starting to shake and for the first time it wasn’t because of the cold Pacific summer air.

When all was quiet I started to hear the tapping coming from the wall. I took in a deep breath and slowly tip toed out the door and down the hallway. His door was cracked open again so I peeked in. I could hear the lush moaning of the porn he was watching. To my intense surprise he was watching mommy porn. It was obviously faked in the movie, but I doubt that was the point. I slowly creaked the door open and walked in the room.

“Mom!” he yelled trying to cover himself.

“James it’s okay; you don’t have to stop.”

“What; you’re kidding.”

“No it’s okay . . . Can I watch?” I asked.

He looked at me strangely, but not disgusted. He sat there with the porn on for a whole minute before he nodded yes. I smiled like a child who had just been told they were going to Disneyland. I kept a smile on my face most days, but this actually made my face sore. I jumped up on the bed right next to the chair.

There was about ten seconds of silence before he pressed play on the computer. I looked at the bahis şirketleri screen for a few moments and found an older blonde woman being rammed hard by her big black son-yeah right. I wondered for a moment if it was even possible for dicks to be as big as what was being shown. Then Jamie started stroking himself again. He was just above average in size and it looked so perfect. I wanted to sit on his lap and fuck him senseless, but I don’t know how he would react to that kind of assault.

I could feel my underwear getting damp, so I got up slowly and knelt beside him. He looks at me for a second and slows down a little, but he doesn’t stop. I reach my left hand down my abdomen and start touching myself. He starts watching me instead of the screen and I reach my right hand out and start touching his thigh.

“Is this okay?” I asked


He stops and I reach his long hard dick. My heart was pounding so much it actually hurt a little. I touched him and I gasped at how hot he was.

“Oh you’re so hot and hard,” I said shakily.

“God your hands are so soft.”

I let out a small laugh and stroked him faster. The woman in the video was having her ass stretched by the massive cock of her fake son. I put a vibrator in my ass before and the first few times in failed miserably, but the next hundred times it felt amazing. I wonder what Jamie’s cock would feel like in my tiny ass.

He started to moan a little more so I took the initiative and wrapped my lips around him. I went about halfway down before he was touching the back of my throat. I inched down slowly until I was comfortably swallowing him. I bobbed my head up and down gradually faster until he lift my head up and off until I was looking at his face.

“Is something wrong?” I asked

“This doesn’t seem right.”

“What; no it’s okay. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“That’s not what I meant,” he said grinning.

I lifted me off the ground and carried me to my room. He set me on the bed and climbed over me.

“You know I’ve always thought you were beautiful and I never get to see you like this,” he said.

“Oh Jamie; you can do whatever you want to me.”

He pulled down my underwear and buried his face in my pussy.

“Oh my god; you’re making me so wet,” I cried.

All of my muscles convulsed and I ran my fingers through my hair. My moans slowly turned into little yelps of pleasure, but god it wasn’t enough it was an absolute tease.

“Jamie; I need more,” I screamed.

He came up and looked at me in the eyes with a pained expression. “Mom I don’t know, you feel so small and tight,” he said.

“It’s okay baby; I promise I’ll be more than fine.”

His hesitation melted away when he started sliding the tip of his cock up and down the slit of my vagina. I bit my lip and grabbed his perfect ass to pull him in. He doesn’t hold back now and he slips his fullness inside of me. I knees bend and my vision goes blurry as he thrusts inside of me. His hard hot dick stretches me out and sends convulsions throughout my spine. I couldn’t tell the passage of time nor anything else except for how good every part of my body felt.

“Oh fuck me harder.”

“You’re so soft and wet and tight. Here give me your left leg,” he said holding out his arm.

I swung my leg in his arm and he put it over his right shoulder, sat up, and pressed his palm on my hair and his thumb on my clit.

I could practically feel my lungs taking in the earthy musk scent coming from his skin. I was screaming at the top of my lungs as my body started to heighten.

“Oh god your getting tighter,” he grunted.

“Don’t stop; cum in me nothing will go wrong,” I begged.

He shoved deep inside me and I felt the subtle dryness inside of me shake and slicken as he came in me and then it happened. Those last few thrusts sent me into a toe crunching orgasm. My heart stopped and I screamed so loud that I could hear it echo of the walls a little. After a minute he rested on top of me and I buried my face in his long soft hair.

He started to soften and he pulled out. The pressure of his warm body was relaxing and long waited for. I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face, but I got tired enough to sleep about five minutes later.

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