Summer of Indian Aunties Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Exposed!

Indian nephew ‘accidentally’ exposes to aunt in bed

When I woke up, it was late, late afternoon – soon it would be evening outside. My lovely chubby aunt Taiba was nowhere to be seen. I sat up in the bed and yawned. I had a good nap. Slowly I started to remember what had happened before I had gone to sleep. How I had played with my aunt’s buxom body. And then how I had shagged myself against my mamani’s big, bootylicious buttocks.

Oh dear! I couldn’t believe I had the audacity to spank my aunt and then shag on her bum. In a hundred years I would never have dared to do such a thing! Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you manage to do some things that you would never do if you really think about it later.

I touched my shorts from the front. Yes, the material was a bit rougher there. Left over dried cum, that’s what it was. I then patted the area of the bed where I had slept, with my dick in contact with Taiba’s gigantic behind. Yes, the bedsheet had a small spot of dampness. You would miss it completely unless you knew exactly where to look for it and what to look for.

So I wasn’t dreaming. I had really cum on my aunt’s big butt!

I wondered if Taiba had noticed anything when she had gotten up. Did she wonder why her saree was a bit sticky near her posterior? Did she touch her behind and feel some wetness? I wondered if she had realized that her sweet, dear, innocent nephew had just masturbated on her body while she had been asleep.

It spoke to how close Taiba and I was that I didn’t pay those fears much thought. If she knew, she knew, so what. What would she do? She herself allows me to pet, fondle and grope her. My barey mamani Shaheen knows this and has even scolded Taiba for it. At the most, Shaheen would give us both a serious talking to and that would be that. Of course that was how I rationalized it to myself.

I knew in reality if it came out what I had done, I would be in deep trouble. I mean, touching and groping your aunt with her consent is one thing. It is playful flirting, or being “lovingly naughty” or whatchamacallit. Wanking off on your aunt’s ass is another thing. Taiba would be blamed for leading me on, and I would be ostracized. Or maybe I was overanalyzing this.

Speaking of Shaheen, I was puzzled by how casually she was touching my bum on this vacation. As I had said many times before, Shaheen was usually quite reserved and orthodox. Whatever fun I had with her, was on the spur of the moment or a temporary naughtiness. Yet … this time when I had asked her if she needed help with the dishes, she had patted my bum, and then said no.

Before lunch when I was going to sit on her lap (as she had ordered), Shaheen had placed a hand on my buttocks – to “guide” me.

When I had kissed her on seeing the biryani, her hand had again oh-so-casually patted my rear end. I could almost swear she was copping a feel whenever she placed a hand on my butt, squeezing my cheeks very slightly. And it seemed like she was touching my buns whenever she got the chance.

I know it’s hypocritical of me to think about my aunt’s behaviour, when mine is, shall we say, less than perfect. I am usually the one who tries to get away by placing a hand on their buttocks when I am hugging them, or kissing them longer on their cheeks than what should be normal, or placing a hand on their hips, or making suggestive remarks full of innuendo at them, or even sneak a peek at them when they are expecting privacy.

Neither Shaheen nor Taiba knew, for example, that I had gone through their closet and stolen a couple of panties from both of them the last time I was here. That I sometimes watched pornography and masturbated by rubbing myself against those panties. If someone said I sexually harassed my aunts every chance I got, they wouldn’t be far off the mark.

But still – I was the young, horny man. My behaviour, while definitely not to be commended, was expected. I was a pervert and behaved lecherously. But Shaheen was my respectable older aunt, and a conservative, orthodox person. So it felt strange to think she was the one groping my butt.

I mean, if she wanted to do something, I was up for it. But … I couldn’t be sure. Maybe it was just completely innocent. I mean, she could be just lovingly patting my butt, without any sexual context. This was so unlike her usual behaviour. She had never cupped my butt cheek before.

Getting up, I walked to the bathroom in Taiba’s room. I could have gone back to my own room, but I wanted to use Taiba’s bathroom. It felt naughtier. As I said, I am a pervert.

Once inside, I closed the door. I didn’t lock it though. I walked to the commode and lowered my shorts. Holding my dick in my hand, I began to pee. It was surreal, peeing in the same commode that I knew my aunt would later plonk her canlı bahis fat ass in. A few drops of urine remained on the toilet seat that I didn’t wipe off. I cleaned myself up, and washed my face. I exited the bathroom and walked downstairs. I was still wearing the same small shorts that I had been wearing at lunch.

I was going to go to the kitchen and see if my aunts were there, but then suddenly I paused. Then I slowly started to tiptoe downstairs. If they were both somewhere in the kitchen, unaware that I had gotten up, maybe I could eavesdrop again.

I was right! Both Taiba and Shaheen were in the kitchen, and they were talking.

“So,” Shaheen was saying, “Should I wake up Nazu? It’s not right of you to take a rickshaw alone this time. And then you will be taking a bus to Feninagar.”

“It’s the 7.30 pm bus, so it should be OK.” Taiba replied. “It’s only a half an hour ride, after the 30 minute rickshaw ride from here to the bus station.”

“Yes, but you know the bus … and our experience …” Shaheen trailed off.

I wondered what experience she was talking about. I continued to listen intently.

Taiba laughed.

“It’s the 7.30 bus.” She repeated. “I think my gaand can tolerate a few pinches. The 8.30 bus is when the labourers use it, and that was when you and I got our gaands properly assaulted last time.”

So that was the experience Shaheen was talking about!

“Well,” Shaheen replied drily, “Your ass should be used to getting molested, now that Nazu is here.”

“Aw, c’mon Bhabhi. It’s just harmless fun. Nazu doesn’t mean anything …”

“He’s a young man.” Shaheen warned. “And you are letting our newphew pinch your bottom, grope you, fondle you … would he dare do this to you in front of his mamu?”

“No, he wouldn’t.” Taiba admitted, biting her lip. “Then again, if his mamu paid more attention to my gaand, I wouldn’t need Nazu to grope me and have some fun with my peechwade.”

“Hmm.” Shaheen was far from being convinced. “Just don’t do anything stupid, Taiba. He’s a young man with normal sexual urges and you are letting him fondle your butt. Don’t lead Nazu on, Taiba. He’s a good boy.”

“I won’t, Bhabhi. It’s just harmless fun.” Taiba then grinned. “And what about you, Bhabi? After all, you let Nazu pinch and fondle your buttocks last time too!”

“That was a bet!” Shaheen replied indignantly. “And I never expected him to do it, really. I am still somewhat upset by it, even though I laughed then. I mean, he was always respectful to me – and then suddenly his hand was on my ass!”

“You were wriggling your butt playfully in his face!” Taiba retorted. “Of course he would grab it! You were practically daring him to pinch your gaand, and that’s what he did!””

“But I soon put a stop to it. Unlike you.”

“It’s just some harmless fun, Bhabhi.” Taiba repeated her argument. “I am not going to bed with him!”

“Well, you just did …”

“Oh. C’mon now, Bhabhi. This is too much.” It was Taiba’s turn to be indignant. “Nazu used to cuddle with us all the time.”

“He is free to cuddle with me even now as well.” Shaheen said in a firm voice. “But you will not see him fondling my gaand. He treats me with respect. With you … please be careful, that’s all I am saying. You are married, AND you are his mamani.”

“I KNOW I am his mamani …” Taiba murmured angrily.

For some time there was silence, and then Shaheen then decided to change the subject.

“And the rickshaw should be here in what, fifteen minutes, Taiba?”

“Roughly.” Taiba answered. “I am all ready though. Let Nazu sleep; he’s absolutely tired after travelling early today.”

I decided to prove her wrong about my sleeping, and enter the kitchen after exaggerating the noise of walking in the hallway, so they didn’t think I was spying on them. I greeted both of my aunts with a big hug and a sloppy kiss on each cheeks, and once again complained about Taiba going away just when I had come.

“I have to, beta.” Taiba replied remorsefully. “I had made this plan to visit my barey abba before I knew you were coming.”

“Nazu, go quickly and put some proper, decent pants on.” Shaheen suddenly turned to me and commanded. “I want you to accompany Taiba on the rickshaw and see her off on her bus at the bus station. I am not comfortable with her going alone at this time of the night.”

Left unsaid was what Shaheen had in her eyes.

If anyone is going to molest or sexually assault Taiba, I would rather it be you.

* * *

The rickshaw rumbled on the dirt track. I was seated beside Taiba, my body pressed closely against hers. Her luggage – a duffel bag – was at our feet. I had my arm firmly wrapped around Taiba’s waist, my hand resting on the bare skin of her belly. From time to time, I gave her love bahis siteleri handles a light, affectionate squeeze.

“Beta,” Taiba suddenly said, “I wanted to say something to you now that we are alone.”

“Oh, sure, mamani.” I replied. Suddenly, I don’t know why, but perhaps the tone of her voice with which she had said this, made me go full alert mode on. I moved my hand from her waist, patted her rear, and then moved it back to her side, grabbing her flab again.

“Beta,” Taiba seemed to be selecting her words with great care. “We have always been close, you and I. Perhaps you are closest to me than your other aunts, if I am not wrong.”

“Er … yes, Taibee.” I told her. I leaned in and gave her a kiss on her left cheek. Perhaps I pressed my lips on her flesh a little bit longer than necessary.


“You are the one aunt I feel completely free with, mamani.” I reassured her, and once again gave her an affectionate squeeze on her rump, making sure to grope her strongly. “You are really my best friend.”

“That’s so sweet of you, Nazu.” Taiba had a slight smile at the corner of her lips. “Although, I have to say, in the last few hours, you really have been very free with me.”

Uh oh. Red Alert! Red Alert! Incoming! What was my aunt saying? I remained silent, my hand on her waist, hoping she would continue. She did.

“Beta.” She continued. “I, your mamani, have always been free with you, as my dearest nephew. I told you this afternoon, ‘You are the one relative I love dearly, and who I know loves me back equally. If you want to hug me, just take me and hug me. And if you want to kiss me, just take me and kiss me.’ I did say that, didn’t I?”

“Er … yes, mamani. You did.” What was she getting at?

“And,” Taiba grinned. “I think you took that to heart. You hands have hardly left my body from then! My waist has been squeezed and jiggled and caressed, and my poor bum! You have patted my peechwade, played with my buttocks while we were lying down, pinched my gaand and oh, I even got a spanking from you today!”

“Mamani! I …” I didn’t know what to say. I immediately lifted my hands up and away from her waist. “I am so sorry! I was just fooling around … Taibee … Taiba … mamani! I didn’t mean anything! I am so sorry! I definitely crossed some boundaries there, mamani. Please forgive me. I …”

“Sssh!” My aunt shushed me into silence, and then placed her pudgy hand over mine. I looked at her in surprise. There was a twinkle in her eye as she then took my hand and placed it back on her hips. On the bare skin of her waist.

“Beta.” She placed her other hand on my thigh, caressing me there, almost seductively. “What I said in the afternoon, I mean it. If you want to hug me, just take me and hug me. And if you want to me a chummah – a kiss, just take me and give me a chummah!”

Taiba then looked at my eyes. Her face was lit up in a beautiful smile. I was definitely getting harder with our conversation, and mamani’s stroking of my thigh didn’t help. Also the fact that her hands were moving slowly upwards. Upwards, towards my rapidly hardening penis.

“And if you want to pinch my bum, beta,” She said, “Just say my name and snap your fingers. I will come, bend over and present my gaand to you. It’s yours to be pinched, patted, groped, caressed, or … hehe … spanked. You can do WHAT you want with my peechwade, beta.”

“Wow, mamani, I don’t know what to say!”

“Say you will spank me, beta.” Taiba replied. “Say you will pinch my gaand so hard I will cry. Say you will fondle my boobs. Say your hands will be all over my jism – my body. My taan, maan, badan – my soul, my mind and my body all belongs to you, beta!”

I was speechless.

“Beta.” Taiba continued. “The last few hours I felt more like a woman than I did in the last couple of years. And for that, I have you to thank, Nazu.”

“Mamani! I …” I still didn’t know how to react. This was happening very fast. I have always fooled around with her but I always thought of it as harmless fun. I dreamt, and fantasized about it leading somewhere, but I never expected those fantasies to materialize. For now, I just meekly gave her waist another squeeze.

“If you want, you can pinch my buttocks, you know.” Taiba told me. “Or squeeze my boobs.”

I merely nodded, not believing the conversation.

“When you spanked me today,” Taiba recounted, her hands now definitely brushing against my very hard manhood. “For a moment I was surprised. I was in shock actually. I mean, I was enjoying what you were doing to me. Your hands. Your kisses. I was feeling like a woman. Your squeezes. And the way you pinched my behind. I was feeling desired, and feeling beautiful and sexy. And then – WHAM!”

“I don’t know what got into me.” I confessed. “When I saw those buttocks bahis şirketleri of yours, even through the sari, and the way the sari kept getting stuck in the crack, I just felt I had to whack you on that big, fat ass of yours.”

Taiba giggled.

“And I hope, beta, you continue to feel the same way when I return in two weeks.”

There was no doubt now. Her hands were cupping my groin and her forefinger was tracing a path on my hardness.

“Mamani.” I leaned in and kissed her on her cheek. “When you are back, I will spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit. I will put you over my knees and spank your gaand with my hand and then with my belt and with your hair brush. Your big fat ass will be red with my beatings. And THEN I will show you what a true mard – a real man – does to a lady.”

Taiba squealed in delight.

“I can’t wait for this two weeks to pass so quickly, Nazu. I wish I wasn’t going away.”

“Me too.” My hands were now definitely squeezing and fondling her behind, and she was unabashedly stroking my manhood through my jeans. “And my darling Taibee, I will not let you sleep at night, Taibee. Be prepared, mamani.”

* * *

A beautiful aroma of biryani hit me as I entered the house. I had just dropped Taiba off at the bus depot and taken another rickshaw back after her bus had left. I shut the door and walked towards the kitchen. Shaheen mamani was there, slaving over another of my favourite dish.

“Ah, Nazu, you are back.” She saw me and gave me a smile. “Look, I am making butter chicken and biryani for dinner.”

“Oh, mamani.” I stood next to her, placed a firm hand on her bum, grabbed her by the waist, powerfully turned her around so she was facing me, and gave her a kiss on her left cheek.


She was now not wearing her dupatta, and her long hair fell to her big rotund hips. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her against me, this time kissing her right cheek.


Easy tiger! I had to tell myself. This is Shaheen, not Taiba. I once again turned to her left cheek.


“You are the best, Shaheen mamani.”

I then pressed my lips against her right cheek


“Hmm.” Shaheen winked at me. “And all these kisses are for butter chicken or biryani?”

“Not just for butter chicken or biryani, barey mamani!” I told her, leaning in for another kiss, this time again on her left cheek. “They are for you.”


“You take such good care of me, mamani. It’s for the things you do from the heart.”


“Alright, alright.” Shaheen was blushing. “Now let me go, beta, so I can continue. Remember, I am your Shaheen mamani, not Taiba!”

My hands were just above the small of her back. It took ALL of my self control to not lower my hands and firmly grab hold of those buttocks. Reluctantly, I had to let her go. I had to remind myself – this is not Taiba. This is Shaheen.

And she had just said that! The way I carried on with Taiba was an open family secret now.

“Let me change into something comfortable, and I will be right back.” I told her. “I’ll be quick. I love hanging out with you, mamani.”

And then Shaheen once again patted me on my rear!

“I know, beta. Whenever you are here you are always following us ladies around.”

Her hand was still on my ass! And then she again patted my rear end!

“Now go change fast.” Shaheen said. “I want to serve dinner – I am hungry!”

As she said the words “now go” she definitely cupped my left butt cheek. If I had a doubt if she was doing it on purpose, it was now gone.

I went to my room and stripped off all of my clothes. As I stood there in my room, stark naked, I glanced at the mirror.

Thank God for exercise, I thought, glancing at my athletic figure. Firm abs, good pecs, and a nice and tight tushy. And dare I say, a good sized pecker. I stroked myself, watching my reflection as I got hard, thinking about Taiba. I couldn’t wait until she was back! I was going to fuck her until she couldn’t walk!

Meanwhile, I had to force myself to calm down. This was Shaheen here, not Taiba. She’s the more conservative one. I know she didn’t say anything when I was kissing her, but I must learn to restrain myself. Some people pat the rear end affectionately, without any ulterior motives. Maybe Shaheen was the same. Or maybe …

What did she say to Taiba this morning in the kitchen? I now remembered.

“I love Nazu. If he wants to have some fun with his old mamani, then I will …”

The rest had been cut off as the ladies had emerged from the kitchen and I had to come in their presence.

“Oh, Shaheen.” I thought, stroking myself. “What were you going to say, about me having fun with you?”

I then remembered how she was scolding Taiba about being too free with me. A lady of contradictions – that’s what Shaheen was. Maybe, I tried to think it out, she had to present a conservative appearance in front of Taiba. But now that Taiba was gone …

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