Summer Sale Days Ch. 06

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Sarah hadn’t returned my calls for days. I drove by her place at least twice a day. Her car wasn’t around but that didn’t mean much. It was a Junker and it could be broke down or dead. Maybe that was why I hadn’t heard from her but that really made no sense either. If she was without transportation she might need my help even more.

I didn’t dare knock without calling first. I had no idea if she did regular business at her place or not, She did me there. If I showed up and she was working it would be the end of our very tenuous friendship.

It was the end of week two since we had been to Oakmont Circle together, the last time I saw her. I was pulling through the court and looked to the camper but there was now a vacant space. The camper was gone. I stopped my truck in front of an old rusting thirty-foot Coleman with a sign in the window declaring it was the office.

I knocked on the door and after being thoroughly interrogated by a weathered old woman regarding my interest, it was my honesty and a twenty-dollar bill that got me just so far. The Brooks’ had moved over a week ago, she didn’t remember what day exactly, and the camper sold to a local farmer yesterday; I guessed he was probably going to raise goats in it. They had towed it off that morning.

She had no idea where Mr. Brooks and his daughter had gone but added that they moved their stuff using a small van with the name Vandenberg Painting on the side. The phonebook at home showed a single listing for Vandenberg Painting. It was about twenty-five minutes south.

I had been setting in a parking lot across from Vandenberg Painting, Inc. since seven this morning. It was now two in the afternoon. It had taken me a few days deciding to drive down this way to check the place out. I was now thinking daddy Brooks might have just known someone who simply loaned him the truck to move.

About then the old dark blue Toyota Tercel I had come to love turned in from the north. Sarah was behind the wheel. When it pulled out. A guy who could be daddy was driving and Sarah was in the passenger seat.

I followed them back to Cape Coral and when they turned onto NW forty-fifth Place I pulled to the shoulder and waited. The car stopped in the driveway of the corner house and the two went inside. If he were Sarah’s dad, he would have been quite young when she was born. The man was tall and fit and shirtless.

The next morning I waited till after eleven and drove by. There were no cars. I pulled in the driveway escort bostancı and felt my ankle, making sure my gun was there. I took it out and slipped it in my front pocket. When I knocked on the front door there was no answer. I waited and knocked harder and longer, still no answer.

I ditched my truck two blocks away next to a canal fishing spot and walked back. I circled the house and found a rear slider unlocked. I opened it and called out. The big dog stood from his lounging spot in the kitchen next to his big chrome food dish. I had forgotten about the dog. It didn’t growl or bark though, that was a good sign but it walked over to me and sniffed my leg.

Almost as if he remembered me, He turned and went back to his special place and flopped down laying his head on top of his empty bowl. Maybe he remembered that he got hamburger when I visited?”

I finally got up the nerve to go inside and look around. The place was a dump. It was a fairly new construction, maybe fifteen-years old, but not so well cared for. The Cape had developed a lot of these after the bubble busted. All of the rooms were shy of enough furniture. There were dirty pans on the stove, dirty dishes in the sink, and cleaner ones in a strainer setting on the counter. Down the hallway there were two bedrooms. One was nothing more that a mattress on the floor and men’s clothes scattered around. The next one was furnished a bit better, single bed that was made up, everything in order but still modestly done; Sarah’s room.

I had been waiting around for about an hour, not knowing why, when a car pulled in the drive. I decide to hide out in Sarah’s closet. If it weren’t her, the new arrival would have no reason to be in there. If it was her, I at least had an arguable chance. I pulled my pistol just in case. I slipped behind louvered doors and waited.

Sarah walked into her room and sat on the end of the bed. She looked tired. She was in sandals and a short yellow sundress. She reached her hands over her head and caught the zipper and lowered it. She pulled the top of the dress down over her shoulders. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts showed signs of small bruises or maybe bite marks. She picked up her purse and opened it. She removed the missing bra and dropped it on the floor then she pulled out a pair of panties. When she stood, she lowered the dress and let it fall. She was nude and her inner thighs and abdomen was smeared with the remnants of someone’s sexual ümraniye escort climax. She had come home from where ever she had been without her underwear. I suspected she had been gone all night.

She left and went down the hall, likely to the bathroom and then I heard the shower come on. I waited. She must have stood and soaked under the hot water a long time. When she returned she looked minimally better. She sat back onto the bed and let a towel fall away. She held a tube of something in her hands. She removed the cap and squeezed some onto the middle fingers of her right hand and spread her legs wide. Her labia were swollen and red. The inside of her thighs looked like she had developed a rash. She began to rub the cream on her legs and over her sex; she was leaning back on one elbow. That task done, she added more cream on her fingers and lay back on the bed and rolled to her stomach. She spread her legs and ran those fingers down the crack of her ass and concentrated on her anal ring. Finally, she crawled up on her bed and closed her eyes, wanting asleep to come.

I wanted to wait, to make sure she was out good before I tried to leave. But whatever was causing it she slept uneasy. She rolled and tossed constantly.

Some time later the front door opened and there was someone milling around the house. Then there was a man standing in Sarah’s room. He was about my size but tanned like a construction worker. He was shirtless, wearing only shorts. He looked to be no more that forty.

“Hey.” He said and Sarah stirred. He picked up her purse and looked inside and then he dumped the contents on the floor. “Where is it?” He asked.

“My dress.” She answered without moving. He picked up the dress and searched for a pocket. He removed a number of folded bills and stuffed them in his shorts.

He looked at her, lying there nude on the bed. After her shower and a nap she was starting to look her long lean lovely self again. He loosened his shorts and let them fall. He pealed down his briefs and climbed onto the bed. “Turn over.”

Sarah simply rolled onto her back. I was in a bit of shock. When she saw he had undressed she put her arms around his shoulders and slowly raised her legs for him.

He held his cock and guided it into her. She moaned as he sank himself into her. There was to be no romance between these two; no passions, only sex. He was very well equipped. He took her without ceremony and she clung to him and pulled herself up to him. kartal escort bayan They fucked each other with a familiarity absent in her other encounters. They fucked for twenty minutes and she was becoming aggressive trying to ride him, She had hooked her ankles around his waist and he was thrusting long deep strokes into her. They were both grunting. Her head was buried in the crook of his neck. He had his hands under her and grasping her ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck Chris.” She was calling him by name. “Fuck me, Chris.”

“I’m going to cum,” He said.

“Stay in me.” She said. “I love to feel it when you cum in me.”

“No.” he said. And he pulled back but she held her legs tight and he remained inside of her. He grabbed her leg and pulled it free and she whimpered as she fell back to the bed causing her vagina to release the invader.

She rolled him onto his back and she dropped her mouth to him and I watched his entire shaft slide down her throat. He grasped her head with both hands and she stayed on him and let him hump into her mouth. He began to flex his hips and she was gulping on his rod and he was letting his seed flow. He pumped and grunted sperm into her seven or eight times and she was taking all of him.

And just as it started, it ended and he rose up and grabbed his shorts. When dressed he moved over and sat on the bed. His hand found her ass cheek and he patted it softly and with obvious affection. Now I see where she gets that move. “Get a move on.” He said. “You’ve got fifteen minutes. We’re meeting my brother for dinner.”

As the car finally pulled away I slipped out of the cramped closet, slow to get the feeling back in my legs. Out in the kitchen I went to the fridge and looked in. I took out a package of hamburger and walked to the dogs dish and knelt down. I let the ground meat drop in the dish. The dog, standing nearby with an interested look on his face, moved to the food using a large shoulder to push me out of the way.

“You’re welcome.” I said. I was grateful the dog was much less interested in home protection than he was his caloric intake.

I walked back to my truck where a boy of about ten or twelve was setting on the seawall fishing. “Catching anything?” I asked when he looked up.

The boy reached for a stringer and lifted it from the water. It held maybe half a dozen Mangrove Snappers. “You’re having a much better day than me.” I said.

I started to get in my truck. “That truck for sale?” he asked

“You’re a little young aren’t you?” I asked

“Not for me.” He said. “Some girl just stopped and was looking at it.”

“Fuck.” I mumbled.

“What?” he asked.

“Good luck.” I said.

“You to.” He replied.

“Sure.” I said. “I’m going to need It.”.

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