Sun Has Mojo

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Artificial Vagina

Sun Lee was an American born Japanese young woman and proud of it. Her gorgeous long black hair hung out and flowed freely over her thin shoulders. One of the most popular and sought after senior girls, she liked teasing guys as they stared at her luscious long silky legs. Her Caucasian side gave her a shapely round ass and a fairly busty chest so at age 18, she stood 5’7 had a bra size of 38 D. Sun was walking down the school hall heading towards her calculus class, she wore a black miniskirt a tight white shirt that showed off her flat stomach, and accented her chest. Her black hair was flowing loosely over her shoulders.

Sitting down in front of the class she pulled out her notes and pen getting ready for her worst subject. The bell rung and the class took their seats as Mr. Skylar Saunders walked into class. Today was Friday meaning dress down day for all the teachers, Skylar wore a gray t-shirt that emphasized his large biceps, and with a small peak of his matching tattoos. He wore jeans that were baggy but accented the shape of his ass driving every girl in the school crazy. He was about 32 years old, he had a light caramel skin complexion that matched his mahogany eyes and short cropped black hair, his wonderful features made Sun’s heart flutter and pussy dampen. Clutched in his hands was last weeks test.

“Here is the inevitable truth that will allow you to go on the class camping trip i’ll chaperone or who will be the ones who stay home,” he said in a loud and clear voice.

Anticipation snaked through her stomach, she desperately needed to go on this trip, shed be a loser if she didn’t. As she saw Mr. Saunders pass out the papers, he placed hers on her desk and all she saw were a lot of X’s and in large red letters “SEE ME!” Today was a study hall for Sun, so as calmly as she could crossed her legs and pulled on her miniskirt. Finally for what seemed forever the bell sounded that this escort dikmen was the last period of the day. Standing she walked timidly up to Mr. Saunders’s desk. Her books were clutched to her chest, her heart was beating rapidly causing her books to shake a little. Mr. Saunders casually glanced up smiled, and asked, “How may I help you Miss Lee?” “About my test,” she stammered. “To be perfectly honest, your worst yet,” he said calmly. “Yes sir I know,” she stated, “will I still be able to go on the trip,” she asked. Flashing her pearly white smile, he shrugged and said, “I don’t see why not, however there will be A lot of extra credit to keep your grade up Miss Lee,” he said. “Thank you sir,” she said and with a shy smile and a flip of her hair she was gone.

The next day at 6:30 students stood with their belongings and parents as the chaperones counted and went over the ground rules of the trip. The warm air held a fine blanket of mist in the air and the Sun had just cleared the horizon. As the children filed obediently on the bus, Sun gave her mom an extra hug and an extra kiss on her father’s cheek. Sun hurried onto the bus and because of her delay she found herself sitting next to Mr. Saunders. Today he wore a sleeveless gray t-shirt and black jean shorts. She watched him pull out a book and begin to calmly read as she began to talk to her friend behind her.

When they arrived at the camp grounds, all the kids saw a hi-tech RV, the kids immediately headed to see who owned this hi-tech marvel and who had invaded their territory. As all the kids stared and ooohed and ahhhed Skylar said in a loud clear voice, “I’d appreciate if you moved away from my RV.” The kids reluctantly dispersed and began to unpack their stuff. Skylar walked into his RV and reemerged 5 mins later shirtless and in running shorts. Looking around he took off in a fast paced jog. Girls looked on in awe escort emek as they saw his perfectly chiseled and proportioned body jogging off into the forest. Sun was eager to see what he would do, so she followed him into the surrounding woods. As she pushed her body further and further to its limits, she lost sight of him. Just as she slowed down she was yanked from behind and stared into the mahogany eyes of Skylar. “Why are you following me.” he demanded.

“I don’t know,” she whispered. Looking at his magnificent body, she decided to go out on a limb.

“Is there anything I could do to keep my A average in your class?” Looking at her keenly he didn’t respond and she took a deep breath and asked where a bathroom was. Laughing loudly he said there was a porta-potty about 100 feet away. Walking towards the bathroom, Sun prepared herself to seduce her math teacher. Sun’s t-shirt clung to her sticky back. Her shorts were feeling a bit uncomfortable too. She removed her shirt to reveal her aqua bikini top, Sun looked around and noticed there wasn’t a student or teacher around for two miles maybe more.

As she walked back into the clearing she watched as Skylar was fisting himself muttering things about how the little whore wanted his cock. She smiled a little when she realized he was talking about her and she looked at his eyes, which were closed and he was moaning, and oblivious to the whole world. She slipped into the clearing and she checked his eyes again, he hadn’t even noticed her approach. Kneeling down, Sun opened her mouth wide and deep throated his member. His eyes flew open as Sun’s tongue wrapped around his thick cock. As she continued sucking his manhood the unethical ness of the situation screamed in his head but the blanket of pleasure and comfort muted the screams of warning in his head.

The colors and explosions erupted in his head; the white noise, escort eryaman black thunder, the blue velvet and the crimson flame swirled around his head and his nut sack tightened and exploded a hot sticky wad of cum that slammed into the vortex of Sun’s throat, as she drank his sweet nectar. Some dribbled down her chin and she wiped the cum into her mouth and purred. Skylar sat on the ground, thoughts rushing in through his mind. He could lose his job, but the temptation was to great. Sun stood over him and lowered her jeans reveling her shaven cunt. Her pussy lips were slightly big and Skylar could see the pink innocence. looking left and right Skylar moved his head into the space between her thighs, taking a deep breath of the fresh pussy he dove in his tongue exploring every nook and cranny of her pussy.

Sun felt like a nickel whore, she was a virgin after all and this was her first physical sexual encounter. She had seen movies and everything like that but she had never actually done anything like this. It was so great for her, in a few mins later Sun Anne Lee had her first orgasm and she knew for a moment that she had touched heaven. Laying in the leaves like a limp doll she lifted up her bikini and guided one of her nipples into his mouth and he sucked eagerly. She felt her pussy dampen and she felt her nipples harden.

Reaching down Sun grabbed Skylar’s hardened shaft and sexually drunk she guided the brown head into her gushing wetness. The pain sliced through her but the pleasure was also unbelievably great. Sun rolled over so Skylar was on his back and she eased her self onto his shaft. Rolling over again he ground his shaft deeper and deeper until he knew he was all the way into her. He immediately began to pound her virgin pussy into submission. “Harder, harder,” she moaned and like a gentleman he obliged. Together as though they had melded into one being they climaxed. As they lie spent in the leaves, the disturbed ground as the only sign of their lovemaking. Suns’s head was on Skylar’s chest and she hear the steady beat of his heart. Stroking her hair Skylar said, “I think you will be getting an A in my class Miss Lee.”

(I’m thinking about making a sequel.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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