Sussy Ch. 03

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Public Sex

Seeing how non-judgmental and excited I was to hear of Sussy’s gang-bang with her neighbor Rick and four of the neighborhood guys, I encouraged her to share more with me. She told me about being so horny whenever she thought about the gang-bang which really was taking lovers 3-7 serially rather than all at once, and what I told her about my fantasy of wanting to eat the cum of multiple guys after fucking and off her pussy, ending with her squatting on my face draining the rest of the mixture into my mouth. I don’t know if in reality I would have liked this but at the time it was an exciting fantasy.

The next time we met she told me about having sex with Gabby, her ex-boyfriend. She said she had been sexually active with him for the last couple of years. Although she was over 18, Sussy still lived with her parents and unknown to them she had been meeting her boyfriend many times on Saturdays at a downtown night club when downtown Los Angeles was the safe place to go clubbing.

She loved dancing and later she and Gabby would go to a room upstairs from the club that Gabby had arranged, they would have sex until it was time for her father to pick her up since she didn’t yet have a car, when she would get in the car with a disheveled look blaming it on dancing so long, and riding quietly thinking about the couple of orgasms that although not enough she had enjoyed.

I questioned her since I had seen her have much more than a couple but she indicated that Gabby was a quick cumer and did not give her a chance to go into adiosbet yeni giriş the mindless orgasmic state that I had seen and she had described.

In spite of the fact that all Gabby was interested in was putting his dick into her pussy in a missionary position and cum, which took him only a few minutes, she did not consider the fucking to be terrible, she repeated it was just not enough. She had to find satisfaction elsewhere so she cheated on him as often as she could, and made it a point to find guys older than her.

She tried to tell Gabby that she was one of those girls that did not have a hymen and didn’t bleed, she attributed that to the various objects that she inserted in her pussy over the years and must have broken her hymen without realizing it. Even though Gabby fucked her many times he was furious that she was not a virgin when he started and because of that he eventually broke up with her, she was happy to be free from him and although he pursued her for a while he finally realized there was no going back when she turned him down numerous times. Lucky for me, that’s when I got to meet her. I was the exact opposite and did not have any problem at all with virginity and welcomed her promiscuity.

A few days later we met, and I made sure she knew that she could tell me anything without me being upset, on the contrary I was excited that she wasn’t a virgin. Gabby was not the adventurous sort as she started wondering about other positions which she tried with guys other than him that she got adiosbet giriş to enjoy very much. I thought it was a courageous thing to try new ways of pleasing oneself and told her how proud I was of her. She was very happy.

I sold my motorcycle and bought a car with Sussy’s dimensions in mind where I took over picking her up from the club when my work schedule did not allow me to go with her. In those instances we would drive to the Hollywood Hills where we would park in a secluded spot and Sussy always wanted me to eat her pussy while enjoying many orgasms or my jaw couldn’t take it any more. I must have been enchanted as I loved her sweaty pussy after a night of dancing and I’m sure fingering and who knows what else that wasn’t my place to question. We explored sex in every imaginable way that the dimensions that the car would allow. We never got caught and I was as happy as one could ever be with a girl.

Then I moved into a proper studio apartment and Sussy asked me if she could move in with me, of course I agreed immediately figuring that my sex life would expand and Sussy’s would probably contract but we would reach a happy medium.

That happy medium came when Heather, a waitress at The Tides that I had fooled around with on one other occasion asked me if she could spend the night as she had gotten in trouble with her boyfriend and wanted to stay away for a while. Although I didn’t know how Sussy would react i agreed and brought her home that night. I introduced Heather to Sussy and without further adiosbet güvenilirmi ado Sussy wanted to see how far Heather was willing to go and got up slowly and planted a beautiful french kiss on Heather’s lips to which Heather reacted with passion. Sussy gave her blessing for Heather to stay, held her hand walking to the bed and wished me luck sleeping well since they would be using the bed all night.

I thought that I would stay up all night watching them but I was tired and within half an hour I fell asleep. Heather had only worked half shift and was able to stay up with and reciprocate all of Sussy’s advances not only the hour or so that they made out passionately but waking each other up several times during the night when I caught glimpses of them kisssing, touching, fingering, scissoring and eating each other to their hearts’ content.

I woke up, made them breakfast and said goodbye to Heather as she had an earlier shift, and settled down with Sussy to talk about what had happened. Sussy thought I had brought Heather for her to make love to and had proceeded accordingly, I of course approved and hoped she had enjoyed her stay, on her part Sussy said she had reached so many orgasms that it was hard to count. I let her go back to sleep and went out to do some errands. When I returned I found Sussy in a compromising position in bed with her legs wide open and a vibrator on her clitoris making her cum so hard that she hadn’t noticed I came in until 15 minutes later when she calmed down and called me to put my cock in her pussy with a look that was her signature softening her eyes which focused somewhere between me and infinity with pouting lips showing her teeth soft biting her tongue as though she could no longer wait for what she loved. I proceeded to do her bidding accordingly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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