Sweet Natasha Ch. 03

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Big Tits

WARNING: This chapter is not for the weak of heart.


Natasha quickly got up on her feet and made a staggering retreat. She did not dare to gaze at Carrie again. As she passed next to the speechless girl, Natasha nervously quickened her pace. She needed to exit the crime scene as soon as possible. With puzzled and searching eyes upon her, Natasha wanted the ground to swallow her instantly.

Making it to the safety of her room, away from judging eyes, Natasha collapsed on her bed aghast and confused with emotions.

`Goodness, what am I doing…How did I end up like this?’

Everything seemed too unreal to Natasha, almost as if she was living an insane dream. When had she become a slave to this inexplicable passion, this unrestrained hunger that was consuming her being and taking her life by storm?

`Natasha, remember to stay on the righteous path…you are a decent and respectable young lady…’

Her mother’s words of wisdom always seemed to torture her mind in the direst of moments. Reminding her that her life was a total chaos – a pile of confusing memories and futile moments completely void of happiness.

Inevitably drifting into the past, she remembered all of the grief and struggle, the painful years of silence that she endured throughout her youth; the self-imprisonment that shackled her feelings for so long. She remembered the excruciating days of mental oppression that purged her very soul, leaving her in an almost suicidal state.

And yet, it was this very anger and frustration that somehow pushed her deeper into the embrace of a perverse fate. It drove her curiosity and fueled her hunger for the unknown.

Natasha would have loved to yell out her desires to the entire world – rub it in her mother’s face like a terrible nightmare. Yet, she knew that the mere contemplation of such a taboo subject would have killed the old lady for sure. There were not words tame enough that would that would have sufficed. Instead, she had to remain silent to avoid a calamity.

As Natasha swallowed bitterly, she could feel Jennifer’s slightly viscous vaginal-fluid trickling down her throat. Its salty tang and oily texture had her unconsciously searching every corner of her mouth for remaining drops reminiscent of the brunette’s climax. Natasha could still feel the warm ticklish mist of cunt milk hitting her tonsils. The sensation was burnt into her tactile senses like a prophetic mark – a symbol of ownership.

Natasha felt her heart accelerate as she remembered Jennifer’s words:

“Oh gawd yes, suck it…”

The use of such unrefined language seemed to inflame her with desire. The antic words incongruous to Natasha’s polite manners signified something real and vivid. They were a testament of the passion that she had inexpertly inflicted in Jennifer.

But it all seemed like a beautiful dream – yes, one of those dreams that dreadfully eluded her just a couple months back. Had she really sucked on Jennifer’s vagina? Unconsciously, she brought her hands to her mouth at a safe distance, and tested her breath. The faint scent of cunt warmed by her own respiration, immediately hit her nostrils, reminding her that indeed it was a reality.

Natasha couldn’t help a slight chuckle as she realized the awkward nature of her action; yet, the irony behind it excited her immensely – her mouth smelled like pussy. She bit her lower lip and collapsed on the pillow as she reminisced on the cold thrilling facts. She had put her mouth on another girl’s privates. The mere idea of such an obscenity seemed deplorable and immoral. Yet, Natasha found its depraved nature alluring and defying.

`Yes mom, I am doing great in college. I am learning how to suck on….Hehehe!’

This thought hit her unexpectedly, making her blush and giggle as she contemplated the possibilities. Her mother would have surely fainted just knowing that her daughter harbored such impure thoughts. But such rebelliousness only spelled tragedy in her mind, so she quickly ignored the estranged impulses.

`Gosh, what am I thinking…?’

Then, she heard some movement and giggling in the passageway. Scrambling to her feet, she quietly tip-toed to the door to investigate the noise; she could make out Jennifer’s voice as she whispered something along the lines of: “Gawd it was amazing…”

Then, an almost inconspicuous answer: “Really? I mean, tell me how did it hap…”

Natasha immediately recognized Carrie’s voice, but was suddenly left wondering as the two girls shut the door across the hallway to continue their gossiping.

Quickly brushing it off as an uneventful conversation, Natasha returned to bed for another session of soul searching. But she immediately found herself tingling with curiosity as she recalled Jennifer’s words. Could the girl have been talking about…and then it hit her.

`Oh gosh – is she actually telling Carrie all about…’

But as Natasha thought about it well, the prospect didn’t seem like a bad idea. If Jennifer did all of the explaining, perhaps she could avoid the embarrassment. porno izle She could not picture herself testifying in the mighty presence of Carrie. It was a terrifying thought. She would surely crumble in the process. But she was too exhausted to analyze the situation. She would have to wait and see what the next day would bring. Defeated by a long stressful day, she tucked herself in and went to sleep.

Natasha woke up to the strange choir of voices chanting:

“Natasha, Sweet Natasha.we need you.”

The vague tune seemed reminiscent of a dream that reoccurred every night, but a dream that she couldn’t remember. It puzzled her deeply, but every morning she managed to brush off the awkward event. She attributed such abnormality to her rather stressful days and to her many challenging college courses. Yet, she had an intuition that the voices had a covert meaning that would surface to somehow form an important part of her life.

Getting up from bed, Natasha felt a bit dizzy and groggy. She stumbled on her feet as she made her way to the sink. It was comforting to have the privacy of her own bathroom, which was a luck that her other two roommates didn’t share.

Clearing her eyes from the morning haze, she focused on her reflection in the mirror. She could see what looked like white streaks around her mouth. As she traced her fingers over one of the blotches, Natasha noticed that it was a dried marking of some sort of fluid. Then her heart skipped a beat as it all came back to her. She couldn’t help smiling as she remembered everything that had happened the night before.

Jennifer had left the essence of her climax painted on Natasha’s face. The massive orgasm had left its stamp clear and vivid on Natasha. It was an early morning reminder that somehow her life was starting to change; that her entire world was beginning to spin in a completely new direction; and that her way life was converging at a crossroads, in which crucial events would mark her life forever.

As she finished washing her face and brushing her teeth, the alarm clock went off. It was 9:00AM. Waking up early in the morning was a disciplinary trait that her mother had instilled in her. It was a habit that accompanied everywhere she went.

“Good girls are early risers darling….”

At least the old lady had taught her something helpful, she thought.

Carefully opening the door, she looked around to make sure that nobody was in the passageway, and silently started making her way towards the kitchen. As she walked past the apartment’s common-bathroom, Natasha saw that the door was ajar, and she could hear the unmistakable sound of someone peeing.

Walking as quite as possible, she continued towards the kitchen, when she heard a thundering voice: “Natasha is that you?”

Her heart stopped when she recognized Carrie’s imposing voice.

“Darling could you come here and do me a favor?” Carrie’s tone was very friendly.

Natasha was extremely frightened that the girl was probably going to interrogate her about the events from the night before.

“Ahh, s-sure…” Natasha responded nervously.

Hesitantly pushing the door open she stared at the amazon sitting on the toilet. Natasha could still here the stream of urine hitting the bowl. Even in such an inconvenient setting, Carrie looked graceful and distinguished. With her hair loose, she looked like a mighty amazon warrior sitting on a pedestal.

As Natasha stared in awe, she noticed that Carrie was naked from the waist down. Her mighty buttocks spilled out of the sides of the minute toilet seat, almost overpowering it. Her rounded-iron thighs looked like perfectly sculpted ivory marble splashed with peach freckles. Her calves were twice the size of Natasha’s, and yet they were perfectly shaped and symmetrical to her majestic figure.

“Natasha sweetie…can you grab a roll of toilet paper from the cabinet below the sink…Jennifer forgot to replace this one.” Her firm tone, even though friendly, was slightly commanding.

Natasha quickly snapped out of her reveries, and followed Carrie’s instructions.

“Y-yes…of course, no problem.”

As she made her way to the sink on the right hand side of the toilet, Natasha carefully avoided Carrie’s feet and knees. She couldn’t help a quick glance in between Carrie’s legs to feast her eyes on the girl’s crotch. But even though Carrie’s massive thighs were slightly parted, Natasha could only see a tuft of blond pubic hair sprouting from the girl’s heavy bush. Natasha couldn’t help thinking that everything seemed to be of extraordinary proportions on Carrie’s anatomy, which in turn brought an unconsciously risqu‚ thought to her mind:

`I wonder if her pus….’

But her thought was interrupted by the sight of Carrie’s white thong discarded on the front-edge of the sink. Suddenly she started to feel nervous as she recognized the shaking in her limbs, and the sweating in her palms. Such a tempting treat was very dangerous, given her uncontrollable nature. If Carrie wasn’t less than 2 feet from her, Natasha would have already been on the brazzers ground sniffing on the thong’s crotch, and perhaps even masturbating.

Slowly bending her knees to access the cabinet below, her face came to within inches of the thong, which was cliffhanging to stay on top of the basin. Natasha noticed faint yellow streaks on the crotch of the garment, which were very familiar to her as her own panties displayed such markings at times.

Then, almost inconspicuously, she breathed in silently, but very long and deep, hoping to absorb a bit of the womanly musk which permeated the thong. And almost immediately she was rewarded with the indistinct scent of cunt. Yet, the essence of the aroma was too faint for her to fully enjoy it, and she found herself wishing that she could close the gap and burry her nose in the heavenly garment.

As she managed to grab a roll of toilet paper, Natasha nervously handed it to Carrie. From the sound of trickling drops hitting the water, it was obvious to her that Carrie was almost done urinating. And as Natasha started making her way out of the bathroom, she was stopped on her tracks by Carrie’s inquiry.

“Hey Natasha, so how is school going…have you made any new friends?” Carrie’s tone was searching, but very sincere.

Natasha was puzzled that Carrie wanted to start a friendly conversation, when most of the time Carrie blatantly ignored her around the apartment.


But before Natasha could answer, she was quickly interrupted.

“Hey listen…I know we don’t know each other very well, and we are always too busy to talk, so I think that now would be a great time to start.” Carrie blurted out with an almost hypocritical smile on her face.

Even though Natasha thought that it was a pretty awkward setting to get to know Carrie, she was willing to comply.

“I g-guess its okay.” Natasha replied a little confused; naively accepting the proposal.

“Well…how about you take a seat here in my office…Hehehehe” Carrie giggled as she signaled for Natasha to sit on the floor directly in front of her.

Natasha chuckled nervously, but willingly took a seat on the ground. From her viewpoint she could see Carrie’s pale bulging thighs framing the astronomical blond bush. She swallowed anxiously as she stared at the juncture in between Carrie’s mighty legs.

“Sooo…did you fly in?” Carrie asked nonchalantly.

“S-sorry, I don’t understand your ques…” Natasha tried to respond.

“You know…did you take a plane from your home town to get here? You know…psshhhhhh!” Carrie mocked Natasha; her hand mimicking an airplane.

“Oooh…oh yes, that plane! I am sorry…actually I did, but I hate them, I’ve always hated them because…” Natasha was getting into the flow of the conversation when she was abruptly interrupted once again.

“So do you like it here?” Carrie blurted in, almost uninterested on Natasha’s reveries.

Then, almost casually, she slipped to the edge of the toilet seat, and raised her left leg to place her foot on the wall next to Natasha. As her mighty thighs spread wide open, Natasha’s eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets. She was face to face with a hairy beast of magnificent proportions. Carrie’s vagina was very hairy and her vulva was bulky and heavy-lipped. The almost grotesque labia resembled a fluorescent pink wild-flower. Each inner labium was very thick, and they protruded well beyond the outer lips. At the very top of the slit, the clitoral hood was fat and dormant.

As Natasha took in the spellbinding sight, the pungent scent of unwashed morning-cunt suddenly hit her like a slap on the face. The primitive scent was garnished by the slight tang of pee that the girl had yet to wipe off.

The overwhelming smell and sight of Carrie’s meaty vagina immediately had Natasha salivating uncontrollably. The mere raw and obscene look of the girl’s prominent privates somehow excited Natasha beyond reason. She could feel her heart pounding in her throat as she took in the impressive sight. Her eyes had never seen something so beautiful, and yet so disturbingly arousing.

Nonchalantly, Carrie broke off a piece of toilet tissue and began wiping the remaining drops of piss from her massive bush and vulva.

Natasha carefully followed every contour of the heavy lips as they wrinkled and smoothed out with each swiping motion. She was being hypnotized by the rustling sound of toilet tissue on Carrie’s pubic hairs. The inappropriateness of the scenery was almost unreal.

Then, that familiar thundering voice startled her, snapping her back to attention.

“Sooooo…Natashaaaa…do you or don’t you?” Carrie asked impatiently. She seemed unaware of her effect on Natasha.

And, just before Natasha could even open her mouth, Carrie confessed.

“Ughhhh…look Natasha, this is not working. I am not really here to make conversation. I just wanted to see if it was truth.” Her tone was unforbearing.

“W-W-what…I d-don’t understand.” Natasha stuttered, confused by the question.

“Gawd, this is fake taxi porno going to be harder than I thought. You know…is it true that you give good head?” Carrie asked again with a firm but quizzical tone.

“What d-do you mean…I can’t un-understand.” Natasha felt confused and bewildered, yet her eyes remained magnetized to the mighty vulva.

Carrie became impatient and somewhat annoyed as she found herself having to spell it out for Natasha.

“Come on Natasha, you know! You and Jennifer last night?” Carrie blundered out in a matter-of-fact tone.

Natasha immediately gasped out loud and started blushing profusely. She could only lower her gaze as she realized the implications of Carrie’s words. Somehow along the way she had forgotten all about it. Carrie had witnessed everything the night before. And as the ice-cold blue eyes pierced through her flesh and straight to her soul, Natasha could only bow her head and hope for a miraculous change of subject.

“I mean…gosh this is kinda hard you know…it’s just that Jennifer said that you were so great at it…a-and, well I was just wondering if you would be interested in doing me.” Carrie’s voice trailed off as she announced the last part of her proposal.

Natasha panted heavily and immediately locked eyes with Carrie. The bold and impudent proposition had caught her totally off guard. And as she interlaced glances with the blonde vixen, Natasha’s tongue seemed to have frozen leaving her completely mute. She couldn’t think of anything to say at the moment; yet, her intuition quickly lit up the fire of instinctual desire; the notion that encouraged her to yell out her deepest ambitions – to express the hunger that consumed her very being. But as her lips remained sealed, all she could do was gaze in disbelief.

Carrie stared back defiantly, almost unaltered by the blatant nature of her own inquiry. But soon her facial expression turned to one of worry as she acquired a playful, yet provocative mood; then, slowly bringing her hands down to her puffy vulva, she spread its thick lips open and pouted coyly.

“I mean…don’t you find me attractive?”

As soon as the waft of raw cunt-musk hit Natasha’s nostrils, they flared wide open and her body began trembling uncontrollably. The strong and spicy scent which emerged from the parted labia ignited a rapacious hunger in Natasha, which had her nodding her head in a perpetual motion, unconsciously answering to Carrie’s shameless query. Then, almost mechanically, she began moving her head towards Carrie’s crotch as saliva slowly dribbled out of the corner of her mouth in a steady seepage.

Instinctively the blonde beauty spread her thighs further and began sliding forward to make sexual contact. But right before the infamous mesh occurred, the clicking sound of an opening door alerted both girls, snapping them out of the consuming moment. Then, in a hasty manner, Carrie began ushering Natasha out of the bathroom.

“Get up, get up quickly…Jennifer can’t find out about this!”

And soon Natasha found herself exiting the bathroom as the door quickly slammed shut behind her. Before she had time to let her mind set in, a voice at the end of the passageway startled her.

“Hey there…what are you doing up so early?”

As Natasha turned to look, she saw Jennifer walking towards her with a charming smile. The slim brunette looked breathtaking in red short-shorts and a sleeveless white top which exposed her taut abdomen. Her tanned shapely legs looked exquisite as she paced down the passageway with a provocative wiggling of the hips.

Natasha could only stare astonished as the gorgeous minx gave her a playful elbow to the ribcage while passing next to her.

“Ouch…” Natasha whispered, baffled at the girl’s looks and good mood.

“I am going for my morning run…see ya later!” Jennifer announced energetically as she winked her eye at Natasha.

Following the girl with attentive eyes, Natasha focused on Jennifer’s petite bubble butt. The firm globes jiggled seductively in-tune with the harmonious movement of the hips. Natasha was suddenly disturbed by a depraved, yet seditious thought: `I would love to burry my face there…it’s beautiful.”

Realizing that she was openly lusting after the sweet derriere, she scolded herself. `Goodness, I really need to slow down.’

As Jennifer left the apartment, Natasha decided to crash on the living room couch. The day was moving too fast, and she was already losing control. She wanted to calm down, but as she lounged on the couch, the sound of the shower running reminded her that Carrie was in the bathroom. As she settled down in the silent living room, just listening to the monotonous sound of the water splashing, Natasha remembered Carrie’s words: `Is it true that you give good head?’

Just what exactly had Carrie meant? Natasha could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she remembered the heavy-lipped vagina; its fat-pink lips looked like a large human mouth – a hungry mouth ready to engross her fully; and the clitoral hood looked impressively thick and turgid. Yet, Natasha found Carrie’s corpulent genitalia alluring and enticing. Its hairy and meaty bulk made her stomach growl with gluttonous appetite. And she couldn’t help clenching her teeth as she suddenly envisioned herself sucking on the distended labia.

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