Sweet Sister Ch. 02

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It was some weeks since Daddy and Alan, my brother, had discovered me. Daddy put me on the pill soon afterwards and both took every opportunity since to share “things” with me.

School had broken up for the summer and my brother and I were due to go to Auntie Jean and Uncle John’s for the holiday, as we had for many years before. I was quite looking forward to it but felt sorry for Daddy who would have to please himself for the long break.

The morning we were due to leave I thought I better give Daddy a goodbye present.

I was in my bedroom and heard Daddy go into the bathroom. I got up and followed him in closing the door to behind me. He looked round and smiled as I came in and proceeded to start peeing in the bowl. I came up behind him and reached round for his gushing cock, holding it for him as he peed. I could feel his piss coursing down his cock and splashing into the bowl beneath.

I shook the last few drops off for him and started to feel his member start to stiffen. I let go quick, just to tease him and told him I needed to pee too. He turned around and slipped my panties off, pick me up and sat me on the toilet. I opened my legs wide and lifted up my long tee shirt so he could watch and started. He looked down as my golden stream cascaded into the bowl. As he did so I took hold of his hardening prick and started stroking it with my hand getting him rock hard in no time. I lifted my tee shirt higher to show off my small firm titties and stroked my nipples, making them stiff at the same time. Daddy wasted no time in slipping the shirt over my head and discarding canlı bahis it.

As I began to finish I pulled him closer and curled my tongue around the end of his thick shaft. I kept this up for a little while before engulfing the large head in my soft wet mouth. I kept my tongue rubbing along the base making him groan with pleasure.

I took him deeper and he started a slow fucking motion in my mouth. “Oh, baby, that’s so good. You know I’m going to miss you really badly, darling. Let Daddy fuck you one more time before you go, sweetie.”

He pulled back from my mouth and lifted me up again. He took me over to the side of the bath and sat me down, spreading my legs up on the side of the tub. He looked down at my glistening, smooth pussy, still a little damp from pissing. With nothing more than a low moan he knelt in front of me and lowered his mouth to my tight little hole. I felt the pressure of his tongue open me up and he slid the warm wet beast up from my pussy hole to my clit in one long slow movement.

I shuddered as his tongue retraced its trail and buried itself in my, now wetter, hole. “Oh, Daddy. Lick your little girl. Stick your lovely fingers in my tight cunt and lick my clit. Oh, please make your little girl cum. I want to soak your finger with my cum. Oh Daddy, please.” I moaned.

There was no verbal response. He just licked me harder and faster, his forefinger slowly started probing my tight, wet hole. Deeper and deeper it went until his fist was banging against my cunt lips, heightening the already extreme pleasure of his tonguing.

I started jerking against bahis siteleri his frigging finger and my hands clasped behind his head forcing his mouth harder onto my clit. I felt my orgasm rising up inside of me like a rocket revving up to blast off.

Then it did. Fireworks, flashing lights, the lot. I bucked hard in his grasp and nearly fell off the side of the bath, writhing around on his finger and tongue as a powerful orgasm tore through my little body. God I wanted him and it had to be now. I pushed him back and straddled him working my wet pussy up and down on his hard thick cock, smearing my love juice along the shaft and quivering in the wake of my orgasm at each movement.

I felt the head of his member at the entrance to my cunt and sank down on it letting it slowly, ever so slowly slid inside me. I sure it was torture for both of us but worth every moment as I finally ground up against the base of his cock. I started immediately to work myself up and down, gaining pace, riding his thick rod for all I was worth. Another orgasm was lurking in the pit of my stomach and I wanted to wait to feel his pulsing cock shooting its load up inside me.

Talking dirty always worked with Daddy. It did a pretty good job on Alan too as a matter of fact. “Oh Daddy, fuck my tight cunt. Fuck me hard. Oh, Daddy I want to feel you filling your little girl up with your hot spunk. Cum in me Daddy, make me cum on you. I want to drown your hard prick with my cunt juices.”

That did it .. for both of us. I started cumming like a steam engine powering my body up and down on his slippery rod. bahis şirketleri I felt him rise up to meet my downward strokes and then his cock exploded in me jetting his hot cum deep inside me. Pulse after pulse more of his juice gushed into me. “Daddy! Oooh yes. More, I want more.”

I slowed and settled down as our orgasms subsided. His prick was still buried deep inside me and I wasn’t about to let it go just yet.

A sudden noise about me made me look up. Alan was standing a few feet from us, god knows how long he’d been there, but long enough it would seem. He was pumping his long, stiff cock like a man possessed and (I could always tell) he was near to cumming. “Come on Alan, shoot it in my mouth and all over my face.” Daddy liked to see me covered in cum, his or Alan’s it didn’t matter. “Come on big brother, give it to me.”

With that Alan took a step closer, still pummelling his prick, but noticeably stiffening as he did so. Suddenly he stopped, arched his body, and started to pump his seed all over the place. Most hit my face and I opened my mouth to catch as much as possible. The rest splashed down my chin and dripped onto my stiff nipples. I took utmost pleasure in scooping up streams of it with my fingers and slipping it into my mouth, licking my fingers clean each time. The rest I massaged into my small young breasts making them glisten. “Wow, Sam. That’s the best going away present I’ve ever had.” Gasped Daddy. “But, little darling, the person going away is supposed to get the present.”

“I did, Daddy. I did.” I smiled back at him and kissed him gently on the cheek.

Time was now pressing and we would have to hurry to get our train. I was kind of sad leaving Daddy behind all alone but nothing could have prepared me for what happened this year at Auntie Jean and Uncle John’s.

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