Tabby, Cliff and the Business Trip

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Tabby woke to a stream of warm sunlight beaming in on her from the large floor to ceiling window of her hotel room. She yawned loudly and stretched her arms above her head. The digital clock on beside the bed said 9.04. Without hesitating she leapt from the bed, her short silver nightie flying around her mid-thighs.

Once out of bed she rushed through to the lounge. Her father was already gone. A note lay on the table: “See you tonight about 6 for dinner. Enjoy your day. Love Dad.” Tabby turned back to her room.

Tabby smiled to herself as she thought about the Jane and Tony. Her mind wandered to her new experience of sampling another woman’s pussy and feeling her breasts. A buzz of excitement went through her body. Then her mind wandered on to the brutal fucking she got at Tony’s hands and how it turned her on so much. But there wasn’t time for such daydreams now.

An hour later after a hurried breakfast in the café of the hotel the brunette was on a bus heading toward a beach. All the local beaches were beautiful, with large hotels opening on to them and wide promenade with small cafes and ice-cream parlours. The sand was almost white and there were lots of people around.

Tabby found a spot in the sun and laid out her towel. She undid the simple tie of her sun wrap and pulled the plain white tank top over her head. Now there was only the skimpy bright pink bikini covering her beautiful body, the fine strings tying the top and bottom seemed inadequate to the job. The clothes were folded into her large beach bag.

She had a tan already but figured this visit to the beach would only improve it. Taking the bottle of protective sunscreen she began wiping it over her thin shapely legs, leaving a shiny sheen to the tanned skin. Without anyone to assist her she struggled to wipe more of the creamy substance on her back and then the exposed skin of her small firm breasts and belly. Next she sat on the towel to complete her arms and face.

Soon she was sitting reading her magazine, feeling the sun beat down on her. People passed by and she would glance at them from time to time. A young family came and set up their umbrella and towels next to her. Tabby smiled sweetly at them. One by one they abandoned their site for the comfort of the seawater. The last to go was the wife, asking Tabby to keep an eye on their stuff.

“Sure,” Tabby replied with a grin.

The heat of the sun soon had Tabby drowsy. She let go her grip on the magazine and sunk back on the towel. Her body so relaxed that she felt like drifting off to sleep. Slowly she rolled herself onto her belly and reached back to release the tie on the bikini top. The bright pink triangles of material that hid her breasts fell away as she buried her breasts in the towel. Now she dozed quietly.

Every now and then Tabby glanced at the towels and umbrella of the family as she had promised. People walked by. Some more people laid out their towels or their beach chairs and took up temporary residence in the sun. Two well-tanned blondes walked by topless and with skimpy tongs barely covering their pussies. But Tabby was more interested in the tanned muscular men who from time to time passed by her vantage point.

The heat of the sun pounded down on her and again she dozed quietly. A little while later she awoke to find a shadow over her back, cooling her a little. The shadow wasn’t coming from any human source; it was a large sun umbrella. A note on a piece of torn paper was lying next to her, weighted down by a full Coke bottle. “Hi, thanks for looking after our stuff. You can use our umbrella; just bring it back to Room 109 at the Sunseeker Hotel. Thanks again the Thompson family.” Tabby smiled to herself. The hotel was directly in front of the beach.

She reached behind her back and did up the pink tie before getting up from the towel. She tied the wrap around skirt back on. A glance at her watch showed it was now 12.30, time to find some lunch and then maybe a quick swim. Screwing the towel up she popped it in her large shoulder bag and lifted the umbrella from the sand. She would return this first.

Room 109 was on the ground floor of the hotel. The rooms opened out onto a flat-grassed area that flowed onto the beach itself. It was a pleasant modern building. The rooms were self-service units and large with bedrooms coming off central lounge/kitchen areas.

Tabby knocked at the door. Mr Thompson answered.

“Oh, hi there,” he said recognizing the girl from the beach. He was still dressed in his baggy swimming shorts and no shirt.

“Hi, I thought I should return this,” Tabby held out the folded umbrella. “Thanks for shading me like that.”

“That’s Ok,” Mr Thompson answered. “Come in. You can just put it over there.” He pointed to a spot in a corner.

Tabby stepped into the room and walked over to the spot without thinking. She propped the umbrella up against the wall.

“Would you like a drink? I have some cold lemonade,” Mr Thompson asked.

“That would be nice,” Tabby replied as she turned back to face him.

It escort kartal was then she noticed it, the large protrusion in his shorts and the purple head of his cock dangling below one leg. Tabby gasped at the sight but didn’t want to appear rude so turned her gasp into a swallow.

The older man stepped back behind the breakfast bar of the small kitchen. He took a pitcher of lemonade from the refrigerator.

“Did you enjoy your time on the beach?” He asked as he poured the drink.

“Yes thank you,” Tabby replied politely.

“Good,” Mr Thompson responded, handing Tabby the glass across the breakfast bar. “My family have just left to go shopping. They left me here alone for the afternoon.” He smiled.

“Oh, I was just going to get a bus back to my hotel and get some lunch,” Tabby said, trying to think of an excuse to leave.

“Stay a while and enjoy your drink,” Mr Thompson said. “Did you get to have a swim?’

“No, no, I fell asleep. I will probably get a swim at the hotel pool later.”

“Are you on holiday by yourself?” He asked.

“No, my father is with me,” Tabby answered honestly.

“The lucky man. Having a daughter as beautiful as you.”

Tabby blushed. She didn’t say anything, just sipped at the refreshing cold lemonade.

“You are very beautiful you know,” he continued. “I have to be honest with you. You really turn me on. I left the umbrella so you would come back here.”

“Um…Mr…Thompson…don’t get me wrong…” Tabby stammered, putting the half finished drink on the counter. “I think I should probably go…and…”

“No, don’t leave,” he begged, holding out a hand. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I can’t resist a beautiful girl, especially one as beautiful as you.”

Tabby bowed her head and blushed again. There was something about this man she kind of liked. He seemed so sweet and fatherly.

“Please, I won’t compromise you, I promise. I just really need to have a girl right now, a beautiful girl.” His pleading even started to turn her on. “I’m just so horny and you have made me feel even hotter.”

“Is that so?” Tabby felt the upper hand now. “So you are hot for a young girl are you?”

“Yes, I am,” he said. “I would do anything….”

“Well step out here,” Tabby winked at him. She would give him a quick blowjob and get on her way. It would be fun to dominate this forty something balding guy.

Mr Thompson stepped around the edge of the counter. Tabby gasped loudly this time. He had removed his shorts while they had been talking and his huge cock stood out like a telegraph pole. It was at least 12 inches in length, the largest Tabby had ever seen.

“Want to try my sausage?” Mr Thompson laughed, holding his enormous cock in his hand. His balls hung below like a prize bulls.

Tabby’s gaping mouth slowly closed. As he stepped closer to her she reached out to touch the throbbing hard cock. She stroked it like a pet, never taking her eyes from it. Her bikini bottom felt damp as she sunk to the floor on her knees.

Without a word she opened her mouth and moved her moist lips over the huge head. It was as big around the girth in proportion to its length and her lips were stretched to take it all. She slowly began to suck it in, taking it in inch by inch. There was no way she was going to accommodate the huge cock in her little mouth, but still she got the first eight inches in.

“Oh,” he moaned. “That feels so good.”

His hand touched her hair as she began to bob back and forth on his cock. It slipped easily through her lips as she formed a perfect suction on it. His hand gently stroked her hair, slipping to her cheek, then her shoulder. He found the tie to her halter strap and pulled the bow undone. The little triangles of pink Lycra fell away from her breasts, exposing the hard red nipples.

Her mouth slurped on his hard rod, sliding up and down it, making it slippery and shiny. Mr Thompson lent forward a little to untie the back strap of the bikini top, holding the strap to pull it free. The bright pink fabric fluttered to the ground a little way from where Tabby was kneeling as he tossed it aside.

“Oh, yes, yes, don’t stop,” he called softly as she held the base of his cock in one hand while playing with those huge balls in the other. Her mouth continued to suck up and down the throbbing shaft. “Yes, don’t stop.” His hand held her head at his pole.

“Oh, God yes, I’m…oh…yes,” he didn’t get any more of the sentence out as his cock exploded. Hot cum jetted into her mouth. It nearly caught her by surprise as it hit the roof of her mouth. There was so much, hot and sticky. Tabby swallowed hard but couldn’t keep up with the stream of hot jism. Soon it was foaming at her lips and dribbling from her chin, dripping to her breasts and the floor below.

He thrust his pelvis forward, nearly choking her with his enormous cock. The cum was slowing to a dribble now. He pulled back a little, and then he let his cock fall from her mouth. A huge gob of sticky cum slipped out with it landing on her right nipple and oozing down like a long maltepe escort cobweb of slime.

“That was so good,” he said standing holding his still mostly erect monster. “Shit I enjoyed that.”

Tabby wiped the back of her hand across her chin and smiled up at the man. His cock glistened with her spit and his cum. She giggled a little as she stood up. The cum covered nipple felt sticky.

“Can I get cleaned up a bit?” Tabby asked. This cock was mesmerising her and she wanted to stay a little longer.

“Sure honey. The bathroom is just over there,” he pointed to a door off the lounge area.

As Tabby wandered toward the door he knelt down to wipe up his spilt cum with her bikini top. There would be no evidence for his wife to find.

Tabby returned a moment later. She smiled seductively at the older man. Her pert breasts were clean now, and the nipples were hard as rocks. Tabby just stood a few feet from him and licked her lips. The huge cock was fully erect again and throbbing as he held it in front him.

“It wouldn’t be fair if I got all the pleasure would it?” Mr Thompson leered at her. “I would really want you to get the full benefit of my pole here.” He waved the hard cock a little.

“Mr Thompson…it’s so big,” Tabby gasped again. “I’ve never had a cock that big before…I don’t think I could take it.”

Her mind was racing now, as she desperately wanted to try this enormous cock, feel it in her. She knew it would be so big. A dampness returned as she squirmed a little.

“Why don’t you loosen off that skirt and bend over that couch and we will see. I promise to be gentle.”

She didn’t wait. The light cotton wrap round skirt fell to the floor and she positioned herself over the white lounge couch a few feet from where she had been standing. She glanced over her shoulder as he moved closer. Again the enormous swaying cock captivated her eyes as it got closer to her.

A hand touched her pink Lycra bikini bottoms, finding the little pink bows on either side. The little pink material fluttered to the ground between her legs. His hand rubbed across her tanned smooth buttocks, then parted her legs a little as a finger probed her pubic area from behind. A shudder went through Tabby as the finger slid across her hard clit. Then slowly it penetrated her hot, wet pussy.

Mr Thompson was leaning in closer to her now. His hot breath falling on her shoulder. His finger was pumping in and out as his hand parted her legs a little wider. Gradually he positioned her butt so the head of his cock rested near her entrance. His lips found her neck and her shoulder as he slowly introduced the huge head.

Tabby moaned loudly as the head stretched her open. He was gentle as inch by inch he stretched her hot pussy. All the time he was nibbling her ear, kissing her neck, playing with her breasts and nipples. Abby moaned some more.

Finally he was in. He began pumping, slowly building his rhythm. Her pussy was so wet that a loud slurping sound came with every stroke. Each time he penetrated further into her hot moist hole. His balls swung between his legs as the thrusts got harder and harder. Tabby moaned more until she was crying out in orgasm.

“Yes, yes, oh God yes,” she called out. “Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

“”Oh, yes,” Mr Thompson responded as he felt her pussy tighten on his rod. Still he kept up his pace, slipping in and out of the young brunette. He still couldn’t get his full length into her, but her tight pussy was so good that didn’t matter.

“Yes, Mr Thompson, yes, fuck me hard,” Tabby continued to moan.

Another orgasm swept her body, making her body tense and shudder. She moaned again. This time it was too much for Mr Thompson. He called out as he held her hips and rammed as much of his cock into her as would go. “God, yes.” And his cock spurted jet after jet of cum into her.

He held her on his hard cock for what seemed like ages as his balls emptied their load into her. Tabby groaned as another orgasm took her. It was smaller than the others but just as satisfying. Then he pulled back, spilling his warm cum on her butt and legs.

Tabby collapsed forward over the couch. Her face was red and her breathing was coming in short gasps. He stepped back to admire her sweet ass exposed to him as she bent over the couch. He smiled.

“Oh, that was so good,” Tabby exclaimed as she swung around onto her feet. “You are so big, it makes me real horny thinking I could take a cock that size.”

“Oh, babe, I should thank you. You are just stunning,” Mr Thompson said. “Just what I needed.”

“I better take a shower before I leave,” Tabby smiled back. They both left for the shower room.

Meanwhile as Tabby was having her introductory conversation with Mr Thompson her father, Cliff was leaving the convention centre. Karen, his waitress, was not on duty today and he had a burning desire for some hot sex.

Not far from the convention centre was the local red light district. At mid-day there was not a lot happening although all the little sleazy strip joints pendik escort bayan and sex shops had their doors open. The bright neon lights and gaudy colours seemed less effective in the bright light of day.

Cliff had noticed an escort parlour as he had passed through the area on his way to the conference that day. It was simply called Divine Hopes and was up a narrow stairway between a coffee shop and a sex shop. He quickly climbed the stairs to the top where a small closed in booth with a wooden grill met him. To his right was a plain closed door.

“How can we help?” A sultry voice from behind the grill asked.

Cliff lent forward to look at the sexy young woman dressed in a low cut dress sitting on the other side. “I was wanting the services of a young lady for an hour if that is possible.”

“Honey, anything is possible for the right price,” came the reply.

“Well, I would like everything,” Cliff smiled back, knowing that he couldn’t ask for sex outright.

“Hmmm…everything in an hour…you are ambitious,” the woman smiled back. “How about we say $200.00, that covers most things. Oh, and extra $50.00 if you don’t want to protect yourself.”

“Sounds reasonable to me,” Cliff agreed. “Here.” He passed $250.00 through the grill. The woman counted each note carefully.

“Ok, cool,” she said as the last note was deposited in a draw hidden behind the counter. “I will open the door for you. We have three young ladies on duty. Once you have chosen one your hour begins, ok?”

“Sure, sure,” Cliff answered. He had a two-hour break between conference sessions, including lunch so there was plenty of time.

The door clicked open. Cliff pushed it and stepped through into a new world. He had entered a small lounge, partially blocked from the entrance he walked through by a bamboo screen painted bright red with a gold Chinese motif. Two bright red leather couches and two matching armchairs furnished the small lounge area. There was also a black steel-framed coffee table and on one wall a mounted television set was pumping out a porn video for all to watch.

In the bright light Cliff could easily identify the three girls who occupied the two chairs and one of the couches. A tall brunette sat directly opposite him. She was dressed in an elegant black gown that was cut up her thigh to reveal the top of her lace-topped stockings. The top of the dress had a plunging neckline that showed lots of cleavage. In the chair next to her was a blonde. She was slim and had a nice looking face. Her light blue lace top covered an equally lacy bodice that followed the curves of her breasts perfectly. A small white miniskirt exposed stocking clad legs ending with feet in spike heeled shoes. Another brunette sat at the end of one of the couches. She was heavier in build but not over weight in any way. A black blouse covered her large breasts with silver thread reflecting the light. She wore a short black skirt and had shiny black heels covering her feet.

As Cliff sat down the brunette on the couch spoke out.

“Hi honey,” she said in a slow voice. “I’m Bianca. What’s your name?”

“Cliff,” he responded looking from one smiling face to the next. They all looked stunning in their own way.

“I’m Jade,” the blonde offered. Her smile captivated Cliff for a moment as his eyes traveled up the long stockinged legs to her crotch.

“Hi Jade,” he managed as their eyes met.

“And I’m Ashley,” the final brunette stated.

“Hi Ashley,” Cliff answered as his eyes fell on the plunging neckline of her dress.

“So you have time to kill today?” Bianca asked.

“Yes, I’m just visiting your town and thought I might see all the attractions,” Cliff smiled.

“Well you have certainly come to the right place here,” Bianca added. “You won’t be disappointed.”

Just then the door opened and another man walked in. He stood beside Cliff.

“Jim, I wasn’t expecting you today,” Bianca said jumping to her feet.

“I know,” the new arrival said. “The opportunity just came along and I couldn’t resist it.”

A giggle went round the room. Bianca got off the chair and walked slowly toward Jim. She threaded her arm through his and escorted him through a door opposite the one he had just entered.

Now the selection was down to two. Cliff cursed silently to himself. Bianca had seemed the most experienced. He preferred girls who knew how to handle themselves. Jade got to her feet, brushing the tight white miniskirt down against her thighs. She looked at Cliff and stepped forward.

“Come on Cliff, take a seat and lets chat,” she said showing him the other couch. Cliff looked at it. Then he realised that as lunchtime was approaching the place would get busy soon. He needed to decide now.

“No, no,” he said. “Is there somewhere we can be private together?” Her asked the blonde.

“Yes, I have a room out the back, would you prefer to go there?” Jade said.

“I think that would be great if you would show me,” Cliff said.

With that Jade hooked her arm in his and guided him through the door Bianca and Jim had used moments before. She led him along a dimly lit passage with rooms going off it on each side. He noted that some of these were bedrooms as the doors were open. He counted about five before Jade abruptly halted before one closed door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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