Taboo Series Ch. 01

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Taboo Series 1: Jamie and David

All characters are original and fictional. I hope you enjoy this first chapter of the Taboo Series for Jamie and David and come back to read the second chapter.


David let his head fall back as he lay his hand on the soft, dark-haired head that was bobbing in his lap and tried to remember how he had gotten into this position. It was hard though, what with the hot mouth wrapped around his cock, tongue moving around the head, teasing the sensitive nerves before his cock would be engulfed by the hungry throat that milked it so deliciously. His hand knotted in the soft hair of the brunette as he fought back the urge to give her a load of cum. Instead he closed his eyes and remembered.

Jamie, his niece, came for a visit every year, spending the summer on the california beaches and teasing boys. She had been doing just that for as many years as he could count and he had always looked forward to having a bright smile and warm welcome when he came home. This year he hoped to help her celebrate her 18th birthday in style, if not a bit belatedly. He was going to take her out to dinner her first weekend in and bring her home to have some drinks and a party with minimal supervision. He had quickly found out, though, that she had a far bigger birthday surprise for him. She was certainly going to celebrate in style.

Her flight had come in early and she had taken a shuttle to his house. By the time David had gotten off of works he was already unpacked and settled. He walked in to see his niece, short and a bit gangly the year before, was now a full chested, curvacious woman. She wasn’t quite 5’3″ but the way she carried herself and moved made her seem so much taller. Her hair rested about her shoulders in nearly ever shade from a light rust color to a dark chestnut and it gave her light flesh, bare but for a tiny bikini, a beautiful contrast. Her breasts were barely held in by the dark red bikini top, patterned with little white flowers, and if he had to guess he would say that she had gone from barely a 34 b cup to a full 36 D since she had left at the end of the prior summer.

David had found himself frozen in the door, his eyes following his neice across the kitchen and livingroom as she dried her hair with a towel. It was obvious she had been swimming and her nipples were hard from the transition of california heat to air conditioned home, straining against the fabric of the swimsuit. He found himself reminding his eager body that the woman before him was his niece and, although it was not quick to obey his commands, it began to relax and he shut the living room door. She had not noticed him up until that point, or at least he hoped she hadn’t, and as she heard the door close she stopped at the foot of the stairs that led up to the bedrooms. She flashed her uncle a welcoming smile and letting the towel drop to rest around her shoulders she threw her arms around his neck, giving him a hug that nearly killed him. If his body had been unwilling to follow his silent commands before, it was now downright ignoring him. He could feel her nipples press at his chest through his shirt, and her damp body left a burning imprint in every nerve that even came close to contacting it. Returning the hug gingerly he quickily held her away from him, giving her a grin as he forced himself not to look at the ample cleavage so close to his chest.

“Looks like you made it okay,” he laughed, “and I was worried that the shuttle would get lost and you would have been stranded in big old california with no way to get home.”

Jamie stuck her tongue out at her uncle and resumed drying her hair, “Don’t be so silly, you know I have any number of people who would have gladly rushed to my rescue.” David knew this was true, he also knew that if any of them had any idea of what she had transformed into the number would have more than trippled. There would be a million heart broken california boys this year.

As Jamie climbed the stairs, silent feet padding on the carpet, David took a good long look at her ass and he knew that the california boys wouldn’t be the only ones with trouble on their hands.

When Jamie came back down the stairs she was wearing a T-shirt that had a V-cut reminiscent of fabric being torn from the top. David wondered if the shirt could even have been worn without the V-cut as it strained so tightly across her breasts that he was sure it would rip. Her tight little skirt cut off almost before her ass ended. He had been on his way up the stairs to take a hot shower, he now quickly amended that he would be taking a very, very cold shower instead.

“Dinner is in the refrigerator, but its gonna have to be left overs.”

Jenny giggled some and made a face, “Uncle Dave, I don’t trust anything in your refrigerator not to eat me before I eat it. I’ll order pizza.” She smiled at him and he was shocked when she slapped his ass bostancı escort as she walked by, “Just leave it to me.”

David tried not to think of his niece as he undressed and stepped into the shower. As he turned the cold water on he gasped, it was almost painful when one of the jets hit his hard cock. It also didn’t seem to be working and he was forced to close his eyes and endure as he pushed the memory of Jamie giving him a moist hug from his mind. After half an hour he gave up, shutting off the shower and towel drying. He had no more than stepped out of the shower and into the bedroom when he got the shock of his life. His niece was laying on his bed, the tv on and a box of pizza laying beside her. He could see a white thong hugging her ass and mound of her pussy if he looked at the lowest parts of her skirt, and he felt his cock twitch. Had she always been like this and he had just forgotten- or failed to notice? No, he would have noticed this.

He silently thanked god that he had already wrapped the black towel around his waist and that it minimized the apparancy of his erection as Jamie looked over her shoulder at him. SHe smiled playfully, “I thought I’d bring the pizza up here and we’d just watch a couple of movies together.” He watched her arm press agianst her breasts as she patted the bed in front of her. For a minute it didn’t register that he was supposed to me moving over to lay by her, but he got his body moving. He was reluctant to lay so close to her and, for a moment, wondered at her motives, but then relization dawned on him and he remembered that this had been a ritual since she had been small. They had always curled up on his bed on pizza night and watched movies. As he sank down onto the bed, though, he wished that she had at least given him enough warning that he could have put pants on.

She curled against him as she hit play and the dvd remote and Cruel Intentions began. David shifted uneasily as Jamie laid her head down on his shoulder and let her hand lay on his chest. Her breasts were bpressed hard against his bare chest and every time she breathed he could feel her nipples. Still, she lay still against him and for all his uneasiness he began to relax. He ate a slice of pizza with his left hand as his right arm wrapped under and around his niece, resting on her waist. The movie did little to relieve his inner sexual tension but at least his erection has begun to soften up and his cock was again laying down when the movie ended and the second one, having been burned into the same dvd, began to play.

By the time they had reached the half way point of teh second movie, though, his cock was again straining against the towel. Jamie had begun rubbing his sensitive left nipple with the tips of her fingers. At first he had though she was just fidgeting, but as she began to move her fingers in circles he became uneasy again. He tried to ignore the sensation, and his cock, but she changed directions ever time he thought he was getting control.

“Uncle Dave?” Just as David was going to move her hand, his neice looked up at him.

“Ye–” He was cut off by her lips on his as he moved his head to look down at her. He hadn’t realized her face had been so close to his and his breath caught as she pressed her lips firmly to his, her tongue searching his lips and, after a moment, his mouth. He tried not to moan,and only barely succeed as she began pinching his nipple. After a moment he regained his senses and pulled away, pushing at her shoulder a bit. She had wrapped one of her legs around his and now it was held captive between her knees.

“Jamie, are yo-” She cut him off again, this time with words rather than a kiss.

“Shh- Just lay still and enjoy.” Even as she spoke he could feel her hand moving down his chest and over his abdomen. He was a construction foreman, among other things, and the heavy labor kept his 32 year old body in good shape- his pecs hard and his abs formed. He gasped and couldn’t help but moan as her hand wrapped around the head of his cock, her thumb running over the sensitive tip as the other four fingers began to stroke. She leaned forward and kissed him again, raising herself up off the bed some with her elbow and kissing him passionatly, her tongue taking over his mouth this time, luring his tongue out tot angle with hers. He quickly became active in the kiss, still unsure and even a bit nervous. He would have never dreamt of being with an 18 year old girl again, let alone his niece. He tried not to remember holding her on her first brithday- he was only 15 at the time. And after a moment it wasn’t all that hard to only think of the young woman that was stroking his cock.

“Squeeze my breast, Uncle Dave.” He looked like he would protest as she pulled back to look at him, offering him the large round breasts. He could see her nipple through the white shirt, she was not wearing a bra and her large pink nipples were hard, “Please?” He gave ümraniye escort bayan in at the almost deperate tone and reached up, grabbing her breast and carressing it tentatively. As she moaned he became more aggresive and began to squueeze it harder, running his thumb over her nipple thorugh the shirt, the other hand quickly joining and treating her other breast to the same treatment.

When she leaned down to kiss him this time he pressed upwards, lefting his head off of the pillow, meeting her halfway with a moan. Her entire hand was stroking his cock now, moving up and down over the ridge of the head, squeezing tighter as she reached the most sentsitive nerves. His eyes were closed when she pulled away from the kiss again, but he felt her moving over him. She grabbed his hand as he opened his eyes and ran it down her body. When she had placed it under her skirt, firmly pressing against her damp underwear, she pulled open his towel and grabbed his cock again.

He didn’t need to be asked to rub her pussy, and as his thumb found her clit beneath the fabric her back arched. Her hand was now moving up and down the entire legnth of his cock, going from the very base until she had nearly released his cock. He knew that if she kept up this treatment he would be releasing his cum soon, but she did not seem to be too worried about it. With his right hand he lifted her top and pulled her chest down to him as he lifted off the pillow. He took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, teasing it with his tongue, rolling it between his teeth.

“Oh god, Uncle Dave, I’m gonna cum if you keep that up.” She was bucking against his thumb, her head back, her hand moving up and down his cock at a quick pace, urging him to cum as he throbbed in her hand.

“Do you want to cum?” He knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it. Now that he had her like this he needed to hear her tell him.

“Oh god yes, make me wet my panties!” That was all David needed as he took her nipple back into his mouth, pulling on it with his teeth playfully as he ground his thumb into her clit. He was happily surprised to find that she not only came, she squirted and not only were her panties soaked through but it was running down her legs by the time she had come down from her climax. She had not stopped stroking his cock but now she nearly dove for it. With the passion and exitement he could only imagine in 18 year old girls she took his cock into her mouth. He gave a loud groan of pleasure and his back arched as she held the head of his cock in her mouth, her tongue teasing and tasting. His hand fell to the top of her dark-haired head as she cleaned his precum from his flesh, then began to pull more of his cock into the vaccum of her mouth.

David found himself thrusting into her mouth and throat before long, the feeling of her hand slipping down his thigh to gently carress his bals hurrying him faster toward the edge of his own climax. Then came the intense feeling of his cock being thrust entirely into her throat, the muscles usually used to swallow now used to milk the throbbing rod. She stayed like this for a long, almost unending, 30 seconds, then began bobbing her head again, forcing his cock in and out of her throat repeatedly.

As his hand tangled in her hair, pulling slightly, he thrust upwards, “Fuck, Jamie! Here it comes!” Almost before the words had escaped his mouth he was shooting his load deep into her throat. She never would have tasted it if she hadn’t have pulled back so that she could take the load onto her tongue, but when she did she didn’t waste a drop, making sure to swallow it all as she sucked the last drops strait out of the shaft and head of his cock with a moan.

As Jamie pulled up she licked her lips and climbed up her uncle’s body until she was straddling his waist. She kissed him hard, and David moaned as he wrapped his arms around the girl. For being his niece she had a talented mouth. And a hot little pussy. She had begun rubbing her now soaked panties up and down the length of his cock, making quite sure that his erection did not go down. He knew, though, that he would have had no problem keeping his cock hard on his own. Just the site of teh girl would have kept him going.

Jamie pulled away from the kiss and David looked up into her green eyes, still full of lust. His unease had faded now, nothing more than a memory- one his body didn’t seem to be holding on to- and he found himself grabbing her ass and squeezing her breasts as her hair tickled his shoulder and the side of his face.

“I want to fuck you, Uncle David.” Her words were husky and full of desire, possibly the most seductive words he had ever heard and he could not deny her. He reached up and ran his thumb over her lips, “Do you want to fuck me?”

David suddenly pulled the girls shirt off, using his dominant body weight and size to roll the girl off of him at the very same moment he rolled on top of her. kartal escort She had instictively wrapped her legs around his waist as she cried out in surprise and the pressure on the small of his back urged him to grind his cock against her pussy. She moaned as he leaned down and kissed her neck, nipping at her collarbone playfully and teasing her earlobe with his teeth as he gave a harsh whisper in reply, “Tell me you want my cock, Jamie, and I’ll give it to you. Tell me now.”

Jamie’s back arched as she moaned, his words had sent a bolt of electricity through her and she reached up, letting her fingers runt hrough his dark brown, mid-length hair, “Oh God, Uncle David, I want your cock!”

David didn’t need to hear it twice. He reached down, untangling the girl’s legs and grabbed her thong. He pulled it off slowly, looking at her pink, cleanly shaven pussy as he did. He licked his lips as he threw the soaked fabric aside, leaning down to take a taste of his niece’s flesh. She moaned and arched her back again as his tongue moved up between her pussy lips, teasing her vaginal opening and flicking her clit playfully. She tasted delicious, and the strong scent of her arrousal made his cock throb harder. He ran his tongue back down her pussy all the way to her tight little asshole and teased it for a moment, tasting the rosebud. He wouldn’t take her ass tonight, he’d leave that for another time. It would be no fun if he rushed it all in one night. Instead he let his tongue thrust deep into her pussy, letting her grab at his tongue with the inner muscles as he teased.

“Oh god, please fuck me Uncle David. Don’t tease, I want your cock so bad!” She ground her pussy up into his face even as she protested, but he wasted no time on mixed messages. Instead, he rose up, sliding over his nieces smooth body, letting his tongue play across her lips, teasing and taunting until she parted them, her tongue meeting his midair. He let her taste her own body on his mouth and she moaned. At the same moment his tongue slipped into her mouth he let his cock slide deep inside of her tight cunt. He thrust in and out of her slowly as he kissed her, reveling in every moan and trembling thrust to meet hims he gave. He wondered how long she had wanted him, and he would make it a point to ask later. Right now he only wanted to take her, to take advantage of the very idea that he held his niece’s body beneath him and that she needed his cock.

David pulled away from the kiss as he began to thrust faster and harder, Jamie’s fingers digging into his back as she cried out with pleasure. He could feel his cock throbbing inside of her, stretching her open, and he wanted more. He wanted her to cum on him, he wanted her to scream for him. When she looked up at him he felt a thrill at knowing he was taking his brother’s daughter, a girl he had watched grow up, and he let out a loud groan. With every thrust he watched her large breasts bounce, her pink nipples pointing up at him, her dark hair spayed out over his pillow and he almost felt dirty for what he was doing- but not enough to stop.

David was shocked when his niece took control again, using her body weight and the element of suprise to roll him onto his back without missing a beat. She now sat on top of him, a knee at either side of his waist. The way she grinned down at him made his blood boil and as she rode him he grabbed her hips and began to lift her off of his cock to pull her back down as he gave a strong thrust upswards. She screamed as he cock was burried deep inside of her, throwing her head back and arching her body. David licked his lips at the sight of her breasts being thrust outwards, towards his face. He had been with a lot of women, and, with the added effect of knowing he was doing something most people would considerable terribly wrong, she was the best fuck he had ever had. She was talented, or practiced, it didn’t matter which, but her body held the tightness of youth and she was milking her cock for all it was worth.

“Oh fuck, Jamie, do you want your uncles cum in your pussy?” It was a groan as much as anything else, and nearly drowned out by her cries as she moved back and forth at the same time she moved up and down, grinding her clit agianst his groin.

“Yes!” It was all she could get out between cries of pure ecstacy as she looked down at him, her lips parted in a moan, “Oh god yes!”

“Tell me,” he slapped her ass with the command and she screamed in sheer pelasure, throwing her head back against and arching more drasticly, “Tell me you want my cum, Jamie. I want to hear you say it.” Jamie was forcing herself down her uncle’s cock with a vigor he had seen in only a few other women, and he wasn’t sure how much more he could take as he felt her pussy beggin to clutch and grab at him faster and more intensely. She was about to cum on his cock.

“I want your cum in me Uncl-” She screamed, the word breaking off only to be picked up again amoment later, “Uncle David! Cum in my-” Another scream and she was only half a second away from climax, “MY PUSSY!” The last two words were a scream themselves as she began squirting her lady-cum over his cock. He felt it run over his balls and legs, hot and – he knew – delicious.

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