Taking a Break

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It was Schoolies Week and I’d gone to Surfer’s with a number of friends. Well, when I say friends I guess it’s more of a case of a couple of close friends and a number of school-mates, people you know well even if you’re not particularly close. We’d rented a couple of adjacent units in one of the big motels, the girls in one unit and the boys in the other, and it turned out we were high enough to have a spectacular view.

I woke up early on our first morning there and went and hung out on the balcony. I could already see that it was going to be an ‘S’ day, sun, surf, and sand. You may notice that there is one ‘S’ word missing. That’s because, while I wasn’t going to be beating the boys off with a stick (chance would be a fine thing), neither was I going to be jumping into bed with the first boy who asked. I would keep my options open. One never knew what might develop.

I have to admit that one of the reasons that I wouldn’t be jumping into bed straight away was that I was just a little nervous about it. I wasn’t a virgin but one fumbled experience doesn’t really do much to prepare you for a second experience, especially when the boy from the first experience dropped me and bolted so fast that he was a dot in the distance before my panties were back on. He claimed the sight of blood made him panic. In that case he shouldn’t try it on with virgins. I think he was just a. . . but I won’t go into that, such language not befitting a refined young thing such as myself.

We all finished up down on the beach that first day. I had no doubt that we’d all wander off in different directions as the days passed and our various preferences made themselves known, but for day one the beach was a must.

We spent the morning working on a bit of a tan, slathered in sunscreen to make sure that we didn’t burn. Spending the holiday prone on a bed and bright scarlet from sunburn is not my preferred way of spending the time.

I had a new bikini for this holiday (just like all the girls, I bet). It was cyan in colour and what I considered rather abbreviated. It was certainly the most daring bikini that I’d ever worn. I found that compared to some of the bikinis the girls were sporting it was almost demure, not that I’d be going with anything more daring. My natural modesty forbids.

I did fill out that bikini very nicely though. I didn’t have a super-abundance of bust and bum but I certainly had enough to make the boys look. It was just a pity that some of the girls had considerable more than me and were displaying it in bikinis that were smaller than mine. Really, I don’t know why a couple of them even bother with the bikinis. Three small pieces of tape would have covered the same area and been a lot cheaper.

I stayed close to my own friends. We were all just relaxing and taking it easy. The stress of exams was behind us and the stress of finding a job not yet with us. We were young adults, getting primed to move onto the great adventure of being adults, just taking a break before it all happened. Scary when you think about it, so we didn’t, or I didn’t anyway.

I indulged in my hobby of people watching. They call this place Surfers Paradise but genuine surfers probably called it something else. The current surf was pathetic, leaving the water more suited for swimming than surfing. Most of the people around us were about my age, give or take five years. Families with young children seemed to have congregated further down the beach, near the park with children’s play equipment. Older people were non-existent. They were probably flaked out on lounge chairs around motel pools and drinking Singapore Slings or other exotic drinks.

Naturally enough during Schoolies Week there were the predators. They were easy to spot if you knew what you were looking for. Somewhat older than the rest of us, pushing thirty and acting thirteen, pretending to be young and hip. They wouldn’t get far with most of the girls but I have to admit that some girls are dumb bimbos and they were the predators’ target.

There were a couple of men who had me stumped. They arrived at the beach together and were clearly friends. Just friends, was my guess, as they didn’t give off that gay vibration. They first joined up with the boys, just guys getting to know each other, and they weren’t checking the guys out sexually. (That didn’t stop Peter scoping them out but he also seemed to pick up on their straightness and backed away, disappointed.)

Those two must have been smooth talkers because after they’d been chatting with the boys for a while the whole group came over to start flirting with us girls. The new guys were in their middle twenties by my guess and they didn’t seem to be predators or even predators in the making. They just seemed genuinely interested in meeting everyone, checking out the girls, but not in a blatant or offensive manner, and they didn’t try to follow up on it.

I have to admit that I was mildly flattered when they stopped to talk to me. Don and Neil were their names, escort kartal and they were a welcome change from boys who were all over you at the slightest excuse. Not that I thought either of them would be chasing after me; not with the smorgasbord of femme fatales lying around. It was perfectly obvious that if the boys had whipped out collars and leashes a couple of girls would have been doing the collars up themselves to save the boys the trouble. Really, the way they fawned over the boys was mildly nauseating.

Eventually the boys all drifted off again, including Don and Neil. Those two immediately became the subject for speculation, and quite ribald speculation at times.

While we’d all brought drinks to the beach we hadn’t bothered about munchies. Why bother when there were shops available and the motel we were staying at was just over the road. We could grab a snack anytime we wanted or run up to our unit if we wanted a more substantial meal. With lunch time coming up my stomach was telling me that lunch was a good idea.

I grabbed my bag and announced I was going to get some lunch. This was met by a chorus of groans and a general disinclination to move. Lazy bitches the lot of them. I shrugged and headed for the path through the bushes that separated the beach from the strip of parkland that ran next to the road. I’d just got on the pathway when a voice hailed me.

“Hey, Anna, wait up a moment.”

I turned around to look and Don and Neil were approaching, smiling.

“Ah, hi,” I said. “Do you want something?”

“I’m glad you asked that question,” said Don. “Yes, we certainly want something. You.”

I blinked, trying to take that in. He wanted me? For what? Not sex, surely? I mean, if he just wanted sex all he had to do was whistle and point at a couple of girls and they’d probably come running.

“Me?” I said cautiously. “Ah, what for, exactly?”

“Are you really that naïve?” asked Neil, his smile wider than ever.

“Ah, I guess not,” I mumbled, “but why me? Why not Cheryl, for instance?”

“Cheryl?” asked Don.

“The one with the hair and the boobs,” said Neil which, I had to admit, was a good if succinct description.

“Oh, her,” said Don. “What’s the bet that in six months her name will be Cherri and she’ll be dancing around a pole in a nightclub? Thanks, but no thanks.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you’re coming onto me,” I pointed out, while privately agreeing with his assessment of Cheryl’s future.

“Because you’re quite lovely,” Neil said, sounding quite sincere. “You make me think of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. An innocently charming beauty.”

“Quite right,” said Don approvingly. “It is our intention to take you in amongst those bushes over there, take off your bikini, and love you with great enthusiasm.”

Our. He’d said ‘our’, not ‘my’. Did they both intend to drag me into the bushes and have sex with me? Surely not.

“Aahh,” I said intelligently, looking from Don to Neil and back again.

“Ah, indeed,” said Neil. “You’re wondering if we both intend to, ah, get involved in the action. I can assure you that we most certainly are, and will take great pleasure from it.”

Oh my god, I was going to pass out from the shock of it. They seriously thought I’d permit them to take me into the bushes and, ah, ah, do it.

“What on earth makes you think I’d agree to any such thing?” I demanded.

“The way you were looking at us down on the beach,” Neil said, speaking softly. “You looked like a little girl who saw a treat she wanted but thought would be forever out of your reach. We want to give you that treat.”

I almost gaped at him. What an arrogant thing to say. I finished up taking a deep breath and letting it out in a huff. I opened my mouth to say what I thought of that sort of remark and closed it again, not knowing what to say.

“Really, Neil, you’ve left the poor girl speechless,” said Don.

He held out his hand to me. I stood there looking at it. If I took it he was going to pull me into the bushes and then they were going to strip me and I’d be naked. Totally naked in front of a man. Two men. I’d never actually been naked in front of a man before, let alone two. Calling myself all sorts of names I placed my hand in his.

Don slipped between a couple of bushes, drawing me after him. Neil followed on behind and it was pretty obvious to me that they had scoped out the area beforehand. A couple of quick turns and we were in a grassy little area, seemingly surrounded by bushes on all sides. Both men took the towels they’d had slung over a shoulder and laid them on the ground next to each other. Then they turned to look at me and smile.

I wanted to smile back, truly I did, but I suspect I showed more of a nervous grimace than a smile. What was I supposed to do now? I found myself strangely reluctant to start taking of my bikini.

“If you want one huge difference between you and Cheryl,” Don said cheerfully, “it’s that she would already maltepe escort be naked. She would probably have taken of her bikini while we were coming through the bushes, just to whet our appetites and tease us.”

“And don’t worry about taking yours off,” added Neil. “We’ll do that for you.”

That was supposed to make me feel better? It somehow failed to achieve its purpose. I felt more nervous than ever.

Don moved closer to me. He winked as he put his hands on my waist and then started sliding them down. They slid under the waist of my bikini and kept going, taking the bottom half of my bikini with him. Then he was crouching in front of me, my bikini around my ankles, and he was tapping my ankle for me to lift it.

“Do you know why a man likes to take a woman’s pants off first?” he asked, and I mutely shook my head,

“If a woman is suddenly topless she might still decide no and start running, not worrying about what she’s displaying. Bottomless, it’s as though her feet were nailed to the ground. She’s not going to run out into a crowd in that condition.”

“I wasn’t going to run,” I said feebly, although I was willing to admit he had a point. If he’d taken off my top I just might have run. Not so if I was going to show everything I had though.

I felt Neil plucking at the ties to my top and moments later it dropped away and now I was naked and the boys were looking.

“I’m going to pretend to be blind for a moment,” Don told me, much to my puzzlement.

He closed his eyes and his hands came up and touched my face. It was only a feather-light touch but he carefully traced all over my face. He didn’t stop there, either. Down onto my neck, across my shoulders, brushing back and forth, onto my breasts. Not grasping them but just his fingertips lightly grazing against them, barely touching but still most definitely touching. His touch slowed for a moment when he passed my nipples, and I guess the reason why was because they were responding, swelling up at his touch. My breasts seemed to be swelling at his touch.

It was almost anti-climactic when his hands dropped down away from my breasts, brushing against my tummy, pausing to probe my navel, which caused me to squirm a little, and then I was holding my breath as his hands continued lower.

My skin seemed to be crawling as his fingertips brushed across my mons. It felt as though there were matching fingers under my skin stroking me. Between my legs he moved, the lightest touch brushing against my pudendum, making me acutely aware of my femininity and his masculinity. Both hands seemed to find it necessary to brush across my mound, and my legs almost buckled. Then his hands were moving down the insides of my legs, touching my upper thighs and demonstrating just how sensitive they were to a touch.

As his touch went lower I calmed down a little and then he was standing up, eyes open, smiling happily.

“Why don’t you lie down for a while,” Don said. “I want to kiss you and it will be easier with you lying down.”

I didn’t see how but I supposed I’d better go along with what he wanted. I started to lower myself to the ground and he laughed.

“Let me help you,” he said, and then the world seemed to swing around me and I was being settled into my back.

Don promptly dropped his shorts and his erection sprang into prominence. He settled down next to me, reaching for my hand.

“I am going to kiss you and touch you,” he told me, taking my hand and wrapping it around his cock. I tried to let it go but his hand was holding mine. “When you’re ready for me to make love to you properly just let my cock go and I’ll take it from there.”

He didn’t need to hold my hand against his cock now. As far as I was concerned it was welded in place.

After that his hands wandered over my body, with his mouth following his hands. He would play with a nipple and then his hand would shift to the other one while his mouth closed over the first. I got a hell of a shock when his hand started stoking my mound, not from his hand being there, which I’d assumed would happen, but from the fact that his mouth followed his hand even there.

I was squirming about, trying to protest this indignity, and my hands were against his head, pushing him away. I was surprised how fast his head moved away, until I realised what he was doing. He was spreading my legs further apart and moving between them and that’s when I remembered I was supposed to hang onto his cock.

“Ah, wait a minute,” I managed to gasp out, but he simply said, “Why,” and started kissing me so I couldn’t say anything else. That didn’t stop me realising that he was positioning himself and all I could do was thump feebly at his back as I felt his cock pressing against me. I got in a couple of thumps while he positioned himself but then he was coming in and my passage was hot and slick and he was taking control of me and I was reduced to clutching at his shoulders as he gave that first energetic thrust.

Now pendik escort bayan he lifted his head away from me, looking down at me with a gentle smile, his groin starting a rhythmic thrusting motion, his cock seeming to surge into me as he did so. I found myself responding helplessly, pushing up to meet him, and oh, it was so sweet. I could take more of this, a lot more, and I continued pressing happily against him, accepting the pleasure he was bestowing upon me.

He kept going and I never wanted him to stop. Liquid heat bubbled inside me, a hot sugary sweetness that promised to fulfil all my needs. Quite honestly I was lost to everything but Don and I didn’t care.

When the end came I didn’t fully understand what was going on. Don was suddenly moving faster and my nervous system seemed to be going out of control, tying itself in knots and leaving me wanting to scream for release. Then I was climaxing (minus the scream) and from Don’s behaviour so was he.

Don moved off me and I laid there feeling blissful. Neil knelt down beside me, smiling.

“Let’s get you cleaned up a little,” he said, and he produced some wet tissues from his beach bag. Be prepared must be his motto. He wiped me down, moving easily and gently, still making me conscious of my body again, especially when he wiped my breasts and between my legs.

He coaxed me over onto my tummy, continuing to wipe me down, and then his hands settled on my hips and he lifted.

“Up onto all fours for a moment,” he told me and I did as I was told, not knowing what he was doing.

I found out fast enough, didn’t I. Just like that his cock was there and driving into me.

I was like, “Hey! What?” and he laughed.

“What do you mean, what?” he asked. “You know we were both planning to play. Don’t worry, you’ll find that you can handle me easily enough. You’re still all worked up from Don’s attentions.”

All I could do was splutter, “but, but,” and that didn’t help at all as that cock was sinking deeper by the second. Maybe it was the different angle but he felt a lot bigger than Don, not that I would ever be so crass as to compare.

There was a hell of a difference in their style, too. Don had been gentle and caring. Neil seemed to assume that since I was already all worked up he could just let rip and that’s what he was doing.

His cock pounded into me, with me going, “Wow, wow, wow,” in time to his thrusting. I was doing my best to move with him but it was taking a lot more energy than when I was with Don. His arms had come around me and his hands had closed over my breasts, rubbing them roughly. I was quite shocked to find that I was enjoying myself. Even the rough handling of me breasts was titillating, building up my excitement.

I could swear that as he continued Neil was getting more boisterous, absolutely bouncing me off his cock, his mauling grasp on my breasts serving as an anchor to help drag me back on. At the end there I was once again mindless with need, accepting my climax as long overdue, shaking almost uncontrollably from the force of it.

Neil again chose to wipe me down and make sure I looked presentable once my bikini was on.

“How long are you down here for?” asked Don.

“Another week,” I told him.

“How nice. So are we. We’ll keep an eye out for you. We’ll want to see a lot more of you over the coming week.”

Maybe they would want to, but that didn’t mean I was going to be their flavour of the month (or the week, in this case). Tomorrow I was going to go to one of the theme parks. I knew a couple of the others wanted to. A fun day without wondering where Don and Neil were lurking. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t let them catch me another time, mind you, but first I needed time to consider what had happened.

The best laid plans. . .

After dinner that night I and a couple of the girls went down to the hotel pool, wanting to laze in the spa for a while. The spa was warm and bubbly and we just lay there and totally relaxed. Finally I decided to go up, even though the others weren’t ready. I ambled through to the foyer and hopped on the lift. I’d just pressed for fifteen when a voice called to hold the lift, so I did.

Don and Neil piled in, looking amused to see me, still wearing my bikini. Don reached over and pressed fourteen.

“I take it that you’re on fifteen?” he observed.

“With my friends,” I agreed.

We didn’t say anything else as the lift went up and finally the bell rang and the doors opened. Don graciously indicated that I should exit first and I did so, running on automatic. I turned right out of the lift to go to my apartment and came to an abrupt halt.

“Hey, this isn’t my floor,” I said indignantly.

“True. You’re on fifteen. That’s the next one up,” said Neil. “This is our floor and this is our unit.” He opened the door of the unit and then he graciously indicated that I should enter.

I stood there dithering, knowing damn well I’d be an idiot to go in. Don reached over and took my towel off me and tossed it to Neil. Then he reached for me again, hooking his fingers into the waist of my bikini.

“Remember how we agreed you probably wouldn’t run away if you lost the bottom half of your bikini? Well, let’s see if you stop me.”

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