Taking Turns

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We’re getting used to each other’s bodies now. We’re just past the get-to-know-you stage and we’re ready to try something new and exciting. We decide to indulge each other in one request each. We know each other well enough to know that neither one of us will push beyond acceptable boundaries.

“Ladies first,” you say, so I lead you over to a large overstuffed chair and sit you down in it.

You watch me as I slowly take off my clothes. I unbutton my blouse and you see a peek of my black lacy bra. I lean over to kiss you and you get an eye-full of cleavage. I stand up and slowly pull the blouse out of my skirt. Your eyes go past the see-through lace of my bra and zero in on my nipples that have become hard and erect.

I slowly unzip my skirt in the back. I push it down over my hips and as you reach for me I step back out of your reach. You moan but flop back into the chair. The skirt falls to the floor.

I kick off my shoes and your gaze moves from my red painted toenails underneath the stockings, past my calves, over my knees, up to my thighs where the thigh highs end. You smile.

I slowly begin to roll one stocking down, down over my leg. I put my foot on your crotch and allow you to take the stocking all the way off. For the next leg, I turn so you can see my ass in my black thong. I sit down on your lap, pushing my ass into your crotch as I take off the other stocking.

You’re kissing my neck now and up to my ear lobe, which you gently suck into your mouth. I arch my head back and up and your lips travel up my jaw. I turn my head and our lips meet again for a short deep kiss.

I stand up before you and undo my bra. Slowly I reveal one perfect, round breast and then the other. My nipples are deep pink and hard, just begging to be kissed. I lean over so you can take one into your mouth. You lick around ataşehir escort one nipple while your thumb rubs over the other one.

I straighten up to take my panties off and you see that I am shaved. You let out a slow soft groan as you take me in. I lean over and pull your t-shirt up and over your head. I undo your belt buckle and take your pants and underwear off in one smooth motion. Your clothes join mine on the floor.

As I undress you, you rake your gaze slowly over my naked body. You tell me I’m beautiful. You call me a goddess and I melt onto the floor at your feet. I see the chain tattoo that is around your pelvic area. I see the dangling gold ball belly pierce that you are wearing and your perfectly shaved, smooth private area. Your dick is long and thick. I lick my lips in anticipation. I look into your eyes and smile.

I slowly lick your tattoo while my hands reach underneath you and knead your ass. My tongue works up to your pierce, around, and then down again, taking its time to find your fabulous cock. I take all of you in my mouth and lick and suck until you are rock hard and moaning. Your fingers are in my hair, pushing my mouth onto you farther, deeper. Your dick is so soft and velvety smooth. So thick and hard. I push you all the way into my mouth to my throat. Your head falls back on the chair as you moan and say my name over and over and over, “Annie, Annie, Annie…”

I stand up, straddle you in the chair, and move up and down, while your dick rubs against my clit. You take both breasts in your hands and bring one to your mouth. You alternate your mouth on my nipples, devouring my breasts while you move your dick slowly and steadily against the outside of me. I’m writhing in pleasure, with my thighs rubbing tightly against yours, my tits in your mouth and hands, my clit pushing kadıköy escort bayan against you. I arch my back, push my tits hard into your mouth, throw my head back and revel in the intense feelings you are giving me. The pleasure is building, building and just as I am about to climax, I push you inside of me. We move together, rocking into each other. I come hard and fast. I feel the spasms rock my body and then slowly subside. I pull off of you just as you climax, and your cum pours all over my breasts. You rub it in as I move against you and enjoy a few aftershocks of electricity.

You stand up and carry me with my legs wrapped around you up to the big king size bed. We lay on the bed softly caressing our fingers over each other’s bodies while we talk softly. I feel you begin to get hard again. I say it’s your turn now You look into my eyes and you say, “You know what I want, Annie.”

You climb on top of me upside down, flip me over so I’m on top of you, and we lick each other leisurely for a while, enjoying the taste of each other. Your body feels so good and I rub my hands up and down your thighs, around your balls and up and down your dick. My mouth moves up and down in rhythm with yours as you lick and probe, consume and drink in my juices.

I feel you slowing down so I roll off of you. Your strong arms whip me up and back on to the bed with a bounce. You straddle me and kiss me savagely. The smell of my perfume is driving you wild. You’re breathing hard as you sit up and play with and tease my nipples, flicking them with your thumb and dipping down to lick them. You can taste your cum on me and you grow more excited. I beg you to put all of my breast into your mouth but you continue teasing me until I think I can’t stand it another second and you finally suck first one breast and then the other, escort maltepe surrounding them with your warm mouth and soft tongue.

You’re getting rougher and kissing my tits harder and faster now. I wrap my legs around your waist. I can feel your chest caressing my pussy as I writhe and move underneath you, my feet rubbing your ass. As you kiss me harder my pace picks up until we are in a frenzy of passion. My hands cling tightly to your arms as we move together.

Suddenly you stop and pull back. You pull my knees to my chest and open my legs to you. You lick me softly, up and down, from asshole to clit, pushing your tongue into me, driving me wild. Your thumb works my nub as I moan and writhe and push up into you.

You motion for me to roll over. As I do so you get behind me and caress my ass and my hips and kiss up and down my spine. I am on my knees, my hands down on the bed, my head bent between my arms. Slowly you enter me and it feels different but good, and we begin moving with each other. You hold my hips as the pace picks up. You move from an achingly slow pace to faster and harder until you are slamming into me, your hands digging into my hips, your balls smacking into my legs.

You vary your pace from slow to fast over and over. We bring each other to the brink and then slow down again, stretching out the pleasure, not wanting it to end. We are both breathing heavily as we smack into each other. Your hands are digging into my hips.

I can feel your dick rub against my clit in this position and I feel myself spiraling into a sweet, hard orgasm that I cannot stop–don’t want to stop. I let go and feel my body explode into a million pieces of ecstasy. You pump harder and harder, ramming your dick in and out of me. I hear your breathing break into a moan and you stop, call out my name, push into me once more, and climax hard into me.

We fall into a heap on the bed, spooning, my back against your hard body, your arms holding me tight. You roll me over and give me a long, sensuous kiss. You wrap me in your arms and we drift off to sleep content, boneless and happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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