Taking You Deep In The Arse

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What an amazing evening Thursday was – to think I was so hesitant about anal sex – I love it so much now – taking you deep in the arse is so so wonderful. I loved it the second we did it that first time and love it more and more every time we do it now. I cannot imagine it not being part of our lovemaking and as with other things I have taken your gentle suggestions and love them so much myself now. I know you love it, and I adore taking you deep and hard there, but I don’t do it just to please you. I do it because I love it, as well as because you love it of course; it is in some ways animalistic and deeply earthy, but as with every single little thing we do, it is beautiful and tender as well.

As you pulled up at the car park there was nothing to suggest our meeting would be so spectacularly deep anal-wise though. We had been texting a lot during the week and we had both been very turned on for days, so maybe it should have come as no surprise that it turned into such an explosive meeting.

We undressed hurriedly and I needed you to suck me immediately – as always, you sucked my cock so beautifully, wanking me in time with your deep sucking – I love it when you swirl your tongue around the head and you bob your head further canlı bahis down taking more of my shaft into your mouth.

You were lying at right angles to my lap and I told you to move your body further towards me so I could finger your pussy and your arse. I take lube onto my left hand and get my thumb fingers and palm nice and wet and start on your body – between your plump welcoming thighs – so I can enter your twin gates to heaven.

I start by just rubbing your arsehole gently from the outside – then I gently push my thumb in up to the first joint. I curl my fingers into your pussy at that point, and push my fingers in an inch or two – I do this for a few minutes and you continue to suck me off, but now moaning, your mouth full of my cock, and your arse and pussy starting to be invaded.

I push my thumb all the way into your arse and my fingers deeper into your pussy. I am rotating my thumb gently but firmly and rocking my fingers in rhythm into your gorgeous cunt. You change your stance and I wrap my thumb inside my fingers and push fully into your pussy gently but very firmly, provoking your usual moaning and quickening of your breath – I am wrist-deep inside you and you stop sucking as you get used to the massive invasion bahis siteleri of your pussy. I fist you like that a few minutes as you resume gobbling and wanking my cock.

I need to be inside you, I say, but where would you like me to fuck you, I ask. Wherever you want, you reply.

You lie back, opening up the car door behind you, one leg right up, the other aside leaning on the back of the front passenger seat. I take more lube onto my fingers, push a finger into your arse again and get it all lubed up – I also smear lots of it on your spread open pussy and onto my hand. I guide my head till it just nudges open your arse and push in a centimetre or so then pause – you say stop but you don’t have to – I know your beautiful body so well now I know when to do that – I wait till you relax and then push in gently, firmly, till the whole length of my rock hard cock is in your arse.

You moan quietly as you are anally invaded so fully and deeply. I pull half out so there is room to get my hand between our bodies. I push my hand inside your pussy in one careful, slow, but continuous movement. You are now full – my cock in your arse, your pussy full of my fist. I am stretching you wide and full and then I start to fuck you.

You bahis şirketleri are leaning right back, almost hanging out of the left passenger door, your head hanging right down, your throat exposed to me. I reach forward with my free hand and take hold of you round the throat – whenever I do this it stills you instantly and you seem almost hypnotised, you go so still. You’re not still now of course, as I am fucking your arse and fisting you, and your beautiful plump body flows back and forth beneath my torso. I pound you like this for a while, the contrast between the controlled careful holding you round the throat with me pounding your fat luscious arse and fisting you very deeply. The angle is just perfect and I fuck your arse nice and hard.

There follows a whole series of changes of pace, depth, position and speed but I fuck your arse the whole time – I stand outside the car, you kneeling on the car seat, your bottom sticking out, me fucking your arse in hard, stabbing movements; you lie back as I stand outside and pound your luscious fat arse, and at one point I lead you outside by the hand, both of us stark naked, and I fuck your arse hard as you lean over your bonnet.

We get back in the car and I fill your mouth with cum as you suck me furiously, but I stay hard and fuck your arse even more.

Quite simply an astonishing session and I fucked your arse repeatedly from every angle – a beautiful, wonderful evening, quite simply amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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