Tales of a High School Senior Ch. 1

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“Mother-fucker,” I muttered. “Why the FUCK do you do this to me, Lahna? I try so Goddamned hard to please you… everything I do is for you. You do or say nothing back. Why?” The buzz of an angry girl’s voice rings through the earpiece on the telephone. “Yeah well FUCK YOU TOO! I’m tired of this, of you, of our engagement! It’s OVER! Peace.” I hung up the phone, jovial at the fact that I was finally able to dump the bitch. I leaned back in my chair, pulled a Camel wide out of the pack and lit it up. Smoke curled from the tip of the cigarette and then from my lips and nose. I was stressed. I had just turned 19, and was about to graduate from High school. Emotions were running high, and I needed to get laid. Alas, not tonight, however. It would take time. Who knew how long? Or with who? And most important, HOW? All these questions troubled me through a pack and a half of Camels, and a joint, and a couple shots of Two Finger’s Gold Tequila I jacked from my dad’s bottle. “Mother fucker,” I sighed, exhaling sweet smoke. I drifted to sleep, the last cigarette burning away in my hand.

A couple weeks later, I was at lunch, watching the freshman stoners try and smoke a joint in the courtyard at U.S. Grant High. High. Fitting that they call them High schools. Everyone’s High… oh, well. That’s another story. On the other side of the closely bunched circle of dumb ass pot smokers was a girl. Imagine… 18 years old High school senior, 5’3″. 120 lbs., maybe. 34 c. Red, black and dark brown hair that brushed the top of the swell that became her sweet, young breasts. Jessica. I’d wanted her the whole 3 years I went to Grant. She was always out of my league, sort of like a supermodel, the kind you fantasize about, maybe jack off to a memory of seeing them straightening their bras. But hardly ever do you talk to Kartal escort them. I decided. I needed to get laid and it wouldn’t hurt. I casually strolled around the circle, smelled the sweet smoke I so closely knew, and right up to Jessica. “Dumb asses, ” I muttered to no one in particular, hoping Jessica would hear me. “Don’t they know that mother-fucking teachers watch through the windows? They are going to get caught and I’m going to laugh.”

“I know. If they want to smoke weed, shit, do it after school and at parties. You must be STUPID to smoke weed OUTSIDE at LUNCH. Now fucking, on the other hand… THAT sounds like a bit of fun,” she said, licking her lips. Her voice… more beautiful than I had imagined. So refined, sexy. It had that slight scratchiness that told me she drank, smoked, and screamed her perfect ass off during sex. And the best part… She had been talking to ME. Those social 75,000 miles between us had just shortened considerably.

“Oh, really? You’ve fucked someone out here?”

“Well, no, but it sounds like it would be worth it. Especially now. I’m horny as hell.” My attention sprang to life.

“Horny? Really, now?”

“Yeah, I am. My boyfriend and I haven’t had the chance in over 3 months.”

“Boyfriend? Oh. Well good luck with him. It’s been like a year or more for me. And I’m single.” I just blurted that line out as a last desperate attempt to spark her interest. But when she said “boyfriend,” the social distance bounced up to at least 30,000 miles…

Later that day, in 4th hour, my debate class went to the library. My most recent Ex-girlfriend, Lahna, the girl from the phone, was in that class too, so I was not in the mood to fuck with anyone. When I walked into the library, I saw her. No, not Lahna, I’d already seen that bitch. Kurtköy Escort I mean JESSICA… I saw her, the trench coat she had been sporting at lunch had since been shed, and it revealed quite a treat for my eyes…

Bottom to top: Gleaming 2″ heeled vinyl boots that ran up to a couple inches under her knee. Above her knees, hung a tight, spandex-looking skirt. On her upper body she had a red and black twisted leather tank top. Instant hard-on. I decided that I was going to play some head-games with Lahna. I picked the seat right next to Jessica. I scooted my chair closer to Jessica’s and pretended to read what she was under the watchful eye of my teacher and most importantly, Lahna. Instead of reading anything, I wrote a quick note to her: “Dear God woman you look like you shouldn’t have any problem getting laid to stop you form being horny…”

She wrote back “Really, now, who would lay me?”

I slid closer and took a breath. This was my defining moment. Do it or not. Do it or die. Be Superman or scum. Superman it is.

I put my left hand on her knee, revealing enough so that I was sure Lahna could see. I wrote with my right hand as my left slid closer and closer to what I’d wanted for life… or at least three years of it. “Who do you think? Didn’t someone tell you earlier that they were horny too?”

“I suppose so… what is your hand doing?”


“The other one!” {Gasp} “Never mind, I know now… “

“Do you want me to… stop?”

“Quit making me write or I’m never gonna come… Oh fuck I Lied!!”

At that moment, only seconds after I discovered she had no panties on and was already wet as fuck, she came. Her legs shook, and tears spurted from her eyes just as hot sticky come came forth from deep within her beautiful body and on Maltepe Escort to my fingers.

The bell rang. She stood up and so did I. She took my hand and I walked her to my Buick. Lahna came sobbing out of the doors to the school just as I peeled out of the parking lot, Jessica on board, heading towards my house, my room, and inevitably, my bed…

We burst in the door, kissing, grabbing, and licking… Clothes came off our bodies effortlessly. We were mostly naked when we got to my room. I reached over and hit Play on the CD player. Deftones poured loudly through the speakers. I picked her up, and laid her on the bed. I commenced licking her, all over; her taut nipples gleamed with my saliva. There was a trail from my tongue down to her wet, shaved pussy. I was licking deep inside her lips, and she was screaming. I probed two fingers inside and my tongue coursed roughly over her pierced clit. As far as I can tell, she came at least twice, but in the last couple minutes of me eating that sweet young pussy up she was shaking and sobbing with ecstasy so much I couldn’t tell what was going on. I stopped. I looked up at her, and we were both breathing heavily, my face covered in juices. I shimmied up her body, my painfully hard cock moving ever closer to ecstasy. As my mouth reached hers, My head poked perfectly into her lips, she moaned and arched her back as I thrust deeply inside of her. Now we were really fucking. Fast and hard, I pumped her, over and over. She started that shaking screaming thing, and the vibrating of her whole body, and her pussy on my dick, combined with a tremendous squeezing of her muscles, I came. It was reached. The pinnacle of LIFE.

“Good lord I do believe this is the BEST cigarette I’ve ever had.” I took a long drag off of my favorite brand, Camel wide.

“Don’t you mean the best cigarette you’ve ever SHARED,” she said, snatching the fine tobacco product out of my hand. Her naked body brushed mine under the covers as she smoked in silence, then she handed the cigarette back.

“Still horny,” I asked.

“You bet!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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