Taming Tawnee

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I know that this is another long story, for

better or for worse, I just don’t like the idea

of chunking it up into chapters. It’s totally fictional and all the

sex is between consenting adults. Enjoy. (try to, anyway)

-Tyzmartar */

“I put that virus scanner on here so this sort of thing won’t happen, Tawnee,” Will told his sister.

“I had to turn it off because it wouldn’t let me download the things I wanted to,” she replied.

“That’s so retarded! There’s a reason it wouldn’t let you download the things you wanted. This is it, right here. You understand what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, yeah, just fix it. Mandy and I need it tonight to finish our paper. So chop, chop,” Tawnee urged him. She crossed her arms and stared at the screen over his shoulder with impatience. Her friend would be there soon and she wanted to finish their dumb-ass paper so that she could go out.

“Mandy’s coming over?” he asked. She had been an object of his desires for quite some time. Way out of his league and never appeared to share the same affection that he had for her, but he still didn’t think it hurt to dream a little.

“Yeah, but only for a while, and I don’t want you coming up with some lame excuse so that you can come in here and interrupt us. It’s creepy when you gawk at her, like you’re some kind of serial killer or something.”

“I don’t gawk at her!”

“Please, you practically pop a boner whenever she steps through the door.”

“Do you want me to fix this, or not? Stop bugging me.”

Despite how satisfying it was to tease Will, Tawnee decided to give it a rest. She didn’t care much about hurting his feelings, he was pretty tough, but she needed her computer to function properly. If there was anything that he was good at, besides being lame, it was computer stuff.

Several minutes and clicks later, Will pushed himself back away from the computer desk he was seated at and rose from his sister’s pink office chair. “There. Don’t disable the anti-virus. There’s a reason for it. Seriously.”

“Fine. Thanks. Now go nerd it up some place else,” she ordered.

Will scoffed. He didn’t really expect any gratitude, she had never shown any before. Turning to make an exit, he nearly collided with Mandy, who was standing in the doorway. He quickly sidestepped to allow her entry.

Mandy smiled at him. She had always thought it was a bit amusing at how shy and nervous he seemed to act. “William,” she greeted.

“Amanda,” he greeted back, with the slightest hint of a smile. “I was just going. Good luck with your paper.”

“Thank you. Goodbye,” she said to his back as he disappeared down the hall. She turned to Tawnee and shrugged her shoulders. “Must be he had something important to do.”

Tawnee laughed. “I don’t think he’s ever had anything to do that was important. He’s just running back to his room because you’re like walking pornography to him. He’ll probably be jerking his meat in about two minutes.”

“God, Tee. That’s a little harsh, isn’t it?”

“The harsh truth. When he passed you to get out in the hall it was probably the closest he’s ever been to a girl. I bet you ten bucks that if you go open the door to his room in a few minutes, he’ll have it out, playing with it.”

“That’s just wrong.” Mandy laughed. “Ten bucks, huh?”

“Sure. But if it’s locked or he’s not there, bet’s off. You gonna go see?”

“Yeah. I could use ten bucks. Then we got to finish the paper, though,” Mandy replied.

They waited for a couple minutes, then Tawnee led the way quietly down the hall and stood in front of her brother’s door. She had confidence that he was a big enough pervert to where there was a good chance that they would actually catch him in the act. Turning slightly to her friend, she made a gesture at the door. Mandy reached out and touched the knob, hoping that it would be locked or that Will was doing something other than masturbating. The poor guy really didn’t need that kind of humiliation.

Will had just flopped on his bed and opened up a book when the door to his room flung open. “Amanda. What’s up?” he asked.

“Oh, uh, your sister wants to talk to you,” she replied. The girls hadn’t thought enough ahead to actually come up with an excuse for barging into his room. She grabbed Tawnee by the arm and pulled her into the room in front of her.

Tawnee wasn’t prepared for what Amanda had just done to her, but she was always a quick thinker. “Hey chugnut. I need to borrow ten bucks. I’ll pay you back later.”

Will frowned. “What for? You never pay me back. I thought you had to work on a paper, anyway.”

“We do, but I need to take Mandy to the store to buy tampons, neither one of us has any cash, and her flow is heavy. You can either lend me the money or your computer chair for her to sit on. I don’t care which.”

Will cringed as Mandy slugged his sister hard in the arm. He dug into his pocket and handed her a crumpled ten dollar bill. “Jesus, Tawnee. bursa escort You probably didn’t have to tell me all that.”

Tawnee accepted the money and shrugged her shoulders. “Eh, honesty’s the best policy. Let’s go, Mandy, before you stain up the carpet.”

Mandy found herself to be speechless, she could only shake her head and look down at the floor as she followed Tawnee back to her room. She finally found some words once she got there.

“Did you have to embarrass me like that in front of your brother?”

“What? After you threw me under the bus? Do you even remember what we were there for in the first place? Would you rather have me lie about your period or see Will with his cock in his hand? Here’s your money by the way, you win,” she said, handing the bill over.

“I should never listen to any of your ideas. Poor William, I can’t imagine the kind of torture you put him through. And now he thinks I’m about to flood the house with my period,” Amanda replied, stuffing the money in the pocket of her jeans.

“Have you ever taken a good look at him? He brings it on himself. And don’t worry, he’ll still worship you no matter what I have to say. I could tell him that you just came down with a raging case of crotch spiders and he’d still want to get your pants off,” Tawnee stated, opening up her laptop.

“Oh my god, you’re really on a roll tonight. I think he’s nice and you ought to be nicer to him. He’d be cute, too, if you could get him to cut his hair and shave that scruff off his face. He’s got the whole nerd/hippy look going on, I know, but I don’t think it suits him.” Amanda sat on the bed and took the computer from her friend so that she could see where they were on the paper.

“Ugh, don’t make me sick, we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“If you can talk about how heavy my ‘flow’ is, then I can say that I think Will is cute. Maybe I’ll see if he wants to go out some time,” Amanda said, not looking up from the screen. She was half-way serious, and thought it would be fun to get under Tawnee’s skin. It wasn’t that easy to do; the girl was tougher than hell. She deserved a taste of her own medicine, though. The bitch act was getting kind of old and was wearing more and more on Mandy. It seemed to have been escalating lately, as Tawnee was developing a bad habit of mentioning rotten, personal shit about Amanda in front of her friends. The girl seemed to be grumpy about everything.

“I know you’re probably joking, but still, if you’re that hard up for a man, then I feel sorry for you. Start typing, would you? I want to call Doug and get out of here.”

As much as she enjoyed being wined and dined by her boyfriend, Tawnee always put her schoolwork first. It wasn’t that she was a nerd like her brother or had any great desire to be at the head of her class, she just wanted to make her parents happy. It would definitely be beneficial for her to get her degree, but her parents were shelling out a small fortune for her to do it. She may have been a brat at times, but she appreciated what her parents were doing for her, and she wasn’t going to mess it up. Sometimes it was frustrating, like when all she really wanted to do was go have a couple drinks with Doug and maybe go a few rounds with him in his bedroom, but hey, that’s the way it had to be.

They were nearing the end of their assignment when there came a knocking on the door. “Tawnee?” came Will’s voice.

“Ugh, I told him not to bother us,” Tawnee muttered. “What do you want?” she shouted at the door.

“Doug’s here, he’s outside. He wants to talk to you,” was the reply.

“Well, tell him to come up.” That was odd. The plan was for her to call him when she was finished. Sure, it was taking a little longer than she wanted to, but it seemed like he would have more patience than that, she hated to have to tell him something twice. And what would stop him from coming up to her room? He knew that he was welcome and either one of her parents or Will would have invited him in.

“Uh, he doesn’t want to. He wants you to go out there. I think it’s kind of important.”

Tawnee looked at Amanda with a touch of concern on her face. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, take your time. I’ll see what I can do here,” her friend told her.

Tawnee opened her door, pushed past her brother, and went down the stairs to meet with her boyfriend. Will turned to go as well.

“William, wait. Come here a sec,” Mandy said.

Will complied. “Yeah?”

“What’s going on with Doug?” she asked.

“I don’t really know, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s not anything good.”

“That sucks. She really likes him.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t. I think he’s kind of a sleaze ball. She can do better than him, all he wants to do is party and get her in bed. He never does anything nice for her.”

Will’s opinion of his sister’s boyfriend surprised Amanda. It wasn’t because that he didn’t like the guy, it was that it sounded like he was concerned about the way that Tawnee was being bursa escort bayan treated. Interesting considering how terribly she treated him.

“Really? That’s what you think, huh? I didn’t think that you would care. She doesn’t seem all that concerned about you. Some girls like to party a little and be taken to bed, you know.”

Will began to blush, more because of Amanda than talking about his sister. “I know, but there should be something more than that, too. Even though she’s rotten most of the time, she is my sister and I still care about her a little. If it’s bad news that she’s getting, I don’t want to be here when she gets back, so I’m gonna take off.”

“You’re a sweet guy, William. Uh hey, let me give you your money back before you go.” Amanda pulled the ten dollars from her pocket and gave it back to Will. “She was making that story up, by the way. I know that it grossed you out. She just lost a bet and owed me ten bucks, and got you to pay it for her.”

“Heh, thanks. Here I was trying to look out for her while she was robbing me. I kind of figured, but hey, what can you do? Sometimes it’s just easier to give her what she wants than it is to fight with her.” He shrugged. “That being said, I hope everything turns out okay. If it doesn’t, let me know if I can do anything.”

As wonderful as it was to stand around and talk with the lovely Amanda, Will was serious about not wanting to be around when his sister came back to her room. He might not have been involved in all that many romances, but it didn’t take a genius to realize that Doug was probably breaking up with her. At the very least, he was going to tell her something that she wasn’t going to want to hear. And he did care about his sister, but he wasn’t about to stand around and be her punching bag. There was no doubt, she had a mean streak that ran deep. It wasn’t present all of the time, sometimes she was right on the edge of being nice. This probably wasn’t going to be one of those times. He left before he found out for sure, either way.

Tawnee was gone for quite a while, leaving Amanda alone to work on the paper. She was calling it finished at the moment, though Tawnee might want to add something when she got a chance to look at it. She normally wasn’t satisfied unless she got the final word in on whatever they were working on.

Daring a peek out the window, Mandy wondered if she could see what was going on with her friend or not. She caught a glimpse of Tawnee, but no Doug. The girl was leaning against her car, smoking a cigarette. Smoking was something that Tawnee usually reserved for special occasions, mostly to celebrate a night of hard drinking. Whatever had just taken place must have been enough to where she thought that she deserved a smoke. A bad sign, as far as Amanda was concerned. She moved away from the window before she was caught spying.

Mandy fiddled around, wasting some time, thinking more and more about William while she waited for Tawnee. She had known him for a couple of years now and he did seem like a genuinely nice guy. He’d just started college that fall, so it wasn’t like she’d be robbing the cradle or anything. A guy like Will would appreciate what she had to offer, not just automatically expect her to spread her legs the first minute that they got alone. Not that she was against that sort of thing, not all the time anyway. Sometimes, she thought, it would be nice just to hang out and have fun without having to endure all that pawing and grunting that seemed to be the way most of her dates ended. William was younger and most probably inexperienced, she would be able to mold him into whatever she wanted. The prospect intrigued her the more that she thought about it.

While in the middle of changing her mind about actually asking Will out on a date, his sister came back to the bedroom. She sighed and sat on the edge of the bed heavily. “So, where we at?” she asked Mandy, reaching for the computer.

“Um, done, I think. Check it out.”

Tawnee scanned the lines on the screen. “Looks good. Sorry I was gone so long.”

“Everything all right? You two…you know?” Mandy asked.

“Everything’s fine. Doug and I won’t be seeing each other anymore, though,” Tawnee replied, flopping back on her mattress.

“Oh. What happened? You sure you’re all right?”

“Aw, he was just tired of waiting for me. Wanted to run off for a long weekend at some lake house somewhere. I didn’t want to ditch class tomorrow. He whined and bitched about me never being around when he wanted me to and we just decided that he might as well just take his ass down the road. Doug was fun and all, but he couldn’t ever get it through his thick fucking skull that school is important to me. He’s already got another girl.”

“No! Who?”

“I don’t fucking know, and I don’t care. She can have him.”

“Well good for you. I didn’t really like him very much. William didn’t like him either.”

“Will didn’t like him? Why would he care?” Tawnee wondered allowed, sitting back escort bursa up. “What did he say?”

Mandy realized that she probably shouldn’t have said anything about Will. She could have possibly just gotten him in trouble with a rather vicious sibling. “Um, he just said that you were his sister and that he thought that you deserved better than a guy like Doug. Someone that would do more than just party with you.”

“Hmm, he said that, did he?” Tawnee asked, considering the words. “He probably was just trying to show you how romantic and sensitive he could be. Trying to impress you.”

“Come on, Tee. I think he just wants you to be happy. It couldn’t be that hard for you to believe that, could it? I mean if you were happy then you might spend less time terrorizing him. And he did impress me, I was thinking…”

“Oh god. Mandy, I love you to death, but if you’re going to ask my brother out, do me a favor and do it some other time. I don’t want to have to think about something like that right now. It would probably give him a friggin’ heart attack and kill him, anyway.”

Amanda was beginning to lose her patience with her friend. Most of the time she found her attitude amusing as she hardly ever focused any of her animosity on her. Unfortunately, that was changing and this was a little different; it wasn’t up to Tawnee as to who she could or couldn’t date. She was tired of watching her friend turn into more of a self-centered bitch as time went on.

“That’s not fair. If he likes me and I like him, then we ought to be able to see each other if we want. I was just thinking about it anyway, it’s not like I actually talked to him about it. I thought it might be nice to see a guy that’s sweet and nice and might want to do something other than just fuck. Why would you even have a problem with it? Is it because you know that William likes me and it would probably make his fucking day if I asked him out? That’s just mean. I don’t care how mean you are to other people, but you shouldn’t be mean to Will or me. Email a copy of the paper.”

Amanda quickly gathered her things and prepared to leave. Tawnee watched with something close to astonishment. “Hey stop, no, you got the wrong idea,” she told her friend. Amanda stopped her fussing and turned to look at Tawnee. “If you two want to date, then I’m not gonna try and stop ya. And you’re right, I’m pretty mean sometimes. You’re a nice girl Mandy, I’m just not sure you two are right for each other. If you guys get together, and it doesn’t work out, it would suck for everybody. Just let me talk him before you do, okay?”

“Well, why?” Amanda wondered.

“He has no idea what it’s like to date a real woman. I don’t want him to totally embarrass himself.”

“So, you do care?”

Tawnee held her hand up and moved her index finger and thumb close together. “A little, I guess.”

Amanda giggled, relaxing a bit. “I promise I’ll go easy on him. I’m not gonna ask him to marry me or anything, it won’t be that serious.”

“I know, but I’m warning you, he might take it pretty serious. I just want to let him know how shit works in the real world.”

“It’s nice to see that you actually have feelings, too. Are you sure you’re okay about Doug?”

“Of course I have feelings. And the thing with Doug blows hard. We weren’t real close, I guess, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like him. I wish it was different with him, but it just wasn’t. So I’ll find someone else and try again,” Tawnee sniffled and flopped back on the bed.

“Oh Tee, are you crying?” Mandy asked, sitting back down.

“No, I’m not a little bitch, I’m not gonna cry about it.”

“Well, I’m not as tough as you, so I’d probably cry a little. I bet you could, too, and no one would think any less of you.”

“Maybe I will, but I’d rather do it while I’m alone so that I can at least deny it.”

Amanda chuckled and patted her friend on the knee. “Well, I’m gonna go. Call me if you want, else I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

Tawnee nodded and pulled a pillow over her face. She hated when something happened that she didn’t see coming. Breaking up with Doug was one of them. Mandy wanting to date Will was another. Two in the same night, it would take a little while for her process.


William was playing on his computer when his sister came barging into his room the next evening. He had gotten used to her not bothering to knock, so if he ever wanted any real privacy, he’d have to remember to lock his door. A lesson learned the hard way a while ago when she had caught him in a rather compromising masturbatory position.

“Hey Will, I’ve got to talk to you,” she announced.

It was odd that she would greet him using his actual name rather than something random and derogatory. “Sure.”

“First, here’s your ten dollars back.” She threw the money on his desk.

“Thanks, but Mandy already paid me back.”

“She did? Why’d she do that?”

“She felt guilty about you robbing me. I appreciate the sentiment, though.”

“Well, keep it, I probably owe it to you. And there’s something else…” she trailed off.

“What?” he asked. He couldn’t imagine that she was actually hesitant about asking him something.

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