Taylor , Morgan’s First Time

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The two girls were as close to cousins as they could get without going over. They had known each other for years and were each other’s confidant. And they were about to become even more.

Morgan and her mom had been living with Taylor’s uncle for a number of years and they had been playmates — in the innocent sense — since they were in diapers. But after Morgan had confided in Taylor that she liked girls, Taylor let it loose that she also had a thing for the same sex. Both girls’ eyes lit up at each other’s revelation and soon after had eyed each other closely. Especially when they were changing for a night out. Taylor’s eyes roamed Morgan’s soft features, while Morgan always had her eyes on Taylor’s ass and on her panties.

One Christmas, the two girls and their families were to gather at Taylor’s home for their annual party. Taylor had been pacing the halls waiting for her best friend to arrive, but there was an added tingling deep in her pussy, the tingling of anticipation. Morgan had hinted to her on the phone the night before that she was going to do some naughty things to her at the party and wanted naughty things in return. Taylor, who had two of her fingers deep inside her dripping wet twat at the time, nearly came from the stimulation of Morgan’s husky voice and from the description of the explicit actions she was going to experience in 24 hours’ time.

She thought of Morgan’s breasts and how soft they were, of her lips against her own, of Morgan’s smooth legs draped on her shoulders as she ate her wet pussy. They were going to do more to each other than any boy had ever done, and each had given the other their first orgasms as a part of heavy phone sex. The thought of her naked form turned her on to no end and her little bikini panties were starting to get soaked.

Soon, the doorbell rang and in walked Morgan. She was dressed in a pair of black slacks and a sweater, keeping her warm in the freezing temperatures. Her blonde hair was wrapped in a ponytail and was almost running to the brunette. Both smiled as they embraced before Morgan gave Taylor a kiss on the cheek. Taylor nearly flooded her panties; even when she kissed she thought Morgan was sexy.

The two girls stayed with their family for a few minutes; the hugs and kisses went around like usual family gatherings, but as soon as they were done with exchanging pleasantries they excused themselves and went upstairs to Taylor’s bedroom. When they got upstairs the pair embraced longer, each taking in the sweet smell of the other. But before the pair pulled away, their lips compressed against the other, and an electric spark shot through their bodies and around the room.

There, safely away from the prying ears and eyes of their relatives and friends, they began to tell the other their deepest porno izle desires and thoughts since they spoke the previous evening. Taylor spoke of kissing her for hours, Morgan told her girlfriend of being kissed and sucked all over her body. Soon, they were kissing again, with Taylor and Morgan’s tongues meeting in a frenzy inside their mouths. Both were moaning slightly as they kissed, enjoying the feel of the other’s tongue and the other’s lips.

After a few minutes of kissing, Morgan broke away and pulled her sweater, shirt and bra off and offered her lovely breasts for Taylor to suck. Taylor obeyed the unspoken command, lightly rubbing her friends’ breasts with her hands, feeling the softness of her skin and how hard her nipples were. She took one of the nubs into her mouth and sucked, swirling her tongue around the nipple, feeling her breast rise into her mouth. Morgan was moaning at the attention her breasts were receiving and she loved it all.

Morgan pulled Taylor’s face away from her tits and then turned the tables on the young brunette. Flipping her onto her back, she jumped on her, straddling her waist, her legs on the outside of Taylor’s supple limbs. She began to kiss Taylor again, this time the kiss growing in passion and intensity. Soon she slid her hands up Taylor’s shirt and began to cup her breasts, feeling their weight in her grasp. She smiled at her friend, pulling her shirt off before unclasping her bra. She began to give the same treatment to Taylor’s boobs as Taylor gave to her, but she pulled slightly on her right nipple, giving Taylor a slight pain, although it was a pleasurable pain. Taylor shrieked softly, remembering the group of people downstairs.

The blonde moved down Taylor’s body, kissing and sucking on the skin. She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped Taylor’s pants, sliding them down her legs before she took off her dark blue thong. She licked her lips as she took in the perfectly shaved pussy, seeing that Taylor was already aroused. Slick, tangy cream lined the outside of her pussy and she wanted to taste all of it.

She smirked at her girlfriend, bending in for one more kiss. Then she dived between Taylor’s legs, spreading them even more to give her better access to the sweet flower between them. She took a tentative lick, feeling the brunette squirm under the touch of her tongue. Taylor shivered.

Then Morgan took two fingers and separated Taylor’s lips before driving her face inside. She drilled her tongue inside her pussy, pleasuring Taylor in ways they didn’t know were possible. They were moaning softly and at times, Taylor had to stuff a pillow in her mouth to suppress screams of passion. Morgan was flicking her tongue along the puffy folds and when she reached Taylor’s clit, a slight shudder coursed through the brunette’s brazzers body, making her shake in tiny orgasms.

Taylor was egging her on, telling her to eat her pussy and to make her cum. She got her wish minutes later, feeling an explosive energy beginning in her pelvis and shooting off in multiple directions as Morgan slid two fingers in and out of the drenched pussy. It took several moments for the orgasm to subside.

Morgan left her perch between Taylor’s legs, her mouth and face glistening with the brunette’s juices. She had slid her fingers back into Taylor’s pussy, scooping up the remnants of cum and told her to open her mouth. She did as she was told, and Morgan let her feast of her cum-filled digits. She also informed her that she would be eating more in a few minutes, and Taylor was very intrigued as to what she meant by that.

She found out after Morgan stripped seductively out of her slacks and her pink thong panties. She had a freshly clean-shaven pussy, which Taylor found to be sexy. Morgan returned to the bed, stretched out on top of Taylor, kissed her, and turned her over so Taylor was on top. She pleaded with her to eat her pussy, yet Taylor was slightly intimidated. She had never licked a pussy before, but she had fantasized repeatedly about it. There it was, only a few feet from her face.

She knew she was ready for this and there wasn’t anyone else she wanted to try this out with. Her curiosity was about to be quenched. Taylor began the slow journey down Morgan’s tight body. She kissed her neck, then down to her breasts. She licked down her stomach and circled her belly button, then made the short dash to her groin. She licked at the lips of her friend’s juicy pussy, which was slowly leaking with a stream of pussy juice. She liked the taste; it was a sweet taste, like honey.

Taylor continued, doing what she knew she liked and thought Morgan would like. She was nibbling on Morgan’s inner pelvis, sucking on the folds near her clit without actually touching it. Then she stiffened her tongue and dragged it up and down her pussy lips. Morgan was nearly beside herself as she was mumbling incoherently, her body going rigid every time Taylor’s virgin tongue hit the perfect spots.

She kept her tongue stiff and started to fuck her pussy with smooth, long strokes. In and out and from side to side her tongue swept, but then she did something she didn’t intend: she accidentally set Morgan off. She was in the middle of dropping her tongue in and out of the blonde’s pussy when her tongue hit her engorged clit. That made Morgan shiver, and before long Morgan was begging Taylor to keep her mouth right there and suck.

Taylor kept her mouth there, looking right into Morgan’s eyes as she did it. She was sucking as if her fake taxi porno life depended on sucking this clit forever, dragging the juices into her mouth, her stomach receiving a good supply of cum. She wanted to drink all of Morgan down until she couldn’t drink anymore.

As her orgasm subsided, she pushed Taylor away before pulling her up so they could lay down eye to eye. They kissed softly, thanking each other for the orgasms. They embraced, their hands roaming up and down each other’s backside. Taylor’s nimble hands found Morgan’s ass and she gave it a squeeze. Morgan smiled, found Taylor’s bum and spanked it playfully.

The pair lay there for a little while, recovering from the intense oral sessions they went through. They kissed a lot, tasting each other’s pussy on their mouths. After a while, the girls were rejuvenated and Morgan asked Taylor what else they could have fun with. That is when Taylor smirked and said to her that she had a good idea and for her to stay put.

She left her room naked and went into her sisters’ room next door and after rummaging through the closet, she returned with her hands behind her back and a devilish grin on her face. She revealed her sisters’ 8-inch strap on dildo and Morgan was practically giddy when she saw it.

Taylor slid the toy around her waist with the fake cock protruding from just above her pussy before telling the blonde to get on her hands and knees. Morgan was shivering with anticipation and was already prepared for the huge toy to enter her. Taylor kneeled behind her on the bed and slowly rubbed the head of the cock along her pussy lips. Morgan was begging for it.

But instead of putting it into her pussy, she brought the dildo up to Morgan’s asshole and rubbed it around the opening. Morgan was in heaven, telling her to fuck her ass hard. Taylor snapped her hips slightly and the toy slid right inside of her. Morgan bellowed a deep moan as the dildo filled up her tight anal cavity. Taylor started to move her body, feeling the power she had with the dildo strapped to her body. She was holding onto Morgan’s hips as she set a good pace, ramming the fake cock in and out of her. Morgan was screaming into the pillow as her friend fucked her doggy style. The prosthetic balls were slapping on her clit, giving Morgan more stimulation than she could handle.

She started cumming all over the fake dick, her pussy spasming her juices all over the fake balls. Taylor removed the phallus from her ass with a pop, and Morgan moaned. It was like she wanted the cock back inside her ass to fill the void. But Taylor had another idea. Instead of returning it to its home away from home, she kneed her way up the bed to Morgan’s mouth and made her suck on it. The blonde savored the taste, swirling her tongue around the head of the fuck dick before taking it deep into her mouth.

After it was clean, Taylor unstrapped it and returned it to her sister’s closet, before going back to her friends’ side to fall asleep.

Then it hit them — they remembered the party.

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