Taylor , Paxton Ch. 01

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Hey guys just another fantasy. Not brilliant, not perfect just how I like to write. Love Lilla x


She hadn’t meant to do it, He knew that much. He was certain of it. He knew that Taylor was a bit of a slut, she just liked her boys but He was her brother & she is way to much of a good girl to do something like that. To her twin brother.

Taylor and Paxton were in the kitchen. Their parents were outside chatting to the boring, law abiding neighbours. They were both on Spring break from college, at home for the first few days to grab some stuff then take their separate ways with their friends to party in some other state. In two days, Paxton knew Taylor was leaving, probably going to party somewhere hot & just chill at the beaches, but she would tell mom & dad that she was going to Washington for all the museums & shit. There was no way that she could tell them that she was going to get pissed, party all weekend & fuck every guy in sight. Mann they would flay her alive if they found out she wasn’t a virgin. Her Brother, Paxton, was out & honest telling them he was going somewhere like Miami for all the babes.

Anyway back to what happened. They were staying with their mom & dad until they had to leave for their flights. They had both been chilling by the pool all day. In other words just another day in Arizona. It all started when He picked Tay up from the airport. She goes to brown & He goes to Dartmouth,. He got home a day earlier then went to pick her up. Paxton was pleasantly surprised to see her looking so good. She had obviously made friends with some other rich, upper eastside snobs who took her to all the right salons & to Saks. Her brown hair glimmered in the Arizona sun & she was dressed ready for it as she left the airport.

She had a tight white vest on that clung to her curves and her hair just grazed her shoulder blades down to her beautifully round tits. Paxton couldn’t help but notice in that tank top. She looked gorgeous. She always had done but the city had made her look irresistible. He couldn’t stop staring at her long tanned legs & her perfectly pedicured toes. She looked amazing in her short shorts & something sparkled in her belly button & there was a sexy tattoo on her ankle of Japanese cherry blossoms.

“Hey Pax!” She squealed “I havent seen you in forever!” She ran into her brother and wrapped her arms around his waist. He tensed as he felt the curvy, sculpted outlines of her perfect tits press against his abs. “You havent changed a bit! Its so good to see you. I know we’re only gonna be here together for two days but seriously we need to hang out more like we used to. I’ve missed you so much! Where are you going and what are you doing for Spring Break? I’m not telling you where Im going, you’ll probably accidentally blab it to mom and dad!”

Paxton let her prattle on smiling at her as he chucked her monogrammed L.v’s into the trunk of his Mustang. “why didn’t you pick me up in my car?” she pouted suddenly. he hadn’t noticed she had stopped talking, he was too busy watching her as he drove. He laughed “Dear god, I have been with you for literally two minutes and you havent shut up once” She looked a little offended but then smiled “Don’t be such a jerk! I’ve just missed you that’s all!”

They had always been close, when they were kids they were the best of friends and told each other every thing until, they both hit puberty and rather talked to their friends instead, so Paxton was surprised she was so psyched to see him even though they had drifted apart a little.

He pulled up in the court yard and still listening to Tay’s chatter about Brown and New york. He helped her grab her bags. She stopped him as he went to put them inside and took off her flip flops and replaced them with some pumps. he smirked as he realised she was hiding her tattoo from their mom and dad. She was such a pussy. She also grabbed a sweater and pulled it over head and I was sorry to see her beautiful tits disappear.

“Too pussy to show them your piercing?” Paxton grinned at her, “Partly” She said coyly “The main reason was so that I could cover myself up. If you stared at my tits all the way from the airport then mom and dad are sure gonna notice.” She smirked as her brother froze and walked inside, shaking her fabulous round ass as she walked in.

Paxton was a little subdued all through out the day after that. Had he been that obvious? Why was he even looking at her in that way? for gods sake, what was he thinking?

“She is my sister!” He thought. She knew she had gotten to him. She smirked whenever he met her gaze and he turned away blushing profusely at his perverted thoughts, that’s why he was so surprised the next day.

Their mom and dad were outside talking to the neighbours and Taylor and Paxton were chilling by the pool, listening to music, reading magazines and watching the barbecue. It was so hard to keep from staring at his sister. bursa escort She was wearing a sexy, plain black bikini with Chanel sunglasses covering her eyes as she read her Vogue magazine, with a towel wrapped round her waist just in case the parents saw the belly ring. The two things they hated, tattoos and piercing and we had both sworn that we would never have anything done,

Inevitably, they had both broken this vow as soon as they had turned eighteen. She had the tattoo on her ankle and her belly button done and Paxton had a pretty cool surfer, tribal tattoo on his back.

Her skin glistened in the sun, sparkling as it hit the wet sun oil that coated her sexy petite frame.

“wanna beer?” Paxton asked getting up to go and retrieve one from the kitchen. “No thanks, but will you make me an apple-tini?” she asked sweetly looking up at him through her sunglasses and he avoided looking at her cleavage which was begging him to stare. He stared at her. “How the hell do I make one of those?” he asked baffled. She smiled and rolled her eyes, “Don’t worry, I’ll make one myself.”

The kitchen was cool inside, Paxton could hear the hum of the refrigerator and the whirr of the fans above and the distant music from the radio outside and he was suddenly chilly from the absence of sun. he had shiver’s on his arm and he couldn’t help but notice Taylor’s nipple’s had become erect. Just staring at them in their cold form made him so horny that he missed the cup as he poured and beer went everywhere.

“shit” he muttered as he went to the sink to for a cloth to mop it up. “I got it” she smiled, she reached for the cloth and mopped up the beer. Paxton stood behind her, trying to reach for his beer when she accidentally dropped the cloth and bent down to get it. On her way up, she backed into her brothers groin. he could feel the outline of her cunt lips and the crevice of her sweet ass slip over his cock as she did so. His cock twitched involuntarily and he stood there too shocked to pull away. She moaned imploringly as she pushed him, still bending over into the counter, rubbing her ass cheeks up and down, all over his groin, smiling as she could feel it getting harder. Without thinking Paxton placed his hands on her hips. Her skin felt so soft and heavenly he didn’t want to let go.

All of a sudden they heard their parents walking towards the backdoor to enter the kitchen. Taylor quickly stood up, wrapped the fallen towel back round her waist smiled a coy smile at him and slipped out of the room unseen by their parents.

All throughout the day he couldn’t help but think of the incident in the kitchen. How could he not? Had she meant to do it? Of course she hadn’t, she was his sister, family. But why did saying that to himself only make him more turned on and excited to see her again rather than put him off like a normal person he thought.

He couldn’t stop thinking of her tight sweet ass but, hated himself for thinking about her that way. What was going on? If she had intended on her actions in the kitchen, did she want him to play along too?

Paxton didn’t see Taylor for the rest of the day, she had gone out shopping with some old friends, So he assumed she was avoiding him. It had obviously been unintended and so he reasoned with himself not to make her uncomfortable and bring the subject up.

The day dragged on and Paxton was still anxious about seeing Taylor later. Mann Things were going to be so awkward he thought. This was probably going to be the end of their friendship he knew it.

Around seven o’clock Paxton heard Taylor and her friend arrive home. He went downstairs, mainly to see which friend she brought home, to see if it was anyone He knew. He had fucked a few of Taylor’s hot friends, they were skimpy and gorgeous. She had brought home Cadence who was a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty.

Paxton had been with her before, she was excellent. She and Tay had been friends since Kindergarten so he had known her practically his whole life, but when they both started to go their separate ways, Cadence had started looking different. They were each others first time, Taylor didn’t know. She would go crazy if she found out. He remembered being seventeen and making out with her then her giving him a talented blowjob in the car on top of a mountain side and one thing led to another. Typical American virginity loss.

“Hey Pax!” She said catching my eye with a knowing look. “you look great!” She leaned over the kitchen counter and squeezed her admirable chest together and smiled playfully at me whilst Tay was making drinks at the bar.

Paxton grinned back at her and licked his lips and walked over to her. “Thank you, you look good to. How’s Arizona state?” he smirked as he walked past her and as he did so he quickly put his hand up her skirt, found and rubbed her sweet clit. She gasped quietly and smiled as she bit her lip. “Its good to be home” she smiled back at him then walked over bursa escort bayan to Tay to retrieve her drink.

It was eleven o’clock and I was hoping that once Cadence had finished her drinks and talking to Tay, That she might come and visit me. Obviously He would never say no to a good fuck but what he really wanted was a distraction from Taylor. He headed downstairs to grab some beers and to secretly watch the two of them laughing and swimming in the pool.

Midnight. He had had a few to many beer’s. He was stumbling all over the place. He had gotten way to carried away with the alcohol. When he had last looked at the two girls, Taylor was practically dragging Cadence inside. Paxton thought maybe Cadence was telling Tay she was going home, but really she would be inside ready to fuck him.

He staggered inside but he couldn’t find her. He even, stupidly drunk, called out her name a few times but had no answer. As he walked upstairs he missed steps and head butted the walls on his way up and had to fumble for the door handle.

When I finally opened it a truly amazing sight was waiting for me. his jaw dropped comically. Cadence was sitting upright, her beautiful tits standing out from her chest, her legs open a little showing off bright pink panties, Her luscious brown hair fell onto her chest hiding her nipples. She looked like a goddess. Wait, Brown hair? He focused his eyes on her and saw not cadence waiting for me but my sister. Taylor. His beautiful, flawless sister. Sitting on his bed half naked. Waiting for me?

“What the fuck?” I whispered slowly, drinking her in. He felt his cock twitch in his pants as his eyes met his sisters, hers twinkling at the intimacy that was sure to come. She had a smile full of lust on her perfect full lips and got up and walked towards me. She stared at my lips grinning then slowly moved in and kissed me. Her soft lips felt heavenly on my own rough lips. I wobbled on the spot and grabbed her hips to steady myself. She giggled and placed her dainty hands on my cheeks and pulled me into her. She licked my lower lip and then slid her skilful tongue into my mouth and for a moment let her tongue dance with mine.

She was pressed against me again and she must have felt my hardness which was growing rapidly. How could it not when her crotch could not possibly get any closer to mine. She grinned at me and pushed me towards the bed and laughed loudly when I fell backwards onto the soft covers. It was as though I was in a forbidden fantasy and at moments I could have sworn that I was dreaming, that my gorgeous teen sister was seducing me.

As I laid backwards, transfixed with my sisters body, her perfectly circular tits lightly swaying as she joined me on the bed. For some reason I tensed as she climbed onto the bed next to me and using this to her advantage she slowly straddled me, raising her leg, her thigh just grazing mine, until her panty clad pussy was sat on my ever growing cock.

She was sat on me, like a cowboy to a horse, and I was still visually stunned, drinking her features in. she reached down to her sides and slowly began to pull the delicate silken strings on either side of her panties. I watched her, helplessly growing harder, I had never been teased like this before in my life. She removed the pink lingerie and tossed it carelessly onto the floor and with that she raised her self slightly and leaned towards me, I felt a jolt course through me as her hard nipples grazed my chest as she leant over me, I had never been so turned on in all my life.

She leaned in close to my lips, gently brushing hers against mine but I found myself hanging there expectedly as she giggled and sat back down on my groin. I almost wanted to whimper with unfairness and impatience but stopped myself as she took my hand and guided it to her entrance of her pussy lips. My mouth was open again as I glanced at the little triangular patch of light, wispy brown hair that was above two swollen and beautiful pussy lips, which, as I noticed, were lightly leaking her wetness onto my shorts.

This sight made me rigid in my pants and I nearly growled as I plunged my two fingers roughly into her waiting, dripping cunt. She gasped and moaned loudly as she thrust herself forward and smiled in pleasure, welcoming my roughness.

In two seconds his fingers were dripping with his twin sisters delicious juices. He massaged her clit with his experienced fingers and grinned at her when she let out loud and pleasurable gasps.

As he got carried away with her pussy, he sat upright a little and took one of her amazing tits into his mouth and bit her soft nipple gently. She let out another gasp, who knew if it was from biting her tit or fucking her with his fingers. Suddenly She was coming. With one hand holding her brothers head, pushing it further into her tit and the other on his shoulder, Taylor panted and shuddered on him while letting out an irresistible sexy moan.

Paxton escort bursa stared in awe at her as her soft shudders came to an end, he place his hands on her waist and drew her into him. He gently mashed his lips into hers and she responded with slow, seductive licks on his bottom lips.

For some reason this turned him on more her coming. She slid her tongue into his mouth and massaged his with hers, she pressed her dainty, manicured fingers into his firm chest and pushed her brother so he lay backwards onto his soft duvet. She slowly nibbled his bottom lip then stared up at him, her eyes seemed to twinkle with lust and determination.

Taylor moved slowly from her brothers chin down to his chest then past his navel. She was in control, she was always in control. She kissed the skin just below his navel then pulled down his shorts and boxers. His cock sprang up right, released from its trap. She stared at it for a moment then seized her brothers firm cock and gently massaged it from his base to his tip. Paxton moaned at her touch and tilted his head backwards. She had a talent just holding it.

She enclosed her plump lips over his engorged head and joined in Paxton’s moan as she closed her eyes and sucked on his warm cock, her tongue swirling over his long velvety length. He never wanted it to end, she was truly amazing and he couldn’t be more horny as he watched her bob her head up and down, craving to milk him. He couldn’t place what it was but of all the girls he had fucked they were nothing on his sister and he relished the thought, the forbidden thought of a brother.

Just as he felt his ball’s tingling he knew he was ready to cum. He grabbed his rock hard pole from her pretty mouth and turned her away from him, they were both on their knee’s, Taylor was moaning in impatience of the hesitance her brother made when he removed his handsome length from her, she longed for more and she gasped in pleasurable lust as he quickly rammed himself into her.

She squealed and clutched the bed covers as he pummelled her. Paxton traced his fingers up the side of her petite frame, his fingers gently, lovingly tapping her ribs as though they were piano keys and their bodies were melting together. He moved his hand to cup her remarkable breast. Caressing and kneading the soft plump pillow and rolling its sweet hard nub between the tips of his fingers.

As his pelvis met hers in their thrusts, he could feel himself building, feel his sisters body react by pumping his cock faster and faster into her sweet cunt. He cherished the feeling of the wet sickly oils that were dripping from her down their legs, loving that they were being mixed together. They seemed to be elevated into their own delirious world of pleasure where there was no right or wrong just passion and pleasure and neither of them wanted to come down from their reverie.

Taylor was about to come, her deep moaning breaths gave her away. She panted and panted until her moans got louder. Paxton moved his hand from squeazing her tit to place his hand on her mouth to halt her cries of pleasured pain. She closed her eyes and tried to quieten down hoping that their parents hadn’t heard anything.

Paxton removed his hand from her trim waist and slapped her firm beautiful buttcheek then, whilst still holding his hand over his mouth he gathered her hair into a messy bunch and gently pulled her head back.

She moaned her loudest yet and glided her pussy lips and hips over him in her rush for ecstasy, moving her hips in circular movements that got Paxton moaning too. As he looked down at his sister as he pummelled her beautiful slut pussy, stared at her features an their position, the realisation of what he was doing hit him. The adrenaline of getting caught, the passion and lust at the taboo of their affair and the ecstasy of what was coming overthrew them both.

Paxton pushed his sisters sweet head into the covers and pounded her at his hardest until he felt the very welcome tingle, rising from his sack, flowing through his whole body. Taylor was shouting into the covers as her pussy poured her perfumed nectar, wet and dripping down her legs as Paxton pumped streams of his white come into his twin sister, coating her walls he kept slamming into her admiring her ass cheeks quiver and feeling as though he had won a battle, light headedness overwhelmed him and he grunted as he pumped the last few strings of seaman into her waiting cunt.

He fell down next to her trying to catch his breath, his chest rising and falling as he panted. Taylor slowly moved upwards and flipped her hair back from her face. She gave him a lazy smile and almost snakelike she moved onto him, up his chest to kiss his velvet lips. His hands were placed on her hips as she leant over him and he caressed her curves as he grazed her stomach which was as flat as a paper plate and outlined her hip bones.

She slid back off him until she was between his legs and grasped his semi hard cock. She admired his spongy tip and with the skill only a slut could have she removed their juices from him with her talented tongue. He smiled down at her, his arms outstretched caressing her mane of silky brown hair as she cleaned him.

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