Teaching Amy

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It was a Friday afternoon and even though it’s the day you’d like to leave work early, it never seemed to happen for me. On Fridays I like to make sure everything’s done for the week. Plus set up for Monday, so I can walk in and be ready to go.

Finally, I was able to leave and it sure was good to walk through my front door. But something seemed not quite right; for one thing it was way too quiet. My husband Jack was usually so lovingly overjoyed to see me. Even he seemed too quiet as I kissed him and asked how his day was.

“It was pretty smooth, Karen. I even got to leave early.”

“Well, I was hoping to do that, too, but it couldn’t happen where I was.”

“Amy got home early as well. In fact she was already home when I got here.” “Where is she? I thought it seemed too quiet.”

“In her room. Just go change and get comfortable because we need to have a little talk after supper. ” It was then I noticed jack had already made spaghetti and a salad, so I went upstairs. At Amy’s door, I knocked lightly and said, “you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Anything I should know about?”

“I’m sure Dad will tell you.”

Well, Jack wasn’t talking and Amy wasn’t talking. Now I’m really curious. Took a quick shower and just slipped on my short robe, tying the belt in front in a knot. Supper was very good. I mean, the food was very good. The conversation was nil, and the atmosphere was practically electric. After we eat, everyone chips in to load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen. Then Jack quietly said, “You two meet me in the family room.” Amy went to the bathroom; I finished wiping off the counter.

When I walked into the family room, Jack was sitting on the couch, Amy on the chair, so I sat on the love seat. Jack quietly said, “I came home from work early and Amy was already here. Amy, you tell Mom your part of the story.”

Amy looked like she’d rather crawl into a cave and hide but she just quietly said, “I had final exams all morning, but didn’t have any in the afternoon. Well, Jimmy didn’t have any in the afternoon either, so he said he’d drive me home.” She paused but Jack and I just waited for her to restart.

“Once we got here, I asked Jimmy if he wanted to come in. Well, no one else was home and we were in the kitchen. Jimmy started kissing me and playing with my privates, you know, up under my skirt. I told him to stop cos I wasn’t supposed to do anything like that. That’s the way you get in trouble and get pregnant. Then he said but now he had a raging hard on and it’s all my fault. So I gotta do something about it.

“Well, I didn’t know what he meant at first, but then I remembered what Mom told me. I could take him into my mouth and that way I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

At that moment, Jack looked at me and I wished I could crawl bursa escort into a cave and hide. But, Amy continued, “I sat on a kitchen chair and he stood in front of me, unzipped his jeans, and pulled his thing out. I stroked it for just a little while, and then pulled it into my mouth, it wasn’t very long before he started squirting this juice stuff into me, so I pulled back, and that’s when Dad walked into the kitchen.”

During this last part she was talking so softly, I had to really strain to hear her, but Jack looked like he was hearing her just fine. He turned to look at me; Amy had silent tears forming in her eyes like she was really scared now. But I know for a fact, neither Jack or I would be abusive or mean to her, no matter what kind of trouble she was in. We always told her she could come to us.

Now, the scared I was feeling at the moment was a different story (at least to me). I’d always told Jack the truth, told him everything that went on in my life, in our house; but for some reason, I never did tell him about this conversation Amy and I had had a few months before. He was just looking at me, expecting me to clarify this. “Is this true? Did you tell her this?”

“Yes, she was asking about sex and boys and although she knew some of it, and seemed to have a healthy curiosity, we got around to the subject of pregnancy, and how a girl has to really be careful. Boys can be sexually active with little or no repercussions, but girls are the ones who will get into trouble if they aren’t careful. She said some of the girls at school talk about giving blow jobs to boys and some girls like it better, because that way you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. And of course, the boys like it a lot.”

Jack said, “I’ll bet they do.” He looked from me to her. She still hadn’t really cried although she had tears welling up in her eyes, and looked miserable. Jack said, “I’m going to have to punish you, Amy. You shouldn’t be doing that with boys in the first place. You can imagine my shock and dismay at walking in on you like that. Giving some boy a blowjob is nothing to be taken lightly, and in the second place, you should have more regard for yourself. These boys don’t love you or care about you other than the fact that you make them feel good.”

By now, Amy is looking so pitiful, I want to do something to help her distress, but I know better than to interrupt him, so I sit there saying nothing, and thinking, I’ll bet he’s going to punish me after he’s through with her. Now, I’m starting to feel pretty distressed myself. Only I know that he isn’t really mean or abusive, and when he does punish us, it’s out of his love.

“Come here, Amy.” She walks over and stands in front of him. It was then I noticed the paddle on Jack’s lap. He didn’t sound angry or mean, he just picked it up in his right bursa escort bayan hand and said, “You know why you’re being punished, Amy. Don’t you?” She was starting to sob quietly but said, “Yes, sir.”

“Do you think you deserve to be punished?” “Yes, sir.” “Come here and get on your knees next to me.” She knelt on the couch on his right and he guided her across his lap. He lifted her skirt and lowered her white panties to her knees. This is not the first time Amy’s been paddled, so she knows what to expect.

So do I, but somehow that first smack always seems to be loud and unexpected. He slowly and methodically sets up a rhythm, whereby the spanks are in a measured cadence.

I don’t know if he was counting. I was too absorbed in watching to count. Plus I knew with a certainty that I will be next. And I have a funny feeling she will stay and watch, just as I am watching here.

Finally he stops and she is weeping, but gets up and he says, “Come over here and sit down on the other side of me.” She does so, on his left on the couch. It’s probably a good thing she has a cushion to sit on.

Now Jack turns to me. “Alright, darling. Do you understand why you are being punished?”

“Yes, I shouldn’t have told her it was OK to give boys blowjobs.” He said, “Absolutely, and especially without telling me. We should always be openly honest about anything that goes on here.” “I agree, and I’m sorry, Jack.”

“Well, I’m glad you agree, but come over here and lie across my lap. You deserve a spanking more than Amy.” I lay across his lap, positioned my ass right under his face, my face is in Amy’s lap. She puts her hand gently on the side of my face while Jack lifts my short robe.

Once again even though I know it’s coming, that first smack always seems loud and so unexpected, it makes me jump. He slowly and methodically sets up a rhythm, swatting my poor bottom, harder than he did Amy’s. She is clasping my hand in hers to make sure they stay out of the way and he is lecturing me as he spanks me repeatedly.

“I thought you were going to be honest with me, Karen. I thought we were jointly going to make the decisions about Amy’s upbringing.” I was sobbing openly and with it would just stop but he was giving me a much worse spanking. I know it’s mainly for my deceitfulness in addition to the bad advice I gave her.

I was crying loudly and kicking my legs. This really hurt! Finally at what seemed like the longest spanking in history, it stopped. Yet I still lay there while he said, “I hope this is a lesson for the both of you. We decide things together as a family.” He let me get up and go pull myself together. I returned to them still sniffling a little bit and he spread his legs apart. Motioning for me to get down between them. I wanted to protest because Amy was there, but after the spanking escort bursa I just had, there was no way I was going to say anything.

I always enjoy giving him a blowjob, but Amy was still sitting to his left. He was telling her that this should be an act of love, not just a cheap, easy way for a boy to use her. She was nodding and looking at me.

He let me unfasten his belt and unzip his pants. I pulled out his large cock, which showed that the spanking did indeed arouse him. I slowly began running my fingertips around and up and down his shaft. He was telling her that this is a beautiful way for a woman to please men, but it should be down slowly and lovingly. He also told her I had always taken great pleasure as well, in pleasing him this way.

I encircled the bottom of his shaft with my left hand, holding his cock firmly, while the finders of my right hand encircled it as well, about halfway down. With my mouth, I was kissing and licking his head, running my tongue around just under the ridge, my fingertips stroking the opposite side of his cock while I ran my tongue up and down.

“See, Amy, this is not something to be done in a hurry, and it should be with someone you love, who also loves you. It should be a beautiful thing for both people.” I glanced up and she was watching me avidly and nodding.

My right hand joined with the other in encircling the base as I began pulling him into my mouth more and more. I opened my throat so I could accommodate his length, sucking him in deeper and deeper. I could hear his voice explaining this to Amy but I always kind of lose myself in this. Then he was saying, “Karen,” and pulling himself out of my mouth.

I looked at him puzzlingly, “Don’t you want me to finish?”

“Well, I’m close to coming but I want Amy to experience this so she doesn’t have to wait too long for her reward.” I got up and at on his right on the couch. My bottom was still throbbing and quite sore, but my attention was on Amy kneeling where Id been and taking him into her hands, stroking and kissing him.

“That’s it, Amy, this shouldn’t be done hurriedly but slowly and lovingly. That’s it, Baby, it needs to be wet from the moisture in your mouth. Plus you’re getting my pre-cum now.” Amy was totally absorbed in this task; though she did seem to want to take it slowly at first, gradually she was taking him in deeper and pulling herself back more and more quickly.

“That’s the girl, now you’re going to get your reward.” His white cum was coming out of the corners of her mouth and dripping down her breasts. “Oh, yes, good girl, that’s just right, honey.” She looked up at him, swallowed some of her reward and then without being told, began licking his cock, to get every bit of cum she could.

He touched the side of my face with his right hand and I kissed his fingers and his hand many times. He toughed the side of Amy’s face lovingly. “Ok, Sweetheart, now go take a bath and start getting ready for bed.” She said, “Ok, Daddy, and thank you.” She kissed his lips with the remains of his cum still on her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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