Tear It Up: Hammer to Fall

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Putting the children to bed for the night wasn’t as easy as just that, however. It took warm milk and cookies, and a bedtime story, but I didn’t mind any more than Lisa … nor David nor Amber. Most importantly, neither did the grandparents and Aunt Molly, the latter of whom actually read the story to the kids. Even so, once they were out, those babies were totally out for the night and we could count on them staying so for the night, especially given that they had already stayed up too long.

Well, once the kids bedded down for the night, I turned to the assembled guests, in what was a rather crowded living room, telling them, “Folks … we have discovered some things that bind several of us in common.,, various overlapping relationships, bonds, intimacies, etc. between many of us here, as well as other things that might cause our actions to affect each other, so I think that those of us affected by these events, arrangements, what have you … to have a chance to think, speak, and listen in order to know what we all want to do about them. Some things are more settled, from what I’ve seen and heard, but that is far from everything, of course. Who wishes to speak first?”

“Yes, I think that I will … Guys, including Dan … and Lisa, I owe you an apology. I’ve been very horrible to you, and I’m actually glad that I’ve been able to atone for it … though, admittedly, Mistress Holly and Mistress Shelly have made it enjoyable enough in their own way. It is a healthy mix of pleasure and pain, and I have discovered that I am, in fact, one of those men who enjoys submitting to women. Anyway, I wanted to voice my remorse as well as my devotion to my two … Mistresses,” James, or rather Jaime, announced to us.

“All this in ONE day? What the hell did you do to this guy?” I asked Holly and Shelly, both of who winked at me.

“Let’s just say that he discovered that it is sometimes indeed better to give than to receive, especially when he got all the chocolate silk pie he could eat. He also lost all of his body hair and we’ll make damn sure that it doesn’t grow back. We’re changing his name to Jamie as well. He’ll be our androgynous plaything and he has agreed to that, in fact. Now, Jamie, remember that you’re to address everyone here as Sir or Ma’am. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Holly,” Jamie answered nervously.

“In any case, between licking us more than he could ever imagine doing to a woman … and having us use him anally with our strap-ons, we’ve got Jamie right where we need him … admittedly, we also give him plenty of pussy and ass to fuck, too. He’s our personal pet and we’ll do whatever we please with him. In fact, I think that he’s starting to fall for us… ,” Holly demanded to know.

“Yes, Mistress Holly, I am in love with both of you and would gladly do whatever you wish,” Jamie began kissing her feet in front of everyone.

“Oh, that’s another fetish of his … kissing and sucking feet. It’s not for me, but, hey, it works for him and shows his proper submission to us,” Shelly giggled now.

“Anyway, I don’t know that I want him around here much in the future, even so, but perhaps you ladies have something to convince me otherwise. Still, I wanted to touch base with you about your plans for James … Jamie, I mean, and for everything else. Any thoughts?” I asked the two workers from my shop, who certainly could make any heart throb.

“I can understand you feeling that way. The man was a destructive interloper, but that man is gone and he won’t be coming back. We’ve killed James. Meet Jamie, and he is much improved over James. If he didn’t present a threat to your family anymore, and trust me, he doesn’t, would you be opposed to him serving Lisa now and then to atone for how he treated her?

“Also … I get that you don’t find him attractive. I can understand that. However, perhaps you’d like to appoint someone else to stand in for you, as you’re an injured party as well. What do you think? Lisa and the person that you designate, getting to use Jamie however they wish for short periods of time, mind you. We’d want our slut boi back, of course,” Holly declared her own, firmly held views on this and other topics of relevance here.

“Okay, then … I pick … Pastor Tucker. Yes, Lisa’s father will stand in for me on this point. Why? That’s quite simple. While Amy has some demonstrable Domme skills, and you might want to consider lending him to her now and then on her own merits, Pastor Tucker is not only bisexual, but I think that he’s still more than a little angry at how Jamie treated his daughter. This will help insure that he doesn’t get off lightly, of course. Dads are not known to treat men who have mistreated their daughter all that well,” I declared, and I could see Jamie visibly shiver, but he then hung his head in shame. He had it coming, after all.

“That’s very true. I don’t appreciate that Jamie here, when he was James, blackmailed and pimped out my daughter like she was some kind of crack whore! What we’re is sinful, Biblically speaking, but we’re not harming others. Making my Lisa turn tricks bursa escort for his own amusement, against her will … that’s just evil, so I resent that and I will gladly stand in for Dan. If Jamie is serious about atoning for his crimes against Dan and Lisa, that is. It won’t be fun for him, but that’s the point … well, at least not all of it will be fun for him,” Lance told us with a wicked gleam in his eye.

“I am serious and so are my Mistresses, I think that you’ll find, Sir. I’ll accept whatever punishment you impose on me,” Jamie visibly shivered, “And the same for you, Ma’am,” he told Lisa, much more respectful in his tone than before.

“Well, with me, I want to pimp Jamie out as I please, just as he did to my daughter,” Lance said, at which point Shelly had a devilish look on her face.

“I suspect that’s one form of revenge that Dan can do himself, if he wishes. It won’t count against your choice, since if you think of it, both of Lisa’s parents should count as Jamie’s victims, too. I propose that they both turns to do what they will with him. I understand wanting him to suffer as he made her suffer, though. Dan, you really deserve a slot of your own, without it counting against Lisa’s folks,” Shelly declared.

“I agree with that,” Holly beamed.

“Well, yeah, THAT I can bring myself to do … to pimp Jamie out as I please. I won’t need to do anything to him myself for that,” I chuckled and Jamie froze in terror at the look on my face … sheer vengeance.

“So, still want to pimp Jamie out, Lance, or something else, since Dan is handling that for you?” Holly continued.

“No, I want to make him bend over and take it in the ass for me. It’s true, I was thinking of payback in kind for Lisa first, as a father should. That taken care of, I’ll use his ass whenever I please, though he has to take regular enemas and clean out for it, for obvious reasons, especially since I plan to go bareback. And don’t count on generous amounts of lube, either, Jamie. Especially not at first. Your asshole is going to be rather loose and sore by the time I’m done with you, leaving aside the pegging that you apparently get from Holly and Shelly,” Lance warned them, “Oh, and of course, he’ll suck my dick and drink my piss whenever I wish it.”

“That seems fair enough by our standards. And you, Lisa?” Shelly asked her bluntly.

“He needs to experience what it’s like to be a woman, and that he shall with me. I want to make the bastard know what it means to wear a dress, heels, etc. He’ll have to bend over for my strap-on and take it in the ass regularly. I won’t be gentle, just as he was never gentle, and I won’t care whether he cums or not. If he cums, he’ll have to lick it all up, too. He’ll have to wear make-up and get at least temporary earrings. It would be better if his ears were pierced, but here I have to defer to your rights as his owners.

“I’ll also share him with Mary and some others, though I won’t pimp him out like Dan is doing. It’s his turn to be the woman, not mine, in our relationship, if you will. He’ll furthermore have to eat any cream pies that other men leave behind, after watching them fuck me. Since he’s going to be treated as a woman, he can only fuck me with a strap-on, not his own cock and he will stop when I say so. His own cock will be locked away in a chastity belt or cage during those times to prevent him from getting any ideas. He will NOT cum on my marriage bed or anywhere else in my house. If Mary or the others let him cum inside them, he must clean up for himself right afterward. Of course, they could make him wear a condom instead.

“He isn’t my husband, my boyfriend, my brother, or my father, so what do I care? He’s not even a friend with benefits. He’s my plaything during those times, nothing more than a toy … and he’ll have to lick my boots, rub my feet, suck my toes, of course. Might even use him as a serving boy for any parties where his presence wouldn’t raise eyebrows … well, presence nude or in drag, that is,” Lisa snickered at that idea.

“And you?” Shelly asked Annabelle, my mother-in-law.

“Well, it won’t be pretty. Lisa is my daughter, and frankly we’re very close, I believe. He wronged Dan, yes, but by blackmailing Lisa, he wronged her more. He’s gonna be my little bitch all the way and my little cuckold to boot … and boots he will lick, too. Forget cumming when you’re around me, boy! You’ll wear a cock cage with me, too!” Annabelle was, not surprisingly, very wroth with Jamie still and she made it clear that she wouldn’t tolerate any insolence or defiance on his part.

“That settles it, then … Jamie won’t be caged at home at all, because he’ll get all the caging he needs at your two homes. Not that I object. We agreed that he should atone, but this makes it all the more critical that he have a safe haven and refuge from such punishments. Besides, if we are that safe haven, especially with plenty of sex thrown his way, albeit it on our terms, and forget masturbation, buddy … then … he’ll come to appreciate his two ebony goddesses even more, won’t he?” Holly noted bursa escort bayan with a diabolical leer as she cupped her slave boi’s cock and Shelly caressed his buns lovingly … ugh, no accounting for taste there, though objectively, he wasn’t that ugly … just a bully, or at least he had been.

Jamie’s relief was immense, until Holly added that, “Incidentally, however, tonight, while we’re here, Jamie is going to be lent out to all of you who want to use him, in whatever way that you wish to do so. Also, Amy, we’ll take your possible help in training him under advisement, of course. As it stands, we’ve agreed to grant virtual carte blanche to everyone here who wants a piece of Jamie. Tonight, at least … no promises about the future, we can all enjoy him as we please … each of us.”

Jamie became very scared when he heard that, and as well he had right to be. He had made more enemies than even Hillary Clinton, and that was saying something! Yes, he had cause to be afraid … even Jonathan and Shawn despised the man, but then, they both adored Lisa in their own way … differently from me, of course.

The other Jamie, Angel’s and Summer’s first cousin, didn’t much like that he shared a name with THAT Jamie, and therefore insisted that the spelling be changed back, even if the pronunciation wasn’t. Holly and Shelly agreed, not that it mattered much. Free Jamie and Slave Jaime were two very different men, and it was clear that most of the time, Jaime would answer to things like “worm” around many of those present … at least for the night.

“Alright, then, that disposes of Jaime, of course. Who’s next, then? And any thoughts on the idea of all of us sharing a home together … or at least some of us,” I suggested abruptly.

“Including us?” Holly spoke again.

“If you wish. I wouldn’t oppose it. Just keep him on a leash, both of you, okay?” I referred to Jaime.

“With pleasure,” Shelly answered now with a deliciously wicked smile…

I got the distinct impression that she might someday take that admonition quite literally, assuming that Holly approved of it … given how much Holly laughed in response … it was a very safe bet, in fact. Neither woman seemed opposed to being firm when necessary with their kept man.

“Next case, that of the Reverend Jonathan R. Cummings, who recently agreed, last Sunday, in fact, to submit to those that he has wronged. Does he wish to back out of any of that, or do any of his partners wish to … ease up on him a bit? If so, how much and why? Also, shouldn’t he do something for Angel, too, given how he treated her?” I noted abruptly.

“I … have a proposal that might surprise some of you. As you know, Chrissy and I are lesbian lovers. That’s a fact. We’re going to get married. That’s also a fact. We love each other very much and want to have children together, and that’s where Jonathan comes in … and you, Dan … and David … along with Jason, if he’s willing … this is a great way for Jonathan to atone and make it up to us, of course. It’s not fair to the husbands, what we did to you, but we had to be true to ourselves.

“However, we badly need to conceive and soon … we want to be mothers together of the same children … each two by the same man. So … here it comes. We’re still gay and we still insist upon that being respected, of course. We are getting divorced and we will marry each other … and there will be no sexual congress with any of the men. We’re full-on, one hundred percent, six on the Kinsey scale, honest-to-goodness lesbians here and we will refuse to sleep with any man, but we’ve agreed to perform sexually for the viewing pleasure of any man willing to donate … so he can cum in the cup faster and easier. That’s right, just for the donors … you can watch,” Angel assured us, much to my shock.

Deal, at least for me … and Jonathan, if he willingly submits to this … if he’s smart and wants to please me, he will. Otherwise, well, he’ll have to deal with the consequences now, won’t he?” I informed the couple, while Jonathan shook, shivered, and swallowed hard.

“Sorry, just can’t do it. I am happy for both of you ladies in a way, but it’s still like a punch in the gut to see you two all lovey-dovey with each other. I can’t just watch and give you my seed … I was expecting to make Chrissy conceive the natural way … and now this instead. It’s just too much. Sorry … I just can’t,” Jason wept openly, causing Summer to walk up to him.

“Jason … I have been holding this back until now … but I want you back. Since my sister took your wife away, not that they meant any harm by it … but, can I make it up to you? Jamie and I … we’re lovers, yes, but we want to add you to the fun. Jamie’s very … bi, and he wants the three of us to be lovers, but exclusively. Sorry, the rest of you guys. It’s just what we want. We’ve both agreed to it. Just a strict menage a trois relationship between the three of us … and Jamie already knows that you like guys.

“Remember, you had a fling with him early on, but felt guilty about cheating escort bursa on Chrissy and abruptly stopped it. Just us three Musketeers, that’s all. Jamie initially hoped for this with Lisa, but he soon realized that it wasn’t to be. No offense, Lisa, that’s just how it is. What do you think, Jason?” Summer offered him with a kiss, while her cousin Jamie planted one on him as well.

“You mean it … just us three? For life. No interlopers. No affairs. No danger of someone else walking off with one of you? Well, I could give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, no regrets, right?” Jason answered while Summer and Jamie felt him up…

To be honest, it was harder to tell whether Jason or Jamie were the bigger twink, but they both obviously enjoyed each other’s attentions … and Summer’s. Jason had a past with both of them, too … and now a future as well. So what if it was two men and a woman? Polyandry was every bit as valid a lifestyle as polygamy and monogamy, wasn’t it? Personally, I was happy for all three of them, and I think that Lisa was more than ready to let Jamie go. It was only a fling, after all.

“Excuse me, but I think that the three of us need to get home and put out some old flames. Two men … I’m gonna be one hell of a busy gal, but it’s so fucking worth it!” Summer giggled as she led her boyfriends out of the house and many of us grinned, knowing what was up with them.

“Back on topic … I’m open to being a donor, as I said. What of you, David?” I asked my loving brother-in-law … and self-declared bottom boi (which reminded me … I still hadn’t tapped his sweet ass … well, that would come soon, I resolved).

“Works for me. Watching is better than nothing at all, and Angel and Chrissy have every right to deny us that, since it’s their private love life. This is a bonus and probably steamier than watching a lesbian porn flick, since we knowing that the women really are hot for each other. It’s a deal,” David smiled.

“Very well, then. If that’s all, we’ll be on our way, too. No further need to stick around, folks. I got a beautiful lady who needs my country girl lovin’,” Angel snickered as she picked Chrissy up and carried her over the threshhold out of the house toward Chrissy’s car.

“So, that’s out of the way. What next? Oh, yes … back to Jonathan’s situation. Any thoughts on his penance?” I asked everyone.

“Well, if you recall, I put you in charge of me and my fate. I still mean that in every sense of that declaration. I still plan to wear that cock cage except when you let me out of it. I still plan to bend over whenever asked, to eat pussy, rim ass, suck cock, and do whatever else you guys want me to do. I’m the shared property of those of you whom I wronged, plain and simple, and I will be for the next year. I’m willing to sign a contract to that effect and hand the keys to you, Dan, as soon as the cock cage arrives in the mail.

“I, Jonathan Roger Cummings, personally surrender my body, my life, and my will over to those whom I have recently harmed or mistreated in some way. That includes Arlen, Jenna, Amy, Lisa, and Dan, though only Dan will have the keys. Actually, I think that I wronged Lance here, too, come to think of it. It’s only right to add him to this, too, since I delayed his retirement by my actions here. What do you think, guys?” Jonathan reiterated his determination to see this through, much to my shock, since I suspected on some level that he would try to go back on his word … instead, he had even added a sixth victim to the list of his owners!

“Very well, then. From now on, you’re to be naked in this house. No more clothes. You can put them back on when you leave, but whenever you show up for duties to any of us at my house, you strip to your birthday suit and prove to us that you have kept your body hair off, too. You must be smooth as can be, do you hear me? Sleek, smooth, and clean-shaven. No facial hair at all. Nothing on but your cock cage, which I trust will cover only your dick … and then only partially at that. So … strip!” I commanded Jonathan, testing his will to submit to us.

Jonathan, not as awkwardly as one might think, disrobed with remarkable ease, letting us get a damn good view of his prick and his balls, as well as his ass. Well, that pubic hair would have to go for sure, along with the butt hair (what little he had … he wasn’t the most Neanderthal-looking man unlike me) and all the other body hair. He looked like a twink already as it was.

“Time for each of us to decide what to do with Jonathan, for our part. Starting with Lance, since he has said nothing about such things in the past, so we have no clear picture of what he wants from Jonathan. Lance, what do you intend for Jonathan? Any idea?” I asked my father-in-law now what he wanted from my wife’s boss.

“Okay, I want him to suck my cock whenever I wish, to bend over my desk and let me fuck him in the ass whenever the fancy strikes me, to shower with me now and then, and to fuck Annabelle, Michelle, Sarah, and Mary Beth whenever they ask for it. I’d add Lisa, but I don’t know what her plans for him are. In fact, I want him to perform every sex act that they ask of him, too, as well as what I demand from him. I also want him to fuck Jessica Connors whenever she asks for it. And Debbie and Steve, too, if they wish it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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