Teasing Daughter

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David was a single father. He had been since the birth of his only child, Aura, his wife having died in childbirth. That was eighteen years ago now, and his little girl had grown up to be the spitting image of her mother. It hurt David sometimes, to see his dead wife through the eyes of the child who never knew her. That didn’t mean that David blamed Aura for the death of his wife, no, he knew that it had been bad luck that had killed her, no point blaming the one good thing to come out of it.

However, David never quite recovered from the death of his wife and so never dated anyone ever again, he just couldn’t, but a man does have needs. It was not uncommon for David to masturbate, usually over the memories of past sexual encounters, or pornography, however just two months ago he had started masturbating over something else, or rather, someone else.

It had been a couple of days after his daughter’s eighteenth and he had been walking up to bed and passed her room. Her door was open but Aura clearly didn’t know that, as she had her eyes closed and her earphones in, dancing around her room listening to whatever music she was into. Completely naked! It was then that it struck David just quite how much like his dead wife Aura was. She was the same height, 4’11”, same blonde hair, which stopped just below the shoulders, similar looking breasts, similar arse and a nice clean shaven cunt. The sight had made David hard immediately.

He’d quickly gone to bed and masturbated over the image of his naked daughter. It was wrong, he knew it was wrong, to jerk off to his little girl, but he loved it! Over the next few days David had stolen some of Aura’s underwear, and would frequently smell them, and jerk off into them. Then he started to notice things. He started to notice how revealing Aura’s clothes were when she went out, how she always swayed her hips when she walked and how her posture always pushed her breasts out. He had just written it off as the behaviour of young girls like Aura, but then he noticed more.

How she would spend her time around the house in nothing but loose fitting T-shirts and panties, how she would flick seductive looks tuzla escort David’s way, and how she would hug him, pressing her young lithe body up against his for a little longer than necessary. However, things only got worse. Soon Aura would wait to come out of the shower just when David was walking by, her door was left open more and more frequently, giving David glimpses of his daughter’s nude form. Then David broke, it was late and he had been drinking, but he knew what he was doing, and he did it anyway. Aura had started it anyway; she had taunted him for long enough.

“Daddy!” She had called, “Can you come up and help me find my phone?”

“Coming sweetheart,” David had replied, walking up to her room, and when he entered he found a sight to behold. It was, of course, his daughter, Aura. She was on her knees, bent over, but more importantly, she was only wearing her pink panties. Other than that one single garment, she was nude, and she had considered it appropriate to ask her father for help whilst she looked like that. Something snapped inside David when he saw her, as though this was the last straw.

“Oh, that’s it.” He said, anger in his voice. Aura removed herself from under the bed, turning to face him, displaying her full cleavage.

“That’s what, daddy?” She asked playfully, but David had no time for her. He grabbed her arm roughly and spun her round, onto her bed, and pulled her panties down. He gave her arse a quick few spanks, leaving Aura in a slight state of shock as she didn’t move, and stripped himself. He straddled his daughter and brought her onto her hands and knees, his erection resting on top of her arse.

“If you’re going to keep teasing me and walking around the house like a slut, then I’m going to have to take you like a slut.” David replied, one hand keeping her in place, whilst the other roamed her body. He felt the smoothness of her young tight skin, across her back and stomach, all of which was so very taut, and soft. He then felt her breasts, they were small, just like her mother’s, little handfuls which hung to her body and were crowned with little nipples, which were erect. David then felt up her arse again, tuzla escort bayan kneading the flesh that had turned a little red, he spanked it a bit more, eliciting cries from Aura. Then, finally, he reached her sex, her cunt. It was smooth and clean shaven, and also dripping, her lips parted and David’s fingers almost slipped in.

“My, my, you are such a little slut, aren’t you?” David asked, as his fingers probed at her dripping cunt.

“Please,” Aura begged in return, “Please daddy, just fuck me,” David smiled, his little girl had been taken over by lust, unable to answer him unless he fucked her. He put a hand in her silken blonde hair, gripping it tight, as he pushed her head down, raising her arse high in the air. He took a hold of his cock and lined it up with his daughter’s cunt, and pushed it in. Aura practically screamed as her father pushed his erection inside her, filling her completely, her cunt contracting around it immediately.

“Is this what you want?” David asked, as he began to thrust in and out of her, “To be fucked by your father, to be filled with my big fat cock?” David continued, pulling on Aura’s hair, making her scream and moan as he hit her in all the right places, and felt overjoyed at the feeling of her tight cunt wrapped around him. It had been eighteen years since he’d last had sex, and he wanted to enjoy this, so he started off slow, pushing in and out, letting Aura get used to his size, which was relatively considerable. He also knew that this might be an opportunity to get to know his daughter a little better, he had already noticed the lack of her hymen.

“Is this the first time you’ve been fucked?” He asked, speeding up his thrusts and pulling ever harder at her hair.

“NO!” Aura screamed, as her father’s penetrations got more and more brutal, “I’ve been fucked by three other boys before.” David didn’t know why, but this turned him on even more, the image of his little girl getting fucked by other guys, of his daughter being pounded by other men, and then taking their seed, it made him fuck her harder. His thrusting became more and more violent, as the screams of pleasure form his daughter, and escort tuzla her taunts;

“Oh yes, fuck me daddy,”

“Right there, yes,”

“Oh please daddy, harder,”

“I wanna cum over your cock daddy, please make me cum.”

It was becoming too much for David to handle, but then he felt it, he thrust into his daughter further than he had before, and pulled her head up by that silky blonde hair as her eyes were completely screwed shut and her mouth widened to an ‘O’ as her cunt clamped down on his cock, trapping it like a vice. David grinned as he saw his little girl cum for him. However, he wanted more, he let go of her hair and leaned down to her.

“Have you ever taken someone up your arse?” He asked, his cock throbbing at the prospect.

“No daddy, I- I saved it all f- for you.” Aura replied, exhausted by her orgasm. David slowly pulled out, his cock completely drenched in fluid, which is what he needed. He placed both his hand at her hips, supporting her as he went in for the kill. In one smooth motion he pushed into her arse, and was met with an unbelievable tightness. David felt so constricted by it, his cock feeling so trapped, but also so stimulated. It was the greatest feeling David had ever felt, taking his daughter, his little girl, the only remnant of his wife, in her tight, little, virgin arse.

It didn’t take him long before David felt himself reaching his own climax. He went for as long as he could, finding his daughter’s arse heaven as it placed more and more pressure around his throbbing cock. He then looked down at the sight before him, his little girl completely exhausted by his sexual efforts, and he knew what he had to do. Just before he finished her pulled out of her arse and let his cum fly over her body. He came more than he ever had before, coating Aura’s arse and back in huge, thick jets of semen, some even got into her hair, sticking the silky fibres together, leaving it matted with sweat and cum.

David then collapsed, next to Aura. They looked into each other’s eyes, smiling. He stroked her breasts lightly, toying with her nipples, and kneading the small globes around them, reminding himself of the softness of her flesh. Aura giggled, she could feel her father’s cum drying to her skin, and her hair. David cupped her still soaked cunt with his hand and leaned into her close.

“You are my little girl.”

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