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It was a Saturday night and we were getting ready to go to a party. My girlfriend Rita was preening in front of the mirror, applying her finishing touches. I’d been ready to go for 45 minutes.

“How do I look?” she asked, and of course there could be only one answer to that.

“Fabulous!” I said, “Drop-dead gorgeous. Good enough to eat!”

Rita is a good-looking girl, no one would argue that. She’s 25 years old and about 5-5 with an athletic body, long auburn hair and baby blue eyes. We met at a mixer at our apartment complex and hit it off immediately and started dating. Before long we were spending our nights together in either her place or mine, so when my lease was up a few months later I gave up my apartment and moved in with her. That was about a year ago.

“Well, Handsome, you’ll have to wait until we get back home to do that,” she said with a wink.

My name is Adam. I will turn thirty in several months and I’m not real happy about it. It is the first “milestone” birthday I haven’t looked forward to. Sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one, twenty-five, those were okay, but thirty? Not so sure.

The party we were going to had Rita a little on edge. Personally I’d rather not even go, but she needs my support as it’s at the house of her new boss. She works as a social worker at the county health department and the new director, Eva, is throwing the party for the employees as a way to help her get to know everyone better and help everyone get to know her better. Eva has been described to me as a strong, attractive, 40 year-old, divorced black woman, who can be a tad intimidating at times. Rita seems to respect Eva quite a bit in the few short weeks she has been the new director.

As we drove to Eva’s house Rita caught me up on who was who at her office. I’d met a few of them and she reminded me of those times so I wouldn’t appear awkward…I’m not the best at remembering names in social situations.

When we arrived at the house the party was in a full, mellow swing. The house was beautiful, located in an upscale neighborhood with large homes on large lots. The house had hardwood floors throughout, comfortable, fine furniture and a wide open floor plan, ideal for entertaining. There was a black baby grand piano in the living area. The party was inside and out, and the backyard was subtly lighted with tiki torches, whose flames flickered and reflected off the water of a small kidney-shaped pool. Soft jazz music emanated from hidden speakers all around.

There was a bar set up by the pool so I got us a couple of drinks and soon we were in a group conversation with two other couples, two older colleagues of Rita’s and their husbands. As we talked we sipped our drinks and munched on seafood hors d’oeuvres, and occasionally Rita greeted other coworkers as they moved around.

Soon Rita and I wandered to the bar for fresh drinks and she gave me a sleek nod to her left.

“Hi, Eva,” Rita called to her supervisor, now just a few feet away.

“Oh, hello Rita, so glad you could make it!” Eva said. Then they shared a soft hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The only way to describe Eva is to say she was stunning: Tall and thin, a pretty face and straight, shoulder-length black hair. A fine gold chain circled her neck and gold hoops hung from her earlobes, sparkling in contrast to her smooth dark flesh. She had a body that would turn heads.

She wore a thin, sleeveless, backless red party dress that went down to several inches above her knees. Her black coffee skin glowed in the muted light, her toned arms, shoulders and legs attracted eyes like flies, and her ample bosom reached out.

“And who is this handsome young man?” Eva said, as we shook hands.

“This is my boyfriend Adam,” Rita said, and introduced us.

“Well, you sure have good taste in men,” Eva said, looking me straight in my eyes, then added, “And you Adam, have good taste in women as well.”

I babbled something about how right she was.

“Have you met my son?” Eva said, and we both stared blankly. “This is my son, Daryl,” nodding to the young bartender.

We introduced ourselves as he mixed our drinks. Daryl was about 6-2, athletically built with a short, cool temple fade.

“He lives in the apartment above the garage so I recruited him to help out tonight. He’s a music major in college, and a damn good musician I must say, but he’s a pretty good mixologist too. If the drinks are weak, you let me know!” she said, and we all chuckled.

Eva made the rounds throughout the evening as good hosts should, and we spoke to her briefly a couple other times. We complimented her on her beautiful home and décor and the backyard and pool. She said we should both come over and have a swim sometime.

After we said our goodbyes and were walking back to the car, Rita said, “Eva’s got a hell of a body on her, doesn’t she?”

I agreed, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. I said she looked great for being forty. Actually she looked more like my age.

“Her son seems like a nice kid,” I said. After most folks had left Daryl had played a couple numbers on the piano at the end of the evening, one classical piece and one rag, and he was equally proficient at both. We learned that he played cocktail piano at restaurants several evenings a week and also was the keyboardist in a very popular regional band.

“Yeah, and very talented too!” Rita added.

We were getting in the car when she said to hurry up, get us home. She said she was still good enough to eat.

It was obvious to all that the party had been a great success. The vibe was light and breezy and a good time had been had by all; it had accomplished its goal to get everyone comfortable with one another. It seemed to me that Rita had a strong and classy leader in Eva.

As soon as we were in the car and I turned on the ignition Rita shoved her tongue deep into my mouth and we shared a long hard kiss.

“God, I’m horny,” she said. Her hand was between my legs and she massaged my cock to a speedy hardness.

I no sooner had the car on the road when she unzipped me and unleashed my hard love into the open air. Her head went down and she took my cock into her mouth. It was only a ten minute drive to our place but we spent the whole time with my cock in her mouth and my eyes trying to stay on the road. My pelvis swung in a controlled and limited rhythm as I fucked her face, minute after minute as I drove. I groaned loudly when Rita sucked a healthy load of my cum out of me just as we pulled into the parking space for our apartment. Her head stayed down, my cock in her throat while ropes of my liquid love blasted into her.

“Hmmm, shrimp!” she said, and kissed me hard, transferring the last of my cum that she hadn’t swallowed into my mouth. “Let’s go inside,” she murmured in a breathy rasp. “I want to fuck till we’re raw!”

It had been a long time since Rita’d given me a blowjob in the car, but it had been a good one and we were both now brewing for a screwing. I didn’t know why, but somehow Eva’s party had served as an explosive aphrodisiac for both of us. We barely made it to the bedroom before we were naked and fucking, and I pounded her like a mallet and tenderized her meat throughout the night. Rita was not a quiet lover, and she shrieked louder than usual with each orgasm. I swallowed her cum as she had mine, and she offered me all of her, and I drilled her over and over until I’d sent every speck of my semen into her body.

When we woke in the morning we made slow gentle love. We both burned with soreness from our frictions of the night.
Eva’s party had been a smash success. Rita related to me almost daily about the positive atmosphere at her work, the renewed spirit of teamwork and optimism. Everyone was closer, and many began socializing more and more after work. Rita and Eva also developed a close working relationship.

Rita and a few of the people she worked with, including Eva, started meeting for drinks after work on Fridays. After a couple weeks Rita suggested I should come too, that it would be fun and a great way to kick off our weekend.

So I did. They met at a pub not far from our apartment. The place was called Bertha’s, and although it provided very little ambiance, it did offer cheap drinks and snacks and oldies on the jukebox.

When I got there eight or nine people were gathered around several tables that had been pushed together. I sat in the vacant chair next to Rita and gave her a kiss. I recognized the people from the party, and just as we finished being re-introduced I heard a familiar voice behind us.

“Well, I guess if somebody is going to take my seat, Rita, it may as well be this good looking young man!”

I turned to see Eva holding a tray with a pitcher of beer and a carafe of wine and glasses.

“Oh, I’m sorry Eva,” I mumbled, and rose to my feet.

“Nice to see you again, Adam,” she said as she placed the tray on the table. “And please do sit down. I’m so glad you could join us.”

She crossed to the other side of the table and took another seat. It had been Casual Friday at their office and everyone was dressed comfortably. But despite the relaxed apparel, Eva still looked magnificent: Her hair had a fresh, sexy frizz to it and small gold studs decorated her earlobes. She wore tight black jeans and a sleeveless cream-colored blouse that highlighted her muscled shoulders and forearms, with the top two buttons open and showing her creamy cocoa skin. She took a seat across from me and I saw her give me a barely discernable coy little smile as her eyes lingered on mine before finally looking away. I wondered if anyone had noticed.
Over the next few weeks we’d meet at the same place and I noticed that Eva became more and more informal around me and we had entered into a new comfort zone. Her eyes would burn into mine, and she’d give me her flirty little smile and touch me as she spoke to me, usually on the arm, but occasionally briefly on my knee or thigh.

One night we were lying in bed and Rita surprised me when she told me about a conversation she’d had with Eva. She said that they had stayed at work a few minutes later than usual finishing up some paperwork. They got into a personal conversation and Eva had confided in her.

“Eva had a dream about you,” Rita said.

“A dream?” I croaked. “About me?”


“What kind of dream?”

“What kind of dream do you think?”

There was a deafening silence because I had no idea what to say.

“You were fucking.”

The awkward silence continued.

“Why would she tell you this?” I asked.

“I don’t know. She must want me to know for some reason,” Rita said with a squeak. “She said you were fucking her and you stuck it into her over and over but your cock kept slipping out of her and she got frustrated because she couldn’t reach a climax. So then she decided to suck your cock instead but the same thing kept happening, she’d get a little bit of it in her mouth and then open her mouth wider to take in more and your cock would just flop away from her. And her hair was in her face so she couldn’t see it clearly, and she tried to lick it but her tongue kept missing.”

“Damn,” I said. “I can’t believe she told you that. Did she tell you anything else?”

“She told me she woke up all sweaty and masturbated. And she asked me what I thought it all meant.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I left that one alone. She’s my boss, Adam. I told her to go look up Freud at the library.” She looked at me and asked, “Does that turn you on, another woman dreaming about you?”

She reached down and felt my semi-hard. She stroked me and I was at full staff in no time.

“I guess it does,” she said. “Me too.”

We kissed and she pulled me to her. My cock slid right into her and stayed there, it didn’t slip out, and we eased into rhythm. Gaining momentum, we fucked harder and deeper as we picked up speed. We both reached loud, intense orgasms but I have to admit my mind was elsewhere.
The following weekend, in addition to the Friday happy hour at Bertha’s, Rita and Eva had planned for us a Saturday night activity too. Daryl’s band was playing a local gig at the Elk’s Club, a big dance that was a semi-annual fund raiser for the scholarship fund.

I was going to skip the Friday get-together but Rita said no, and asked me to please show up. She said if I blew it off Eva would know that she had told me about her dream and she would then know I was uncomfortable and things would remain awkward going forward, including Saturday night. After all, this is my boss, she said. I knew she was right.

I showed up fashionably late at Bertha’s on Friday. Most of the crew was already into their partying cups. I poured myself a beer from one of the pitchers and soon a few of the folks headed home and the group was down to a handful. Eva sat across from me and again her eyes were lasers into mine. Her hair was up in a bun atop her head, fully exposing her slim, sexy cheeks. Soon we said goodbye to the stragglers and it was down to the three of us. With a wink, Rita said she had to hit the restroom and left us alone at the table.

Eva’s eyes were magnetic. I couldn’t look away.

“Did you hear about my dream?” she asked.

I played dumb. It didn’t work.

“Oh, come on Adam,” she said. “You expect me to believe Rita didn’t tell you…”

“No, really, I don’t…”

“Bullshit!” she said forcefully, but with a smile. “That’s okay. But here’s the story: I dreamt about you. I did. A sex dream.”

I squirmed and tried to change the subject.

“Your hair,” I said. “You changed it.”

She leaned in close to me. “Do you like it?” she asked.

I told her I hadn’t yet seen her in a hairstyle that didn’t look good on her. She leaned in even closer.

“Good,” she said. “This way my hair won’t get in your face when I’m on top!”

I looked into her eyes. It was stern, intense. She leaned in even closer and gave me the coy smile. She ran her tongue over her full, red lips.

That’s when Rita returned to our table.
The next night we all had a big round table at the Elks Club. There were a couple older couples, several younger couples, Rita and me, and of course Eva. The beer was flowing and Daryl’s band was tight and funky. They played soul and R&B mostly from the 60’s and 70’s, all the cool Motown and Stax tunes that kept people on the dance floor. Rita and I danced a little, but mostly I just drank beer and listened. It was hard not to tap my feet when I wasn’t dancing.

We were dressed in jeans and comfortable shirts, but Eva again looked fine. She wore a blue three quarter-sleeve wrap dress that was tight on her big breasts and slim waist and it looked like it could easily unwrap at any moment. She was going for the earthy look, no makeup and no jewelry.

I hadn’t really said much to Eva, but during the first break she struck up a conversation.

“Adam, are you gonna dance with me or are you gonna blow me off all night?” she asked me with a smirk.

“I’m not blowing you off, Eva,” I said. “I’m just digging the music. It’s been too loud to talk much anyway. The band is good, though, aren’t they? And Daryl is killer on the keys and he really has the moves!”

“All right then Twinkle Toes, this next set, you and me are gonna do the Adam and Eva Boogie! I’m ready to shake my ass.”

She turned and glanced up at the bandstand. Rita and Daryl were standing in front of the stage talking.

“Ooh-wee,” she said with a wink, “Look at that, Is Daryl putting the moves on your lady? Or it the other way around? You better watch out Adam, he loves white women!”

Sure enough, early into the second set Eva asked me to dance. I glanced at Rita and she smiled and said, “I’m not going to tell my boss she can’t dance with you!” and we all laughed. Eva grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the floor just as the band kicked into “Dance to the Music” by Sly. I noticed she dragged me all the way to the middle of the mob dancing, probably so we couldn’t be seen by anyone at our table.

I’m usually pretty shy dancing until I’m half drunk, but not Eva. She was grooving like it was the Soul Train Semi-Finals, moving her athletic body in perfect time and syncopation to the beat. I watched her titties flying around in that flimsy dress and her legs were moving and kicking and her hemline was riding up and down her caramel thighs.

Soon her thighs were taking turns slipping between my legs and bumping my groin and her hands were taking turns clutching my ass. Her knees also got into the act and would gently brush my balls at one particular part of the chorus.

The band segued into James Brown’s “Sex Machine” and that was all she wrote. Eva was staring into my eyes and her wet mouth and tongue were doing a dirty dance all their own while her hands and legs kept finding new ways to arouse me. My cock was now bulging in my Levi’s and I was sure everybody on the floor could see it. This chick had taken me to the edge in five minutes.

“I have to stop!” I said, pulling away.

She grabbed my hand but I pulled it away again and started walking toward the restrooms, and Eva followed me while asking me what was wrong. We reached the area back by the restrooms where it was quieter and there weren’t too many people around.

“What on Earth is the matter, Adam?” she asked, with a concerned look.

“I can’t dance with you,” I said, gazing in her eyes.

“You can’t dance with me? What does that mean? I thought we were doing fine. Why can’t you dance with me?”

“You know,” I said.

“I do? What do I know?”

“You gave me a fucking hard-on!”

“I gave you a hard-on?” she asked incredulously. “That’s what this is about? I gave you a fucking hard-on?” She broke into an exasperated smile. “That’s what I was trying to do, Adam! Jesus Christ, I’ve been trying to give you one for a month.”

“I’m sorry…”

She looked down at my bulge and then looked back into my eyes.

“It looks pretty good to me, Adam. And if it’s any consolation, you got me all wet, too.”

She put her hand behind my head and kissed me, her tongue wiggling into my mouth. After a few seconds I started to pull away but she wrapped her arms around me and pulled us tight and our tongues meshed in a long kiss, finishing the dance that I was unable to. Our lips parted just as “Sex Machine” came to a climactic halt and the crowd burst into appreciative applause.

“If you only knew what you’re missing!” she said, then turned and walked into the ladies room.
Later on back at the table Eva asked me if she could borrow my cell phone. She wanted to check her messages and she had left her phone in her car. I gave her my phone and she left to go to the restroom area where it was quieter.

A few minutes later she returned, handed me my phone and said she had be going. She gave no explanation, but assured us it was not an emergency but that she had to go. She said her goodbyes to all and was off. Rita and I continued to drink the draft beers and we danced a couple slow songs.

During the final set my cell phone vibrated with an incoming call. The display of the incoming number was not a contact I had stored in my phone, nor a number I recognized. NEWS AD, it said. That meant nothing to me so I ignored it. A voicemail soon appeared and I figured I would check that later.

Once we were home, Rita went into the bathroom and that gave me a chance to listen to my message. The voicemail put a chill in my spine and a rocket in my bursa escort pocket:
“Hey Baby, its Eva. I enjoyed tonight, especially our dirty dancing. Honey, I hope I didn’t break anything down there or anything. I enjoyed our kissing even more, hope there’s a lot more of that. You have soft lips and a strong tongue, I like that. I thought about you all day. And you know what else? I put a butt plug in tonight that’s been slow-fucking my ass for the last five hours. I wish you were over here to pull it out of me. And I hope you don’t mind, but I saved my number into your phone. I had to disguise it just in case Rita goes snooping. I entered the contact as NEWS AD. That’s N-E-W-S-A-D. You know what that means? It stands for ‘Naughty Eva Wants to Suck Adam’s Dick! (PAUSE AND BREATHING) Are you hard yet? (PAUSE AND LIP SMACK) G’Night, Baby.

“Who called?” Rita asked, as she exited the bathroom and hopped into bed.

“Ah, just another sales pitch.” I said, as I moved swiftly toward the bathroom while trying to hide the lumber in my pants.
A couple of mornings later I was checking email and saw that Eva had sent me a video the night before. She was in her hot tub and the camera was mounted facing her straight on in a soft light. Her hair was cut shorter and streaky. She had gold hoops hanging from her ears and a short, thin gold chain on her neck that reflected the light in front of her cinnamon skin. She wore a white bikini that showed off her blackness with an animal sexiness that instantly kindled a fire down below.

“Hi Adam,” she said. “How are you, Baby? I’m just relaxing here in the spa…only thing missing is you. You’d have your strong arms around me and your tongue in my mouth, and I’d have my hand on your hard cock…

“You like my hair?” she asked, her eyes big and dewy and staring right into the lens. “It’s a highlighted pixie. I hope you like it. I cut it for you…so my hair won’t get in my eyes when I’m sucking your cock!

“How about my swimsuit, do you like it? Ugh, if you were here now you’d be taking it off of me, wouldn’t you? Yes indeed, you’d be here with your slippery fingers all over me and your big hard dick ready to fuck me in all my holes…”

She raised her right hand which held a silver dildo and ran her tongue along its ten inch length. Then she raised her chin and placed the tip of the dildo to her lips and started taking it into her mouth, inch by inch, and then into her throat until most of it had disappeared.

“I pretend this is you,” she said, holding it up to the camera. “But what I really want is the real thing!”

She ran the dildo south between her breasts under the bikini bra. Then she turned it left on top of her breast and pried the flimsy fabric back to briefly bare her luscious tit and large, pierced nipple with a gold hoop dangling. My mouth watered at the sight, but she quickly pulled the dildo back out and she again was covered.

“Sorry, Adam, but I have to go now. I’m all hot. There’s someplace else I need to stick this thing! Call me. I believe you have my number.”

Then she rose up out of the water and for the first time I saw her slim, bare, hard-packed stomach and a small gold barbell hanging from her navel that was swaying to and fro as the video ended.

This lady was like a drug. It was seven-thirty a.m., I was having my morning coffee and I had a raging piece of hardwood in my shorts. I picked up my phone to call NEWS AD.
But I chickened out. It was too early to call, I told myself. I sent a short reply telling her how much I enjoyed her show, she’s a fucking knockout and I’m hard as rock. She replied immediately and suggested I come over so she could do something to relieve my pressure down south.

I couldn’t go over of course; I would feel too guilty. So I emailed Eva back and told her that as much as I was tempted and would love to come over there and chew the ring off of her luscious, pierced nipple, I just wouldn’t feel right screwing my girlfriend’s boss.

I thought about her a lot after that. I fantasized what it would be like to sink my white lightning into her black hole, and taste her flesh and her tongue in my mouth. Sex with Rita seemed to have become somewhat different too, less intense, I’m not sure if it was because it was sometimes rushed because she’d been working later hours, or whether I was distracted by her boss. I must admit that sometimes when Rita and I were mid-coitus, with eyes closed I was imagining that it was Dirty Eva I was ramming it into.

Over the next few weeks I stayed away from Rita’s company get-togethers, just to avoid things getting too uncomfortable with Eva, even though we continued to trade emails and I’d get the occasional voice mail full of dirty talk and innuendo. Rita was working more evenings, which freed up more of my time, and I did spend some of that time on my cell phone with NEWS AD on the line, and often with a torrid erection. But I didn’t act upon our urges.

Then, before we knew it, my birthday was coming up. It was to fall on a Friday, and Rita asked me what I’d like to do to celebrate. I asked for nothing fancy, as is my nature, just a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. Rita said that it sounded fine to her and that she had a great idea.

Early in the week of my birthday Rita told me her plan. She was to be working in the field on Friday afternoon so we should drive separately and meet at the restaurant, a newer establishment that had been getting rave reviews, right in the heart of downtown. We didn’t go downtown much anymore, so it sounded special, and the place she chose was in the best part of town, close all of to the best shops, hotels and restaurants. She asked me to meet her in the bar, and we would go from there.

On that Friday I arrived at the restaurant at around 5:30 and I parked my car and then found a seat at the end of the bar and ordered a beer. The place was starting to fill up with the after-work crowd but I ordered Rita a vodka tonic and managed to save her the seat beside me until she arrived about a quarter till six. She strode in the door and up to me and kissed me on the lips and took her seat beside me.

“Hello, Birthday Boy,” she said. “How’s your day been so far?”

“Fine,” I replied. “But it just got even better!”

We sipped our drinks and made small talk for a few minutes until right about six o’clock when Rita glanced over my shoulder toward the door and said, “Well, look who’s here!”

I spun around on my stool to see Eva striding toward us with a wide grin on her face. She came up to Rita and gave her a kiss, then turned and gave me one. I ordered her a drink and offered her my seat.

Eva looked fabulous. Her highlighted hair was accented by gold hoops in her ears, which made me think about the hoop hanging from her pierced nipple…I unconsciously lowered my eyes to her tits before I could catch myself. She wore a gray turtle neck sweater dress that draped her sexy shape and came down to several inches above her knees and her lean, creamy legs stretched down to the floor where skimpy thong sandals showcased her bright red toenails. I felt a tingle and thought briefly about what it would be like to suck the polish off one toe at a time.

“Happy Birthday, Adam!” she said enthusiastically. “Hope I’m not crashing your party.”

I must have had a surprised, puzzled look on my face, but I managed to mumble something.

“I hope you don’t mind my inviting Eva, Adam,” Rita said. “But I wanted to give you a special birthday present. I wanted to make your thirtieth birthday one to remember!”

I snuck a peek at Eva and her eyes were like saucers. What was Rita thinking?

“So I might as well go ahead and give you your gift right now,” she said, and she started digging into her purse. “I hope I don’t screw myself out of a job here, but this gift is kind of for both of you.”

She placed the ‘gift’ on the bar in front of us. It was a room key to the Marriott Hotel right next door!

I stared at Rita and tried not to look at Eva. The shock on my face must have been apparent because Rita looked me deep in the eyes and continued her presentation.

“It’s room 208 next door. It’s all paid for, plus whatever else you guys want, so please don’t waste it. I’ve taken care of dinner too, so eat a good meal, you will probably need the energy!”

“Rita…” I began, but she cut me off, her eyes volleying off of both of us.

“Look, Adam, I know you two want each other, so go for it. She dreams about you, for Chrissakes! It’s your birthday so enjoy it. You two may already be doing it, I don’t know. But I do know that I don’t want to feel guilty about you not doing it because you feel guilty because of me! Make sense?”

I detected moistness in her eyes as she squeezed my hand and rose from her stool. She kissed me, the tip of her tongue lightly caressing the tip of mine, and then she kissed Eva on the mouth. She picked up her purse, leaned in close and said softly to us, “I’d love to be a fly on the wall!” and turned and walked away without looking back.

Neither of us spoke for a minute or so after we saw the bar door close behind Rita; we let the moment sink in. Finally Eva broke the silence.

“So, are you still gonna blow me off?” she said.

That made us both laugh. Then she leaned her head close to mine and softly added, “Or maybe I can blow you off!” And we kissed.

Her tongue was immediately deep in my mouth and her hand found its way to my upper thigh and with her long fingers she massaged the bottoms of my balls. She sucked my tongue briefly into her mouth before we broke our kiss.

“Let’s finish these drinks and go find room 208,” I said.

“Now you’re talking!” she said, taking a healthy swig of white wine.

She half stood up and started wriggling her butt, leaning against the barstool, then she stood up quickly with one hand holding the hemline of her dress and the other disappearing briefly before she sat back down. She raised her knees and I watched her pull her skimpy, red thong down off her long legs, and fold it neatly. She put it in my shirt pocket.

“Hold this for me,” she said. “I won’t be needing it.”

We quickly finished our drinks. Eva grabbed my hand and we walked out, and I’m pretty sure most everyone in that room had a good idea what we’d be up to next.
My hand clutched Eva’s tightly as we walked briskly to the hotel. We jumped into an empty elevator and when the doors closed she turned to face me and pressed her mouth to mine. She jabbed her tongue into my mouth and rubbed my cock through the fabric of my pants.

“Hard to believe we’re going to finally get our bodies together and it was Rita’s idea!” Eva said.

We deep-kissed again and my cock was like rock as she continued her handiwork.

“Did you know about this?” I asked.

“No idea. I thought we were just meeting for drinks,” she said. I sucked her lower lip into my mouth.

“You’re not still feeling guilty, are you?”

“No!” I moaned, as her hand vise-gripped my cock.

“Good!” she replied, “Because I’m wetter than a beaver in a monsoon! I hope you’re ready to skewer some dark meat!”

She plunged her tongue back into my mouth. When the elevator opened we were mid-kiss and as we broke our embrace we saw an elderly couple standing there spellbound.

We tried not to laugh as we exited the elevator and they leered at us with appall.

“Don’t tell anyone!” Eva rasped at them on our way past. “He’s my sister’s husband!”

We giggled as we veered toward room 208. We found it and the door had barely closed behind us and we were in a full-bodied embrace. Our tongues latched and our crotches clutched and I pressed her body hard up against the wall beside the queen bed and ground her into it.

She broke our kiss and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long…” she said as my shirt came off.

“Me too,” I hissed, and I started to kiss her again but she bit me on my bare shoulder instead, and I winced. It was no love nip; it was more like a staple gun.

“Ouch,” I whimpered, “You want to hurt me now?”

“No,” she said, and licked my neck. “I want to eat you. I want to taste you.” She softly teethed my other shoulder. “I want to drink you, and suck you.” She briefly sucked my earlobe into her mouth. “And screw you and lick you and blow you and feel your hard white cock…”

I was now turned up to ten by her warm breath on my face as she spit out her monologue. I kneeled in front of her and pulled up the bottom of her dress and buried my face into her neatly trimmed snatch.

She almost screamed when I sunk my tongue deep into her slit and kneaded her clit with my upper lip. She grated her crotch into my face and I felt her long red nails digging into the back of my head as she pulled me tightly to her, gripping me in her love vise. Her fluids leaked out of her onto my face and down my chin and into my mouth and for the first time I tasted Eva’s dirty spice.

I stayed in that position for a long time, drinking her in, eating her out and getting her off. With her nails gouging my scalp, I took one of her buttocks in each hand and squeezed them like ripe oranges, trying to extract more of her juice. I slipped my fingertips into the crack of her ass and spread her and my index finger found her asshole and entered.

“Ooh Baby, yes that’s it,” Eva groaned, “My ass is yours!”

She grunted loudly when I pushed my finger deep into her ass. I felt her hot friction and I jammed my tongue so much farther into her pussy, reaching for my finger, that I thought I’d get a cramp in my neck.

I kept tongue and finger-fucking her in fiery unison as she ground her mound into my face and plowed me with her nails. My cock was a stretched, aching brick in my pants. She shrieked loudly when she at last came, her body vibrating savagely, and her cunt hosed me with her pent-up cum, showering my face, dripping down my neck, and sprinkling the carpet.

When her body had stopped its pulsations she pulled my head upward so I was standing in front of her. She started unbuckling my belt.

“Fuck me,” she croaked. “Fuck me hard.”

She yanked at my zipper and pushed downward and my pants and boxers dropped to my ankles. She grabbed my cock and yanked it toward her hungry crack. She raised her left leg and put her foot on the end table, spreading herself open for me.

“Put this big fat cock inside me,” she ordered, and guided me into her.

I slipped my hands under her dress and she yelped when I again rammed my finger up her ass. Her fingernails were now digging into my bare back and she swung her groin into me as I pounded her and she squeezed my swollen meat with her athletic cunt. I slammed her as hard as I could and with each savage swing the framed pictures rattled on the walls.

I fed my cock into her like I was trying to fuck all the way through her and come out the other side. My finger also fucked her in perfect rhythm, knuckle deep in her butt. And my tongue fucked her mouth, Eva’s muscular mouth sucking it in, synced with finger and cock. We grunted and groaned with every push. My back felt like a pin cushion for Eva’s nails and my dick ached with a dull, bloated pain as I neared my release. When I knew I was close I pried my tongue out of her vacuum mouth.

“I’m going to come,” I squawked, to let her know my sperm was on its way.

“Give it to me!” she barked, and then I felt her teeth on the base of my neck. She sucked my flesh into her mouth and dug her nails deeper into my skin.

The rush of my semen rose through my shaft, and then out of me and into Eva, and I thrusted her with each spurt and felt the tight clench of her trained muscles on my finger and cock. Our bodies quaked together through the storm, until finally I was empty, and I was down to dry, involuntary spasms while Eva’s talented muffin kept trying to squeeze out a few more drops of butter.

Fully drained, my body resting against hers, I kissed Eva’s mouth, a long slow kiss. Our tongues slow-danced in what felt like a single mouth, and her muscles down below kept squeezing me. Then her body began to shake and at once our kiss went from plush to primitive. She fiercely sucked my tongue back deep into her mouth and I felt her nails again digging for gold on my back and neck. Then I felt her cum gushing out of her, smearing my cock and balls and running down my leg. I held her as her body shivered and shook and released, all of her holes filled, and it was only after all of her throes subsided that she gave me back my tongue and I pulled my finger and cock out of her.

I was thinking, shit, this is the first time I’ve ever even been with this chocolate fox and she’s already had two ferocious orgasms before she even took off her dress!
It wasn’t until after we’d unhooked our bodies and taken a look around the room that we noticed the care Rita had gone to with my ‘gift’. There was imported beer and champagne on ice and bottled water. There was a tray with toothbrushes, toothpaste, a package of rubbers, and a couple of flavored lubes. There was my iPod and two small speakers. She knew I loved my music! There were also two robes: a white terry cloth one for me, and a sheer, short skimpy one for Eva.

“Should we put these on?” Eva asked, pointing at the robes.

“Maybe later,” I answered. I was seated on the bed removing my pants and shoes and socks. “First I want to watch you take off your dress so we can be naked together.”

“Yeah, I guess I should. It’s got our cum all over it.”

She turned away as she pulled the dress over her head in one swoop. I watched her fine ass and strong back emerge and she hung the dress in the closet. Off came her bra, which was skimpy and the same brown shade as her skin. Then she went to the tray and picked up the pack of condoms.

“Too late for these,” she said, and tossed the package in the trashcan. She picked up the iPod. “What’s the deal with this?”

“It’s mine,” I said. “I guess Rita thought we might like some music.”

“So, what you got on that thing, white boy rock and roll?”

“Some. Mostly jazz and blues and soul.”

“Cool. You got any Marvin?”

“Does a wild bear shit in the woods?” She laughed, and I got up and cued some tunes.

She squeaked as I yanked down her onto the bed and wrapped my arms around her and soon we were again into a long, deep kiss.

She looked remarkable and red-hot. Thin face with those sexy lips. The hoops in her ears a flashy complement to her charcoal skin, and a perfect match to the hoops in her wide nipples on her firm tits. Her washboard stomach, her concave navel filled with gold, those long, lean legs, and of course that glorious twat.

We were lying in each other’s arms, Eva’s head on my chest, basking in the afterglow, taking a breather and enjoying the moment. Eva broke our quietude.

“Wow,” she said.

I asked what she meant.

“I haven’t fucked like that in years.”

“I know what you mean,” I replied.

“Is it like that when you fuck Rita?” she asked.

“Not really. Not lately, anyway.”

“You fuck like a monster!”

“Shit, what about you? My body looks like I was attacked by a puma!”

She kissed my chest and licked my nipples. I ran my fingers over her back. She stopped licking and looked up at me.

“I like the way you eat pussy. I’d like to get some more of that!”

“Oh, I think there is a really good chance you will!” I said.

She went back to her kissing and licking and she slowly worked her way southward over my chest and stomach. bursa escort bayan I felt her hand gently wrap around my nuts, massaging, and I re-hardened as she took her time. She kissed my cock and licked its length, then I felt her finger ease into my ass as she took me into her hungry mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head and craned my groin to push my cock into her as she sucked me in. Her mouth was magic on my manhood, and both soon were doing a sexy samba before my eyes, a steady up-and-down motion that, in concert with her long finger probing my asshole, deeper and harder and faster with every other thrust. Soon I was throwing my weight into it, fucking her between the lips, holding her head so I could get all of it, and I felt like I was going to shit with the reaming my ass was taking.

Minute to minute, push to shove, I was getting closer and Eva knew it. She tightened her grip and sucked me with a cushioned madness and I grunted with each pelvic plunge with my hands hard on her scalp and her hair between my fingers. Soon I felt it coming. I bucked like a batshit zebra when I unloaded and with my grip on her head I yelled when I felt her teeth on my cock and her fingernail dredge the deepest trench of my ass.

I came in spurts and I thought I heard Eva gag, so I removed my hands from her head. But she stayed down, backing off only halfway as I finished my ejaculations, taking all of it into her mouth. She then rose up to face me and parted her lips, showing me her mouthful of cum. She oozed my cum out of her mouth and dripped it all over my chest. She was smiling as she put her lips to mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth; we shared a deep, slimy kiss. She grinned as she lowered her lips to my chest and began slurping up my cum, licking me clean and swallowing every droplet.
“Damn, your cum makes me hungry!” Eva said.

We were sitting at the table in our robes snacking on some appetizers we’d ordered from room service. We were munching on shrimp cocktails and grilled scallops.

“And seafood makes me horny!” she added as she sucked on a shrimp.

“Uh oh, I’m in trouble now,” I said, thinking of the flesh wounds on my head and neck and back. “I think my dick might be broken!”

“My poor tender petal. Well, I guess I’m going to have to go easy on you, huh?” she said, and I felt her foot rub me between my thighs.

“Don’t you dare!” I said.

I took her foot in my hands and slid my chair to the side. I raised her foot and sucked her big toe into my mouth. I felt her other foot go under my robe to massage my crotch. One by one I sucked her toes, first one foot and then the other, and inch my inch my cock grew into a steel driveshaft. I licked the arch of one foot as her other foot tried to jerk me off.

When I put her foot down I scooted closer and leaned to kiss her. As our mouths meshed I opened her robe and pushed it over her shoulders.

“Lie on the bed,” I said, and she slipped all the way out of her robe and lay down. I tossed my robe aside and we were both again naked.

I scooped a couple of ice cubes out of the bucket with my hand and took my place beside her. We kissed again and our tongues and lips lingered.

“You’re so fucking hot!” I said. “I gotta cool you down.”

I gently rubbed the ice cubes along her forehead, cheeks and neck. Then down to her shoulders and chest and finally her fine tits. I circled her large nipples with the ice over and over as she watched and quietly sighed, and her nipples enlarged and hardened into rocks. Once I knew that they were as big and hard as they could get I tossed the ice aside and took her right nipple into my mouth.

She moaned loudly. “Ooh, bite me, Baby. Suck me!”

As I chewed on her nipple, I put my cool, wet hand to her hot, wet snatch and she grabbed my hand with both of hers and shoved it into her. She grabbed and bunched my fingers and tried to shove all of them in and her groin writhed.

I sucked and nibbled and Eva moaned and talked to me, sometimes dirty, sometimes instructive.

“God, you can suck some tit!” she groaned. “Give me teeth, damn it!” I did. “Harder!” she barked. I did. “No, harder!” And so it went.

I know I sucked those nipples for twenty minutes and meanwhile down below my fingers did the walking, one by one, into her soggy cunt. Two fingers worked around inside her, then three, and eventually four.

“Jesus Christ!” Eva hissed, “stretch me Baby! Stretch my pussy, Honey! Put your whole hand in! Fuck me with your fist!”

Now I had heard about fisting before but had never ever tried it and I’m not even sure I believed it could be done. But Eva made a believer out of me.

I gradually worked my thumb into her and before long there I was, buried up to the wrist. Eva moaned like a hog-tied calf, and with her hands clutching my forearm, ground herself into me. I was afraid to kiss her because I thought she might bite my lip off so I just kept sucking and chewing and twisting her nipple rings with my teeth. Her long, pliable body twirled and turned as she fucked my fist, and she hissed and cussed until I felt her warm rush seep and surround my hand and leak out onto my wrist and down my arm. She fucked me slower and slower and murmured softer and softer as she released.

I felt her pussy squeezing my fist and we smiled at each other.“Is that my cue to remove my hand?” I asked.

“Right now, I don’t care if you ever take it out,” she said.

I figured enough time had passed so I could kiss her without losing half a tongue. We kissed a long and sizzling kiss and I glided my hand out of her on a slick of her cum.

“God, I’ve never felt so fucked!” Eva said.
“You want to know something?” Eva asked.

We were in lying there and I was playing with the hardware she had pierced on her tits and navel.

“What?” I said.

“Remember that get-acquainted party at my house when we first met?” I nodded. “I knew that night that I wanted to fuck you.”


“Yep. I know it’s weird, but I did. I knew it was wrong, wanting to fuck Rita’s man, but I did. You looked fine, then I had that crazy dream, and I wanted it to happen. But you were playing hard-to-get and I didn’t think that it would. But then Rita ends up fixing us up!”

“I know. That was a surprise,” I said.

“What’s it going to be like with you and her, now?”

“I have no idea,” I replied.

She looked me dead in the eye and brushed her long fingers through my hair.

“Well, after what we have already done, I hope you don’t have any crazy idea that we’re going to be one and done!” she said.

Since my dick was hard again, I didn’t have any crazy idea like that.
“Roll over!” I said. “On your stomach.”

Eva gave me a funny look and scrunched up her eyebrows. “Why?” she asked.

“I’ll rub your back,” I said. “And I want to play with your ass.”

“I hope you’re not going to try to stick your fist up there!” she almost shouted.

We both laughed, and I told her no, but she had a sweet ass and I wanted to play with it.

She rolled over on her belly and I straddled her back. My cock and balls rested on the base of her spine. After a cursory two or three minutes of my unskilled massage I told her it was time for my dessert. I hopped up and over to the room service cart. I had ordered a small bowl of fudge swirl ice cream with our appetizers and I took the ice cream and a spoon back to the bed. She squealed when I glopped spoonfuls of the ice cream onto her naked lower back, onto her butt cheeks and a couple big ones in the crack of her ass. Then I ate my dessert.

Eva giggled and whimpered as I licked and sucked up my cool treat from her back, and then her cheeks. I took my time while the ice cream in her ass crack slowly began to melt and soften. She almost shrieked when I spread her ass with my hands and used my mouth to move the globs of fudge swirl to her asshole and began to eat. I ate it all with hungry lips and licked up every drop and Eva was to the point of frenzy and panted and howled like a bitch in heat.

“Oh, Jesus fuck, Adam!” she barked. “What are you trying to do to me?”

I reached between her legs beneath her and she immediately grabbed my hand and led it to her swollen clit.

“Holy fuck! You got fists in my pussy and ice cream up my ass, oh shit…ugghh…”

I plunged my tongue into Eva’s creamy asshole and I felt her push her ass to my face.

“Oh shit, got your fucking tongue up my fucking ass, oh my God!”

She tried to ram my fingers into her twat again but I pulled back, took back my tongue and moved my body on top of her. My cock was hard as steel and pressed against the crack of her ass. I sucked her neck hard and then chewed on her earlobe.

“You feel how hard I am, Eva? See what you’ve done to me?”

“You better give me that thing again!”

“Oh, you’re gonna get it alright!”

I hopped up and grabbed some lube and was back on her before she could move. I opened it and shot a generous amount into Eva’s ass. She grunted when I spread her and inserted two fingers and gently reamed her to make sure she was good and slimy.

“Unh, unh, unh,” Eva blurted, “Stretch me, Baby.” I slathered a heaping helping of the goo all over my achy, engorged cock. I spread her wide and put the tip of my hard head up to her avid asshole.

“Oh, go to it Baby,” she said, “Gonna be the best ass you ever had!”

I pushed and she moaned, and I pushed again and she moaned again and I pushed a little more and she moaned a little more. Here hands were on her ass, spreading her buttocks for me, helping my white cock finds its way into the depth of her ebony ass. When I was about halfway in I started gently swinging my groin into her and felt myself slipping farther and farther inside, and the deeper I drove the louder she moaned.

“Are you alright?”

“Fuck my ass, Baby.”

I did as I was told. I started humping that ass like there was no tomorrow. I was pile driving it into her. She was groaning, the bed was shaking and sweat was breaking out on my face. As I pumped away, harder and harder because I wanted to shoot a load of cum into her beautiful booty, I looked at the back of her head and saw a huge hickey that I’d planted on the base of her neck on her right side. I thought of her nails digging and scraping into my head and shoulders and back, and I pumped faster, my cock harder, gliding in and out of her ass with the slight, tight friction of a well-oiled machine.

I squawked deep and loud when I came. I squirted strings of my love sap into her, five, six, seven times, then collapsed on top of her and as my spasms lessened I dug my teeth into the left side of her neck and sucked, creating a twin love bite for the one on her right.
“Goddamn, Adam!” Eva said. “You some kind of sex maniac?”

We were lying in bed entwined, basking in the afterglow.

“I think you’re the sex maniac,” I said. “I’m just trying to keep up.”

“Shit. You fuck like a man possessed.”

“I see a pretty ass like yours, I can’t help it, shit happens.”

“I guess you’ll be wanting to fuck my ass all the time now, won’t you? I’ll bet if Rita knew you were going to fuck me like that she never would have set us up.”

“You having second thoughts?”

“Hell no,” Eva said. “Rita knew I wanted to get in your pants, I told her I dreamt about you, for Chrissakes. But I didn’t know if you wanted to get into mine!”

“Well, I never told Rita,” I said, “But after I heard about your dream, sometimes when I’d be fucking her I would imagine it was you. And I had a dream about you too.”

“No shit? What did you dream about?”

“We just did it,” I said, “My dream came true.” Then we drifted off to Dreamland.
When I woke at about seven in the morning Eva was in the shower. I put on the robe and went outside and sat in the chair on the balcony sipping from a bottle of water. In a few minutes the drapes parted and Eva came out and sat down beside me, naked as a jaybird. She leaned to me and we shared our first kiss of the day, a strong and deep one.

“Your mouth tastes like pussy!” Eva said when we parted.

“That’s a hell of a ‘Good Morning’,” I laughed.

She smiled and said that she didn’t say it was a bad thing.

“You know what pussy tastes like?”

“I’ve had a taste from time to time.”


“Sure. Does that shock you?”

“No, it doesn’t shock me. I guess I just never thought about it, is all.”

“Want to know a secret?” she said. Her hand pulled the tie loose from my robe and it fell open. “When I first started my job I’ll admit that I stared at Rita’s crotch a few times. But then I saw yours.”

She put her hand on my cock and pressed her face to mine and we were soon locked in another power kiss. She stroked me as we kissed, my cock swelling in anticipation. When she broke our kiss she lowered her head and took my fully erected cock into her mouth and sucked me with a syphoning force while kneading my balls into a tight mass. The fact that the last place my dick had been was inside her asshole did not seem to bother her.

I let out with a squeaky moan when I felt her finger jam into my ass. It felt good, intensified the feeling.

Eva detached her mouth from my member for a moment and said, “After what you did with my ass, I’m gonna have to find something creative to do with yours!” Then she sent right back down to sucking.

After a couple of minutes Eva must have sensed that I was getting close to the edge because she came up for air and soon maneuvered her body onto mine, facing me.

“I’m so fucking wet!” she hissed at me.

She guided the head of my cock between her lavish lips and lowered her body onto me, and I slid right in, all the way, deep into her warm, wet cunt. And we fucked, hard and loud, on our second floor balcony with Eva’s naked back plainly visible to anyone on the grounds below. I hoped there was nobody out there that early in the morning. It didn’t take long. We came as one in short order.
I felt like a beaten dog. Eva had used my upper body for a pin cushion and my cock was raw. My jaws ached from our turbulent kisses and from my tongue doing acrobats in her pussy and ass. I told her I was going to take a shower. After about four or five minutes I was fully lathered and trying to scour off our sex when Eva came through the bathroom door naked and sat on the toilet and took a pee. I guess she felt that after everything we’d already done there was no embarrassment. She looked at me through the shower glass.

“Wash your cock for me,” she said.


“Let me see you wash your cock. I want to watch it grow. Jerk off for me.”

The sides of my cock were rubbed raw and the water already kind of burned. But I soaped up both of my hands and started washing it for her.

“Get it hard!” she said.

With the hot water streaming down on me and the thick soap giving me a nice slick surface, I went to work and soon it was back to some serious wood. Eva stepped in the shower and took my cock in her hand and continued where I’d left off. We were soon again kissing, with mouths of soaring tongues. I felt her rubbing the head of my cock against her clit and the nails of her other hand digging into me.

“I want you one more time,” Eva said. I kissed and started to insert my cock into her. She tensed and said, “Eat me first!”

I lowered my body slowly, pausing to nibble on her nipples and navel briefly on the way down. On my knees, I licked her pussy and I took her lovely swollen lump into my mouth and started singin’ in the rain. I played her pussy like a kazoo, humming a tune as I chowed down. I felt her body tremble, and she hummed along, and I stayed down a long time until she pulled my head upward.

“Let’s fuck!” she whispered.

There was a narrow ledge on the shower wall about a foot from floor. Eva put one foot up on the ledge giving us an advantageous angle. She rammed my cock into her pussy and her tongue into my mouth. After the prolonged cunnilingus Eva had just received, it didn’t take long before she exploded, her fervent groans echoing off the tiles. We couldn’t get any wetter, but I felt her warm rush nonetheless, oozing out around my cock, down our legs and down the drain. That just made me fuck her harder. I wanted to leave her with one more load.

“God, we can fuck!” Eva exclaimed. “I knew it would be great, but we fuck even better than I thought we would!”

I shot my load and we slipped and almost fell when I swung into her too hard and knocked her against the wall. I sucked another hickey onto her shoulder as she dug into my back with her fingernails. I figured if she was going to leave me with battle scars, I’d leave her with some too.

After we were all cleaned up and dressed, we kissed goodbye in the room, and left separately. We agreed we’d be in touch again soon.
That afternoon I ran some errands and when I got home around four o’clock Rita was not there. When I hadn’t heard from her by five I called her cell phone and got voice mail and left a message. I soon got a text from her saying that she would not be back for a couple of days; she said she’d be home Monday evening and we could talk. I knew that didn’t sound good. So I had two days for my wounds to heal and think about what I’d gotten myself into.
I was waiting for her when she came home from work Monday. She carried an overnight bag, so it appeared she had planned ahead of time not be home with me over the weekend. We said our hellos and she put the bag down on the floor. She looked nervous and when I went to kiss her she seemed to stiffen, and the kiss was tentative at best. The air was tense. We sat down, Rita on the sofa and me on a chair facing her.

“You texted me that you wanted to talk?” I asked.

“Yes. We need to talk,” she said. “I don’t know where to start.”

“Start wherever you want,” I replied.

She took a deep breath and looked down at her hands.

“I didn’t see Eva today, she was out in the field all day. How was your birthday?”

“It was good. Certainly a big surprise to both of us.”

“Is she a good fuck?”

“Rita, please…”

“I’m sorry. Please pretend I didn’t say that. I know that’s not fair.”

Then she started crying. I started to move to the sofa to console her but she waved me back to my chair.

“Rita, tell me what’s going on!”

“I’m sorry…” she mumbled.

“Where have you been the last two nights?”

“Three nights…”

“Rita, come on…”

“With Daryl!” she blurted, and cried another burst of tears.

“Daryl? You’re sleeping with Daryl?”

She nodded her head up and down and said, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry…”

“Why don’t you back up and tell me what the hell’s going on!”

She took another deep breath and let out a long exhale.

“I’ve been seeing him for a few weeks now. I’m so sorry. It just happened; I still find it hard to believe.”

“God, he’s pretty young isn’t he?”

“He’s twenty. So we’re still closer in age than you and Eva.”

She had me there. “When did it start? How did it start?”

“Five or six weeks ago. One night after work Eva and I went to hear him play piano at a restaurant. We all talked a little when he took a break and it was a nice time and pleasant music. When we were leaving and he kissed Eva goodbye, he said to me that I should come back sometime without my chaperone, kidding around. And later that week I did. And that’s how it started.”

“Go on.”

“I went back escort bursa by myself and listened to him but nothing happened. We made eye contact and talked for a minute and flirted a little but that was it. But when I went back a third time…that’s when it really started.”

I sat there shaking my head. “I can’t believe this…”

“I know Adam, I have felt so guilty, and I’ve hated myself, that’s why I fixed you up with Eva…”

“That was your idea!” I said, with my voice raised.

“I know, Adam, because I felt so guilty. I knew you two would end up fucking each other anyway if you weren’t already, and I thought it would make me feel less guilty.” She blew her nose on a tissue. “But it only made me feel worse.

“When I went back the third time I knew by the way he smiled at me that something was going to happen. And it did. During a break he sat with me and we talked, and when he finished playing he sat down again and had a drink and we talked some more about music, his gigs, his band. When we were leaving we walked out to the parking lot and over to his van. We stopped, he looked at me and he kissed me. He showed me his van: It’s an old VW and it has an area behind the front seats for his music equipment, and a bench seat in the back that folds down into a bed. We were seated on the bench and started kissing and I don’t know how it happened because I’ve never been such a slut and I’d never had sex with a black guy before, but before long our pants were down and our shirts came off and we were naked and well, I think you know the rest.”

The look of relief was palpable on her face. She’d finally gotten it off her chest. I was pretty pissed but I knew Rita well and knew she was a good and honest person and I knew her guilt was sincere. And though I had not acted until Rita gave me my ‘birthday present’, I knew that I’d had plenty of impure thoughts and communications with Eva over the same period of time. And at least I now knew I wouldn’t feel guilty when I saw Eva again.

“Well, I guess we’re through,” I barked as I rose from my chair. “I’ll come by tomorrow and get all my shit.” I walked out and didn’t even close the door behind me.
Fortunately I had a buddy who owned a house and lived by himself and had plenty of space. I asked him if I could crash at his place until I got my act together and could find a place of my own. He said no problem, move in, stay as long as you like. He said he was traveling a lot during the week and wouldn’t mind having somebody there keeping an eye on the place. The next day I retrieved my stuff…not that I had much really, all of the furniture was Rita’s…and moved in.
Trysts with Eva continued whenever we could pull them off. She was insatiable and an animal in bed…or wherever else she decided we were going to do it. There were fellatio lunches and happy hour quickies. We fucked in her hot tub, her pool and her bed. We had marathon sessions on Saturday mornings at her place and Wednesday evenings at mine. We even fucked in Daryl’s van one time when he was out one of his bandmates.

One Sunday afternoon she called and said she was going to her office and could I meet her there, she needed my help with something. When I got to her office the parking lot was empty except for her car. I parked and went to the back door as she’d instructed me to and she let me in. She wore a beige peasant dress with her shoulders bared. I followed her to her office and she closed the door behind us. I asked her what it was that she needed help with and she said that she had a fantasy about getting fucked in all her holes on her desk at work and would I make her fantasy come true? Then she slipped the dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. She was naked and in my arms and we went from zero to sixty in about two seconds. She tore my clothes off and got her wish.

All of our meetings were on the sly, in private, behind closed doors. It was her place or mine. The only exceptions were her on her desk, in the van and one other time we decided to go down to the beach for a weekend. The ocean was over a two hour drive away so I guess she felt safe no one would recognize us. We left after work on Friday and checked into our room around seven o’clock and immediately started tearing up the sheets. We used and abused each other for the next three hours and began the weekend with our normal assortment of scrapes and bumps and bruises.

At a little after ten we went down to the bar for a couple of drinks. I had beer, Eva drank something called ‘Sex on the Beach’. And after she drank it, she decided she wanted to do it. This was in the fall and it was pretty cool outside.

“You want to have sex on the beach?” I asked incredulously. “When?”

“Now,” she said.

“Now? Are you crazy? There are people like to walk on the beach. There are people who come here just to look at the beach.”

“Not this time of night,” Eva said with a smile. “We’ll go farther down by the water so no one will see us in the dark. It’ll be fun!”

“It’s cold out there!” I said.

“Well, we’ll have to generate some body heat!” We were seated at the bar and she slipped her hand between my legs and stroked me.

And sure enough, we went farther down near the surf where it was darker and fucked on the beach. We heard voices nearby and some giggles and we made some raucous sounds of our own. When we were walking back to the hotel we could hear some applause coming from a couple balconies above. When we got back to our room and looked out we couldn’t believe what we saw: from the reflective lights from the hotel and clear sky and half-moon, the whole beach was bathed in soft light. We’d been in clear sight the whole time.

Then there was the Monday evening in November when I received a text from Eva that said, ‘I need to see you, can I come over?” My one word answer was ‘yes’.

Twenty minutes later she came through my door. She wasn’t as dolled-up as she usually was. Her hair was mussed, no jewelry or makeup. And no underwear. She had on the same gray dress she’d worn our first time together and it was obvious that there was nothing underneath it. Our tongues said a long hello.

“I need you,” she said.

“I’m here,” I replied.

“Do you remember this dress?”

“How could I forget?”

“I want it just like the first time. All of it. I want you to fuck me with my dress on.”

“Eva, did you have another dream?”

“Not a dream. Go down on me first. Like you did then.”

“Eva, what’s going on…”

“I need you, that’s all.” She pulled my head to hers and filled my mouth with a ferocious kiss and I felt her nails digging me.

We didn’t even make an effort to move to the bedroom. There was a high-backed sofa in the living room so I backed her up till her butt was resting against it and knelt in front of her. As she had before, she swept the hem of her dress aside to expose her open snatch. I went to town. She clutched the back of my head and grinded my face into her crotch. She fucked my face with a new violent force and her clit hardened with each suck. When she came it was like her levee broke, more than I remember, flooding my face. It was as if she hadn’t come in weeks, but we’d just banged each other senseless two days before.

She pulled me up and started ripping at my pants.

“I want you to fuck me like you’re going off to war!” she said, and bit my shoulder while she pushed down my pants.

I was lucky I didn’t slip a disk the way I was slamming my cock into her, thus slamming her ass into the back of the sofa. I was about halfway to heaven when she pushed me out of her and spun us around so I was up against the sofa. She went down on her knees and she was instantly licking my balls, then sucking my cock, then hers fingers were up my ass. As she sucked me, I stretched my arms down and was fondling her nipples through the fabric of her dress. I pulled her upward and tried to pull her dress off over her head.

“No,” she whispered. “Leave the dress on. I want it to smell like us!”

She went back down to sucking and within about thirty seconds I started to erupt. Eva knew me well by this time, so when she heard my first guttural groan she knew I was coming. My first spurt of cum was ejected just as she was removing her mouth from my shaft, and it splattered onto her chin and the dress. She usually swallowed it all, but not this time. She continued to jack me off, cum spraying all over her and the dress.

“Do me a favor,” Eva said, later on after a brief rest of kisses and touchy-feely on the couch. “Play with my ass.”

I rolled her onto her knees on the sofa and I knelt on the floor behind her. I pushed the back of her dress up and saw she had a plug in her butt.

“You’ll have to take that out first,” she said. “But I’m already all lubed up so we’re good to go.”

I popped that plug out, tossed it on the seat cushion and then went to work doing all the little things that I knew would drive Eva to the edge. I licked her crack, rimmed her sublime entry, and felt her lovely pucker when my tongue and fingers disappeared into her hole.

“Fuck me like it’s the last piece of ass you’ll ever get!” Eva said when I rose behind her. With her experienced sphincter she opened and closed her asshole a few times, winking at me.

I put my dick to her ass and pushed. Without much buildup, soon I was pumping as hard and fast as I could and Eva was wailing like a Banshee, and as always spouting off with her very colorful vocabulary. I reached around to feel that Eva’s hand was working her clit like a stick shift so I tried to fuck her even harder. Then finally I came, and with my customary groans dumped strings of my semen into her ass.

Then she came directly after, dumping sheets of her spray on the seat cushion as we quaked from our passions. When I pulled out of her, white cum rolled out of her ass and down the back of her chocolate thighs.

Eva went to the bathroom to clean up a little, and I put my clothes back on. When she came back to the living room I was standing by the sofa and she came over and she kissed me for what would be the last time. Then she stepped away and had a serious look on her face.

“Damn, we can fuck! I love the way we fuck,” she said. “I’m going to miss you, but I can’t see you anymore.”

This hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew what we had was weird and wild and crazy and would never last, but this was all of the sudden.

“Can’t see me anymore? What are you talking about? You just said how much you love to fuck!”

“I do! That’s why I wanted you one more time tonight. But I can’t do it anymore.”

“What are you saying? Why?…”

“My husband’s coming home!” she blurted.

“Your husband? You’re married? I thought you were divorced!”

“That’s what I like to tell people. It’s easier that way, no questions about the reality.”


“He’s been in prison. I thought he’d be in a couple more years, but he’s getting out early. He’ll be here Wednesday, and I’ll probably be fucking him Wednesday night, so obviously I couldn’t be here fucking you.”

I sat on a chair. “Holy shit,” I babbled. “I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it. I’m sorry, Adam, I really am. If I had my way he’d do two more years. But I have to deal with it. And we can’t have any more contact, none whatsoever. No calls, no texts, no emails. Get me out of your phone, you’re already out of mine. If he finds about us, he’s liable to kill us both.”

“Jesus, what did he do?”

“He was a money manager for a large corporation and some funds were unaccounted for. A lot of funds. I’m sure you didn’t think I could afford that big house working for the county.”

“Eva, I don’t know what to say.”

“Goodbye, that’s all there is to say. It’s over. It has to be.”

“Sounds like it could be a tough adjustment.”

I moved toward her but she moved away, heading for the door.

“Yeah, I’ll need it,” she said. “That’s why I wore that butt plug and lubed up for you tonight. I’ll probably be taking it up the ass a lot.”

“Oh, does he like it like that?” I asked.

“Just a guess. After all he’s been in prison for five years!” she said. Then she opened the front door and was gone.
The next few weeks were kind of strange for me, after having been in a serious relationship with Rita for over a year, and then immediately entering into several months of mad fucking with Eva. But the solitude was a good thing, giving me time to think and regroup, and prepare for whatever would come next.

In mid-December, out of the blue I received a phone call from Rita. It was a Thursday night at around nine o’clock. After our initial greetings and how-have-you-beens, Rita got around to the reason for the call.

“Guess where I was tonight!” she asked.

“I don’t know, where?” I answered.

“My office Christmas Party!”

“It’s that time of year, I guess. How was the party?”

“It sucked. But guess who was there!”

“Santa Claus,” I said.

“No, Eva’s husband! And he looks just like you!”

“Like me?”

“Yep. Same brown hair, same eyes, same body. Might be a couple of years older but he could be your brother! Isn’t that wild?”

“She’s married to a white guy? What about Daryl?”

“He didn’t come from this guy,” Eva said. “And they don’t get along too well.”

“Who, Eva and her husband?”

“No, her husband and Daryl. They can’t stand one another.”

“Wow,” I said.

“I know,” Rita said, “It’s spooky, isn’t it?”

“It’s creepy, alright.” There was a pregnant pause for a few moments, and then Rita was the first to speak.

“So how have you been, Adam?” she said softly.

“Oh fine,” I said. “Getting along okay, just lamenting my many lost lovers! How about you? How are you and Daryl doing?”

“Uh,” she said, hesitating. “We’re sort of over.”

“Sort of…?”

“No, we are. We are definitely over. I ended it three weeks ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I croaked. “What happened?”

“It’s a long story. But it’s okay, it was my decision. The right decision. And Adam, I’m sorry for what I put us through.”

“No need to be.” There was more dead air before she spoke again.

“Adam, would you like to meet for a drink sometime? To catch up? My Treat.”

When I didn’t answer right away she filled the silence by saying that she understood if I didn’t want to after what she’d done and all we’d been through, together and apart. But my hesitation was from my surprise, not because I didn’t want to.

“Sure, I’d love to,” I said, interrupting her. We arranged to meet early Saturday evening in a quiet bar not far from her apartment.
I got to the bar a few minutes early and got us a small table in the corner. I ordered myself a beer and a vodka tonic for Rita. The server was just putting our drinks on the table when Rita walked through the door. I stood as she approached the table and was mildly surprised when she kissed me hello on the lips. She took the seat immediately to my left. She was never one to wear too much makeup, but this night she work lipstick to match her auburn hair and eyeliner to accent her blue eyes. Her face looked thinner, and she looked kind of tired, but it may have seemed that way because her hair was up in a bun and not hanging free.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Rita said, as she briefly squeezed my hand. “Thanks for meeting me.”

“My pleasure,” I said. “Couldn’t pass up the chance to have a drink with a pretty lady!”

“So, are you doing anything exciting for Christmas?” she asked.

“No, not really. I haven’t been able to get in the spirit yet this year,” I replied.

“I know what you mean. The Christmas party for my office, God, what a drag. I didn’t really even want to go, but I figured I better or it might not look too good. And I wanted to get a look at Eva’s husband, everybody did. But everybody was shocked to find out he was a dead ringer for you!”

I asked her how her job was going.

“It’s gotten weird around there,” she said, “Between me and Eva, anyway, with what happened between you two and between me and Daryl. In fact I’ve accepted a new job working for the state but I don’t start until February first. I have told Eva yet. I’m sure she’ll be relieved, though.”

We sipped our drinks in silence for a moment or two.

“So,” Rita said, “These last few months have been kind of crazy for both us, huh?” I nodded. “I still can’t believe it all happened. And I’m not proud of it, Adam, I mean that.”

“If you don’t want to tell me I understand, but what happened with you and Daryl?”

“I’ll tell you but you have to promise not to hate me!”

“I could never hate you.”

“Well, it started out okay, it was something new and different, kind of exciting. And Daryl treated me nice and seemed to care about me. But then he started to get weird.”

“How so?” I asked. She took a large gulp of her drink.

“First he started hinting around about he wanted to bring another man into bed with us. He wanted to watch me have sex with another guy and then join us and have a threesome.”


“Yep. He even suggested you!”

“Me? Holy shit!”

“Yeah, I know, and then he finally tells me, this is a few weeks into it, that he’s bisexual!”

“Bisexual? Are you kidding me?”

“Nope, true story. You remember the drummer in his band?”

“Yeah, Sam or Sal…”

“Stu. Well, they’re lovers!”

“Get outta town!” I blurted.

“So, the next thing I know I’m in bed having sex with both of them, and getting DP’d, and then I have to watch the two of them suck and fuck each other! Ugh…” She shivered at the thought.

“How long did that go on?” I asked.

“Too long!” she said. “Right up till I said goodbye.”

I waved and the server fetched us two more drinks. Rita unhooked her bun and let her long hair down. It was longer than I’d ever seen, all the way down to her cute butt. We were quiet for a minute when she started crying softly. I put my hand on hers.

“What’s the matter, Rita? It’s okay. It’s all over now,” I said.

“I felt like such a fucking whore!” she blurted.

“You are not a whore!”

“I felt so dirty!”

“You’re not dirty. You just had a Black Attack. I guess we both did!”

“You don’t hate me?”

“Of course I don’t hate you.”

After another awkward pause she looked me in the eyes. Her eyeballs were wide and covered with a wet glaze.

“I miss you,” she said softly.

“I miss you too,” I replied. She smiled and lifted my hand to her lips and kissed it.

“So, what do you want for Christmas?” I asked, trying to change the subject and uplift the somber mood.

She smiled. “Do you really want to know? It’s not something you can order from Amazon! There are two things, actually.”

“What are they?”

Rita leaned toward me, her face close to mine. She licked her lips before she spoke.

“First, I want you to come home with me tonight so I can make love to you. And second, tomorrow I want you to move back in. But for good this time.”

Our eyes stayed glued for a few seconds before I broke into a smile. When she saw my smile she soon matched it, and then I kissed her.

“How about we blow this joint?” I said next. I started to get my wallet out but Rita said no, it was her treat, remember.

Once outside, standing beside her car we fell into a full embrace, locked in our arms and a long deep kiss. I felt the familiar contour of her lips and tongue, the taste of her mouth and took in her delicious scent, her own personal, irresistible combo of floral and fruit.

I followed her home in my car with a hungry bulge in my pants.

It was a wonderful Christmas.


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