Tender Tuitions

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A shrill noise broke my slumber. I opened my eyes and felt around for the source of noise. It turned out to be my phone’s daily alarm which I had set for waking me up for school.

I silenced the alarm and looked around. The soft mattress was very different from what I was used to. Its softness reminded me of its owner or perhaps her soft touch. I closed my eyes and felt the soft mattress.

I was in Iqra’s house. Iqra was my sister’s tuition teacher, she lived near my home, alone. Her stupid husband had left her for some other woman.

I got introduced to her some six months ago when I started picking up my sister after the classes, she was 30 years old, soft spoken. She had a petite frame. She was very beautiful and appeared quite delicate. Just thinking of her had given me a raging boner.

One day I had to stay at her place for the night because of rains. I still remember when I had first seen her naked, furiously fingering and moaning. She saw me and told me about her husband, how she was sexually unsatisfied. Eventually we ended up making love that night and began our affair. It was one passionate encounter. Reminiscing about it, made my morning wood situation even worse.

I got off the bed and went looking for her. Everything about her and her belongings were soft, feminine, delicate. Everything a shade of pastel. The curtains reminded me of her milky white skin.

I found her in the kitchen, making breakfast. She was wearing a kurta that flowed down till her knees. The sight of her sexy, bare legs through the slits on the sides, was mouth watering.

I walked up to her and snaked my arms around her, pulling her into me.

“Hey, honey,” I whispered in her ear.

She smiled her pretty smile and replied, “Good morning to you too, Babe.”

She turned off the oven and leaned her head back on my shoulder. Her hair smelled of last night’s sex and it was driving me wild.

“Someone’s excited, huh?” she said, grinding that gorgeous backside of hers into my hardened dick.

“Oh yes, darling,” I half moaned, half whispered. “I’m always excited for you.”

I reached around her and pressed gently on the soft skin on her belly, caressing her. She kept grinding on my dick and torturing me. I grabbed her big, soft tits and bit her earlobe playfully.

“Oh…” she moaned, writhing with pleasure in my grasp.

I kept massaging her breasts, while placing soft kisses on her exposed neck. It was driving her wild, judging by the way she was moaning. I lightly caressed her hardening nipples over the fabric and pinched them hard…

I let my hands wander down her toned waist, she trembled upon my touch and moaned lightly.

My hand found the way to my personal gates of heaven. I gently ran a finger along the length of her slit. She was wet already, I teased her by rubbing the slit with my one hand and continued to pinch her rock hard nipple with my other hand, her moans started to get louder.

Unable to wait any longer, I inserted a finger in that love hole and started to finger her, her love juices started flowing more freely. Her tightness never ceased to amaze me…

She pulled my hand and put the naughty finger in her mouth and started sucking her own juices, moaning ever so lightly as I bit her earlobe.

“Oh baby…” she moaned out loud.

“You like that?”

“Mmm…yes. Oh yes I love that. Don’t stop.”

I rolled her nipple between my fingers, only to make her moan more.

She swiftly turned around all of a sudden and pressed her lips to mine in a fierce kiss. My hands started playing with Şerifali Escort those glorious globes. Her tongue sneaked in my mouth and started playfully wrestling with mine.

Her hands found the way to the pole making tent in my boxers, “enough with the tease already…”. I jerked as She grabbed my dick, I removed the boxers and grabbed her by the ass.

“I’m tired of it too”, I said.

I pulled her into me. I hoisted her up and held her by the ass as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She bit me on the throat and I couldn’t help but moan at the sensory overload this woman was making me undergo. Her hard nipples poked me in the chest as we continued to kiss. I carried her to the main room and threw her on the sofa.

She gasped and then suddenly gave me a sultry look.

Damn! I thought, looking at her sensually ethereal form. I can’t do with the gentleness anymore, I need to make wild savage love to this woman right now.

I climbed on top of her and started kissing her cleavage and went all the down to her gloryhole. Her pussy had made a wet patch on her kurti. The musky smell of her juices aroused me even more, I licked her slit which generated a low purr from her.

I continued to lick it, she caught my hair and pushed me harder. I licked even more furiously. Her moans intensified.

I got up and tried to unbutton her kurti but some weird button pattern was preventing me from undressing her. Frustrated, I tore her kurti and kissed the middle of her cleavage.

She gasped and playfully chided me, “That’s the second one this month, Sandeep.”

I chuckled at that and placed a wet, passionate kiss on her plump lips.

“Stop wearing clothes around me, if you care about them so much,” I said with a wink and a playful smile.

“Maybe I’ll do that,” she replied huskily, biting her lips.

She grabbed me by my neck and pulled me down on her. She gave me a scorching look with wild promises hidden in those beautiful almond eyes. And soon she was devouring me. Her mouth was at my neck, kissing and sucking in the most delicious manner while her hands explored my body everywhere.

“Oh Iqra…” I half sighed, half moaned in pleasure.

I pushed the torn kurti off her. She immediately wrapped her legs around me again. She knew I loved it when her warm, moist pussy was pressed against my manhood.

“You love that, don’t you?” she asked in a mischievous tone.

“I do,” I replied and before she could do or say anything else, I turned us over, so she was sitting on me.

“Oh you’re a goddess,” I told her, running my loving hands over her gorgeous form.

I rolled one of her nipples under my thumb and she moaned, throwing her head back. I traced her cleavage down her belly till my hand was nestled between her thighs. I started rubbing her clit, in gentle circular motions.

There was a fire in her as she held on to her beautiful tits and squeezed them. Her pleasure was palpable, her hips gyrating in rhythm with my finger and her hands torturing her sensitive nipples.

“Baby…ah…” she moaned, looking like she was lost in a different world of pleasure all together.

I withdrew my finger to suck on it, my senses overflowing with her musk and the saltiness of her arousal. She whimpered and started rubbing herself on my throbbing, hard dick. It was mind-blowingly exquisite.

” Ah fuck,” I groaned, grabbing onto her thighs and squeezing them.

It wasn’t long before she came gushing, all over me. I was drenched in her juices. She lay down on me, breathing hard and shallow and still shaken İstanbul Escort from her orgasm. I kissed her head and stroked her hair.

I tried to let her come down from her high, but I honestly couldn’t hold back any longer. As she wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder, I plunged myself deep into her.

“Mmm,” she moaned into my neck, gripping me tighter with her arms and legs around me. The walls of her pussy tightened around my shaft and I couldn’t help but moan into her hair at the pleasure.

I held her tight and started moving in and out of her in a slow, torturous rhythm that I knew drove her crazy.

She writhed in pleasure as I slowly rammed her. Her tight pussy made it difficult for me to pound her.

“I’m gonna cum”, I whispered in her ears.

Her expression changed as she tightened her vice like pussy making me cum. I flooded her pussy with my juices. I lay underneath her soft, curvaceous form, all spent.

She gave me a long kiss and got up.

“Looks like you are tired Sandeep,” she said with an angelic smile. “Take a nap while I take a bath.”

And she went in the direction of bathroom, her perfect round ass bouncing with every step she took.

I waited for her to start showering. The moment I heard the water, I got up and went towards the bathroom.

I could make out the shape of her perfect tits through the fogged glass door. I opened the door and stepped in.

Tiny droplets of water ran down her glistening back. I went behind her and hugged her, she gasped a little and then smiled. I kissed her behind the ear, and rubbed her tits with soap.

My flaccid penis was starting to get erect, I pushed her against the wall and kissed all the way down to her ass as she moaned.

My mellow kisses might have fooled her into believing that I was in for slow love. But, she was in for a rude shock as my other hand sneakily lathered up my now erect cock.

I inserted my cock in her ass, eliciting a loud moan from her. I thrusted her wildly as I pushed her against the wall.

Her cheek was pressed against the white tiles of the shower. I grabbed a fistfull of her hair and tugged her head back, making her moan even louder. She looked like a masterpiece, with drops of water sticking to her satin smooth skin.

I bit and sucked on her neck while my other hand snaked down her belly to her pussy. My fingers played with her clit as I fucked her ass. The way I fit inside her, was heavenly.

“Ah… Sandeep…harder, please. Fuck me harder,” she moaned.

“Your wish, my command,” I replied playfully.

I inserted two fingers inside her soaking slit, as I picked up speed. I fingered her in rhythm with my thrusts…in and out, in and out.

I could feel myself nearing my release and judging my the way her pussy walls were clamping down on my fingers, she wasn’t far either.

“Oh yes baby. Come for me, Iqra. Come for me,” I urged her.

With a few more thrusts and incoherent moans from both of us, she came all over my hand and I emptied my seed inside her. I pulled my dick out, still rubbing her clit in slow circles. Her legs were shaky and unstable as she leaned back on me. I continued torturing her, making my fingers go round and round on the swollen, sensitive bud between her legs. Her nipples were rock hard.

“Oh honey… You’re so good…” she moaned through her stupor of pleasure.

It wasn’t long before she gave in to another earth shattering orgasm. I had to hold her up, till she recovered. She was a sight to behold as she rested her forehead on my Ümraniye Escort shoulder and steadied her breathing.

“You know, Iqra,” I said, tracing a finger along her neck where I noticed a love bite forming, from my earlier assault. “Hickeys look good on you.”

She snapped her head up, to look at me. She was worried about one of her students spotting it. She suddenly threw her arms around me and kissed me so fiercely, I almost toppled over.

“You’re being very brazen these days,” she spoke against my lips.

“You make me do reckless things,” I replied, before kissing her back.

She bit my lip hard, making me groan in pleasure. I pulled away with immense self control and quickly washed off the soap lather off us. It felt like forever till I picked up a giggling Iqra on my shoulders and carried her to her bedroom.

I dropped her on her bed. She laughed and stretched out for me, showing off her nude self for me. The sunlight from the windows illuminated her in the most goddess-like manner.

I looked over at the windows and an idea struck me. It was time for the teacher to learn new lessons.

I went to the closet and grabbed a satin dupatta. My mind raced with erotic thoughts as I looked at my demoness. She gave me a sly smile, biting her lower lip and signalled me with her finger.

I tore the dupatta in three pieces, using two to tie her hands to the bed posts and one to blindfold her.

I ran my finger on her inner thigh, blowing cold air on her exposed gate.

She trembled as her hole started to getting wet again. I gently ran my tongue on her pussy. She moaned loudly and struggled against the bonds.

I groped her tits and kissed her cleavage and then proceeded to kiss her on lips. I quietened her moans with a passionate kiss.

I untied her arms, made her stand and pushed her against the wall. I bit her collarbone and started rubbing my dick against her ass. She moaned and screamed, “shove that dick in me, baby. Fuck me like a bitch.”

” Good girl. That’s the only way sluts like you should be fucked,” I whispered in her ear with a gentle kiss.

I dragged her to the window and pressed her up against the windowpane.

“Put on a good show, babe, okay?”

She giggled with a dirty look in her eyes and winked.

“Of course.”

I grabbed her legs and wrapped them around me, positioning her right above my dick.

“Ready?” I asked.


I smiled at her eagerness and plunged deep into her, making her moan my name. I grabbed her by her ass and built up a steady rhythm that made her lose her mind. She moaned with every thrust of mine. Her nails digging into my back, she assaulted my neck with sensual bites and kisses.

“Oh…Baby…” she moaned in my ear.

I felt her tightening around me yet again, almost making me lose my control. She screamed as I bit her nipples and held me by my hair as I started to plow her even harder.

The angelic Iqra had turned into a fierce sexual demoness, an insatiable one at that. I snuck one of my fingers in her asshole to intensify the pleasure.

In no time, she came gushing all over me, her arms and legs shivering around me. Her outburst tipped me over the edge as well and I was soon emptying my load into a beautifully flustered Iqra.

She was flushed from the root of her hair till the top of her beautiful bosom. I placed a gentle kiss on her plump, full lips, leaving a trail of kisses till the top of her cleavage.

When I lowered her legs, she was still unsteady from her orgasm. She rested her head on my shoulder, with her arms still around me. I pulled her in closer for a hug. She smelled like my personal heaven.

“Looks like we’ll need another shower, huh?” she said, looking up.

“Oh yes I think so too,” I replied with a wink, my hands full with her glorious ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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