Tennis Lesson on Nude Day

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After a long day at work I came home and started to fill the tub for a hot bath. I left the water running while I went back out to feed the fish and listen to a few messages on the machine. I wanted stay home and relax that evening because it was such a long week but at the same time it had been raining for literally weeks and I noticed it was good weather to hit the courts again. I decided not to think much about it and hopped into the tub to just relax for a bit.

I probably stayed in there for about 45 minutes since I fell asleep a little in there. As soon as I came out though the phone rang.


Hi there! The weather is looking pretty good today, I was wondering if you wanted to go out to play a tennis match?

It was Alex. I wrapped the towel around myself to dry off while I put him on the speaker phone to talk.

“Yeah actually I was gonna spend some time laying around at home today. Sorry, it’s been kind of along week and I’m a little tired.”

He didn’t say anything.

“Hello?? Alex?”

Do you want me to come over and help you on your strokes inside for a little while? It’s been a while since we’ve played…

“Sure why don’t you come over in a few hours then?”

Okay, see you soon.

I finished getting dressed and then laid on the couch to watch a bit of tv. Basically I just wanted to be a lazy ass for the evening and not do anything. After a little channel surfing I ended up watching some tennis on the sports channel. It put me in the mood to play and I was starting to regret turning Alex down for a match. I went to get my racquet and practiced a little in front of the tv. Shortly afterwards though the doorbell rang. I was hoping it was UPS or something because I wasn’t ready for Alex to come over yet since I wanted to practice a little more first. But of course I look out the window and recognize his car in the driveway.

I went downstairs to open the door for him.

“Had to put all your clothes back on or something? Took you a while to get to the door.” He jokingly said while he came in with all his stuff. Why does he have to bring so much stuff everywhere he went? Anyways I was confused about his remark.

“…..Yeah, why would I be nude? Haha” I nervously fidgeted at the door trying to lock it up again. “Come upstairs.”

He followed me upstairs, “Don’t you know its Nude Day??” he asked.

“….no. What the hell is nude day? A special everyone-lets-get-naked- type of celebration?”, I walked him into the game room where I had the t.v. on.

“You can put it that way yeah.”

For some reason I was feeling out of my mind right then and before I knew it, I said “Well then, I should go get naked huh? I’ll be right back.”, and went into my room.

Wow….okay. So here I am in my room and he’s out there. And I güvenilir bahis just said I was going to get naked? Great. Well….what is the big deal right? We’re both adults, there’s nothing going on, and plus — its MY house. I can be naked if I want to. So I got naked and went back out after taking a deep breathe.

I think he was shocked to see that I was serious. I could tell he was trying hard not to stare at my body. And at the same time, I was trying hard not to look at him to see if he was staring at my body. I went over and sat on the couch.

“So I’ve been working on my forehand lately but I still can’t quite get what I’m doing when I’m turning my body and my footwork.”

“ohh yeah well, uh show me what you’re doing so far.”

I got up and showed him a few times slowly so he could watch my racquet.

“Yeah…you need to bend your knees more so you can sort of lift the ball up. But still hit it with the face parallel to the net. ….Let me show you” He got out his racquet and demonstrated to me so I could watch him a few times. I noticed he had a huge bulge in his shorts and sort of felt my face get red at noticing him. Before I knew it he had put his racquet down and got behind me like he always does to guide me a few times with my stroke. I could feel his dick trying to get out of his shorts the whole time.

“Thanks, yeah. I think I get it, I just need to get out there more to practice it so I can see where the ball is going with the different ways I’m hitting it.”

“Yeah you just need more practice.” He backed away from me to go to his bag. “Here I got you a tape of some matches you can watch where the camera is behind the player. You can see the way they turn their body and hit the ball at this angle really good.”


We both stood there just looking at the tape for a while in silence. I was getting wet just thinking about how big his dick seemed. He had been helping me learn tennis for a month or two now and I always get a little excited when he puts his hands on me — but this time I felt his dick get hard! Another thing was I also felt nervous around him because he was older than me — I guess I felt like he was much more experienced being a 28 compared to 19 year old little me.

“Can you watch me a few more times to see if you can point out anything?” I asked him finally.

“Sure, go ahead. Why don’t you put the tape in so you can see what I’m talking about.”

I went to put the tape in and then came back. I practiced my stroke a bunch of times and he helped me by showing me again a few more times when I kept getting it wrong or forgetting things. I was a little surprised that we were doing this even though I was naked! I finally got tired after about a half hour of swinging at an imaginary tennis ball. I got him and myself a drink türkçe bahis and we sat on the couch and watched tv while I was catching my breathe for a while.

“So…you’re really comfortable with yourself being nude huh? ” He asked out of the blue.

“um, well I guess so. I mean…I don’t just always get naked when I have people over. I just..yeah. ………… You can join me if you want. “!! I can’t believe I said that. I asked him to get naked!

“oh …Really? You’d like that?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was getting flustered and I felt my face turn red.

“Well…I just mean, I don’t want you to feel left out. …Since its Nude Day.” He took off his clothes and got nude. Then he came back and sat next to me. We didn’t say anything for a minute. A really, really, long minute. I tried the whole time not to stare at his dick. It looked harder and longer than the tv remote control I had. I had only seen two other dicks in real life and they were no where near his size. I kept flipping channels when I felt his hand on my thigh. I felt dripping wet by now and I was afraid to move or else he’d know that I was soaking wet since I’m sure it’s all over the couch. I tried to continue to watch tv even though I was getting so nervous. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

He started moving his hand up and down my thigh and I was dripping all over the place by then. He slowly moved his hand to spread my legs open a little. I gasped a little for air when he put his other hand on me and it was cold against my crotch. He slipped a finger right in me and I gripped onto the remote and the side of the couch and let out a little moan.

“Relax…” He whispered it to me. He started fingering me sooooo good. He kept rubbing up against my g spot and I was moaning louder and louder. I grabbed onto his shoulders and started moving myself against his hand trying to cum. He put another 2 fingers in all at once and I let out a deep moan against his chest. My hand fell right onto his dick and I started stroking it lightly then I put my mouth right on the tip to kiss it. I heard him grunt a little.

I sucked that dick hard. I jerked it hard and kept my mouth on it the whole time sucking and pulling his dick down my throat. He started humping against my face while fingering me harder and we sort of fell into a 69 position with me on top. I felt his breathe on my thighs which made me feel a chill up my spine for a moment. Then I squirmed and whined with his dick in my mouth when I felt him tongue fucking me and rubbing my clit hard with one hand and squeezing and spanking my ass with his other hand. Everytime I started bucking a little harder trying to come he would grab me and hold me dead still so he could have his way with my dripping wet pussy.

I felt him about to cum in my güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth which I wanted so bad. I wanted to empty his balls and cock out and swallow it all up. He pulled me off him though and then grabbed my legs and put my feet over his shoulders and got on top of me. I was a tad bit scared. I’ve never been so….not in control…before. He took his dick and slowly pushed it in me. I kept squirming around and moaning but he held me still and kept pushing in at a steady pace. Once it was all the way in he let me squirm a bit and moan until I was settled with his big cock inside me. Then he kissed my forehead.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take a good care of you, dear.” He whispered right into my mouth before he kissed me deeply. We made out for a little bit and then I felt his dick slowly moving inside me. He started fucking me slowly. I could hear the slurping sounds from his dick moving in and out of me. I kept moaning into his mouth but he wouldn’t stop kissing me. I felt his dick plunging in and out slowing getting faster and faster. I held onto him and wrapped my legs around him. He suddenly picked me up and brought me over to hold me up against a wall and starting ramming his dick up into me. I cried out and was grabbing him and scratching his back and shoulders with my nails digging in while he kept fucking me. It hurt but it felt so good too.

“Ohh…Alex , fuck me!” I gasped as I could hardly breathe in between all my moaning and screaming. He brought me into my bed room and laid me down on my side with one leg to his side and one leg being held up near his head while he stood at the edge of my bed. He continued to fuck me hard until I came all over his dick and he came inside me. I laid there for a while exhausted and he finally pulled out of me and got on the bed. He put his dick right above me. I was so tired but I wanted to lick him clean so I took my time with it and slowly licked it all off.

After he left I went back out to the game room and noticed he forgot to get his racquet. I decided I’d give it to him when we meet the next day to practice. I fell asleep as I was so tired and my legs were weak from being fucked by such a big dick. I kept smiling to myself since I’ve been fantasizing about him fucking me a few times but I never imagined it would actually happen — and it was great.

I was asleep when I heard the doorbell ring. I was pretty alert since I live alone and it was 11:30 at night. I went to look at the security camera — it was Alex.

“Hi sorry I left my racquet here?”

“oh yeah, come in, it’s still upstairs in the game room.”

We started walking upstairs.

“Hey how come you’re all dressed?”

“uhh..I was asleep that’s why I’m wearing cloud jammies” I laughed a little. I felt a little silly compared to him sometimes.

He looked at his watch. “Well its still Nude Day, don’t you know that?” he said when coming up closely behind me up the stairs. He put his hand on my waist firmly.

“…Well then, I should go get naked huh? I’ll be right back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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