That Chicago Town

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Gif Sex

This is true store from my past. Any thoughts, comments, etc. can be sent to the email address in my profile.

* * * * *

I had moved to Chicago from Detroit at the ripe old age of 20, ambitious and looking adventure. Or love, or at least steady sex. My girl back home wasn’t my girl anymore or even back home, having gone to collage out east and taking her succulent blow jobs with her.

Finding work was easy but finding a woman proved a bit harder. My few friends in the windy city were gay men I had gone to high school with, and the fag hags who hung out in the bars with them. Great people, really, but not the kind of folks I was going meet willing ladies with. One exception was an artist, Joan, who was a friend of David, a budding film maker.

Joan was not all that attractive. In fact she was rather plain and over weight. Her dark, straight hair sort laid flat on her head and, this being 1976, she used no makeup. But she was lively company and when I would go out with David and the gay boys she was someone who I could talk music and art with. She would plop down in a chair and put her elbows on the table and eat bar peanuts like one of the guys while expounding on the latest Japanese art film. She did seem to have a sex positive aura around her. She told me about her flings with women “their tongues are so small, and with lesbians it’s all, I’ll do you then you do me.” Then there was the story about picking up the convicted murderer and barely getting out alive, after the big fuck, of course. She seemed to fuck around a lot but this was the 70s and lots of people did it, except me at the moment.

My sex life revolved around the porno shops in the south loop. These were the good old days when you paid a $1 to get in and they took $1 off your purchase of some slick European magazine in four languages. I gravitated toward group scenes with spectacular, multiple facial cum shots for the finish. I had my favorites that I had collected and spent many a night jerking off onto those fantasy faces. Even my old girlfriend, who loved to suck me off, didn’t take to facials. Sometimes I’d pull out of her mouth just as I was coming but she was too quick and never let a drop get away. I couldn’t really ask her to do something I knew she thought was gross. I thanked my lucky stars that she liked to eat cum at all, now I was going to ask her to take in the face and smear it around?

Still, in my cold studio Apt that winter that was what I wanted. I woman who, when all was said and done, would lay down and rub her clit while I kneeled over her, shooting my cum all over her face.

One night after David, Joan and I had gone out to dinner we ended up at her apartment. David wanted to go home early but Joan talked me into staying a while to read a play she had written. The main character was a women who spent a lot of time masturbating. She was especially fond of licking her fingers after sticking them deep in herself.

“How could you ever stage this” I asked. “who could you get to do it?”

“I’d do it. This is how I get off anyway. I come home from work, take off my clothes, open the shades thinking that, maybe, someone will see me, and start in on myself. I love sex juices, even my own.”

“I’ve done that to” I said. “I’ve tasted my own cum. I always figured I couldn’t ask a girl to swallow if I could eat the sperm myself.”

“God, I love cum” she said with a smile. My hands started to get a little sweaty but I wasn’t really thinking of Joan as a sex partner. I started to talk about my pornography collection, something I’ve never done with a women before. I described the scenes and the models, even a bit about the cum shots. It was a relief to talk about this stuff. I don’t think I’d ever really been that frank with anyone about my masturbation fantasies.

“Will you show them to me?”

“Sure, but they’re pretty hard core. I mean most of the scenes end with a lot of cum all over the place, even in their faces. “Some women like cum on their face, well, at least this woman does.”

At this point I was a bit shaky and my jeans were getting uncomfortable. I looked at Joan. Yes she was not a knockout, but she was a happy, smiling, real women who liked cum on her face. “Joan” I said “could I tell you one of my all time fantasies?”

“You want to cum on my face? Please, that’s all I’ve been thinking about all night. God, I want it. Wait right here.” She padded off to the bedroom, turning Maltepe Escort the lights down as she went. Soon she ran back in the living room, naked, carrying a blanket. Her big breasts swayed back and forth as she moved. This wasn’t a very romantic or lovely dovey kind of trip. The feeling was more like we were about to tell dirty stories at camp. She was so exited, this really was fun for her.

“Let me rub my body all over you before you take off your clothes” Joan whispered. Fine, I had a painful hard on that was all caught up in my underwear but I was at her service. She moaned as she moved up over me, rubbing her warm body against my jeans. She gave me a big kiss, our first of the night, and grabbed my butt to push my cock against her hairy pussy. “Yes, I feel you there. I feel your hard cock through your jeans. Oh, I could come just like this. I Grabbed her big butt and ground her cunt down on me. “Yes, Yes, Yes.” I hurt we were grinding so hard but a matter of seconds and she was coming. “Quick, in my face” I said and she scampered up to my head, knees on either side and ground her cunt all around my face. “Oh God. I’m coming, Oh lick me, lick me, suck my juice.” My face was slick with her pussy juice when she climbed off me. She was panting hard as she kneeled next to my face and licked her girl juice off like a kitten. “Doesn’t that taste good? Kiss me.” It did and I did.

My Pants were a tent and I had to get out of them before my dick would fall off. I stood up to undress while Joan lay at my feet, diddling her clit. Her short legs were bent and spread a little as she moved her hand around her furry hole. Her other hand moved over her round belly to hug her right breast. My hands were shaking so much I got twisted up pulling off my socks. Finally I was free of my clothes and I kneeled next to her. “Let me calm down” I said, panicked that I would blow my load before we even got started.

“ya wanna watch me come again? Suck my tits. Hard. Ohh yes” her hand moved in a circle around her clit as she came a second time, arching her back and gritting her teeth. Now I watched her carefully. Her dark hair had a few streaks of gray and it tousled back away from her round face. Her tongue was sticking out, licking the air as she watched me look at her. Her right hand pulled on her left nipple, then pushed her big boobs around her chest. Her other hand was deep in the cleft with her legs clasped together. I leaned over her and started rubbing my cock over her tits. She grabbed at it but I pulled back. “oh, come on, let me see it up close”

“Joan, if you touch me I’ll cum. Just let give you a dick massage.” I went back to rubbing my cock on her, working my way over her tits and up her arms, around her neck and, finally, around her eyes. When I rubbed it over her closed eyes she let out a big sigh and gave herself a another cum.

She really went limp this time, her fleshy legs falling open. “God, what a orgasm” she said panting. “oh, I love the smell of your dick.” She closed her eyes again and moved her fingers back to her clit. ” Now, I’ve come three times and you haven’t come once.” She opened one eye and looked at me intently. I was kneeling next to her, with my legs apart and my swollen cock about at her neck. “Get that hose up here. Are you ready? Are you ready to cum in this women’s face?” I swung my right leg over her torso so I was straddling her chest. “Closer, I want to really see you jerk off. Relax, I know how to do this. I want to see all that cum spurting out yes, cum, yes, come on, cum on me.” I matched my strokes to her breathing and moaning. It was like she was willing me when to come. My strokes got louder and louder. I could feel my balls tingle and my fingers were just flying across the head. “Yes, now, please. PLEASE” I pointed my cock right at her open mouth and just came and came and came. Six, seven strong spurts hurled through me and landed on her nose and face and in her mouth. Joan’s open mouth had a ropey line of cum over it and my white stuff was dripping down her cheeks. Her back arched again as another wave of orgasm hit.

” Oh, god I dig that” she said panting, running her fingers around the cum on her face. I was still pumping slowly, my whole body shaking. A big drop oozed out of my cock slowly. Joan smiled up at me and stuck her tongue out to catch it on it’s way down. I leaned forward and placed my cock in her mouth. She sucked my gently, licking Ümraniye Escort up any stray sperm.

Finally I Climbed off her chest and collapsed next to her. Joan turned her streaked face to and gave me a 100 watt smile. “Here baby” her fingers gathered up a bit of cum. I opened my mouth and she fed me. Then she slowly worked the rest of my sperm into her skin, licking her fingers as she went.

I lay down and watched, still shaking. She seemed lost in her ritual. I was afraid to speak but finally I asked” do you want a towel?” She stretched her arms over her head and sighed. “no, but how about a cigarette” I thought that was a great idea.

I stood up and walked into the dinning room where we had been sitting before this all had broken loose. I grabbed the wine we had been drinking along with my cigarettes and the ashtray. A wave of anxiety come over me as I felt that “after the orgasm” let down. That feeling of guilt and shame. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to the living room and deal first hand with my fantasy come true.

With limp cock leading the way I brought the cigs and wine into the living room. Joan was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall, looking totally comfortable and relaxed. I lit a cigarette and gave it to her, then lit one for me and sat down cross legged in front of her. She took a big drag and slowly blew the smoke out.” Man, what a cum. I really needed that.” she said. “I’m totally speechless Joan. Are sure you’re ok, I mean, you wanted to do that, right? I, I.”

She took another drag and spread her fleshy legs. With her free hand she opened her pussy lips and moved her finger up to her clit. “See this button? I think I have a direct line from my mouth to my clit. Sucking on a cock makes me want to come. And I really get turned on watching guys jerk off. Watching a dick while it’s cumming just gets me so hot. Sometimes it’s just the cum. That’s what I think about when I’m by myself, playing with this button. Can’t blame a girl for asking for what she wants, can you? What about you, what do see in your mind while your masturbating”?

Joan idly played with herself with her legs spread before me. She was totally at ease. She put out her butt and took a swig from the wine bottle. “Come on, I told you my secrets.”

“We’ll, I’ll be honest. What we just did is my top fantasy.. I think about lots of shit while I’m building up. I can pull on myself for an hour, looking at porn or reading good dirty stories. I like to really take my time. When I get close to coming I start focusing more on the vision of a women’s open mouth. Maybe she’s on her knees looking up at me jerking off, with a big smile. She wants me to cum in her mouth. When I cum I’m thinking about what you and I just did. I don’t cum much thinking about fucking. But I like to fuck. Is that weird?”

” I never think about fucking when I’m masturbating. Sometimes, I do need that filled up feeling. Then I just oil my pussy up and…” she wrapped her hand around the wine neck of the wine and looked at it, sizing it up. “Hmmm” she put the bottle up to her lips and took a long pull while looking straight into my eyes. “Here, finish this off. I think I’m wet enough to put this right in. have you ever seen a girl fuck a wine bottle before?”

By this time my dick was standing straight up again. I was finally losing my inhibitions and finding that spot of pure lust that Joan was completely at ease being in. I took the bottle, drained it and handed it back to her.

“The trick here is to make sure it’s warm and wet” she said, and started give head to the bottle. Still sitting on the floor with her back against the wall, Joan sucked and slobbered on the wine bottle while her right hand was busy down below. I lay on my stomach in between her fleshy legs and watched her push two fingers past her cunt lips and slowly pull them out, glistening. “Feed me” I whispered and now she watched me while I sucked on the wet fingers. Back into the hole she went three or four more times, feeding me her juice. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her ass and pulled my face into her pussy, licking and pulling on her lips, getting my tongue as far in as I could. “yea, get me wet. I wanta fuck this thing, ugh, watch me. watch me.” Joan then pushed my face away and brought the neck of the bottle down and rubbed her clit with it. She pulled her knees up and pushed the bottle down and into her opening. I put my İstanbul Escort hands under her knees to help hold them up while she worked the neck in with both hands six inches from my face.

“see it, see that in there? see me fuck it?” She pushed it up past the neck then pulled it almost out, then back in a little farther. Then she caught the rhythm she needed, fucking herself gently but firmly. My dick was so hard I was squirming on the floor while I watched open mouthed at the show Joan was giving me. She took one hand off the bottle and brought her fingers to her engorged clit, rubbing it in circles. Her breath was coming in short pants as she worked herself up. “I, I need a cock in my mouth, please” she gasped.

I sat up on my knees not sure if I wanted to leave this awesome sight. Once my hands were not helping her knees stay up Joan slid down the wall till she was on her back, legs spread, still fucking the bottle with her steady rhythm. “Come on, Please” she pleaded.

I crawled along side her and got behind her head. That way I could watch her and still let her suck on me. With my knees on either side of her head, I lowered my cock to her face and rubbed it all around. She frantically tried to catch it in her mouth with her tongue. I let it dance on the tip while she licked the underside of the head. I noticed the bottle moving a little faster.

” I could cum, just like this” I said, pulling back just in time. Her eyes followed my hands as they worked up and down. Then I leaned over and stuck it right in her mouth. Joan relaxed completely at that point. She was at one with her fucking and my cock. She didn’t really suck as much as she experienced me with her mouth, using her tongue to explore each little part. When I pulled out so as not to cum too fast, Joan stared at my cock and spoke in a stream of consciousness ” Oh, I think, Oh yes, yes jerk off, right-in-my- mouth. I want. yes, ah it’s coming.” I felt her hot breath on me as I slowly cranked myself, trying to keep right on the edge. We were silent now. The only sounds were my hands moving on me and the bottle being pushed in and out. I looked at Joan’s tongue stretched out to catch my cum and lost it. Like in slow motion I watched as my white stuff cascaded down into her open mouth, coating her tongue and dripping on her face. Her eyes rolled back as she pushed the bottle in one more time and orgasamed. In the throws of her come, she arched her head back with eyes open to watch my cum rain down on her.

I didn’t shoot with the same force as before but the sperm flowed easily as I drained myself. Stroking slowly, I watched the last few dollops fall into Joan’s mouth. With a feeling of total satisfaction I relaxed with my back against the wall and surveyed the scene below. Between my outstretched legs lay a large, panting woman. Her head rested on my thigh. My wet, fading hard on poked in her dark hair, giving it a few white streaks. The cum on her face was rolling down and pooling on her neck. Joan’s right hand rested on her heaving belly while her left kept the wine bottle in it’s place, about two inches past the neck. Ever so slowly Joan pulled the fuck tool out of her pussy. When the top appeared I noticed it had a bit of the froth her activity had stirred up. Wordlessly she handed me the bottle and placed her hand on her crotch and massaged her lips. With a small smile she watched as I licked the bottle neck clean of pussy juice. Then she cuddled up with my leg and closed her eyes.

A few minutes went by. I thought she must have passed out. I started to wonder if I was going to be in that position all night. But the women between my legs soon stirred. She stretched out and pulled herself up on her knees. “Oh man, this has been a great night for orgasms. I’m wiped. I wonder what time it is?” I looked over and fished around my clothes and came up with my watch. “1:30.”

“Well, I’ll sleep good tonight. And you, Mr. Cumshot?” She was rubbing my second load of the night into her skin.

I had thought that Joan would want me to spend the night. I still had a hard time accepting that she was basically just getting off and having fun. Now I could tell she was winding our encounter down. I wondered how this would effect our friendship. Did she want me to be her boyfriend? Should I call her etc. “Maybe I’ll recover in a week” I answered reaching for my underwear. I got dressed as she watched, smoking a cigarette. When I finished I was standing there, awkwardly, not sure how to leave. Joan came up, wrapped her still naked, cummed-on body, around me and we shared a long kiss. “you want me stay?”

“Nah, I want to go sleep. You take care.”

“You too.” And I was out the door.

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