That’s What Good Boys Do Ch. 02

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“Baby, look at you. You’re a mess.”

It was true. The crotch of my jeans, from the bottom of my zipper all the way to my waistband, was soaked through with my own still-warm semen.

My mother stood completely naked in front of me as I sat on her bed. I was still trying not to stare, still reeling from all the filthy things she’d just shown me, but if she noticed she didn’t mind.

“We to get these wet clothes off of you and clean you up,” she said. “Lift your arms for Mama.”

Without thinking, I put my arms straight up and let her peel my t-shirt off of me, as if it was just another bath night. It was like nothing had changed between us since I was five years old. Well, almost nothing.

She paused, bent in front of me, with her massive pale breasts hanging straight down, hypnotizing me. Women, I was fast learning, were much more interesting to look at in person. In the magazines, it seemed like once you got over the initial excitement, they all started to become the same airbrushed cluster of interchangeable parts wrapped in stupid outfits. But up close, there were so many details to take in, it was overwhelming. Even the things that I knew weren’t “supposed” to be sexy—the freckles on her shoulders, the tiny pearl-colored stretch marks running down the tops of her tits, the way they swung with the force of their own marvelous weight—these things still excited me, just because they reminded me, over and over, that I was in the presence of a real live woman. And my own naked mother, no less.

I was so busy staring, I didn’t realize that she, too, had stopped to blatantly check me out. “You’ve grown up into such a strong young man,” she said with heavy breath. She ran one finger along the length of my collarbone and down the middle of my chest. I was still dirty from work, and sweaty from the orgasm she’d just given me. “So big and strong now,” she said, and ran her hand down the back of my arm. It was embarrassing, but the truth was that, given the work I’d been doing all summer, I was actually in the best shape of my life. “But you’re still Mama’s little boy inside, aren’t you?”

“You know I am.”

“Such a good boy,” she smiled. “Now let’s get those dirty jeans off you and get you into the shower.”

I watched her big, pillowy ass sway as she walked across the bedroom to the adjacent bathroom and ran the shower. I leaned over and yanked my grubby work boots off and peeled off my socks. (I was no Casanova, but even I knew that no man looks good naked in his sweaty tube socks.) I stood and unbuttoned my jeans just as she was walking back in.

“Save some for me, baby,” she said and scurried over, her breasts bouncing against her. “Here, let Mama get that for you.” She pulled my zipper down in one skilled, practiced motion, then slid my jeans down past my hips and around my thighs. She saw my underwear, which was so wet that it was clinging to my skin, and stared. “Oh my,” she gasped. “Mama’s boy really did make a big mess, didn’t he?”

“That’s what you did to me, Mama.”

“Well this just won’t do,” she said, smiling. “We need to get these filthy clothes off you immediately.” She crouched in front of me, grabbed the waistband of my tight boxer briefs, and pulled them down along with my jeans. My cock was still swollen and heavy from coming, and so wet with its own thick cum that I could smell it. It sprung out slightly as I stepped out of my jeans. My mother froze where she was on the floor in front of me. If she’d been stealing glances before, she was full-on leering now.

“Oh my God, baby,” she gasped.

“What is it, mom? Is something wrong?” I felt like an idiot, just standing there fully naked and on display.

“Oh, nothing’s wrong,” she said and laughed. “Nothing at all wrong with you.” It’s just that, well, it’s been so long since Mama saw… I mean… Wow, baby, you’ve just grown up so fast.”

“Is it okay?” I’d never been naked in front of anybody, especially not a woman, and I was sure that at any moment she was going to break out into laughter.

“Oh, honey,” she said and stared up at me with an evil grin. “You’re better than okay.” She reached out and put her hand against my cock. It jumped at her touch and she caught it firmly in her grip. I felt it swell and throb against the warmth of her palm.

“Mama needs to clean you off, baby,” she half-whispered. ataşehir escort Then she took my wet cock in the fingertips of both hands, holding it up as sure and gently as if it were made of glass, and took the tip of it into her mouth. I felt a chill up my back, and my knees went wobbly. I stared down at her, dumbfounded. I couldn’t tell what was sexier—the actual sensation of her hot breath against my most sensitive part, or the fact that she was my mother, kneeling right there in front of me, lapping the cum right off of me. She lifted it and dragged her tongue up the rapidly growing length of it, licking up every clear-white drop, then licked her lips and took the tip of it deep into her mouth. I moaned out loud. She pulled it out of her mouth, her hand working the base of my stiff cock like an artist works clay, and smiled up at me.

“God, I missed it baby. I missed the taste of a cock in my mouth.” I felt myself throb again. “Yeah,” she said, “That’s a good boy. Let it get nice and hard again for Mama.” She hung her tongue out and ran it all around the tip. My body had never felt anything like it. God knows, I’d been touching myself for years, but I had no idea until now how good my own cock could make me feel. My ass contracted, and my cock swelled so hard I thought it might break.

“Oh yeah,” she groaned. “That’s what Mama wants to see. Mama wants to see her big strong baby boy get hard for her.” She took it suddenly into her mouth again, as deep as she could go, then back again, dragging her tongue all the way around the tip. She gripped my cock in both hands, breathing heavy now. “Oh Christ, baby. I forgot how much I love a cock in my mouth. Do you hear that, baby? Your mama’s a dirty girl. Your mama loves cock so much. Your mama loves the taste of her own baby’s dirty cock. Come on baby, let Mama lick you clean. Let Mama suck you dry, baby.”

I felt my vision go blurry and my breath grow quick. “Oh God, Mama,” I cried out. “You’re going to make me come again.”

“Not yet, baby. You’ve got to save some of that good dick for Mama.” And with that she gripped the base of my cock so hard I saw spots. “Mama’s going to teach you some patience, baby. But first, let’s get you nice and clean.”

She took my hand and led me to the bathroom, my red cock still sticking straight out like an absurd extra appendage. The bathroom was warm and wet with the steam of the shower. I’d always loved her shower—it was dimly lit and always hot, and reminded me of when I was very small and my mama would take me in there with her, naked, before bedtime. To this day, the shampoo-and-steam smell of a bathroom just after a woman’s been in there remains one of my favorite secret pleasures.

She tested the water, then stepped in. I followed, still marveling at the sight of her walking around naked right in front of me, and without any shame. She bent backward and ran her head under the hot stream of water, giving me a perfect view of her more than ample body. I couldn’t help but stare again at the dark, hairy patch between her legs, now dripping from the shower. I thought of the big pink clit resting just beneath there, and got worked up all over again. It was torture, to stand there so hard and hot for her, just inches from her body, but I trusted that she knew best. She always had.

She squeezed out a blob of liquid soap and rubbed it into a lather between her hands. Then she stepped forward, so that her tits just barely brushed me, and began silently soaping up my body. She started at the tops of my shoulders, massaging my neck, then dragged her hands lightly down the front of my chest. “Mmmm, such a big boy,” she said. She continued down my waist, and her hands paused, light as a breeze, just below my hip bones. She traced the v-shaped lines of my abdomen, down the groin muscles, and my cock jumped again as she neared it. But at the last possible second, she slid her hands away again, on either side, and scrubbed my thighs. I’d never had this much physical attention in my life, and my head was swimming.

“Turn around for Mama,” she said, over the pounding of the water. I did as she said, pressing myself against the cold tile wall. Her soapy hands went back up to my neck, then traced a straight line down the groove of my back, all the way to my ass. Her hand lingered at the cleft of my ass cheek. I felt her nipples press kadıköy escort bayan against my back as she leaned close and whispered, right into my ear, “Mama wants to touch you there.”

She dragged her fingers downward and gently spread my ass. I jumped. I’d never thought twice about my own ass, and I’d certainly never considered the idea of anyone else touching it. But she kept her hand there, gently stroking the tight skin just above my asshole. “Don’t worry, baby. Mama won’t do anything to hurt you.” I knew she was right, so I breathed deep and tried to let myself relax. She slid her fingers downward again, and this time I forgot the fear and just let myself feel what she was doing. Her hand crept lower and found my asshole, and I shivered as her fingertip slowly circled me there. It felt amazing, much to my surprise. She pressed slightly on my ass and moaned in my ear. “Oh, baby. You’re such a tight young thing, aren’t you?” I loved that she was treating me this way, that I could go so fast in her mind from loving son to dirty sex object. She reached farther down, to a place just behind my balls, and pressed her fingers against it. I felt a wave of arousal so sharp it was like a shock, and I cried out. “Do you like that?” she asked. “Is Mama making her sexy boy feel good?” All I could do was hyperventilate in response. My whole lower body throbbed with the urge to cum. I reached down and tried to touch my stiff cock, anything to relieve all this pressure, but she pulled my hand away and turned me around again.

“Don’t you want your mama to feel as good as you do, baby?”

“Of course I do.”

“Good,” she said, her hand still tight around my wrist. “Because Mama needs it too, baby. And Mama’s going to teach you how to make a woman feel good.”

She stepped right against me, and pressed my palm against the wet spread of her pubic hair. I couldn’t believe I was actually touching it—my own mother’s hairy pussy. Instinctively I ground my fingers against it and she grabbed my wrist again.

“Easy, baby,” she said not unkindly. “Always be gentle with the pussy. Unless the woman wants it otherwise. And trust me, baby, she’ll let you know when she wants it otherwise.”

“I’m sorry, Mom.”

“It’s okay, baby. That’s what I’m here for. Now be a good boy show me how gently you can stroke Mama’s pussy.”

I let my palm lay against the fleshy front of her pussy, and then carefully let my fingers find the soft lips beneath. I pictured the most delicate thing I could imagine—a soap bubble, perched on a blade of grass—and thought of how I would touch that, the way I would just barely brush it with my fingertips.

“Oh, that’s better, baby. That’s how you touch a woman.”

I kept touching, barely brushing her pussy lips, and felt them swell to meet my fingers.

“Oh God, baby. You’re going to get your mama soaking wet again.”

Sure enough, in a moment, I felt something thin and slick against my fingertips.

“Oh, you’ve got it baby. You’re getting mama so wet. Go ahead and spread Mama’s pussy lips for her. Feel how wet you got your mama, baby.”

I pushed a little at the lips and they slid apart. My mother gasped in my ear. I slid my finger between the fat lips and let it slide back and forth, the way she’d stroked my ass. “Oh, that’s a good boy,” she moaned. “Such a good boy. Now find Mama’s clit.”

I dragged my finger up the length of her, slowly, remembering what I’d seen when she’d spread her legs for me in the bedroom. I felt the thick, hard bump emerge against my finger, and my mom moaned out loud.

“Oh, that’s it, baby. Touch Mama right there.”

But I remembered the way she’d teased herself in front of me—and thought of the way I liked to treat the tip of my cock, in my more leisurely moments. So I moved my finger away, to the soft spot just above her solid clit, and felt her sexy little hood move around it. She moaned again. I let my fingers travel in a lazy circle—never touching the clit, but stroking all the way around. “Oh God, baby. You’re a natural. Oh God.” Her voice was growing huskier, and deeper than I’d ever heard it.

Emboldened, I moved my hand back down to her lips again and stroked between them. She was dripping wet now, and not just from the shower. I dragged my fingers up again and circled her clit, which I could feel was sticking escort maltepe straight out now. “Oh fuck, baby. Touch Mama’s clit. Come on baby, touch Mama’s clit.”

I teased it some more, the way she’d teased my cock so expertly moments before. She was pushing her big hips against me now, trying to get my fingers on her clit. She gripped my back with both arms and pressed her face against my chest. I leaned down into the steaming water and kissed her softly on the side of her neck, my hands still working in circles between her legs, speeding up with the desperate humping of her hips. “Fuck, baby. You’re driving your mama crazy.”

“Good,” I said, and shifted my fingers to the slick place between her pussy lips.

“Oh God, baby. You’ve got Mama so swollen down there. Finger your mama’s pussy. Please. Let me feel your fingers in Mama’s fat pussy.”

I pressed forward with two fingers, and felt the single most distinct sensation of my young life—the feel of my mother’s engorged, wet vagina rushing to wrap itself around my fingers. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before—at once soft and strong, alternately giving way to my touch and gripping at me greedily.

She groaned loudly against me. “That’s it, baby. Move your fingers. Move your fingers inside Mama’s tight pussy.”

I moved my hand, slowly and gently like she’d taught me, and she groaned again. “Oh, you’ve got it, baby. Come on. Move faster. Feel the inside of Mama’s hot vagina.”

I pushed my fingers faster. She grabbed my hand again and pressed it so hard against her I felt the bone through her pubic hair. “Yeah, that’s it. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

I moved my hand faster inside of her. It was, by far, the warmest, sexiest thing I’d ever felt. She was growling now. “Ooooh, yeah. You’re going to give your mama an orgasm, baby. You’re going to make your mama come, right here in the shower.”

“That’s what I want, Mama. I want to feel you come.”

The words only seemed to make her hotter. “Oh God. You’re Mama’s sweet boy, aren’t you?”

“You know I am, Mama.”

“Does Mama’s sweet boy want to make her come??’

“You know I do, Mama.”

“Then tell me,” she said, almost whining. “Tell Mama.”

“Tell you what?”

“Say it, baby. Touch Mama’s clit and tell her you’re her sweet boy.”

“Is that what you want?”

“You know that’s what I fucking want! Now touch Mama’s clit! Please!”

I listened to her breath, the way her body heaved, the hot water rushing down her shoulders, running between her tits. Between us. I slid my fingers up from between her lips, felt her clit enormous and rock-hard in my hand, and stroked as fast as I could while I whispered in her ear, “I’m your sweet boy, Mama. I’m your sweet boy.”

The convulsion started in her clit and radiated through her, across her hips, up her back, and into her throat, forming itself into a scream on the way out. She dug her fingernails into the back of my neck and pulled my whole body against her. It was almost scary, her body shook so hard, but I knew better than to stop now. My fingers kept pace on her throbbing clit, and she cried out again.

“Don’t stop, baby. Oh God, don’t stop. Fuck, you’re going to make your mama come again…” And then she convulsed all over again.

“I’m your sweet boy,” I whispered and held her close as she shuddered in my arms.

“Don’t stop,” she said. “Oh God, don’t stop now baby.”

I didn’t. And she came again for me, three, four times in a row, each one apparently stronger than the last. “Jesus, baby,” she panted, barely able to stand, “I forgot how good it could be.” I felt her fat thighs contracting against my hand, the slickness everywhere. “Oh fuck, baby. Mama’s gonna come again!” But this time, just as her clit felt ready to explode, she reached down, gripped my cock in her hand and rubbed the head, bright red and raging, against the soft wet expanse of her belly.

That was all it took. My whole body clenched rigid, and I opened my eyes just in time to watch my cock unloading all over her big, hanging tits. She was watching too, as the final aftershocks of her orgasm overtook her. “Such a sweet boy,” she kept purring, as my hand slowed between her legs, then finally stopped with exhaustion.

We stood that way, together, clenched holding each other beneath the rushing water, our bellies slick with the beautiful mess she’d just drained out of me.

“How was that, Mama? Did I do okay?’

“Yes,” she moaned dreamily, leaning back against the tile, wide-eyed, her big wet chest heaving with her breathing. “You’re learning, baby. You’re learning just fine.”

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