The Abandoned Son Ch. 04

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Amber rolled silently out of the bed she had just shared with Damien. She could still smell her sex in the air. For three hours she had made sure that he had filled both her mouth and her pussy with his hot seed. She wasn’t one for anal she always thought that hole was meant as an exit and not an entrance. Amber never could understand some peoples fascination with it. Yet as she watched her sleeping bother as he rested so comfortably underneath those soft warm sheets. While she did love him, the events prior to her becoming his girlfriend would never leave her mind. The night her father forced himself into her room like a mad beast. Tearing at her clothes to try and take what he couldn’t have. The insane look she saw in his eyes as she tried to fight him off as his fist pounded on her. The hurtful words he spat at her as he shook her violently when she failed to yield to his demands. The rushing of feet as Lynn came rushing into her room.

His annoyance filled grunts as Lynn jumped onto his back pounding his head with her fist. Then her mother rushing into her room adding her own blows as their father slapped Lynn across the face. The crashing of furniture as her mother fought valiantly against him. The shattering sound of her lamp as her mother bashed her father over the head knocking him out cold. Then her mother’s frantic state as she ushered them out of that home they once shared before turning up at her uncle’s place. The days she spent in fear as her father sat outside his house shouting insults at her, her mother, and her uncle and his family for hiding them from him. It was only when Maison exited his home with a drawn gun did her father high tail it out of there, and yet it didn’t keep her father away for long. When Damien had told them he was going to pick up their mother from work since their father was pacing threateningly out side her office building. How her heart raced in fear as the hours passed and they hadn’t returned. When her mother told her how Damien had disarmed and beaten their father so easily the feeling of relief and security washed over her in the first time in three years. She hoped her father would be behind bars for a very long time. Then there was that boy at the party. She knew soon she would have to appear in court to make sure he faced what was coming to him. Amber just hoped Damien would be there with her.

Amber didn’t know why she felt so safe around Damien, yet she was glad she did; because if it wasn’t for him she doubted she could ever be so strong. Slowly, closing his bedroom door she needed to speak with her mother. She knew that she too had gone through what had happened to her, although her mother never had anyone to save her from the man that forced himself onto her. So maybe her mother could help her deal with what still lingered in the back of her mind.

“Mom?” Amber said as she entered the kitchen as the dawning sun peeked over the horizon. Martha stood in front of the stove flipping over the current flapjack she was cooking for her small family.

“Yes dear?” Martha asked humming happily over the sweet smelling pancakes.

“Can we talk?” Amber asked sitting across from her twin sister.

“Of course dear!” Martha said, smiling sweetly at her daughter as she sat down the towering stack of pancakes. “Now what is it would you like to talk about?” she asked as she set the warm plate of bacon on the table that she had kept warm in the oven.

“Could you tell me about the time…”

“Amber, sweetheart what’s going on?”

“Mom, I think she’s talking about how you got pregnant with,” Lynn said pointing to the ceiling.

“Oh? Umm, Amber, I don’t think that’s a suitable subject to talk about while we are having breakfast,” Martha said nervously. She has never truly spoken at length about the fifteen-year-old boy that had raped her one warm spring day on her way home from school. Even after twenty-five years it was still a subject she dared not touch; because she could still feel his hands on her, his breathe on the back of her neck as he held her against the ground while he took her innocence.

“Please Mom!” Amber pleaded with her.

“Alright, first I want to know why you want to hear about a very dark time in my life?” Martha asked staring intently at her daughter.

“Because I want and need to know how you have dealt with it and came out rather stable from that ordeal.”

“Honey,” Martha said, reaching across the table taking hold of her hand. “Is this about that boy from the party?”

“And Dad too,” Amber whispered trembling fearing at any moment her father would appear out of the shadows.

“What?!” Martha roared surging from her seat the her chair skidding a few inches behind. “Amber Kaylyn Edwards! You tell me right this moment what you meant by your father too?!” Unaware Damien had snuck down the stairs soon after Amber had left his bed. His jaw set fiercely as he leaned against the wall. It wasn’t until he had decided to leave his grandparents home for the Army that his vile ataşehir escort grandmother spat out ‘that she didn’t want a child of rape any longer in her home and she hoped he died far away from them’, among the other vile things she levied against him throughout his childhood. It was a wonder that Damien had turned out so mentally stable: mostly.

Amber squirmed underneath her mother’s gaze as she tried to get her tongue to work, “Since I was fifteen Dad’s been trying to get me to do things to him,” she said her voice sqeaked as she tried to hold back the emotions that she had kept buried for so long.

“Oh baby! Why didn’t you tell me?” Martha asked rushing to her daughter’s side, wrapping Amber in her arms placing a kiss on top of her head as Amber softly cried into her mother’s chest.

“W-w-when y-you f-found him beating on Lynn. H-he tried rape me that night,” Amber said through sobs and hiccups.

“Oh my god,” Martha said, remembering what her son had asked her a week ago. How was it that he had noticed it while she the parent missed out on all the signs. She knew once they got home she would be telling the D.A. to add attempted rape charge’s along with the attempted murder charge Michael was currently facing. “Baby? Did he?” Martha breathed out a sigh of relief as Amber shook her head.

“He almost did but Lynn came and saved me,” Amber said. She would be eternally grateful to her big sister for saving her that night. “And so did you, Mom,” she said, wrapping her arms tightly around her mother’s waist.

“And I’d do it again,” Lynn said fiercely.

“Oh, sweetheart, I wish I had known sooner so you would never have known the fear I felt when Brian Williams raped me.”

“So you do know Damien’s father’s name,” Lynn said in shock.

“Of course, I do. How could I not the man lived a few houses down from my mother’s. Every day I had to see his face! Always smirking, always looking at me, always taunting me with that smug face of his! God, I just wish my parents believed me. But no! They believed that thrash that raped their own daughter then they did me, however, your uncle did beleive me though. The beating he gave Brian telling him if he ever caught him looking at me or near our house again he would kill him. Yet that was before I learned that I was pregnant with Joshua. Then… well I took my anger out on your brother for no fault of his own only that he was the child of the boy that had taken what wasn’t freely given. The things I said about him and to him in my teenage years,” Martha said, a single tear ran down her cheek wondering why she had been so cruel to a innocent child. It wasn’t his fault that his father had raped her. It wasn’t his fault of the hardships she had to endure in her teenage years, nor was it his fault she got attached to the wrong man either that was all her own doing.

No wonder she always saw the anger and hurt in his little eyes whenever she visited her mother and father. Then his disappearance whenever she brought Amber and Lynn over to visit their grandparents. Why hadn’t she been more concerned with how her own son had practically disappeared whenever they were around? Why hadn’t she shown that small boy the love a mother should have? Why did she allow her own anger to fuel her judgement when she left that house? Sighing inwardly, she knew the answer to those questions. It was because Damien looked far to much like his father. How could she ever blame him for the anger and the betrayal Joshua must have felt as he watched as she drove away with Michael. Then a sudden noise from the stairs stilled all three of their bodies.

“Fuck!” Damien cursed softly. He had wanted to retreat silently back to his room and contact a friend of his back at his agency. He never knew the name of his father. Now that he did, Damien was going to pay the man a special visit. It was because of him he had suffered. It was because of him he felt what no child should ever feel — abandonment!

“Joshua!” Martha said, standing in the kitchen doorway as she viewed her son. Her feet propelled her forward, her body crashing into his as he held onto the banister for support. Her arms wrapped around his neck bringing her son into her warm embrace. “I’m so, so sorry baby! I know, I can never take back the words I said, nor how I left you so alone all your life,” Martha said, her tears soaking into his bare chest. “No words can ever truly heal what I have done to you my sweet Joshua. I wasn’t a very good mother to you and that’s my own fault. I wish I could go back and redo it all, but I cant, I can’t take back my words, the feelings you most have felt. The things that were said about you when you never did anything wrong baby. But I just couldn’t look at you and see the boy that gave me you,” Martha said, her lip trembled as her fingertips skim along his right cheek. “I’m not going to ask you for your forgiveness Joshua, I know that may be impossible for you to do. I just hope you can understand why.”

“I-I do Mom,” Damien kadıköy escort bayan said, patting her back as her hug tightened. In truth, he did understand how she felt. He had seen it far to many times at whichever base he was visiting on his tour. Women that had been raped either by their parent, an uncle, or some other family member. Forced to bring up the child they never wanted only to be raped again to expand their family line. The hatred he saw in their eyes as they looked at the children when they weren’t looking. No mother should view their child as something that remaided them of their attacker.

“Are you hungry… of course, you are,” Martha chuckled softly wiping away her tears, “Come. I’ve made pancakes for breakfast,” she said, taking hold of his hand leading him towards the kitchen. “Sit,” Martha said, holding out the chair at the end of the table. “You’re a good man Joshua,” she whispered into his hair as she kissed the top of his head. “Now everyone let’s eat we have a big day ahead of us.”

“Ring shoping?” Amber stared in confusion at her mother and sister. While they waited for Damien to get out of the shower so they could go view the art exhibit in town.

“Amber, sweetheart, we’ve talked about it,” Martha said, glancing sideways at her eldest daughter. “And we want to marry Damien and we want you to be his legal wife,” she said, smirking inwardly at Amber’s gapping mouth.

“I don’t know,” Amber said nervously, her head was swimming. Sure she had just asked him to be her first boyfriend ever in her whole life. Yet was she really prepared to get married to him.

“I’m a little jealous sis, you get to be his true wife while we have to be his common law ones. However, if you don’t what to I’ll be more then glad to fill in for you,” Lynn said teasingly.

“No!” Amber said a little to forcibly, “I mean… no, that won’t be necessary sister,” she said, sticking her tongue out at her. “Though Mom we don’t have money for rings. Who’s going to be paying for all of this?”

“I am,” Damien said, startling the three of them as his crisp black suit jacket settled onto his shoulders. Martha, Lynn and Amber gasped as their eyes ran down the ironed white dress shirt noting how it contoured to his chest. His brass belt buckle shone in the soft light of the lamps. Martha bit lip as his pants hugged his legs, as she peered at her daughters she could see how his grand attire was affecting them.

“Oh my! Joshua, we are only going to an art exhibit there is no need for such… for such an outfit,” Martha said, only to be elbowed in her side by Lynn. Not that she could blame her for it. Martha couldn’t take her eyes off of her son.

“Damien? Are you trying to impress us?” Lynn asked rising from her spot on the couch. Now that it was their shared day she couldn’t wait to have him all to herself. She felt a little undressed as her blue jeans hung onto her every curve as she approached him. “I do have to say it is working,” Lynn purred as her hands ran along his obliques then up his back as she rose to kiss those tantalizing lips of his.

“And you’re okay with marrying me?” Amber asked feeling her cheeks flooding with heat at his nod. “Do we have time to go dress shoping?” she asked with misty eyes.

“Sure, I’ll put it on the to do list,” Damien said, straightening out his cufflink before it fell off.

“Joshua, do the two of us not get kisses too?” Martha asked pouting. How her eyes flared in hunger as he beckoned them to him. Martha and Amber moaned wantonly as Damien squeezed their firm posteriors.

“Now shall we go?” Damien asked gesturing to the front door.

“I do hope I’ll get to feel your hand on my ass too?” Lynn whispered into his ear. Her muscles rippled as his strong hand softly squeezed that soft muscle. “Mmm… brother, I do love it when your hands are on my body,” she said, resting her head against his shoulder as they walked out the door together. Amber was waiting in the from passenger side seat as Damien held the rear door open for Lynn. “Why thank you,” Lynn said, placing a kiss on his cheek. “Such a gentleman you have become.”

Martha had forgotten when the last time her soon-to-be ex-husband held a door any door for that matter open for her. She did hope that she too would be on the receiving end of such displays. However, she did enjoy knowing that her son was taking them serious.

The privately own art gallery sat on a sandstone cliff over looking the rolling waves of the Mediterranean sea. It’s white stucco facing was the canvas of the mural of vibrant colors of the flowering plants that covered the surrounding area. Four valets rushed out as Damien’s car rolled to a stop underneath the covered entrance way. Handing each of the valets eighty euros (the equivalent to a hundred dollar tip), offering his mother and Amber his arms before walking up to the entrance of the art gallery.

“Mr. Richards, I presume?” the curator asked eyeing the women that hung onto him.

“Yes, escort maltepe I do appreciate you catering to my odd request so early in the morning,” Damien said shaking the elderly man’s hand.

“Not at all, not at all,” the man said smiling warmly at Damien. He was more then willing to close the gallery for a few hours with what the man was offering. ‘10,000 euros wasn’t something to pass up.’ the man told himself. Plus the money would help keep the gallery open when the tourist season was over. If he had to cater to the whim of a mad rich man so be it. “Now I know you asked to have the gallery all to yourself, however, I must tell you my assistant — Mary, here,” the man said gesturing to the fiery red head to his right, “She shall remain should you have questions or when you wish to leave so she can lock up the gallery. I do hope you can understand?”

“Of course, of course,” Damien said laying on the charm, “I wouldn’t want to leave such wealth alone with strangers, that’s just asking for trouble.”

“Please, if you follow me,” the woman said gesturing to the glass doors. “Now,” locking the doors once they all were inside, “I shall be in the office when you wish to leave please press this buzzer,” she said pointing to the button at chest height on the wall. “And the most important thing,” she said leaning in. Her nostrils flared catching a whiff of the man’s colonge. “Please don’t touch the art.”

“You did this all for us Damien?” Amber asked in awe.

“Yeah, what good is having money if you don’t spend it every once in awhile?”

“Oh baby! I’m so glad you did,” Martha said, turning his chin towards her. Placing a long lingering kiss upon his lips letting him know how much she appreciated it.

Unbeknownst to the four of them Mary watched the four of them on the security screens. The man was an enigma. How could he have three women just hanging onto him like that? Sure his car was expensive looking and the money he drop to get her boss to close the gallery also the rich material of his clothes; yet all that was nice, but that didn’t explain why they were clinging onto him. Zooming in, her eyes were glued to his hands as they stood discussing the Picasso painting before them. Angling the camera down, her eyes zeroing in on how his hands dipped low watching the two women’s reactions. Reaching over turning the volume up on the monitor.

“Mmm… Joshua,” the older woman moaned. Mary arched an eyebrow she had thought his name was Damien.

“F-f… yes, harder!” the younger woman by his right side moaned. ‘No, he couldn’t possibly be doing that in public?’ Mary asked herself. Quickly, looking over making sure there was a DVD in the drive to record everything. They only used the DVD when the gallery had guest the rest went onto the cloud server, should there be a break in during the night it was an easy task burning it to a blank disc.

“No fair!” Mary thought it had came from the woman to his right, yet no, it came from the woman who currently was pouting. Mary cocked her head to the side she hadn’t noticed it earlier, but the more she studied the two younger women the more the similarities stood out.

“Twins?” Mary asked puzzled why two sisters would share the same man, “No, that’s just to absurd to even think about,” she said shaking her head.

“Damien, brother…”

“Brother!” Mary shouted cupping her mouth hoping they didn’t hear her. “Wait! Are they all related?!” she asked the monitor as if it could ever answer her question. Yet she wasn’t expecting the tingling sensation that flooded her womanhood as she continued to watch the display.

“Why am I the only one not being touched by you?”

“Lynn, you know your brother will make sure you’re satisfied. Isn’t that right my Joshua.”

“Of course.”

“Then,” Lynn said sashaying over to him, “How about I take care this for you big brother?” she asked sinking down the length of his body.

“No! She wouldn’t!” Mary gasped quickly switching to another camera fed that would give her a better view. “Oh my!” she cooed as Lynn needled Damien’s cock from his pants. “Yes, suck on it!” Mary said nodding as Lynn slowly worked along then length of his shaft. “Does that cock taste good? Is that why you do that for your brother?” she asked squeezing her left breast through her shirt instinctively.

“Oh, Joshua you’re going to make your mother cum!” Mary’s mouth hung agape she just couldn’t believe it. ‘Was their entire family into incest?’ Mary asked herself. She found herself strangely drawn in as her hands quickly pulled up the hem of her skirt. Placing her feet on the lip of the desk ripping open her pantyhose.

“Why am I getting wet from watching this?” Mary muttered shaking her head while licking her palm, “Fuck! I’m just as depraved as they are,” she said as Lynn’s head bobbed rapidly on Damien’s cock. “That’s it girl suck your brother’s big cock!” Mary cooed as she rubbed her clit.

“Baby? Can we fuck?!” Martha purred.

“Yes! Fuck that bitch!” Mary hooted, “Use the bench you big hunk of handsome. Bend those women over it so I can watch,” she said hungrily.

“Lay down,” Amber said patting the bench. Mary’s eyebrow twitched as the older woman placed Damien’s coat along the arms of the statue closest to them.

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