The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 11

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Anal Beads

This story has Mom show her son pictures from the “party” she went to so, however there is no actual group sex in this story. If you dislike that idea, avoid this story. All characters are 18+. Comment or message me with story ideas or ideas for another story. Enjoy!


“So Tom, how was your night?” Mom asks me as soon as I walk downstairs in the morning. She is wearing black, white and gray artic camo leggings and a loose fitting shirt.

I rub the sleep from my eyes before responding, “Good I guess. How was yours?”

Mom smiles at me and looks up from her magazine, “It was so much fun! All those cocks… I lost count of the number of guys who fucked me…”

“That sounds… fun.” I say, trying to sound interesting in hearing how the sex party Mom and Dad went to was.

Mom shrugs, “Well I am a bit sore today as I’m sure you can imagine.”

I nod, “Yeah. I didn’t really have a busy night last night. Just kind of hung out here and relaxed.”

Mom nods, “Like I said, it’s something I thought you might enjoy but I understand that it isn’t for everyone.” I agree with her and pour myself a bowl of cereal, more focused on the future of Kenzie and I’s relationship. As I eat, Kenzie comes downstairs and sits at the table as well, after pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“How was your party?” Kenzie asks Mom.

Mom smiles, “It was fun. I love the chaos and pleasure of the whole thing. All the men and women, all the cocks, all the cum…”

Kenzie nods, “Well, to each their own. As long as you and Dad enjoyed it.”

Mom nods, “I get it’s not everyone’s thing but it’s so nice to be open with the two of you.”

Kenzie nods, “Well, since that’s the case…”

Mom looks at her, “You’re not pregnant right?”

Kenzie shakes her head, “God no! I was just thinking… maybe I should transfer schools.”

“And why would you do that? They gave you a pretty good scholarship!” Mom asks, sounding angry.

“I like what Tom and I have become! I’m not sure how I feel about that going away when we go off to different schools.” Kenzie answers, looking at me to back her up.

I am in shock at this development, not having given much thought about what would happen with Kenzie and I when we went to our different schools, let alone if we would keep our relationship the way it currently is.

Mom raises her voice, “Kenzie! Listen to me! It is one thing for you two to fool around on vacation or here at the house. But to go away to college and do the same thing is just… too far!”

Kenzie raises an eyebrow, “And inviting your kids to a sex party isn’t crossing any lines?”

“Damn it Kenzie! This isn’t about your Dad and I. This is about you throwing away a great scholarship and other people potentially finding out about what you and him do.” Mom yells, clearly very angry at my sister.

I slowly and quietly stand up to leave, “Well maybe we should ask my brother what he thinks!” Kenzie yells back.

Fuck… I think, not wanting to be a part of this argument. “Well Tom?” Mom asks me.

“This really doesn’t involve me…” I start to say.

Kenzie cuts me off, “What do you mean this doesn’t involve you?”

“This seems more like something you and Mom need to work out.” I reply, wanting to be left out of this argument.

Mom looks at me, “Well since she is talking about switching schools, what do you think she should do?” She sounds more curious than angry at me.

I stammer, “Well… I think… Kenzie should do what she wants?” My answer sounds more like a question than I intended it to.

Kenzie lights up as I say this, “See? Tom wants me to transfer too!”

Mom shakes her head at Kenzie, “I just think you are rushing into making a decision that is going to cost your Dad and I a lot of money.”

“But Mom…” Kenzie starts.

Mom cuts her off, “Listen. Your father and I will talk about this and we can go from there. End of the conversation for today!”

Kenzie nods, “Alright.” She takes her coffee and heads up to her room, leaving Mom and I alone at the table.

“Do you really want her to go to your school?” Mom asks.

I sigh, “We both know Kenzie. She gets pretty determined when she puts her mind to something.”

Mom sighs, “Your right. I just don’t think this is the best idea she’s ever had.” The two of us sit in silence for several minutes. I browse my phone and eat cereal while Mom goes back to her magazine. Suddenly, Mom’s phone dings several times and she picks up and unlocks it. As she looks at the screen, her face grows into a smile. She gets up and goes to grab her laptop. Losing interest in what she’s doing, I go back to paying attention to my phone and eating. “Tom, want to come see something?” Mom asks from the base of the stairs.

“Sure.” I say, following her up the stairs. Mom’s butt sways as she climbs the steps and I think about all the times I saw her naked over vacation. Her ass sways side to side, giving canlı bahis her leggings the appearance of being painted onto her skin. Mom leads the way into her and Dad’s room and closes the door behind us. Does she want to have sex? I ask myself.

However, this hope goes away when instead of undressing, Mom opens her laptop and motions for me to sit next to her on the bed. I take my place next to her and she passes me her laptop. “What are you showing me?” I ask.

Mom gives me a dirty smile, “What you missed last night. Maybe give you some encouragement for next time.”

We’ll see how encouraging this really is I think as I click on the photo album dated for the day before. Mom smiles as I click through the photos, the first dozen or so seem to be from any normal adult party. People standing around in nice clothes, talking and mingling in small groups. The people in the photos seem to range in age from 25 or so to about 50, and all the people seem to be in good shape and fairly attractive. Based on the pictures, there seem to be about 30 or so people at the party.

In several of the pictures, I see Mom and Dad. Mom is dressed in a body hugging skirt and blouse with stockings, while Dad is wearing a dress shirt and slacks. “What is this? A big album from the orgy?” I ask.

Mom nods, “Yes. One of the people invited is a photographer so he always sends these out to those who were there. Keep going!” Mom says, sounding excited to be showing me these.

I click the next photo and this one has several women standing around in lingerie. It ranges from body stockings to sexy bras and panties to corsets. Looking around this one, Mom is not in it. The next one, Mom is in the center, kissing a woman who appears to be about her age. Mom is wearing a black body stocking that was covered by her clothes. The other woman is wearing nothing. This picture causes my cock to become semi-erect, but hidden under the laptop. “You look sexy Mom!” I compliment.

Mom smiles, “How did I guess you were going to say that? Thanks though, it’s always good to hear.” I keep clicking through the pictures, each one more surprising than the one before it. As the pictures progress, the women first begin to kiss one another, occasionally, a hand is groping either their own body, or another woman’s body. I see Mom in several of these pictures, kissing women, feeling their bodies as well as her own.

This is kind of hot… I think, despite having watched Mom have sex with Kenzie and Aunt Anne in person. As I continue to click through the pictures, some of the men begin to get involved and pairs of men and women begin to kiss one another. I see Mom being felt up by and kissed by several men, as if she is going from man to man. I also see Dad fingering a pretty redhead who appears to be in her mid 30’s. Soon after, the sex pictures begin.

They start out with pairs of men and women sucking or licking each other. Some are off in the corners by themselves, while others are in the thick of it all, enjoying all the chaos around them. I see both Mom and Dad in the middle of it all. Dad is behind a petite brunette while Mom is facing the camera, a smile on her face and a man behind her, holding her hips.

Seeing Mom like this makes me horny and begin to see her in a new light. This is why her and Dad would get a babysitter for Kenzie and I fairly frequently and go to parties so often. I keep clicking through the pictures, some are of random men and women, while others have Mom or Dad in them. As the pictures go on, I can see splashes of cum on and in many of the women. Finally, I get to the end of the album, where couples are sitting together, some in soft looking bathrobes, others naked. Dad has his arm around Mom and both look worn out. Mom’s hair is disheveled and she has a huge smile on her face.

Mom grabs the laptop from me and asks, “Well… what did you think?”

“It looked pretty fun for you and Dad.” I say.

“Well you clearly enjoyed looking at it too.” Mom says, motioning to my hard cock, visible through my shorts.

I sigh, “I just don’t know if I would like it…”

Mom cuts me off my placing one hand over my lips in a shush gesture while the other rests on my cock. “Well you like having sex with me. And you didn’t seem to mind doing it with your father and I. It’s only another step into our relationship.”

I sigh, “Listen. It’s a big step and that’s what I don’t like the idea of.”

Mom nods, “I was hesitant at first too, but I ended up really enjoying it. Look, just promise you’ll think about coming to the next one?”

“I promise.” I reply.

Mom smiles, “That’s all I ask. Either that or you and Kenzie will need to find somewhere else to stay for the night.”

“Why’s that?” I ask.

Mom replies, “Because it’s here.” Before I can reply to this, Mom pulls my cock out of my shorts and begins to gently suck it. Quickly, all questions I had about the party are pushed out of my head and the only thing I think about is how bahis siteleri good this feels. My hands begin to feel Mom’s body, starting by kneading her breasts through her shirt and bra. As Mom continues to gently suck my cock, I rub her inner thigh several times, each time getting slightly closer to her mound. I slowly slide my hand into her leggings and begin to gently rub Mom’s clit.

“Feels like someone isn’t wearing any panties.” I say to Mom, jokingly.

She pulls her mouth away from me and replies, “Well… they do add another layer of clothes between us.” Then she tosses her shirt to the side and goes back to sucking my cock. I reach behind her and unclasp her bra, holding on to one end and tossing it on top of her shirt. I begin to gently feel her dangling breasts, pinching her large nipples and caressing her soft orbs.

As Mom continues to suck my cock, I gently tug her leggings partially down, leaving the bottom half of her ass covered. Mom stops sucking me and just strokes my spit covered length as I begin to finger her. Damn… looking at the pictures from last night must have turned her on too…I think feeling her wetness. Mom sighs with pleasure as my fingers caress her wet mound, sometimes slipping inside of her.

Mom gently pushes my hand away and gets on her hands and knees on the bed, wiggling her ass at me. Looking over her shoulder at me she says, “Don’t keep me waiting…”

I smile and undress quickly, “I wouldn’t want to do that!” When I get behind her on the bed, I pull her leggings down just a bit further, giving me access to her pussy from behind. As I do this, Mom reaches between her legs and grabs my cock, tugging me closer to her warm mound. Finally, once I’m just outside of her, she lets go and I grab my shaft near the base, rubbing my head over her wet slit.

“You just going to tease me all day?” Mom asks, once again looking over her shoulder. From her tone it is clear she is joking.

I smile at her, “Just taking my time.” I say this then grabbing just above her hips, I slowly slide my cock into her wet pussy. Mom lets out a sigh as she takes my length inside her. Damn… even after the orgy yesterday she’s still really tight I think, feeling her warm inner walls hugging my cock. I start to pump in and out of Mom, making her moan in pleasure.

“Oh fuck… just like that…” Mom sighs, clearly enjoying the feeling of me being inside her. Mom reaches under her body and begins to furiously rub her clit. Her moans quickly become louder and more frequent as she nears orgasm. After a minute of working her clit while I fuck her, Mom cums.

As she does, she cries out and I feel her vagina clamp down on me. Her warm cum begins to coat my member and as I slide out of her, Mom’s white cum drips off of me and down into her leggings, collecting in the crotch. Mom doesn’t seem to notice and I let her enjoy her orgasm. As she recovers, I caress her soft ass and Mom looks back at me. She breathlessly says, “Holy shit…”

I smile, “I think those pictures turned both of us on.” Mom gives a small smile and a nod. She stands off the bed and tugs off her leggings, making sure to toss them away from her clean clothes.

“Lay back baby.” Mom orders, putting her hands on her hips as if she is trying to seduce me.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” I say, laying down on her bed. Mom slowly rubs her clit while she makes her way on top of me. Facing me, Mom uses her free hand to guide my cock into her snatch, slowly sinking down and taking my whole length. She lets out a soft moan as her pussy engulfs my cock. Mom then begins to slowly bounce up and down, leaving most of my member buried inside of her.

“Oh fuck Mom… you feel so good!” I say, making Mom smile down at me. She leans forward and the two of us kiss, tongues entering each other’s mouths. She pulls away, keeping her face several inches above mine. I reach up and begin to feel her soft breasts, squeezing both of them. We kiss again, and I run my hands down her back, caressing her ass.

Mom sits up all the way and begins to pick up speed as she rides. Her breathing becomes louder and her breasts begin to bounce up and down. Mom’s heavy breathing quickly gives way to moans of pleasure. I feel her wetness growing as she works her way up to another orgasm. At the same time, I feel my own desire to cum growing. “I’m getting close…” I mumble to Mom.

She replies, “Me too baby… fuck… give Mommy another minute…” She begins to rub her clit furiously, trying to make herself cum a second time. After a little bit, I can’t hold off any longer and grab onto her hips and thrust up, deep into her pussy. This pushes Mom over the edge and she collapses on top of me, pressing her breasts into my and moaning loudly in pleasure. As I shoot my load inside her pussy, her vagina clamps down on my cock, squeezing all the cum out of me.

Fuck she feels so good… I think, squeezing her ass as I shoot the last of my cum into my own Mother’s pussy. After bahis şirketleri a second, Mom sits up slowly, her legs shaking slightly from her orgasm. Her pussy slowly starts to leak cum, which splatters out of her lips and onto her inner thighs.

Mom smiles at her, her hair slightly disheveled, “I hate to be that woman but I have to go out to lunch with some friends soon. If we have sex again, I’ll probably be late. You don’t mind me kicking you out of my room?”

I shake my head, “It’s fine. Have fun.”

Mom smiles, collecting her clothes, “Thanks. See you and Kenzie later.”

I nod, quickly dressing, “See you later.”


I get out of the shower and head out to the pool. Cleaning it is one of my chores, not that doing so is very hard. All I have to do is scoop out leaves, grass clippings, bugs, anything else that ends up in the pool. As I run the skimmer over the surface of the water, I let my music play off of my phone’s speaker. Finally finishing, I decide to head back inside and relax. Just as I open the door, Kenzie is standing in the door frame, waiting for me, “So… it sounded like you and Mom had some… fun.”

I resist the urge to roll my eyes, “You heard correctly. Why, you jealous?”

Kenzie shakes her head, “Not at all. I do want to know what Mom showed you though.”

“So you were listening to us talk.” I say.

“Well Mom and I did kind of get into a fight so I just wanted to make sure the two of you weren’t talking about me. I heard the two of you talking about something and I just wanted to know what it is.”

“Your so goddamn nosey, you know that?” I ask. “It was pictures from Mom and Dad’s party last night.”

“Were they hot?” Kenzie asks, sounding genuinely interested.

“I thought so. You said you weren’t interested in that kind of thing though.” I reply.

Kenzie looks at me, “Your right. That doesn’t mean I’m not curious about Mom doing that kind of thing. She told us so much about it that I kind of want to see what it is all about.”

“And you don’t want her to know?” I ask. Kenzie gives a nod as an answer. “So what do you want to do? Get into Mom’s laptop and email?”

“Well she already showed these pictures to you, maybe you could ask her to send them to you.” Kenzie says.

“I guess I could try.” I reply, pulling out my phone and typing out Can you forward me the email from earlier?

Kenzie and I go and sit in her room, waiting for Mom to get back to me. After maybe ten minutes, she does. I could as long as you promise not to share them! I don’t want pictures like that being shown to anyone. Mom’s message reads.

Don’t worry, I won’t. I just want to see a certain very sexy woman again. I send.

Mom sends two messages to me. Kiss ass is the first. The second message is a link to the online photo album. I email myself the link and go to retrieve my laptop to show Kenzie. I come back into the room and sit next to my sister on the bed. I log into my email and click on the link, making sure to not let Kenzie see until I had entered slideshow mode and the first picture was of people at a seemingly regular party.

I hold the laptop, and turn it, letting Kenzie see the screen. “So it starts like a normal boring adult party…” Kenzie muses, beginning to click slowly through the pictures. She takes time to examine each one, looking for Mom. Kenzie hovers the mouse over Mom in several of the pictures, examining her outfit. “Those are sexy looking stockings.” Kenzie compliments no one in particular.

“I thought so too.” I say as my sister goes back to looking at the pictures. She starts getting into the racier photos, and in a couple, sees Mom wearing the fishnet bodysuit and kissing a woman. “Well… Mom certainly has a slutty side!” Kenzie exclaims looking at me.

“And everything that happened on vacation didn’t tip you off to that?” I ask.

Kenzie shakes her head, “You know what I mean though. It’s just weird to see this side of the woman who raised us.”

“Yeah, I mean she did say something about this over vacation though, but I never figured she would show me.” I reply. Kenzie nods in response and goes back to looking at the pictures. She finally reaches the pictures from the actual party, stopping to scan each one for Mom. In the ones where Mom isn’t there, Kenzie just skips them, but in the pictures with Mom, Kenzie takes her time and looks over them.

When she reaches the end of the album, Kenzie closes my laptop and hands it back to me. “That was… something.” Kenzie says.

I nod in agreement, “Before this I just couldn’t imagine Mom and Dad being into that kind of thing. The worst part is, Mom says the next one might be at our house.”

Kenzie looks at me, “Really? What does she expect us to do that night?”

I shrug, “Probably find somewhere else to spend the night. Like at a friend’s house or something.”

Kenzie snuggles up next to me, and I put my arm over her shoulders and begin to slowly rub it up and down her side. Kenzie shifts her body slightly, causing me to rub her breast with my hand. “Going right for sex then are we?” Kenzie asks, jokingly.

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