The Ass of Joey’s Mother

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Joey’s mom had a fat ass. He never thought much about it as a kid, but as he grew up, he started to notice it more. He noticed how his father patted it or caressed it or grabbed it when he thought no one was looking. He noticed how she swung her ass when she danced. He noticed other men looking at his mom’s ass. It wasn’t like the skinny asses on the women in the magazines that he and his friends jerked off to. It was a big ass.

“Man, your mom’s got the biggest ass I’ve ever seen. Bigger than a horse’s,” Tony Carlotti said one day, snorting in laughter in front of their friends. Joey dove at him, fists swinging. They were both suspended from school for a week. That night, Joey’s dad finally worked out of him the reason for the fight. “We won’t tell mom,” he said, and then slapped him on the shoulder. “Good man.”

Joey was always good at drawing. By the age 19 he had become quite accomplished at drawing comic book characters. His room was covered in drawings of super heroes of his own design. One night, Joey’s dad discovered a secret folder of drawings of a woman super hero. In many of the drawings she was half-naked, and she had an unnaturally big ass. The panels often showed her in positions from behind with her legs spread, her ass in the air about to be fucked by a villain, but she inevitably won the battle, usually by sitting on the face of her opponents. The last panel was always of her being fucked from behind by her young lover.

“Hmm. Joey, what’s this?” said his dad as Joey walked in the room.

“Shit. Dad, I thought I put those away. I’m sorry. Are you mad at me?” Joey stammered.

“Nope, son. The hero is mom, right? They’re pretty sexy. Got me going. Just don’t leave them around.” He gave his boy a big hug. “You are getting pretty good. By the way, I’ll be away for a few weeks. While I’m gone, you’re the man of the house. Look after your mother.”

“Honey, I’m home!” Joey called as he entered the house the first night of his father’s absence. He walked into the kitchen, his arms spread wide, a cocky grin across his face.

His mother looked at him and shook her head.

“Joey. Look how dirty your work clothes are. You think you’re so funny. Take that shirt off and clean up for dinner.” His mother had already unbuttoned his work shirt and was peeling the sweaty garment off his shoulders. “The pants, too.” She flipped open his belt and started pulling on his zipper. “I’ll put them in the laundry tonight so you can have clean clothes tomorrow.”

“Ma, why are you fussing?” Joey stood in the kitchen in his boxers. Suddenly, he had to put his hand in front to hide his bulging crotch. Did she notice?

“I look after my men. Now, go wash up and I’ll serve dinner.” Joey watched his mom bend over to pick up the laundry, her ass packed into her pale blue capris. He stepped up to her and placed his hands on her hips. “Joey?” she said. She turned around.

“I just wanted to thank you.” He kissed her lightly on the lips, quickly turned around and strode down the hall to the bathroom, his erection leading the way.

At dinner, Joey sat in a fresh shirt. He had clean jeans on which barely held in his only partially subsided erection.

“That’s better,” his mom said. “Now, you look proper. Handsome.”

“You look really pretty, too, mom.” She was wearing her summer blouse, knotted above the waist. The buttons were undone enough to tease. “I love that blouse,” he said. She smiled at him and blushed and Joey spent the rest of dinner sneaking glances at his mother’s cleavage.

After dinner, Joey watched his mother standing at the sink, doing the dishes. Her ass was huge and beautiful. The hips curved way out from her waist and the cheeks were like big, soft melons packed into her pants. He wanted to grab them and squeeze. His cocked was so hard it ached.

“Joey, come help me.” Joey stood up, adjusted as best he could his erection straining against his pants, and walked to her side. She handed him a towel. “You dry,” she said, casually. She looked at him and smiled. He sighed and started. For a few moments, they did the dishes in silence.

Then she said, “You know, Joey, your father would be disappointed if you neglected your duties as man of the house.” Joey’s mom bumped him gently with her hip.

“But, ma, I took out the garbage, bought the groceries, and now I’m helping with the dishes.”

“That’s not everything…” she said. Then she took Joey’s hand, passed it behind her back and placed it on her hip. “What about the woman of the house?”

“Ma?” Joey’s heart was pounding. The sensation of his hand on his mom’s hip was delicious. But he was afraid to take the next step.

“Your father told me about the drawings,” she whispered. “I know how you feel about me.”

“You do?”

“Yes, and that makes me feel very special.”

“Oh, you are special, mom. Very, very special.”

“Really? Show me?”

Joey took a deep breath, took a step off the cliff and gave in to his desires. He slipped behind his mom, brushing canlı bahis his cock against her ass as he positioned himself. He had both hands on her hips, and as he started to grind against her, he said, “Does this tell you how special you are.”

“Oh, my man,” Joey’s mom sighed and pushed her ass back into him.

“Oh, ma.” Joey’s hands slowly slipped up her hips to the warm, naked flesh of her waist. But they did not stop there. They found the knot of the blouse that held her breasts and undid it. He gave her a kiss on the neck, and slipped his hands under her bra pushing it off her breasts and cupped them. He thrust his hips and squeezed his hands at the same time. “Oh, ma,” he cried out again.

Joey’s mom turned herself around in his arms and kissed him on the lips. Her mouth eased open, and when his tongue entered, she sucked it gently. He thought of her doing the same to his cock. He started to kiss her more aggressively, pushing his tongue deeper into her mouth. His hands roamed her body, grabbing her breasts, pressing into the valley between her legs, and rubbing.

“Ma, I want you,” he moaned.

“Oh, my boy, then take me. Take me,” she whispered in return.

Joey started to undo his belt, when she stopped him.

“No. That’s my job,” she said. “I take care of my man.” She proceeded to take his pants off and liberate his throbbing cock. She stroked it gently, feeling its hardness. She knelt down in front of him and kissed the head several times. “Your father likes when I do this.” Then Joey’s mom grabbed his shaft with one hand, cupped his balls with the other and slowly began sucking. Each bob of her head took her mouth further and further over his cock. Joey’s hands instinctively found her head and gripped her hair, adding growing pressure to each thrust.

But this was not how he wanted it to go. With supreme effort of will, he gently stopped his mother from sucking his cock and made her stand up to face him. He kissed her passionately, then undid the button on the waist of her capris and slowly peeled them off. The pants were tight on her hips, but he was persistent, pulling her pink panties down with the pants. He pulled both garments off her feet, then leaned back and admired the view of his mother’s cunt. It was graced by a beautiful, soft, bush of light, brown hair. He grabbed her thighs and started kissing his way up them. Her skin was soft and creamy smooth. His hands slipped behind her hips and found the cheeks of her ass, and marveled at their size and softness. Joey placed a gentle kiss on his mom’s cunt then turned her around.

This is what he wanted. This is what he dreamed about. His mom’s ass. His mom’s big, fat ass. He kissed the cheeks greedily, with his mouth open so that his tongue could taste the flesh. His kisses were sloppy and noisy, and the smacking joined the rising moans of his mother’s voice. He worked his way in an ever-closing spiral to the center. His mother obliged by bending over and gripping the kitchen counter. Joey’s hands parted the cheeks. He kissed deeper and deeper into the crevice. Finally, Joey’s tongue touched his mother’s asshole. He licked it. He tasted it. He pushed his tongue into the hole as hard as he could. He wanted to penetrate her, and smother himself in his mother’s ass. His tongue fucked her ass.

Then, Joey stood up. “Mom, I’m going to fuck you,” he whispered. He licked his palm and wet the head of his cock, then slowly started to wedge it in between her cheeks. Joey grabbed his mother by her wide hips and pushed. As he thrust forward, she bent over further and pushed back. Soon, his rock hard cock met her wet cunt and slipped in.

“Ahhh,” Joey cried out in ecstasy. He reveled in the sensation of his cock enveloped in the warm, moist flesh of his mother’s cunt. He felt connected in a way that he had longed for. He felt that this was the way it should be.

“Yes, my boy,” his mother gasped, “fuck mamma.”

Joey grew more and more intense. He pounded his mother from behind. He looked down at her creamy, white ass, great lobes of flesh gripped in his hands, watching his cock piston in and out. Her ass cheeks undulated in huge waves as his hips struck them. With each thrust he groaned. With each thrust he tried to penetrate deeper than before. With each thrust he came closer and closer to exploding.

“Mamma, I want to come in you,” he cried.

“Yes, come inside me, Joey. Come inside your mamma,” was the reply.

That was all it took. Joey pushed with all his might and stayed there. The release was volcanic. He could feel his body spasmodically pumping cum into his mother. He could also feel a shudder and an alternating gripping of his cock from inside, and he knew his mother was coming, too.

The rest of the evening was spent in a dreamlike state. They were quiet and soft with each other. He kissed her as often as he could, sometimes lightly, sometimes passionately. She cooed and smiled; caressed him adoringly. On the couch, he cuddled her and told her how much he loved her. bahis siteleri She nuzzled against his chest. In the shower, together, their hands explored every intimate place on their bodies. He fingered her asshole, and let her finger his. There seemed to be no limits between them. In the master bedroom, they made love again, this time face to face. They looked each other in the eyes. His rhythm was slower, more deliberate, and she raised her legs in the air, spreading as wide as she could. He grabbed under her ass to brace himself, and she caressed his face and pinched his nipples. When he came, he closed his eyes, squeezing a few tears out. He knew she had not come, so he slipped down between his mother’s legs, lovingly licking her clean of the mix of his cum and her nectar, and ardently tended to his mother’s clitoris until she stiffened, thrust her hips up and gripped his head with both hands.

Their afterglow seemed to go on all night.

“What will happen when dad gets home?” Joey asked.

“I think he will be happy. He and I talked about this. He agreed to let it happen. He will be proud of you as a man, and will be happy for his wife who has found a new lover in her son. You and your dad are the two men I love most in the world. Now, we have the most intimate relationship we can have. That makes me happy. You will both share my bed.” Joey’s mom was quiet and confident as she spoke, and her tone and manner told him it was true.

The week passed like a whirlwind. Joey and his mom made love like poets, and fucked like teenagers. On the night before his dad was to return, when he came home from work, Joey’s mom greeted him at the door, naked.

“My boy,” she said, “I want to give you one more special experience between us before your father gets home. Come.” And she led him by the hand to the bedroom. Joey noticed a tube of lubricant on the nightstand that was not there before. “Get your clothes off and wash up, quickly,” said his mother with a grin. Moments later, Joey returned, barely dried and sporting an aching erection. His mother was on the bed on her hands and knees, her great ass facing him.

“I want you to make love to me…in a special way.” Joey’ mother heaved a big sigh as she spoke.

Joey stepped to the bed and buried his face in his mother’s ass. He kissed and kissed it, and ravaged her asshole with his tongue. “Mamma,” he said in breathless anticipation, “can I fuck you in the ass?”

“Yes, my boy,” came the reply he longed for, “yes, fuck me in the ass.”

Joey took the lubricant and began to massage it into his mother’s asshole. With his thumb, he gently pressed until the sphincter yielded and his thumb popped in. He worked it deeper, relishing the sensation of her warm hole. He repeated the process with his index and forefinger, then again with three fingers. Joey, then lubed his cock and pressed the head against her hole. It only took a gentle push for her to open up and take him in. Joey pushed. His mother groaned. Joey pushed harder and she groaned louder. Then Joey started to pound his mother’s ass.

“Oh, mamma. Oh, mamma!” he cried. “Oh, mamma, I love you so much!”

“My boy. My boy. My beautiful boy!” she moaned between great gasps for air. “I love you. Fuck me, my boy. Fuck your mamma!”

Joey became an animal, thrusting wildly, and groaning with every thrust. This union with his mother was different than the times before. This was primitive and bestial. Because the sensation was different, his orgasm was slow to come. He needed to intensify. He began to increase the power of his thrusts, burying his cock to the hilt each time. The violence of the fucking increased, as did the pitch of their cries. Harder and harder he pounded her. Occasionally he would pause and revel in the sensation of his cock buried deep in his mother’s ass. Then he would resume with increased vigor and violence. Suddenly, his mother’s body shuddered. One last thrust, and he held on to the very edge of the cliff of his orgasm, then he exploded, sending streams of cum into her, their groans like animals roaring in the jungle.

They collapsed in a heap on the bed, panting like dogs, and clinging to each other like kittens for the rest of the night.

When Joey returned from work the next day, he knew his father was home. His mother did not greet him at the door, and the house was quite. His parent’s bedroom door was closed. So, with a sense of resignation, he got out of his dirty work clothes. He was about to step into the shower when his mother called him, “Joey?” It was the sweetest sound he could imagine. “Would you come in here, darling? Please.”

Joey, wrapped only in a towel, slowly pushed the door open to the sight of his mother lying in bed with her husband. His dad was naked, covered from the waist down by the bed sheets. He looked at Joey and smiled. His mother had the sheets gathered up to cover her breasts. She smiled. “Joey,” she said, “Do you want to greet your father, now that he has returned?”

“Hi Dad,” Joey said.

“Hi, bahis şirketleri boy,” he said. “I understand you have taken care of our home while I was gone. You’ve been a real man of the house.”

Joe’s mother unclutched the bed sheets and let them slide down to her waist revealing her beautiful breasts. “Joey, do you want to come give your mamma a kiss?”

His heart pounding, Joey went to her, bent over and kissed his mother on the lips. She took his right hand and directed it to her breast. He squeezed it, lovingly. Her other hand went to the towel around his waist and released it to the floor. Joey’s erection popped out. Her hand then went to her son’s cock. “Come in to bed with us, my boy,” she said. Joey slipped into the bed and faced his mother. He saw his dad snuggle against her, spooning and hugging her waist.

“Dad, are you OK with this?” Joey asked.

“Yes, he is, my boy,” said Joey’s mom. “Your father loves us both very much.”

“Whatever makes your mom happy, makes me happy, too.” Joey’s father smiled at him then kissed his wife on her shoulder. “I cannot be jealous of you because you make the woman I love, happy. And I love you as my son.”

“Now, I want my men to make love to me,” declared Joey’s mother.

“But, how, momma?” Joey asked.

“Kiss me, my boy, kiss me.” And Joey did just that. He leaned in, gently cupped his mother’s face and started kissing her. Slowly, deeply his tongue probed her mouth, and she suckled on it with promise. He slid his other hand down to her breasts and started squeezing them and tugging on the nipples. He felt her shift and jerk. At first he thought it was in response to his actions, but quickly realized she was accommodating his father who was penetrating her from behind.

Joey’s dad started to pound his mother. Her mouth opened to release involuntary moans. Joey slipped his face down to her breasts and he started sucking her nipples. First one, gently, then the other. Then back to the first, with little love bites, while tweaking and tugging on the other. His ministration became increasingly rough as he alternated between breasts, and as he coped with the ever more violent movement of his mother’s body being pounded by his father.

Joey was pinching each of his mother’s nipples, stretching them away from her breasts, when the pounding hit its peak and his father’s rising moans joined his mother’s cries and they both cried out in orgasm. Joey had never heard a man come before and thought that it sounded as if he was both in pain and had just dropped a great weight he was carrying. Their panting was interspersed with softer moans as they came down together. Joey pressed his face into his mother’s breasts and she kissed him on the head.

“Sweetheart,” she whispered to him, “can you go down and kiss me?” And Joey, slid downwards, kissing his way across his mother’s belly, guided by her urgent hands.

The scent of his parents’ lovemaking was strong and pungent, but Joey persisted. Her pubic hair was matted with sweat, which he ardently sucked into his mouth. He went further down, he found her slit and his tongue tasted the slime of their combined cum. Without hesitation, he lapped it up, swallowing great gobs of lovemaking, cleaning his mother’s cunt with his mouth and tongue.

She responded with increased pressure, digging her fingers into his hair, pushing her hips harder into his face. He found her clitoris. He kissed it, sucked it, and started to lick it in an upward motion, trying to flick it with the tip of his tongue at the end of each stroke. He kept this up for minutes, never losing focus, always trying to convey with his actions how much he loved her cunt. Eventually, Joey’s mother went into spasms, her cunt convulsing uncontrollably, her moans animalistic, her hips thrusting forward and her grip on his head, relentless. Joey’s mouth filled with a new taste, his mother’s nectar flowing again.

Afterwards, the three lay in bed, cuddling, Joey’s mom in between her husband and her son. Joey’s mom was slowly stroking Joey’s rock-hard erection.

“Joey is not satisfied, Father,” Joey’s mom said. “We must give him release, we must give him something special. Shall we give him something special, Father?”

“Yes, we must,” said Joey’s father, taking on a whimsical tone. With that, Joey’s mom slipped under the covers sliding face down over Joey’s belly till she positioned herself over his cock. Joey’s father pulled the covers off the bed, revealing her on her hands and knees. “Take your son into your mouth, Mother. Show him how much you love him.” Joey’s father grabbed his son’s cock with one hand, and placed his other hand on the back of his wife’s head and slowly pushed the two closer and closer until Joey’s mother was bobbing over his cock and his father was stroking him in unison.

“That’s it, Mother,” Joey’s father said as he pushed his wife’s head down harder and harder over his son’s cock, “take him deeply, as deep as you can.” Joey could hear his mother moaning and gagging at the same time. Joey closed his eyes in bliss. When he opened them again, he saw his father behind his mother, prying open her great ass and tonguing her asshole. “I’m getting her ready for you, son,” he called out with glee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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