The Australian Ch. 03: The Blindfold

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I reached around the back of her dress with my left hand and began to unzip it slowly. My right hand was still inside her, two fingers curled upwards to brush her g-spot with each stroke. My mouth moved back to her neck, biting her firmly as the zip continued down to her lower back.

When it dropped to the bottom of the black dress I took my left hand and softly placed it on her back, barely brushing her skin with my fingertips. The gentleness of my touch seemed to take her by surprise. She’d been moaning as my fingers stroked deeper and deeper inside her, but when my skin delicately met hers like this a short, sharp gasp escaped her mouth. I smiled as I drew a slow curved line up her back and along her spine. ‘See, things don’t always have to be rough baby. Control can be calm and gentle.’

My left hand reached the top of the dress but rather than start to undress her, it kept going up. I wanted to keep her guessing. Even though I was just as eager as her, I needed to make her wait for it. I brushed the nape of her neck and felt her shiver before continuing into her hair. I withdrew my right and pulled it up to her face as my left hand grabbed a fistful of her hair, holding her head in place, a few inches from mine.

I looked deep into her big, brown eyes as I moved right hand towards her lips. She instintively opened her mouth to suck on my fingers, still dripping wet from being deep inside her. “Good girl,” I said calmly, still looking straight into her eyes. “Don’t you taste divine?” She shivered a little and nodded.

?I took both hands and placed them at the edges of her dress. Even after being loosened it still hugged her curvaceous frame and I took great pleasure in slowly removing it and revealing inch after inch of her gorgeous body. The skin below the dress was tanned too, and so soft to touch. Her curves seemed almost unreal in the soft glow of the lights. ‘A goddess,’ I thought. ‘My goddess.’

Beneath the dress she was wearing a black bra that I recognised as part of her favourite lingerie set. Three silken lines hugged the bottom of her ribcage, lifting her breasts that seemed to be barely contained by the fabric. One final line looped around the top of her breasts to accentuate their almost ridiculously perfect shape. ‘Jesus Christ,’ I thought, struggling to maintain my composure and keep us both waiting. I wanted to be inside her now. To feel her wrapped around me. To know what she looked like and the noise she made when she first felt me. ‘Soon,’ I told myself. The wait would be more than worth it.

I reached around her back with my right hand as my left hugged her side. With a quick squeeze and slide of my fingers the bra fell off and I experienced her naked beauty for the first time and it was all I could to stop my mouth opening pendik escort like some sort of cartoon character. She smirked a little, clearly noticing my distraction and the spell she’d put on me. I quickly reached into my pocket and grabbed a silken black tie I’d been considering wearing. I’d decided against it but brought along anyway. I knew I’d find a use for it. Next I grabbed her wrists, held them behind her back and began looping the tie around them and into a knot. With satisfaction I noticed the smirk was gone and a look of anticipation and trepidation had come across her face.

“You brought a blindfold, yes?” I asked calmly.

She nodded. Taken aback by my sudden act of control.

“Where is it?”

“Over there,” she said, turning towards the dresser. The blindfold, and a few other interesting items, had been carefully placed on top of it.

“Out and ready,” I smiled. “Someone was confident.” She blused and glanced down a little.

As I walked over to the dresser I carefully removed my jacket and folded it over the chair. I picked up the blindfold, moved back to stand directly in front of her and began to undo my shirt. Slowly, one button at a time. I hoped the soft light was being as generous to my frame as it had been with hers, and the way she bit her lip as I gradually revealed my torso suggested it was. I pasued slightly as I reached my stomach. I knew my abs were her favourite and I wanted her to enjoy it. ‘After all,’ I thought with a smirk, ‘it’d be the last thing she’d see for a while.’

I removed my shirt fully and slid the blindfold on. She shivered as I reached out to caress her cheek and kiss her gently. I moved my right hand to her upper back and grabbed a pillow with the other. “Lay back and relax baby,” I whispered as I guided her body down, resting her head gently on the pillow. “You just relax and let me make you cum.” She nodded quickly, clearly desperate for whatever it was that was coming.

I traced my fingers down her body, lifting them occasionally to keep her guessing as to where she would feel my touch next. Each time our skin met she shivered. After a few seconds of teasing I stood up to reposition myself. I took my time. Partly to keep her waiting, but also just to appreciate how beautiful she looked. Her gorgeous figure, laid out on the bed, waiting for me.

I knelt down quietly in front of her, not wanting to give the game away. Then I grabbed both her legs and spread them, holding them firmly in place before moving my mouth to her left inner thigh and biting her softly. Her whole body convulsed at the shock so I paused a moment before continuing up her thigh with kisses that quickly turned into bites. She still still shivered each time but managed to keep it under control.

As I got closer maltepe escort I looped my arms under her legs and around on to her body, pressing down slightly on her stomach and digging my nails in. I bit the space between her right thigh and her wet, quivering pussy and her whole body shook again. ‘Not yet beautiful,’ I thought. I moved over to the other side, carefully and ever so lightly brushing her clit with my lips as I did so. A longing moan escaped her body, but she kept herself under control. ‘Good girl.’ I gave her one final bite on the other side, but I knew she was ready.

I started with one long lick from the bottom to the very tip of her pussy and then immediately followed it up with another, trying to get my tongue as deep inside her as possible. She was dripping wet from the teasing so I could have probably gone straight to her clit, but she tasted so good I wanted to fill my senses with her. And besides, this wasn’t about making her cum quickly. It was about taking her on a journey.

I began to tongue-fuck her as my hands roamed her body. I caressed and squeezed her gorgeous, ample breasts and let out a moan so she knew how good she tasted and felt. Hearing me seemed to snap her out of a trance and she began moaning again too. I moved my mouth up to her clit and began to kiss and suck it. It was already hard, sensitive and responsive to my touch. She began to tense and shake slightly beneath me. ‘Maybe I teased her a little too much,’ I thought with a smile.

I started to suck and lick her clit harder, holding it lightly between my teeth. I took my hands from her breasts, placing one on her abs to hold her down firmly and one on her side, drawing small circles with my fingers and digging my nails in slightly. I moaned again, louder this time. I needed her to know how good she tasted, how much I enjoyed it, how much I loved having her in my mouth and on the tip of her tongue. She moaned with me and I noticed her breathing become heavier. I could feel her abs tense and hard beneath my hands and when I looked up to appreciate her beautiful body again I noticed her arms were straining against the restraints too. ‘Soon baby, soon,’ I smiled.

I picked up the pace, holding her clit tighter between my teeth so I could lick faster still. I pressed down harder with my hands to hold her body firm and moaned louder and more regularly to let her know I was ready for her to cum. She seemed to get the message as a certain focus seemed to take over her. We always were good at understanding each other.

The shaking calmed and she relaxed slightly as the waves of pleasure began to wash over her. This was always my favourite part. The moment when you were both perfectly focused on one goal, on the one perfect moment that would send her over the kartal escort edge. The type of moment that makes you feel completely connected. If you get it right, her orgasm feels almost as good for you as it was for her. Almost.

Getting lost in the moment like that, in her like that, resulted in another moan escaping my mouth. A softer moan than before, one of pure pleasure more than any form of eroticism, and it was that which took her there.

As quickly as the calmness had taken hold of her body it disappeared. Suddenly all her muscles tensed and tightened as a gasp escaped her body, which quickly turned into a long, animal moan. I’d tensed my arms in anticipation and smiled a little. ‘Cum for me baby.’

The moan which had been growing in volume turned it breathless, drawn out exclamation, “fuuuuckkkk.” Her whole body began to writhe and kick underneath me. Both my hands were now tight on her stomach, pressing her down into the bed to hold her there so I could keep sucking and licking her clit. Her thighs were squeezing me almost as tightly and when I glanced up her shoulders were still struggling against the tie, but all her writhing had only made the knot tighter.

Eventually, when I was sure she could take no more, I decided to let her go. I gave her one final, deep lick and took my mouth away from her quivering clit, but I left it close so she could still feel my hot breathe. I reached around behind her back and undid the knot. I could feel lines in her soft skin where the fabric had started to dig in from all her efforts to be free. I took her carefully by the wrists and placed them on her stomach, pressing down lightly. There was no need to be rough right now, she was still trying to regain true consciousness. I could guide her body with the gentlest of touches.

With her hands held on her stomach I gave another slow, delicate lick from the bottom to the tip of her pussy. I’d worked hard to make her cum like this, now I wanted to taste it properly. Another gentle moan escaped her body, almost pleading with me, although whether it was to stop or keep going I’m not sure if even she knew. I gave her clit a few soft kisses, brushing it gently with my lips and then lightly licking it with my tongue right after. I held her wrists a little tighter as I felt her arms tense and her moans become a little louder. ‘Almost Rae,’ I smiled. ‘You’re almost ready.’

After a few more carefully placed kisses I let her wrists go and stood up. Her hands dropped to her sides. She seemed exhausted. “I hope you don’t think I’m done with you baby,” I said calmly as I moved up her body, hands trailing along her figure. She shivered as the syllables left my mouth and her skin, still incredibly sensitive, crackled with electricity under my fingertips.

I caressed her cheek as I worked towards the blindfolded. She gave a sharp intake of breath as I touched her face and slowly slid the blindfold off. I was right in front of her face, looking deep into those big brown eyes.

“We’re just getting started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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